DiGiCo Consoles Enjoy Increased Profile In China

One of the biggest touring rental companies in China, Lab Rental, was excited to bring DiGiCo Consoles to the Chinese touring market.

By PSW Staff November 16, 2010

FOH engineer Gary, General Manager of racpro Ben Lin, and FOH engineer Xiaogao (above). The Guangzhou Canton Tower Ceremony SD9 (below).

DiGiCo mixing consoles are currently enjoying increasing success in China, the world’s most populous country.

Following on from their key role in the opening of the iconic Canton Tower, further DiGiCo mixers are making an impression elsewhere in the country.

Situated in Guangzhou, the same city as the Canton Tower, the Intown Live House is a live music venue and bar which hosts a wide range of music.

Rightway Audio – DiGiCo’s China distributor, who used an SD8 and SD9 on the Canton Tower opening ceremony – introduced the venue’s owner, Pan Zhibing, to the DiGiCo SD9.

He was very impressed.

“It’s a special venue and we paid great attention to the design of the audio system,” said Rightway Audio’s Stanley He.

“Mr Pan used to work in the audio industry and so knew what he wanted from the system. The console had to be powerful and flexible, but also very compact. He immediately knew that the SD9 was the right choice.”

Another advantage of the SD9 is its intuitive user interface. As an audio professional, the bar’s owner was keen to mix acts himself and only needed basic training on the SD9 to get the most from it.

“Mr Pan is really pleased with the SD9,” said Stanley. “The sonic quality is awesome, it’s a very powerful and stable console and a perfect match for the venue.

Meanwhile, Beijing-based Lab Rental has recently taken delivery of DiGiCo’s flagship console, an SD7, for the company’s rental stock.

“Lab Rental is one of the biggest touring rental companies in China, so the company wants to bring the most advanced tools to the Chinese touring market,” said Stanley.

“They have been looking at the SD7 since it was introduced, working with us to make sure it suited their requirements.

“Having spent time with it, and seeing how powerful it is, they felt that it could handle the most complicated productions they work on and would bring significant benefits.

“They think the SD7 is an amazing console,” commented Stanley.

“It has very intuitive operation on the analogue-style work surface. Its dual redundancy makes it very stable and the network transmission function is very convenient for the signal transmission and assignment.”

The SD7 already has a number of jobs lined up, including a tour by Sun Nan – one of China’s most famous singers.

Together with a pair of SD8s, the new console will make the shows something to really remember for the singer’s legions of fans.


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