Aphex Introduces New Audio Xciter App

By PSW Staff June 14, 2012

Audio Xciter represents the first time that the Aphex technology has been brought from the recording or broadcast environment and made available for personal mobile devices.

Aphex (Booth C11142) is proud to announce the Audio Xciter App, the first audio app that dynamically enhances and improves the quality of digital music (and audio books, podcasts etc.) on smartphones and other personal computing devices.

It has been a goal of Aphex Chairman/CEO David Wiener to help musicians and music lovers make the most of every music experience. Audio Xciter is a testament of Wiener’s drive to end the debate about poor audio quality in digital devices.

Designed for phones and tablets that use Apple iOS and Android operating systems, Audio Xciter uses patented Aphex technology to improve the quality of digital music by analyzing and enhancing the audio signal in real time by applying the same kind of processing power developed by Aphex.

“Heavily compressed digital music file formats – MP3, for example – have taken a lot of sonic performance out of music recordings,” stated David Wiener, “So Aphex has taken its professional studio technology and created this app in order to restore the detail, richness and spaciousness to your audio experience.

“The result is a more immersive sound that more accurately reflects the original intentions of the artists, producers and engineers.”

The Audio Xciter App analyzes a music file while it’s playing and in real time restores missing harmonics lost through data compression and production inefficiencies.

The sonic benefits of the Aphex Audio Xciter App apply to any kind of playback monitoring system or device, from headphones and earbuds to home and auto speaker systems and device docks – all will deliver dramatically improved audio quality via Aphex’s Audio Xciter app.

Aphex will be giving free copies of the app to industry attendees and media who stop by the Aphex booth at InfoComm. Just come by and ask for a free copy of the app, and Aphex will arrange for a gift app to be emailed directly to you.

In the recording studio, leading artists once paid as much as $30 per minute to license the Aphex Exciter audio enhancement system for mixing and mastering.

Now, music lovers will be able to try out a fully functional demo version of Audio Xciter as a FREE download that gives them a 15-minute per day test drive. Once users have tried the App and choose to purchase and download, there are two options: basic and Studio versions.

The Audio Xciter basic version ($4.99) allows a fully automated version of the Aphex technology to be engaged on their device, giving three options for settings. With Audio Xciter Studio ($4.99 in-app upgrade), users will have access to the exact same array of parameter controls found on Aphex’s legendary pro audio Exciter rack products, allowing them to adjust the App’s settings to customize the enhancement details and sound to their own tastes.

Both versions of the Audio Xciter App will be available through the Apple iTunes App Store for iOS users, and the Android Store and Amazon.com for Android.

Audio Xciter automatically plays all your existing music and playlists. It does not copy your audio files – preserving your valuable memory – and the processing is done in real time. The Aphex process uses a patented method of dynamically enhancing the harmonics and low frequencies present in audio that get truncated by bit-rate reduced formats such as MP3.

Audio Xciter represents the first time that the Aphex technology has been brought from the recording or broadcast environment and made available for personal mobile devices.

The Aphex Audio Xciter App’s ability to let you hear instruments and vocal details you never realized were there is summed up succinctly by GRAMMY Award-winning record producer and engineer Alan Parsons, known for his work on classic Beatles and Pink Floyd recordings, among others: “The Audio Xciter will transform your listening!”

The Aphex Audio Xciter will indeed transform your listening experience by revealing nuances in music files that have been obscured by the digital process. The Aphex Audio Xciter brings you closer to the music you know and will help you discover new music and artists by making the experience of listening to digital music files much more rewarding.



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