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Buck Dharma & Morris Hayes Endorse Ultrasone

Endorsed because Ultrasone headphones "closely replicate how music sounds in free air."

By PSW Staff April 28, 2010

Buck Dharma (L) and Morris Hayes

Ultrasone Inc., has announced that its headphones have been chosen by two more music industry icons.

Morris Hayes, keyboardist for Prince, Maceo Parker and others has chosen Ultrasone’s HFI-680 and Blue Oyster Cult’s legendary guitarist Buck Dharma has selected Ultrasone’s PRO-750.

Morris Hayes commented of his HFI-680’s safe listening characteristics, stating, “Since I’ve been using Ultrasone headphones, I’ve been able to extend my sessions without experiencing any listening fatigue.” 

Buck Dharma remarked, “My Ultrasone headphones are excellent for creating, composing, editing and mixing. Listening though my PRO-750s is the closest thing I’ve found to replicating how music sounds in free air.”

“It’s an honor to have accomplished musicians like Buck Dharma and Morris Hayes using our headphones, they each have made tremendous contributions to the music industry,” said Randy Fuchs, Ultrasone’s Artist Relations Executive.

“It always amazes me to see an artist’s reaction when they discover Ultrasone headphones for the first time.“

“Each one is astounded by the clarity of the headphones, as if they were truly hearing their own music for the first time.”

Ultrasone Inc. Website


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