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EAW Delivers More Than 600 Loudspeakers For NFL Stadium System Upgrade Project

Huge order includes systems custom-engineered specifically for Tennessee Titans’ LP Field

By PSW Staff July 18, 2012

Custom-engineered EAW TT12-Si-T64-PL-WP loudspeakers provide coverage for areas shadowed by the mezzanine.

Fans of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans will return to LP Field in Nashville this season to find a renovated stadium featuring a new distributed sound system utilizing EAW loudspeakers.

The loudspeakers were specified, manufactured and delivered in a very short timeframe, only months before scheduled completion of the renovation in mid-July, just in time for pre-season games.

EAW worked closely with consulting firm WJHW to develop customized loudspeakers for the distributed system project, which replaces the stadium’s former point-source PA.

Over the course of the project, EAW was able to schedule manufacturing and delivery of components that included 96 TT12Si-T64-PL-WP custom-engineered enclosures, more than 360 pieces from the MK Series—including the MK2399-WP, MK8196iPL-WP, MK2366-WP and MK2364-WP—and 84 units from the QX Series, including the QX564-WP and QX544-WP.

EAW engineers also developed two other new custom-engineered systems for the project. The TT12Si-T64-PL-WP was designed to fit beneath a shallow overhang along the back few rows of the lower deck and rear handicap platforms.

Similarly, the TT212 Steering Woofer were designed to work with QX Series modules along the upper-deck fascia to create end-fired arrays that direct more of the loudspeaker’s low-frequency energy down towards the seats in front of them and away from the hard-surface walls they are mounted near, eliminating reflections.

“When we say EAW delivered, we mean that literally,” says Mark Graham, an associate at WJHW who headed the audio systems aspect of the project, which also included two new high-definition LED video screens that are approximately four times the size of the current screens. “We didn’t even come on board until last October, when the design process began, so the window for manufacturing, customization and delivery was even tighter.

“After careful evaluation and our experience of working with EAW in the past, we realized that they would be our choice to provide us with exactly what we needed.”

Graham says that EAW also worked closely with AVI-SPL, the systems integrator on the project, to coordinate its delivery to meet the installation schedule, getting each set of components to the job site exactly when needed for installation.

“It’s fantastic that EAW was able to accomplish this on this kind of aggressive time frame,” Graham states. “Thanks to them, when it’s time for football at LP Field, everything will be ready.”



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