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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2012
    Pat Brown 02/15/12 07:01 AM,
    I was working on some array predictions and wondered just how close “like” loudspeakers are in response. To find out I rounded up some loudspeaker pairs from the warehouse to do some comparisons. I limited the test to loudspeakers that could be measured up close and personal – within a couple of meters. This would minimize any errors due to aiming and the environment. I also looked at the magnitude of the frequency response only, as the phase response will… View this post
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  • Monday, February 13, 2012
    Greg DeTogne 02/13/12 05:28 PM,
    As part of their efforts to keep Sara Bareilles performing at her peak on the road, Trey Smith and Kevin Twist share the responsibilities of many. With Smith standing-in at front of house and fulfilling all the duties of tour manager too, Twist takes a place each night at the helm of monitors, in addition helping to manage myriad other production details. Speaking from Nashville while on hiatus after wrapping up a successful touring season late last December, Smith concedes… View this post
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  • Sunday, February 12, 2012
    church sound
    Chris Huff 02/12/12 03:28 PM,
    This article is provided by Behind The Mixer.   Friday night, I used three pairs of ears. I’m not talking about earbuds or anything electronic in nature. I’m talking about real human-tissue ears.  And therein was the key to my success. It all started several months ago… A friend of mine is a singer in a 30-plus-person barbershop singing group.  He told me they could use an experienced sound guy and asked if I was interested.  A few phone calls… View this post
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  • Friday, February 10, 2012
    Robert Archer 02/10/12 04:04 PM,
    In an exclusive interview with CE Pro, Alan Parsons, renowned sound engineer for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and for the Beatles, says hi-fi pros focus too much on equipment and brand names, when they should put more energy into room acoustics. He also says some surround-sound systems from Costco and Walmart “really aren’t that bad.” All this from the audio wizard behind Dark Side of the Moon, and the name sake of the Alan Parson’s Project? Parsons… View this post
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  • Thursday, February 09, 2012
    Dave Stevens 02/09/12 11:32 AM,
    In the early 1990s we were the kings of grunge, based in Seattle. We were the capital of music at the time, and we had a ton of wedges. Literally, a ton or more, as our company had over 100 of them. A few hours down the road in Oregon, we heard tales of a well established rock band using custom-fitted “headphones” that went inside the ear, like a hearing aid. At the time I remember saying, “that’s the dumbest… View this post
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  • recording
    Joe Gilder 02/09/12 09:46 AM,
    This article is provided by Home Studio Corner.   Once upon a time, Joe made a stupid mistake. I was recording a bunch of acoustic guitar tracks for an album project. I was super-excited. I had set aside an entire afternoon to knock out all the songs. Also, I had just gotten a brand new microphone, and was going to use it along with another mic to record the guitar in stereo. All was right with the world. I set… View this post
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  • church sound
    Mike Sokol 02/09/12 09:14 AM,
    This article is provided by How-To ASSIST Technical Training.   If terms such as gain structure, impedance matching and headroom are unfamiliar, or worse, give you a headache, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most church sound techs would rather have their gear work perfectly right out of the box than have to tweak it into compliance. Nevertheless, when it comes to setting up and operating a sound system, a working knowledge of gain structure (and a few related concepts) will… View this post
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  • adamson
    Kevin Young 02/09/12 07:14 AM,
    Atomic Professional Audio’s growth has always been fueled by their habit of expanding the services they offer, and their inventory, in anticipation of the evolving needs of their clients. That ethic comes from the top down, from co-founder Kevin Margolin. And it isn’t terribly different to the way he sizes up potential gigs with a critical eye ahead of time, in an effort to make sure every show run as smoothly as possible. “When I look at a site –… View this post
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  • Wednesday, February 08, 2012
    Rob Schlette 02/08/12 07:18 AM,
    This article is provided by the Pro Audio Files.   Multitrack DAW recordings are dependent on a complex system of primary and secondary technologies. As discussed in An Introduction to Archiving Music Recordings, each of these technologies represents an obstacle to the long-term viability of a multitrack archive. Simply put, if the various software and hardware products you’re using today aren’t going to be around in their current versions for the useful life of the sound recordings you’re creating (i.e.… View this post
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  • Monday, February 06, 2012
    recording drums
    PSW Staff 02/06/12 01:42 PM,
    A discussion that began in the Harvey Gerst REP Recording Forum here on ProSoundWeb that provides relevant/useful points and references. Topic posted by pavement I have recorded a demo of my band, and we used pretty awful microphones, but after purchasing and loaning some mics, I have the following: Studio Projects C1, Shure SM57/58, and two AKG C3000’s. This was what I was thinking: the C1 on kick drum (I know it sounds odd, but I got the best sound… View this post
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