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Apogee Release v4.2 Now Available; Two New Symphony I/O Modules Introduced

By PSW Staff April 18, 2012

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Apogee has made Release 4.2 available for download on the Apogee website.

Release 4.2 provides X-Series and Rosetta Series converters compatibility with OS X Lion, Maestro 2 and Symphony I/O.

It also offers the following features for Symphony I/O:

—Support for X-Symphony equipped legacy interfaces (AD-16X, DA-16X, Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200) on OS X Lion and Maestro 2.

—Support for Avid HDX PCIe card

—In Pro Tools HD audio interface mode, Symphony I/O now emulates an Avid HD I/O. Pro Tools v8.1 or greater is required.

—Support for the new Apogee 16×16 Analog I/O Module

—In Symphony audio interface mode, Loop sync may be disabled (for “star” clock configurations, essential when using Symphony I/O with legacy Apogee interfaces).

Before updating, please carefully review the Release Notes for both Legacy Interfaces (AD-16X, DA-16X, Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200) as well as Symphony I/O.

In addition, Apogee has introducedthe new 8×8 Analog I/O + 8×8 AES/Optical I/O and the 16×16 Analog I/O modules for Symphony I/O, Apogee’s flagship audio interface.

The two new modules join the current line up which includes the 8 Mic Preamp, 16 Analog IN + 16 Optical OUT, and the 16 Analog OUT + 16 Optical IN modules.

Collectively these five modules represent 25 years of Apogee research and development, delivering the companies best sounding audio conversion and microphone preamp technology ever available.

The introduction of the 8×8 Analog I/O + 8×8 AES/Optical I/O module will mark the end of both the 8 Analog I/O + 8 AES I/O and 8 Analog I/O + 8 Optical I/O modules.

In addition to 8 channels of Apogee’s AD/DA conversion, the new module introduces both AES and Optical connections on a single module with the ability to select one digital format at a time and toggle between them using a hardware switch, a feature that had not been possible with the first generation of Symphony I/O Modules. 

Symphony I/O’s modular design allows for any two I/O modules to be installed at one time, giving audio engineers multiple I/O configurations to choose from.

With two 16×16 Analog I/O modules installed into a single Symphony I/O chassis, 32 channels of analog recording and monitoring is possible, a feature not available in any other converter on the market.

Availability: End of April 2012/ Price: $1,995 (USD).



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