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  • Thursday, February 09, 2012
    Joe Gilder 02/09/12 09:46 AM,
    This article is provided by Home Studio Corner.   Once upon a time, Joe made a stupid mistake. I was recording a bunch of acoustic guitar tracks for an album project. I was super-excited. I had set aside an entire afternoon to knock out all the songs. Also, I had just gotten a brand new microphone, and was going to use it along with another mic to record the guitar in stereo. All was right with the world. I set… View this post
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  • celemony
    PSW Staff 02/09/12 07:04 AM,
    At the upcoming 54th annual Grammy Awards, the nod for Technical Grammy will go to Melodyne editing software from Celemony. Since its release more than a decade ago, Melodyne has become a valuable tool for studio professionals, gaining recognition as one of the most powerful and unique audio editors available. PreSonus Studio One software is the only digital audio workstation software to fully and seamlessly integrate Melodyne into the program. Producer and songwriter A.R. Rahman has called Melodyne a milestone… View this post
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  • telefunken
    PSW Staff 02/09/12 06:35 AM,
    TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is now offering access to multi-track recording sessions with a variety of musical artists.  The latest addition to the TELEFUNKEN multi-track session file series was recorded at Germano Studios during the 131st Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York City.  Engineered by Germano Studios staff engineer Kenta Yonesaka through the studio’s SSL Duality console, with assistance from Brendan Morawski of TELEFUNKEN. The artists featured during this recording session were songwriter Andrew Cole backed by female vocalist Chantel Upshaw,… View this post
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  • Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    Rob Schlette 02/08/12 07:18 AM,
    This article is provided by the Pro Audio Files.   Multitrack DAW recordings are dependent on a complex system of primary and secondary technologies. As discussed in An Introduction to Archiving Music Recordings, each of these technologies represents an obstacle to the long-term viability of a multitrack archive. Simply put, if the various software and hardware products you’re using today aren’t going to be around in their current versions for the useful life of the sound recordings you’re creating (i.e.… View this post
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  • Tuesday, February 07, 2012
    PSW Staff 02/07/12 10:16 AM,
    Mojave Audio has introduced the new MA-101SP, a matched pair of MA-101fet cardioid condenser microphones for use in a range of stereo recording and live sound reinforcement tasks, with instruments such as drums and guitar amplifiers, as well as capturing room ambience and general stereo recording. Each MA-101fet in the matched pair provides warm, full-bodied reproductions of instruments without the shrillness and high frequency artifacts so often encountered with modern condenser microphones. The microphone’s warm FET circuitry and externally polarized… View this post
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  • Monday, February 06, 2012
    recording drums
    PSW Staff 02/06/12 01:42 PM,
    A discussion that began in the Harvey Gerst REP Recording Forum here on ProSoundWeb that provides relevant/useful points and references. Topic posted by pavement I have recorded a demo of my band, and we used pretty awful microphones, but after purchasing and loaning some mics, I have the following: Studio Projects C1, Shure SM57/58, and two AKG C3000’s. This was what I was thinking: the C1 on kick drum (I know it sounds odd, but I got the best sound… View this post
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  • image
    PSW Staff 02/06/12 01:09 PM,
    Radial Engineering has introduced the Shuttle, a new multi-function effects insert module for the 500 Series frame format and the Radial Workhorse. The Shuttle offers three insert loops: —Loop-1 is a front-panel insert that employs 1/4-inch TRS connectors for fully balanced connectivity—Insert-2 is an unbalanced insert that is also front panel mounted that easily interfaces to standard effects devices—Insert-3 is available on the Workhorse using the Omniport, which is wired following convention with tip-send, ring-return, making it ideal to interface… View this post
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  • lexicon
    PSW Staff 02/06/12 09:00 AM,
    Lexicon has announced the availability of the individual plug-ins from its PCM Native Effects and PCM Native Reverb Bundles, with a total of 14 plug-ins available, including Pitch Shift, MultiVoice Pitch, Chorus, Resonant Chords, Random Delay, Dual Delay, Stringbox, Vintage Plate, Plate, Hall, Room, Random Hall, Concert Hall and Chamber. “Offering the individual plug-ins from our PCM Native Effects and PCM Native Reverb Bundles represents our commitment to provide Lexicon users with greater flexibility and ease to obtain exactly the… View this post
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  • rep files
    Chris Huston 02/06/12 05:56 AM,
    As a complete oversimplification, a microphone is an instrument which measures differences in air pressure. It is not surprising that somebody would, in light of the interest in Quadraphonic sound, experiment and perfect an instrument which would measure and transduce the differences in air pressure around a full 360 degrees - to effectively create a quadraphonic microphone. Figure 1 (click to enlarge) Such a truly Quadraphonic device, developed by engineer Carl Countryman and producer Brad Miller, is in external appearance… View this post
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  • Friday, February 03, 2012
    PSW Staff 02/03/12 11:37 AM,
    Blue Microphones announces Mikey Digital, a plug-and-play external microphone for recording stereo audio on the latest iPod touch, iPhone and iPad models using iOS audio apps or the video function.  It offers automatic and manual gain control and a multi-source auxiliary input for direct recording of guitar and other sound sources. “Mikey Digital is the highest quality and most versatile solution for capturing professional recordings on your iOS device with most audio apps or the built-in video camera,” says John… View this post
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