An Earned Honor: The Wheel Of Building Customer Loyalty

There is success in the wheel when it’s in balance

By Jeffrey Cox March 12, 2013

There is a cycle in business that is important to be aware of. The nature of this cycle is so simple and “proper” that it would seem trite and always employed. Well, the thought can be there, but the key is execution. The nature of business is to develop customer loyalty.

If you own the neighborhood grocery store, you want people to come back, time and time again. If you own your own sound company, you want the clients to come back for their events, shows and tours. If you are a manufacturer, you want clients to consistently purchase your products and you want consultants to always specify your product solutions.

Pretty darn simple, huh? Not so much…

In the simplest of definitions for a manufacturer, the quality of the products and quality of service lead to customer satisfaction, which lead to customer loyalty, which in the end means profitability. This profitability should lead, in turn, to investment in R&D and service/support department capability, completing the circle back to quality of products and service.

The same can certainly be applied to a rental/service company, with the profit investment being applied to additional equipment, staff and infrastructure that bolsters the company’s strength and bandwidth.

Quality Of Product & Service
Let’s presume for the moment that the expertise (people) and investment are present and robust.

There are two key propositions that manufacturers look to in product offerings: cutting-edge technologies and a variety of products that offer solutions to all (most) customer requirements.

If a manufacturer has established the delicate balance between these two, and offers the end user contemporary, dependable technologies (software, firmware, transducer, design and capability), and provides product solutions (powered, unpowered, subwoofers, down fill, monitors, variety of coverage and power handling options, etc.), then they’ve got broad-based client appeal. This may not seem like “quality of product,” but it absolutely is.

If you, as a rental provider/sound company, look at the services you provide as your product, you can immediately see the point. What you need to provide to the client is cutting-edge technologies with a variety of equipment solutions. Your effort is to strive for quality of your product.

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