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  • Monday, February 14, 2011
    PSW Staff 02/14/11 02:50 PM, 0 Comments
    iZotope has announced the donation of a $897 Ozone/RX/Nectar plug-in bundle for a drawing at “In Session with The Guys,” February 19-20, 2011 in NYC at the historic Avatar Studios. The valuable prize features advanced audio repair, mastering, and vocal processing software. “I recently was on a mix deadline when I discovered I had a bad drum track with no level and lots of noise,” recalls METAlliance director Frank Filipetti. “I immediately went to my iZotope plug and let their… View this post
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    Bobby Owsinski 02/14/11 10:00 AM, 3 Comments
    This article is provided by Bobby Owsinski.   The way you act at a session many times counts for so much more than your performance. If you make anyone uncomfortable in the slightest way, you can bet that you probably won’t be asked back, so being aware of proper studio etiquette is extremely important. Studio etiquette applies to before, during and after a session as well. In part one, we’ll look at what’s expected before the red light is turned… View this post
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    PSW Staff 02/14/11 07:49 AM, 0 Comments
    Calrec Audio’s Hydra2 Operator is scheduled to make its stateside debut at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 9 – 14, 2011. Hydra2 Operator or H2O is a new, remotely-accessible management system that enhances the flexibility of its groundbreaking Hydra2 network router. H2O allows the user to control the Hydra2 network independently from any console control surface. Users will be able to set up routes and configure access rights to all desks on a given network, as well… View this post
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  • Friday, February 11, 2011
    Kyle P. Snyder 02/11/11 12:30 PM, 17 Comments
    It’s been said by IT professionals around the world that there are two kinds of people - those who have experienced a hard drive failure and those who will. Unfortunately, we surely all know at least one person who’s lost data in a catastrophic failure. Personally, I’m a believer in the 3-2-1 backup strategy which has been expanded upon greatly by Richard Anderson in his article aimed at digital photographers. Put simply, for every file you intend to preserve you… View this post
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    PSW Staff 02/11/11 07:59 AM, 0 Comments
    When it comes to audio for television field production, there is little margin for error. A miss here can mean the difference between a great spot on the evening news or none at all. For Carey P. Moots, a seven time Emmy Award recipient who has earned more than one hundred local, regional, national, and international awards for photography, editing, producing, and reporting, having confidence in one’s equipment to deliver at those crucial moments is what it’s all about. That’s… View this post
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  • Thursday, February 10, 2011
    Avid Technology, Inc.
    PSW Staff 02/10/11 08:38 AM, 0 Comments
    Avid is congratulating more than 100 customers and music school graduates who contributed to the 2011 GRAMMY nominated projects, including those who recorded and mixed every song or album nominated for a 2011 GRAMMY Award in the Record of the Year and Album of the Year categories. In addition, Avid customer Music Mix Mobile—a state-of-the-art remote broadcast audio facility—will use a range of Avid’s audio solutions to produce the live broadcast mix for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony, to… View this post
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    PSW Staff 02/10/11 07:30 AM, 0 Comments
    Big Head Todd and the Monsters were the first group to embrace the M80 dynamic microphone from TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, now a favorite stage mic for bands such as Green Day and ZZ Top.  For the recording of their new album, “100 Years of Robert Johnson,” the band chose a selection of TELEFUNKEN large diaphragm condenser tube mics, including the U47, AK-47 MkII, ELA M 260, and the stereo AR-70. The band recorded the new album with producer Chris Goldsmith and… View this post
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  • Wednesday, February 09, 2011
    PSW Staff 02/09/11 02:08 PM, 0 Comments
    The Thinking Schools Ethiopia project, supported by the not-for-profit Thinking Foundation, is on a mission to implement the most advanced, student-centered approach to educating students throughout Ethiopia—the fourteenth most populated country in the world and one of its poorest. Through charitable equipment donations, Sennheiser is helping further the Thinking Foundation’s efforts by bringing a high-quality sound experience to the project’s professional training sessions and video productions. Thinking Schools Ethiopia began in August 2009 when Robert Price, an education consultant with… View this post
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    PSW Staff 02/09/11 09:30 AM, 0 Comments
    Amanda Ruzza’s musical approach led her to the Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle, used in an unconventional way – as a sonic enhancement to the sound of her 5-string and fretless electric basses. “After installing the LXP reverb plug-in on my computer and quickly dabbling with it to get an idea of what it could do, I immediately used it on some of my previously recorded bass tracks to get some really unique sounds,” Ruzza explained. “By exaggerating some… View this post
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    Maureen Droney 02/09/11 08:45 AM, 0 Comments
    Excerpted from Mix Masters: Platinum Engineers Reveal Their Secrets for Success.   The most revered and respected pop music of all time is, indisputably, that made by the Beatles. Almost forty years after they were recorded, their words and melodies are still heard all over the world. Even today, producers and musicians speak of Beatles’ records with awe as they strive for some modicum of the artistic and commercial success achieved by those records. And while many much more recent… View this post
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