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New Online Library Brings Simplicity Back to Music Licensing

Smart Search Tools and a Handpicked Collection of Songs Make Finding the ‘Perfect Track’ the Easiest It Has Ever Been for Film, Advertising, Game, and Broadcast Project...

By PSW Staff October 29, 2012

Music can make or break a production. The right song says everything while the wrong one falls flat. Newly announced is an online music library that puts simplicity first. Their new take on music licensing makes choosing the “perfect track” simple for music supervisors.

With an intuitive and colorful GUI, provides a handpicked catalog of premium production music that encompasses all genres and all moods. The simple searches utilizes smart sliders (e.g. happy vs. sad), checkbox categorization filters (e.g. sounds like), and pre-built playlists (e.g. Dark & Spooky).

Users can even tap the search skills of’s own music supervisors. Every option gets you to the same place—a pain-free licensing experience.

“There is too much glut in the current production music market,” said Tasos Frantzolas, Founder of “We only stock the best and then make sure those songs are really easy to find.

This way anyone working on a film, theater, television, advertising, app, and video game project can get in and out in no time at all.” was born out of Frantzolas’ first venture, – a popular site for production-grade sound effects.

After sending out a customer survey, a prominent portion of their community alerted them to a simple need that wasn’t being met by other companies: “a place for high-quality, affordable production music.”

As sound effects and music naturally complement one another, was designed to be a fresh take on an old formula; one that understands the needs of productions, but injects a little more life, and a lot less clutter into what should always be a smooth and intuitive process.

“ is about as much fun as you’ll have searching for music,” said R. Taylor, online content creator and beta tester. “Their search tools are a breath of fresh air and it’s easy to find something you like. Very creative, very cool.”

“We are new to this space, but that’s also the reason we are coming in with new ideas,” added Frantzolas. “We’ve been around the creative vision for years, and we know how much it demands. is going to give it what it wants.”’s song licenses are available in .wav format for use in any commercial or non-commercial application. They offer several levels of pricing options that range from $30 for a student/non-profit use to $1,200 for a national TV spot.

Free watermarked mp3 versions are also available for trial purposes. To learn more about, browse the music library, or become a member, please visit:



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