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Primacoustic Announces The Release Of Latest Isolation Products,

The KickStandBass Drum Microphone Stand and the CashGuard Drum mic shield join the Primacoustic line.

By PSW Staff April 26, 2010

The KickStandBass Drum Microphone Stand (top) and The CashGuard Drum mic shield.

Primacoustic has announced the release of their latest products, the KickStandBass Drum Microphone Stand and the CashGuard Drum mic shield.

The KickStand is a microphone boom-stand isolator that incorporates a heavy stabilizing base with a high-density foam isolation pad to eliminate resonance from the stage, drum riser and studio floor from entering the microphone.

A common problem with bass guitars and bass drums is resonance on live stages.

This is generally caused by low frequencies coupling with the wood platform which will combine at certain frequencies and generate unwanted peaks.

Another problem is the physical vibration from the kick drum pedal and low-end from the PA system that causes the drums to rattle and transmit through the drum riser.

Microphones that are near these sources are prone to picking up these unwanted sounds unless they are decoupled.

The KickStand helps eliminate the problem by both decoupling the microphone stand from the source, while introducing a stabilizing mass to hold the microphone in place.

Said Primacoustic President Peter Janis,  “A couple of years ago, we invented a device called the Recoil Stabilizer that improves the performance of the nearfield monitor by both eliminating the resonance from the meter bridge while reintroducing a mass component to stabilize the loudspeaker.”

“The success has been tremendous with many of the world’s leading engineers now using Recoils whenever they mix.”

“We felt that this same technology could be applied to stabilizing microphones. The KickStand is the first of these to be released.” 

Also now available is the CrashGuard, a unique sound-shielding device that isolates the drum microphone to attenuate the sound of cymbals during the recording process.

This has the net effect of reducing interference between the two sources thus enabling greater control over the sound of the drum.

Compact and light weight, the CrashGuard is designed to fit most popular drum microphones and mounts directly on the boom stand using the microphone’s clip to hold it in place.

The high impact ABS construction is tough enough to withstand the hit of a drum stick by even the most aggressive drummer.

To ensure the microphone performance is maintained, the under-belly is fully coated on the inside with high density open-cell foam to absorb internal reflections and reduce phase cancellation.

Plus the innovative design features an extended cable cutout that allows the microphone to be articulated for precise placement, further optimizing the performance.

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