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Test Your Live Sound Fundamentals In Our Latest Quiz

Think your live sound knowledge is at the appropriate level? Time to find out!

By Live Sound Staff May 3, 2016

Working with in live sound isn’t easy by any measure, which is why it’s always wise to be testing your skills.

Take a read and see how you stack up against our questions, and be sure to check out our other quizzes as well.

As always, some of these questions may have more than one correct answer.


1. Accurate gain structure:
A: Is the optimum adjustment an gain adjustments.
B: Will maximize output levels.
C: Will minimize noise.
D: All of the above.

2. CMRR means:
A: Common Mode Rejection Ratio.
B: Noise is cancelled by equal noise voltage in both conductors.
C: Both.
D: Neither.

3. VCAs (Voltage Controlled Amplifiers) are:
A: Also know as sub-groups.
B: Only used in automated consoles.
C: Never used without equalization.
D: None of the above.

4. A transformer isolator is needed to:
A: Create a floating input.
B: Create a unbalanced input.
C: Create a VCA.
D: None of the above.

5. The “VU” in VU meter means:
A: Volume Unlimited.
B: Voltage Unit.
C: Vector Unlimited.
D: None of the above.


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