Sennheiser’s A 5000 CP Antenna Now Almost 400 Percent Stronger

A 5000 CP now features stronger materials for even greater durability on the stage, football fields and many other environments

By PSW Staff January 16, 2010

Sennheiser's A 5000 CP Antenna is now built to be much stronger.

Sennheiser announces its circularly polarized antenna, the A 5000 CP, now featuring stronger materials for even greater durability on the stage, football fields and many other environments.

Upgrades to the A 5000 CP include:
An incredibly rigid dome that’s nearly 400 percent stronger than the previous dome. It’ll take over 67 pounds of pressure to depress the dome just one inch. (The previous dome withstood only 16 pounds of pressure.)
Internal element supports that are five times stronger
Contact surface that is three times stronger
A handy sticker on the rear of the antenna that shows bandwidth, gain and polar pattern for easier customer use and alignment

The A 5000 CP is the go-to antenna for wireless personal monitor use and multi-channel system configurations. It offers 8 dB of passive forward gain – a huge benefit when working with long cable runs.

These ultra-sturdy materials do not affect the performance or the weight of the antenna.

“The upgraded A 5000 CP antenna is even more durable, yet still continues to offer great features that make it such a popular selection for broadcasting and stage applications,” says Dawn Birr, Channel Manager for Systems Integration at Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. “With the upgraded A 5000 CP, you can reinforce passive gain and rear projection and transmit or receive. Plus, you’re not limited to using the A 5000 CP with a Sennheiser wireless system – it works great with any brand.”

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