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Electrovision Appointed As Behringer European Fulfillment Partner

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By PSW Staff September 8, 2010

Electrovision has announced that its relationship with Behringer will continue, after more than 10 years of successful association between the two entities.

A recent Behringer statement notes, “Electrovision will now be authorized to service regional dealers in the European market who are not participating in the group’s container program with fulfillment of Behringer and Bugera product orders. The appointment marks a significant milestone in the existing relationship between the two companies.”

Richard Fox, managing director of Electrovision, comments: “We have been fortunate enough to have a long and successful relationship with Behringer and we firmly echo their goal to offer ‘the best equipment at fair prices’, which helps us to stay competitive and makes the Behringer and Bugera ranges accessible for our customers.

“Electrovision’s customers know that they can expect professional quality audio products from a respected brand when they see the Behringer name and distinctive yellow logo, while we know that we can enjoy an excellent working relationship with great service and support from the dedicated team at Behringer,” he continues.

Uli Behringer, chairman and CEO of The Music Group adds: “Placing European sales fulfillment and distribution services into the capable hands of our friends at Electrovision will allow us to focus our resources on R&D, product development and branding.”

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