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Yamaha Debuts Next-Generation MG Series Small-Format Mixing Consoles

Offer D-PRE preamps, DSP, solid construction and much more

By PSW Staff February 4, 2014

The Yamaha MG10XU, one of the models in the redesigned MG Series. Below are photos showing the largest and smallest options in the series, the MG16XU and MG06X.

The newly re-designed MG Series of small-format mixing consoles from Yamaha Corporation of America provides compact, cost-effective and high sonic quality solutions for install, recording and live settings.

Ten models in the series incorporate technologies originally developed for high-end professional mixers, including studio-quality preamps, powerful digital signal processing and rugged, reliable construction.

All MG models come with Yamaha state-of-the-art discrete Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps. By using an inverted Darlington circuit topography, these preamps feature multiple circuitry elements designed to provide more power, deliver lower impedance and supply a wide frequency range that can handle signal from any source without coloration while faithfully retaining the original sound.

With varying input/output and processing capabilities, the new MG Series includes four XU models that feature an upgraded version of the renowned Yamaha SPX effects processor, including a comprehensive suite of 24 different effects that add professional polish to any mix (upgraded from the 16-effect version in the previous MG series).

SPX processors have become the industry standard for both recording and sound reinforcement applications since being introduced 20 years ago.

The MG06X also comes with six non-editable SPX effects (but does not include USB integration, found on the XU models). Five standard models range from 6 to 20 channels.

“These D-PRE preamps are featured on Yamaha’s high-end professional mixers, so they meet the requirements of the most demanding professional sound engineers and deliver fat, natural sounding bass, rich mids and smooth highs with very low distortion—qualities not usually found in portable mixers,” said John Schauer, product manager, Live Sound, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Yamaha also has had a long history of success with our SPX effects and we have carefully created programs that are perfect for integration into these mixers.”

New XU models offer digital connectivity and software that streamlines the recording process, including Steinberg Cubase AI. A USB 2.0 audio interface capable of 24-bit/192kHz sound quality allows for playback of digital content from a PC and recording of the mixer output using DAW software. USB Audio Class 2.0 is also supported so that compliant tablets and other devices can be used without installing drivers.

All models in the XU line are compatible with Apple’s camera connection kit or lighting-to-USB camera adapter for seamless recording and playback of digital audio content to and from an iPad or iPhone.

MG mixers also feature 3-band channel EQ and high pass filters; models with more than 10 inputs are equipped with newly-upgraded, 1-knob compressors that add optimized compression to a wide variety of input sources with the touch of a single control.

Up to four Aux sends can incorporate additional effects, access external devices or feed stage-monitoring systems. Master send controls are also included, along with Return level controls for the Aux and Stereo buses, which provide seamless integration with external gear. Easy-to-read LED level metering allows output levels to be monitored accurately in darkness or daylight.

The entire MG line has been redesigned with an emphasis on durability to withstand the rigors of the road or rough handling. A powder-coated steel chassis provides improved structural strength, while the placement of the knobs above the chassis surface protects internal components by absorbing any impact or pressure on the knobs themselves.

Yamaha MG Mixers (MSRP: $129 to $929) will ship in the first quarter of 2014.



Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA)


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