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  • Tuesday, August 02, 2011
    PSW Staff 08/02/11 04:21 PM, 2 Comments
    EAW has appointed John Speck to the position of marketing director. He has a long history with the company, having served on the marketing team from 1995-2000 and as an outside consultant in the years since. “It’s very rare in our industry to find a person who can both understand an innovation at the technical level and also communicate that innovation in a compelling, non-technical way,” says Jeff Rocha, EAW president. “John is such a person, as he proved over… View this post
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  • image
    Rick Kamlet 08/02/11 04:02 PM, 0 Comments
    This is the third segment in our series on design principles for distributed systems. For additional reading, be sure to check out the first and second articles within the series. A number of different patterns can be used for laying out ceiling loudspeakers, and each pattern can be implemented in different degrees of layout density. The pattern and density selected for an installation affect: • Evenness of coverage • Sound level capability of the system • Intelligibility • Power amplification… View this post
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  • Monday, August 01, 2011
    PSW Staff 08/01/11 05:01 PM, 0 Comments
    Audio-Technica has announced that Westchester, PA-based Lienau AV Associates has been presented with A-T’s prestigious President’s Award. The award was presented by Philip Cajka, Audio-Technica U.S. president and CEO, and Tracy Brefka, Audio-Technica territory manager, professional products, to Lienau AV Associates principal Eric Schwartz. The award was presented at a ceremony during this year’s InfoComm Expo this past June in Orlando. The award recognizes a leading manufacturer’s representative for outstanding commitment and dedication during the Audio-Technica 2010/2011 fiscal year. Lienau… View this post
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  • recording
    Bobby Owsinski 08/01/11 11:23 AM, 16 Comments
    This article is provided by Bobby Owsinski.   I think it’s safe to say that we’re at the end of the “album age,” and although the format will hold on for a while, it’s clearly waning in popularity. I’ve given this a lot of thought and have come up with what I think are the reasons, but be aware, they’re not all exactly what the popular wisdom assumes. So let’s begin with the six reasons why the album format has,… View this post
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  • Friday, July 29, 2011
    PSW Staff 07/29/11 03:49 PM, 0 Comments
    On July 26 (2011), in a first-of-its-kind event, The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing brought music producers together with U.S. congressional leaders on Capitol Hill for a day that included meetings, a panel discussion and musical demonstrations. The event addressed industry issues while also providing insight into the essential role that producers and engineers play in the music recording process. The activities were part of the Academy’s DC-based Grammys on the Hill initiative. The broad-based delegation of producers included… View this post
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  • Thursday, July 28, 2011
    loud technologies
    PSW Staff 07/28/11 11:07 AM, 1 Comment
    LOUD Technologies Inc.has announced the elevation of Davwinder Sheena, formerly director of APAC sales, to the new position of APAC managing director, in addition to naming Clifford Nathan as general manager of China. Sheena, based in Singapore, will manage all business interests, market-development strategy, and sales team and distributor relationships for all LOUD brands in the region.  He will report to Mark Graham, LOUD CEO and be a member of the company’s executive team. Patrick Lau, Martin Audio APAC sales… View this post
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  • consoles
    PSW Staff 07/28/11 07:54 AM, 0 Comments
    Boomerang has been appointed as the new distributor for Midas and Klark Teknik in Portugal. The newly-formed company has been set up by Carlos Cunha, formerly a director of Midas’ previous distributor Electrosound, with more than 30 years’ experience in pro audio. “Midas and Klark Teknik are brands I have the highest respect for, due to the long experience I have with this company, and the team of excellent professionals and friendly people that work there,” says Cunha. “Midas produces… View this post
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  • Tuesday, July 26, 2011
    Mark E. P. (Milo) Woods 07/26/11 03:42 PM,
    The technical information package often provides the first contact that a touring sound crew has with a given performance facility. This is often called “advancing the show,” and can be vital to the success (or failure) of both sound quality of the production, as well as addressing important factors such as the speed and efficiency of the system load-in and set-up. In a perfect world, the sound mixer/designer for a touring production will receive a copy of an in-depth description… View this post
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  • Monday, July 25, 2011
    PSW Staff 07/25/11 04:54 PM, 4 Comments
    The following is a very useful “thread” from the Live Audio Board (LAB) forum on ProSoundWeb. Question posted by D.D. Pawley I know most everyone has had to deal with this sort of issue before. Two sides of the same coin. What is the generally used policy on deadbeats? Do you wait for em’ to pay? Take them to court? Arrange a mob hit? Give them bad press? What do you guys do? (I like he mob hit thing, but… View this post
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  • church sound
    PSW Staff 07/25/11 04:29 PM, 0 Comments
    Recently I was visiting with my friend Chris Walker,  the worship leader at Covenant Life Church in Grand Haven, MI, when he dropped the term “tech ninja” on me.  I laughed and thought of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I imagined a green shell-clad sound guy with an assortment of weapon stashed in his belt. (Not to mention the shell would be nice to be able to hide in when something goes awry.) Chris went on to give this definition… View this post
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