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Beyoncé World Tour Flying High With Sennheiser & Neumann

Additional wireless systems include 16 channels of Sennheiser's new EM 3732 receiver with a combination of transmitters

By PSW Staff October 19, 2009

Beyoncé performing on the "I Am..." world tour with Sennheiser SKM 5200 wireless. (Getty Images)

Beyoncé‘s ongoing “I Am…” world concert tour is making extensive use of Sennheiser wireless microphone and personal monitoring equipment as well as Neumann and Sennheiser wired microphones.

Beyoncé is singing through a Sennheiser SKM 5200 wireless handheld mic with an MD 5235 capsule, as are the three background vocalists.

Front of House Engineer Horace Ward recalls that Beyoncé initially used the Neumann KK 104 capsule before switching to the MD 5235 capsule after it was introduced.

“It’s pretty smooth,” Ward says of the 5235. “All I do is roll off a high-pass at 200 Hz and dip 200 Hz on the console channel about 5 dB, because she has unusual power in the low range of her voice.”

Additional wireless systems include 16 channels of Sennheiser’s new EM 3732 receiver with a combination of SKM 5200 wireless handheld and SK 5212 ultra-miniature bodypack transmitters.

The band, singers, dancers and production crew utilize 19 channels of Sennheiser evolution wireless G2 personal monitor systems.

A multi-channel Sennheiser NET 1 frequency management rig controlled from laptop computers coordinates the wireless equipment setup.

Sennheiser USA Website


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