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  • Monday, June 06, 2016
    Mike Sokol 06/06/16 10:18 AM,
    Provided by Live Sound Advice.   No, it’s not the name of an insurance company or a European sports car—GFCI is an abbreviation/acronym for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. They’ve been required in many localities for electrical outlets located near sinks or the outside of residences since the early 1970s. The two types of GFCIs you’ll encounter are either built into the power outlet itself (Figure 1, left) or inside the circuit breaker at the power panel (Figure 1, right). Both… View this post
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  • Wednesday, June 01, 2016
    PSW Staff 06/01/16 09:45 AM,
    Middle Atlantic Products announces it will bring a roster of its power and AV system foundational products to InfoComm 2016 in booth C9125, June 8-10, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. On Wednesday, June 8, at 9 a.m., Middle Atlantic president Mike Baker will introduce the company’s new power solutions, broadening the company’s portfolio of power protection options that are designed specifically to address the unique requirements of AV. “Throughout our history, Middle Atlantic has manufactured exceptional solutions that solve… View this post
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  • Friday, April 29, 2016
    PSW Staff 04/29/16 03:21 PM,
    Editor’s Note: Here’s an interesting thread from the PSW Live Audio Board (LAB) forums. It’s lightly edited for grammar and formatting. Enjoy. Posted by Jay Last weekend I refused to let a band roadie (did the setup but didn’t mix or anything) use their own stage drops at the front of the stage. One of the drops I did approve was a Hubbell 4-plex with the low profile plastic box. One I rejected was the same but broken and held… View this post
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  • Tuesday, April 05, 2016
    PSW Staff 04/05/16 01:32 PM,
    At the Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, L-Acoustics announced the launch of the KS28, a new reference subwoofer that adds 3 dB of SPL (versus the SB28) and is exclusively driven by the new LA12X amplified controller. The KS28 provides extended bandwidth down to 25 Hz. Weighing 174 pounds (79 kg), the sub is rapid to deploy, with all rigging integrated into the box. Like its predecessor, the KS28 is designed for performances from classical or contemporary music through… View this post
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  • audio tools
    Craig Leerman 04/05/16 12:28 PM,
    The majority of live shows and events present interconnect challenges. We need to interface our gear with installed house systems, recording or broadcast trucks, A/V companies, rental gear, and even equipment from our own inventory that has different connectors. My company’s inventory, for example, consists of various analog and digital consoles, some of which have 1/4-inch TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) connectors for outputs, while others have XLR connectors and still others are outfitted with some combination of both. As a general rule,… View this post
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  • martin audio
    PSW Staff 04/05/16 09:43 AM,
    At the Prolight + Sound Show in Frankfurt, Martin Audio  has introduced the CDD-LIVE! Series of loudspeakers. Comprising three full-range models and two subwoofers, the CDD-LIVE! Series is designed for a wide range of professional stand-alone and distributed applications. The full-range models incorporate Martin Audio’s patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology. It combines the point source benefits of coaxial design with the consistent coverage of Differential Dispersion to project sound evenly front-to-back while exhibiting wide horizontal coverage closer to the loudspeaker.… View this post
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  • Wednesday, March 30, 2016
    PSW Staff 03/30/16 02:39 PM,
    Meyer Sound will debut the three latest additions to its line of sound reinforcement solutions at Prolight + Sound 2016: the MJF-208 compact stage monitor, the MDM-5000 high-power distribution module, and the LYON-WXT extended vertical option. Also in focus will be the LEOPARD linear sound reinforcement system’s Native Mode, a time saving advancement that delivers great sound right out of the box, regardless of the array size. Visit the Meyer Sound stand to learn how technologies such as these enhance… View this post
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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2016
    live sound
    Ken DeLoria 03/29/16 05:41 AM,
    If you’ve ever been on a large gig where the primary sound system failed, even if just for a short period, you’ve probably sensed you’re at risk of being on the wrong side of an impending riot. Audiences get restless, to say the least. This is an extremely high-stress position to be in. If you’re the go-to technician expected to restore service, the rapidly elevating tension makes it tremendously difficult to troubleshoot the problem with each passing half-moment. It isn’t… View this post
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  • Wednesday, March 16, 2016
    prosoundweb ac power
    Mike Sokol 03/16/16 06:54 PM,
    Provided by Live Sound Advice.   “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”—Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride The Twitterverse was hopping last night with news of Canadian singer Grimes being “electrocuted” during a concert in Dublin. (Go here and #Grimes on Twitter.) While she was shocked on stage, she definitely wasn’t electrocuted multiple times. That’s because the word “electrocution” refers to death by electric shock. If she was indeed killed by… View this post
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  • Tuesday, March 08, 2016
    studio monitor
    PSW Staff 03/08/16 01:37 PM,
    Augspurger has introduced the Solo 12MF, a compact active studio monitor for tracking, mixing, and mastering. The free-standing loudspeaker employs a single 12-inch low/mid driver along with the smaller MF (Midfield) horn that was introduced with the Augspurger Duo 8 Mini-Main monitor, which was nominated for a TEC Award in 2015. Like the Duo 8, the Solo 12MF is designed to fit in smaller control rooms where a traditional soffited main system would not be possible. Power is provided by… View this post
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