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  • Tuesday, October 25, 2011
    PSW Staff 10/25/11 05:23 AM, 0 Comments
    Auralex Acoustics unveiled new ProMAX panels — stand-mounted, portable StudioFoam absorbers — at the recent 131st AES Convention in New York. ProMAX panels are designed as a portable, lightweight, yet highly effective absorption treatment for run-and-gun recording situations such as studio rentals, live events, temporary recording applications and any location where mounting acoustical treatments to the wall are not possible or ideal. The flexible absorption panels are simple to set up and transport and easily assembled and disassembled for convenient… View this post
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  • sennheiser
    PSW Staff 10/25/11 05:13 AM, 0 Comments
    TRUE Systems, distributed in the U.S. by Sennheiser USA, released the new pT2-500D precision dynamic preamplifier at the recent 131st AES Convention in New York. The pT2-500D expands the pT2-500 Series with a preamp that provides more gain, higher input impedance and a unique low frequency adjust control. The pT2-500D is an API 500 series compatible module, which incorporates the company’s Type 2 circuit design, provides exceptional sonic performance with ribbon and dynamic microphones, but also produces superior results with… View this post
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  • genelec
    PSW Staff 10/25/11 04:53 AM, 0 Comments
    Genelec has appointed Siamäk Naghian to the position of managing director and Nick Zacharov to the position of director of research and development. The announcement was made by Ilpo Martikainen, chairman of the board of Genelec. Naghian received his Master of Science in Technology, Licentiate in Technology and Doctor of Science in Technology degrees from the Helsinki University of Technology, Electrical Engineering Department in Finland. He joined Nokia in the mid 1990s, where he was involved in several research and… View this post
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  • lectrosonics
    PSW Staff 10/25/11 04:37 AM, 0 Comments
    Roland Guerin, bassist for musician, composer, and record producer Allen Toussaint, is utilizing a Lectrosonics IS400 wireless beltpack instrument system, which consists of the R400A receiver, an LMa Digital Hybrid UHF beltpack transmitter, plus the MI39A instrument cable that connects the instrument’s output to the transmitter. New Orleans-based Guerin has an enviable track record in terms of his musical accomplishments, with six CDs released under his name (including the just released A Different World), and a list of credits that… View this post
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  • Monday, October 24, 2011
    pro tools
    PSW Staff 10/24/11 04:04 PM, 0 Comments, a tutorial-video publisher specializing in audio software education, has announced a new partnership with Avid - as the official Avid Learning Partner Online, has released 5 feature-length tutorials covering all aspects of audio editing using Avid’s industry-leading Pro Tools 10 software. Link: Promo Video: Image: Produced by Grammy Award winning engineers, industry pros, and certified Pro Tools instructors,’s new line of Pro Tools 10 tutorials is available now. Individual tutorials are priced at $19.50… View this post
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  • church sound
    Gary Zandstra 10/24/11 03:36 PM, 0 Comments
    In today’s economy it’s even more tempting to try to do things for yourself, which is great when you can save a few bucks and get the results you’re seeking.  However, before starting, it’s important to be very certain that you’re fully capable of doing it right - no more so than with church A/V systems. Often when I’m working with churches (particularly smaller congregations), the issue of installing things themselves comes up. It usually revolves around the church purchasing… View this post
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  • image
    PSW Staff 10/24/11 03:27 PM, 0 Comments
    The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has issues a call for papers to be presented at its 47th Conference event. The conference is titled “Music-Induced Hearing Disorders: New Technologies for Measurement and Protection,” and will highlight the state of the art in hearing loss prevention strategies and devices related to music production and reproduction. The event will take place at Columbia College in Chicago, June 20-22, 2012. Researchers, including those from both the audiology and pro audio fields, are invited to… View this post
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  • amplifiers
    PSW Staff 10/24/11 02:15 PM, 0 Comments
    The common “wisdom” just a few years ago was that the emergence of self-powered loudspeaker lines with enclosure-mounted amplifiers and protection circuitry tuned specifically for the loudspeaker meant the days of rack-mounted power amplifiers were numbered. But it’s funny the difference that innovation can make. Today’s amplifier is a powerhouse, light years removed from the huge, heavy and inefficient designs of the recent past. Current designs are also far lighter, and in some cases, come in a compact package that… View this post
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  • beyma
    PSW Staff 10/24/11 11:18 AM, 0 Comments
    New Beyma Professional 12P80Fe and 15P80Fe low-frequency drivers are designed to deliver high efficiency with high linearity, low distortion and high SPL output. Both are specified with sensitivities above 100 dB. They incorporate 4-inch (100mm) voice coils with a program power handling of 1400 and 1600 watts respectively, and are designed for optimal performance in high-efficiency multi-way loudspeaker systems. Both models incorporate advanced materials and design tools such as the CONEX, carbon fiber and MMSS technology. The excellent results delivered… View this post
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  • universal audio
    PSW Staff 10/24/11 09:32 AM, 0 Comments
    Universal Audio (UA) has released the new flagship UAD-2 QUAD Omni 6 DSP Accelerator Packages, available in either PCIe card or Satellite FireWire unit formats. They represent Universal Audio’s most powerful and flexible processing hardware, packaged with the most complete UAD plug-in bundles for professional users. Specifically, the UAD-2 QUAD Omni 6 gives producers and engineers all 53 UA-developed plug-ins up to and including UAD software v.6.0 – saving thousands of dollars versus buying the plug-ins individually. The Omni packages,… View this post
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