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Studiocare To Distribute Daking And Bock Throughout The UK

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By PSW Staff June 7, 2010

TransAudio Group,  U.S. distributor of both Daking Audio and Bock Audio, has announced that Liverpool-based Studiocare Professional Audio will distribute both brands in the United Kingdom.

Daking Audio manufacturers analog signal processing equipment in the tradition of the great console manufacturers while Bock Audio manufactures studio microphones that capture the sound of the classics.

Studiocare will bring a full lineup of equipment from both Daking and Bock to their UK clients.

“Like TransAudio Group, Studiocare is very particular about the brands it will represent,” said Brad Lunde, principal of TransAudio Group.

“They are dedicated to providing their clients not only with the best sound quality possible, but also the greatest reliability and value for money.”

“We are privileged to be working with Studiocare and are very happy that Daking and Bock will have such capable representation across the Atlantic.”

“Early demonstrations have revealed that the Daking range is popular with our pro customers who already have a fine collection of quality outboard gear,” said Rick Whaley, technical sales manager at Studiocare.

“Given Daking’s quality, the low price is a pleasant surprise, which helps up-and-coming artists, home recording enthusiasts, and semi-professionals get a taste of what a difference high-quality analog processing can make.”

“Bock Audio is the brand we have all been waiting for,” continued Whaley. “We were already big fans of the Soundelux range and were disappointed when we heard the range had been discontinued.”

“When Brad at TransAudio told us about David Bock’s new company we jumped at the chance to represent the line here in the UK. Although many have tried, Bock’s 251 is the best reproduction of the classic Telefunken ELAM 251 on the market. His expertise continues down the range, offering future-classics to sound professionals on a tighter budget.”

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