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  • Monday, August 29, 2011
    Kyle P. Snyder 08/29/11 11:45 AM, 5 Comments
    While the skies now shine bright over my home state of Indiana, less than a month ago it was particularly harrowing to use Pro Audio equipment in the Midwest. Why? Well, we were constantly plagued with blizzards and freezing rain, which had a fairly devastating effect on the local power grid. Though I never completely lost power this winter, it did often waver intermittently for hours. Thankfully, when I setup my studio, I invested in several Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)… View this post
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  • studio
    Joe Gilder 08/29/11 10:30 AM, 2 Comments
    This article is provided by Home Studio Corner.   This week I had the privilege of interviewing Brent Milligan for my VIP members. He’s a professional producer/musician here in Nashville. Over the course of 45 minutes, Brent said so many things that I thought were just fantastic. I told him we could do a separate interview on EACH of those topics, there was so much good information. Towards the end of the interview, I asked Brent if he had any… View this post
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  • Friday, August 26, 2011
    Mike Sessler 08/26/11 07:35 AM, 2 Comments
    This article is provided by ChurchTechArts.   This post is a response to reader requests. Justin Geogehgan thought it would be fun to do a post about which connectors I like to use when, and Duke Dejong really wants to start a debate about this (though he says he doesn’t), so I thought I’d kick it off. All of this came out of a Twitter thread asking about different cable/connector assemblies and whether to buy or build your own. Personally,… View this post
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  • image
    George Koch 08/26/11 07:01 AM,
    When a child is learning to walk, he is able to do no more than put one foot in front of the other and shift his weight. He learns quickly (after a couple of falls), that he must master these basics before he can advance to running, skipping, or dancing. His thoughts may not be quite so complex as we seem to imply, but the fact remains that for the time, he can only do one thing, and that without… View this post
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  • Tuesday, August 23, 2011
    Chater-La 08/23/11 04:32 PM, 1 Comment
    This article is provided by Audiofanzine. A pair of audio heads with a studio based outside Tokyo recently contacted me with their first recorded mic preamp comparison tests. I was impressed and happy to have made friends from studio trenches far far away. Let’s take a look at what they came up with. The guys at Studio J conducted their preamp test by recording two songs through the following preamps:—Chandler Limited TG2—Chandler Limited Germanium—Chameleon Labs 7602—Focusrite Red 6—Grace Design 201—Sound… View this post
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  • Monday, August 22, 2011
    Pat Brown 08/22/11 04:23 PM, 0 Comments
    The reverberation time (RT) is one of the most fundamental room measurements. It gives a broad brush stroke description of the general acoustical behavior of a space, paving the way for the use of other metrics to determine clarity and direct-to-reverberant ratios. Wallace Clement Sabine was the first to formalize the RT into an acoustic metric. His method of measurement involved a program source, a stopwatch and a quiet room. Sabine determined that 60 dB of room decay was audible… View this post
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  • church sound
    Chris Huff 08/22/11 03:24 PM, 1 Comment
    This article is provided by Behind The Mixer.   One button that still looks pristine. No fingerprints. No worn finish. It doesn’t even have a name. Working in audio, it’s easy finding my way into a foreign sound booth. It could be it’s my station for an event or it might be that I’ve been invited in by the sound tech on duty.  Over the years, I’ve noticed one button that’s often not used. It’s the fixed-point high-pass filter button… View this post
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  • studio
    Bobby Owsinski 08/22/11 09:41 AM, 0 Comments
    This article is provided by Bobby Owsinski.   The graphic below represents the dilemma of the recording studio business. It’s the legendary Electric Lady Studio’s rate card from 1994 and it’s evidence why so many legendary studios have been turned into condos. If you take notice, a lock-out rate (meaning the studio is purchased for the entire day) ranges from $2,500 to $2,800 a day. Sixteen years later, major studio rates are the same, even less if you get a… View this post
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  • Friday, August 19, 2011
    PSW Staff 08/19/11 08:14 AM, 11 Comments
    Welcome to our quiz featuring 10 questions about bass and subwoofers! Take a read and see how you stack up against the questions, and be sure to check out our other quizzes as well.     1.) The wavelength of a 40 Hz sine wave is: A. 18.3 ft (5.58m) B. 27.5 ft (8.38m) C. 40 ft (12.2m) D. 80 ft (24.4m)   2.) A bass reflex loudspeaker is also known as: A. An omni-bass B. A contra-bass C. A… View this post
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  • Thursday, August 18, 2011
    Bruce Bartlett 08/18/11 01:01 PM, 1 Comment
    The sound check is critical – if well done, it gives the band confidence in you so they can relax and just play. And when you give the band the monitor mixes they need, they perform better. In this process, first you do a line check. Are all the mics and DIs connected to the right inputs and working okay? Then you do a sound check: set the levels, EQ and mix, with the goal of everything will sounding great… View this post
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