Crown Audio Showcases ComTech DriveCore Series Amplifiers At InfoComm

The series is among a new generation of products at the forefront of Harman International’s GreenEdge environmental initiative.

By PSW Staff June 24, 2011

The Crown Audio ComTech Drive Core series amplifiers.

Crown Audio showcased their ComTech Drive Core series amplifiers at InfoComm 2011. They are among a new generation of products at the forefront of Harman International’s GreenEdge environmental initiative.

Crown DriveCore series amplifiers are designed to be extremely energy-efficient, and use fewer resources in manufacturing.

At the heart of the amplifiers is Harman’s new DriveCore amplifier IC chip which was co-developed with Texas Instruments Incorporated for Harman.

The DriveCore IC incorporates an unprecedented level of component integration into an IC that is smaller than the size of a postage stamp.

Harman supplied the amplifier expertise, while TI was uniquely qualified to provide the necessary high-voltage process technology.

The DriveCore chip combines the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage (along with additional audio-signal functions) – circuits that are typically much larger in size and power requirements.

As a result, power consumption is dramatically reduced, and the amplifiers are much more energy-efficient.

The use of fewer internal components also means reduced strain on environmental resources from raw materials usage and manufacturing processes.

Because of their greater efficiency and Class D design, ComTech DriveCore series amplifiers also produce less heat, a by-product of inefficient amplifier operation.

As a result, the amplifiers do not need to use a fan or traditional large, heavy heat sinks, further reducing energy demands.

The four models in the Crown ComTech DriveCore series deliver high-power output with greater than 90 percent efficiency, yet are compact and weigh less than 10 lbs.

This reduced weight means lower shipping and fuel costs when transporting the amplifiers.

The amplifiers’ Green Mode technology automatically adjusts their operating level according to the input signal, and places the amplifiers into either Sleep or Deep Sleep Mode after an extended absence of input signal.

“Our ComTech DriveCore amplifiers exemplify Harman International’s commitment to our GreenEdge initiative,” said Marc Kellom, director, marketing for Crown.

“We intend to be at the forefront of creating products that use less electricity, consume fewer natural resources and reduce manufacturing by-products – while delivering the highest levels of performance, reliability and value.”


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