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  • Tuesday, February 11, 2014
    PSW Staff 02/11/14 02:12 PM,
    The Music Production and Engineering Department (MPED) at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music will add a fourth 32-channel analog API Legacy Plus console to its Studio A in early summer of 2014. At that time, a John Storyk-led renovation will overhaul the space to create a fourth facility with nearly identical equipment to three existing facilities for the instruction of foundational tracking and mixing courses. Because the MPED recognizes the importance of giving students abundant hands-on experience with definitive… View this post
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  • Wednesday, February 05, 2014
    tech tip
    PSW Staff 02/05/14 05:16 PM,
    Provided by Sweetwater.   Q: I have an old analog mixer with really dirty faders. I’ve tried deoxidizing cleaner on some of them, but now they feel much worse, yet seem to work okay. What’s wrong? A: No doubt about it, your mixer is in need of a good cleaning! Here’s a rundown of the steps I normally take. 1. Vacuum and/or blow out faders with compressed air. Vacuuming gets the “dust bunnies” and larger chunks. Try to run the… View this post
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  • Tuesday, February 04, 2014
    PSW Staff 02/04/14 01:03 PM,
    London’s QEII Conference Centre recently added seven Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital rackmount mixers to its inventory of AV equipment. An upgrade to existing analog mixers, the Qu-16s are installed in self-contained portable AV racks, which can be used in any of the event spaces in the venue. “We needed a higher channel count for the mixers installed on our mobile AV racks,” explains AV production manager, Derek Chalmers. “We were looking around the analog market as we couldn’t believe… View this post
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  • Sunday, February 02, 2014
    2014 NAMM
    PSW Staff 02/02/14 03:10 PM,
    The music product industry returns to businesses in every corner of the globe following the 2014 NAMM Show held in Anaheim, January 23-26. Expanding product categories such as technology-driven music products and emerging brands pushed the show to its one of its largest and most diverse editions yet. “As the global platform for the music products industry, the NAMM Show is an annual checkup for what is happening in the music marketplace worldwide,” says Joe Lamond, president and CEO of… View this post
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  • Tuesday, January 28, 2014
    Howard Massey 01/28/14 06:30 AM,
    Sometimes a little humility—combined with tenacity—can go a long way. Consider the career of engineer/producer Kevin Killen, who was willing to start at the bottom rung of the ladder not once, not twice, but three times before he finally broke through to the pinnacle of his profession, manning the board for the likes of U2, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Jewel, Lindsey Buckingham, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and Paula Cole. Rewind the tape to 1979, when a young Killen began working… View this post
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  • Thursday, January 23, 2014
    PSW Staff 01/23/14 06:41 AM,
    Manley Labs announced the CORE, an analog channel strip.  CORE is an innovative and affordable mic preamplifier, compressor, equalizer, and limiter combo-unit that combines the greatest hits of the Manley product line with fresh technology.  The intuitive design incorporates musical and forgiving circuitry that allows the user to concentrate on performance rather than be lost in a sea of knobs.  No other channel strip at this price point offers higher headroom or higher end sound than the CORE, which is,… View this post
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  • Tuesday, January 21, 2014
    PSW Staff 01/21/14 05:51 AM,
    At the 2014 NAMM Show, Rupert Neve Designs is launching the 551 Inductor EQ, the first and only equalizer for the 500-series designed by Rupert Neve. The 551 includes three bands of EQ inspired by Neve’s most prized vintage designs, along with custom-wound inductors, transformers and class-A gain blocks, it brings the thick, powerful lows and sweet highs of Rupert’s classics to the 500-series format. The 551 echoes Neve’s classic 3-band EQ feature set, with a custom inductor, switched frequencies… View this post
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  • Monday, January 20, 2014
    PSW Staff 01/20/14 02:01 PM,
    One of the features often found on the rear panel of a mixing console is the channel insert. The insert serves simultaneously as both an input and an output for either a single channel or for some other signal path, such as a submix or main output bus. It is a point in the signal path at which the signal can be detoured — sent out of the mixer — and then returned to its normally scheduled programming, creating what… View this post
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  • harrison
    PSW Staff 01/20/14 07:57 AM,
    Harrison Consoles has introduced the 950mx analog console, intended for facilities that need an analog monitoring, mixing, and summing solution when working with a DAW.  The 950mx provides large-format console sound and construction while forgoing the expensive multitrack buses and inline monitoring features that have become less necessary with modern DAW workflows. It can act as a centerpiece for a commercial recording studio, live 2-track recording rig, or project studio. Harrison has been building consoles since 1975, and the 950mx… View this post
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  • unit audio
    PSW Staff 01/20/14 05:24 AM,
    Unit Audio has introduced the Unit 16 x 2, the latest addition to the company’s line of passive analog summing mixers. It offers the same panning flexibility as the 8 x 2 Micro-Unit with the addition of two pan switches that allows placement of channels 1 and 2 in monaural (center), or hard left (ch 1) or hard right (ch 2).  Unit Audio analog summing mixers are designed to add back some of the “sparkle and punch” of analog recording… View this post
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