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  • Friday, November 15, 2013
    PSW Staff 11/15/13 02:19 PM,
    Solid State Logic has announced that rock producer Romesh Dodangoda is the first UK producer to install the new SSL Sigma in his Long Wave Studio.  Romesh has long been a user of SSL equipment, whether at his own studio facility, or in other commercial studios he chooses to work in. He’s worked with bands such as Funeral for a Friend, Motorhead, Kids in Glass Houses, Twin Atlantic and Bullet for my Valentine. Being a “rock” man, Romesh has spent… View this post
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    PSW Staff 11/15/13 02:01 PM,
    Sonic Reality sound development company is proud to announce the release of “Nick Mason Drums”, a drum kit sample library series which is first being made available in FXpansion’s BFD2 format. The product is currently available as a download exclusively from The BFD version of “Nick Mason Drums” is a digital recreation of the legendary Pink Floyd drummer’s “Custom Ludwig Black Kit” and was recorded by engineer/producer Alan Parsons who originally recorded the album “Dark Side of the Moon”.… View this post
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    PSW Staff 11/15/13 01:38 PM,
    RedNet, Focusrite’s flagship range of Ethernet-networked audio interfaces, based around the Dante Ethernet protocol, can take music and recording to places it might never have gone. That’s what’s taking place at Georgia Southern University, where the school’s music technology department is moving forward with an innovative curriculum. The program utilizes eight RedNet 1 devices, which offer eight channels of line-level analog I/O with Focusrite’s precision 24-bit A-D and D-A conversion, to connect acoustical and electronic performances from the school’s electronic… View this post
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  • Thursday, November 14, 2013
    Los Teignos 11/14/13 04:35 PM,
    This article is provided by AudioFanzine.   The goal of this guide is to help develop knowledge of basic acoustic principles, in order to provide further understanding of the techniques of sound engineering and recording. Each section has a theme that is first defined in technical terms and then further explained in practical terms with respect to audio. Timber Timber (pronounced /tam-ber’/) is a sound’s identity. This identity depends on the physical characteristics of the sound’s medium (the matter or… View this post
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    PSW Staff 11/14/13 02:06 PM,
    Choosing the right monitors can be a challenge in any scenario. Facilities often conduct blindfold listening tests in order to choose well from the many options and features available. They do this to make the best possible decision based entirely on pure audio considerations. “Monitors must be the most overhyped and least understood part of the audio chain,” says Fred Speckeen, Global Business Manager, Dynaudio Professional. “Paul Mac brings together his own extensive experience and the seminal AES20 standard to… View this post
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  • recording
    Joe Gilder 11/14/13 02:05 PM,
    Article provided by Home Studio Corner.   Can a children’s video game really teach anything valid—let alone valuable—about studio mixing? (And let’s be honest, adults love to play the game too.) Anyway, in Angry Birds, players use a slingshot to launch wingless birds at a variety of structures housing pigs. The goal is to destroy all of the pigs. Really, this has exactly “what” to do with mixing? In the following video, Joe Gilder makes the connection, explaining how various… View this post
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  • studio monitors
    PSW Staff 11/14/13 12:09 PM,
    Known for his breakthrough production work on albums by Dokken, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and others, Michael Wagener still maintains a ferocious pace of producing new bands and conducting sold-out recording workshops both here and abroad. Wagener’s Nashville-based WireWorld Studio is constantly booked with a variety of new projects encompassing bands from different generations. “They play the usual melodic hard rock kind of stuff,” explains Wagener. “We’re always busy these days, I’m working with Jerry Gaskill, the… View this post
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    PSW Staff 11/14/13 10:18 AM,
    Producer, arranger, songwriter and musician Neil Giraldo is most comfortable in his private production studio in the hills of Malibu, CA.  The writing, recording and mixing facililty is located in a two-story barn on the grounds of the estate Giraldo shares with his wife, Pat Benatar, and family. Giraldo, who has lived in various homes in Malibu over the past couple of decades, have always maintained a home studio. “I’ve had a studio at the house probably for the last… View this post
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  • Wednesday, November 13, 2013
    PSW Staff 11/13/13 05:29 PM,
    With hundreds of satisfied customers, API’s 1608 console continues to make a mark on the music industry with the company’s signature API sound. Available with or without P-Mix automation and up to 48 channels, 1608’s can be found in studios both large and small, in the U.S. and around the world. Here is a small sampling of some 1608s that have recently left the factory. STUDIO K – Paris, France Situated on the fourth floor of a 17th century building… View this post
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    Bruce Borgerson 11/13/13 09:57 AM,
    Shelly Yakus is one of the true legends of the engineering trade, and his storied career demonstrates the value of an early start. You might even say he was born to record. His father and uncle were co-owners of Ace Recording in Boston, and young Shelly was a studio “rugrat” as far back as he can remember. As a young man, dazzled by the excitement of the New York studio scene, in 1967 Yakus applied for a job as an… View this post
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