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Behringer Unveils Eurocom Products At InfoComm

By PSW Staff June 19, 2012

Eurocom AX Series dual channel amplifiers.

Behringer is pleased to present its EUROCOM line at Infocomm 2012. The EUROCOM line is a series of state-of-the-art tools for modern systems integrators.

“We’re thrilled to showcase our new products at Infocomm,” says Costa Lakoumentas, SVP Marketing of Behringer.  “Our lineup combines innovative, professional technologies with aesthetic designs for exceptional performance quality—all at an affordable price.  We are confident EUROCOM will set new standards in the integrator market.”

The AX Series dual-channel amplifiers epitomizes power and control offering contractors flexibility and efficiency in sound reinforcement and playback systems. The line includes models designed for low and high impedance speaker loads.  The units are ready to be put to use right away without a complicated set-up process. 

The CL Series is a line of speakers aimed at the audiophile offering high-quality sound for an exceptional home or office experience.  An aesthetically appealing design coupled with superior performance makes this an ideal product for any type of space.  The speakers come in black or white, and boast 19 different models.

Featuring DualDrive technology, the SN Series integrated mixer-amplifiers deliver outstanding performance and a multitude of features.  The SN2108 is specifically designed for warehouses, office spaces and other venues fitted with simple sound systems.  Whereas, the SN2408 is ideal for use in conference rooms, hotels or other spaces fitted with distributed sound systems.

The TN Series combines the latest advancement in technology while keeping to a minimalist design. The TN6232 Feedback Suppressor is a unique, state-of-the-art product. It’s the perfect solution to feedback problems that often plague live performances.  The TN6232 is fully automatic, and works in any venue with a sound reinforcement system.

The MA6000 series is the most powerful integrated mixing and amplification solution on market.  It boasts automatic mixing, dual-channel amplification, and many more features.  The MA4000 series is an elegant integrated mixer-amplifier solution for a variety of installation applications.  It’s energy efficient and user-friendly.

SL Series on-wall loudspeakers are elegantly designed and deliver superior sound quality to any space.  Behringer developed a wide frequency response with its exclusive waveguide technology.  Durability, style, and professional-grade performance – Behringer takes wall speakers to a whole new level.

The ST Series is an in-ceiling speaker line that offers a rich, seamless sound in an appealing exterior shell.  Concentric drivers are the source behind its broad frequency response and exceptional dispersion.  These speakers are ideal for conference centers, hotels, casinos and more.

Each product undergoes rigorous testing and research to ensure lifetime dependability, exceptional performance, and the best features available. 



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