Twenty Questions: Test Your Knowledge Of Microphones

Another opportunity to evaluate your skills in private, so you can brag about them in public...

By Karl Winkler June 24, 2016

Our friend Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics came up with these microphone inspired “Twenty Questions” quiz.

Click on the box below each question for its respective answer. In addition, we’ve provided all answers at the end of the quiz.

Good luck!


1.) Which has more overall rejection: cardioid or figure 8?

  A.) Cardioid.
  B.) Figure 8.
  C.) They’re about the same.
  D.) Omni has more rejection.

2.) Why would you choose a cardioid over a hypercardioid as a stage vocal mic?

  A.) Cardioid offers more rejection overall.
  B.) You’re using a single monitor wedge.
  C.) You want to capture audience sound.
  D.) Cardioid sounds more natural.

3.) Why would you choose a supercardioid over a cardioid as a stage vocal mic?

  A.) Supercardioid offers more rejection overall.
  B.) Supercardioid sounds more natural.
  C.) Supercardioid mics are less expensive.
  D.) You need a wider “sweet spot”.

4.) “Proximity Effect” refers to:

  A.) Omni mics when used at a distance from the sound source.
  B.) The relationship between low freq. response and distance between mic and sound source.
  C.) How close the monitor wedge is to the lead vocal mic.
  D.) How close drum mics are before struck by drummers.

5. True or false: Omni mics do not exhibit proximity effect.


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Karl Winkler
Karl Winkler

Vice President of Sales at Lectrosonics
Karl serves as vice president of sales/service at Lectrosonics and has worked in professional audio for more than 25 years.


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