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Radial Introduces Shuttle Multi-Function Effects Insert Module For 500 Series

By PSW Staff February 6, 2012

The Radial Shuttle, a new multi-function effects insert module for the 500 Series

Radial Engineering has introduced the Shuttle, a new multi-function effects insert module for the 500 Series frame format and the Radial Workhorse.

The Shuttle offers three insert loops:

—Loop-1 is a front-panel insert that employs 1/4-inch TRS connectors for fully balanced connectivity
—Insert-2 is an unbalanced insert that is also front panel mounted that easily interfaces to standard effects devices
—Insert-3 is available on the Workhorse using the Omniport, which is wired following convention with tip-send, ring-return, making it ideal to interface with a remote patchbay.

All three loops are equipped with an insert switch that lets the user compare the wet and dry signal paths.

The insert points may also be used as inputs to feed a signal into the Workhorse mix bus. This opens the door to using the Workhorse with source devices such as CD players and iPods or with multi-channel fader packs and so on.

The Shuttle also enables those who own a Workhorse to easily integrate older 500 Series modules into the Workhorse mix buss. One mounts the non-Radial module next to the Shuttle, engages the feed function, and the signal will automatically be routed.

“As soon as our engineers started to integrate the Workhorse within the digital studio environment, they immediately noticed a need to simplify the process of patching effects in and out following what studios would normally do using a patch bay,” says Radial sales manager Steve McKay. “And as we delved further down the rabbit hole, we realized that the 500 Series was limited with respect to performing functions such as overdubbing. The Shuttle addresses these limitations while opening the door to creative new patching options.”

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