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Solid State Logic X-Desk The Choice Of Richard Earnshaw

According to Earnshaw, X-Desk has given his mixing process a whole new dimension.

By PSW Staff April 27, 2011

Richard Earnshaw with his SSL X-Desk

Solid State Logic has announced that Richard Earnshaw has installed a Solid State Logic X-Desk at the heart of his studio.

Earnshaw has been mixing and remixing House, Funk and Soul artists for well over a decade.

More recently he’s been putting the finishing touches to his debut artist album, ‘In Time’.

“For me, installing X-Desk was the perfect solution.”

“There were really two main reasons for going for X-Desk: firstly, I wanted to break out my audio stems into a high-end summing mixer and combine ‘out-of-the-box’ processes with a super high-end signal path.”

“And secondly, with X-Desk I can chose my own combination of EQ/dynamics to suit my needs.”

“Every producer has their favourite EQ or compressor and X-Desk allows these preferences to be brought together so easily. And of course now I can tell all my mates I have an SSL in the studio!”

“By itself, X-Desk pretty much rules the roost in the studio. And if I need to add more channels I can just add another X-Desk. I have limited space in the studio, so the seamless integration with SSL’s X-Rack system really suits my working environment.”

“And I can easily achieve similar configurations usually found in much bigger studios with much bigger mixing boards.”

“Having X-Desk installed has actually slowed down the mixing process for me, but in a good way. It’s always very busy in the studio and it’s easy for me to get carried away and have the whole producing and mixing thing going on at the same time, but with X-Desk in situ I’m more aware of the separation of the process.”

“It goes without saying that the super-clean analogue signal path allows for better interpretation of sound so with X-Desk I find it easier to pin point and manipulate signals.”

“In a nutshell, installing X-Desk has given me the high-end, super-smooth analogue signal path I’ve been looking for in my setup.”

“As a result, it’s given the mixing process a whole new dimension. And in a competitive and somewhat saturated industry, it really does make all the difference.”

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