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Video: Setting Microphone Polarity For Live Sound With Dave Rat

Live sound veteran Dave Rat takes us through setting the phase for sound reinforcement microphones in this 3 part video series.

By Dave Rat July 2, 2010

Dave Rat of Rat Sound.

From Dave Rat of Rat Sound, this 3 part series showcases the techniques previously discussed in his article Not So Mysterious: Using Polarity As Another Tool For Optimizing Drum Sound.

Part 1 of the video is embedded below, as well as links to part 2 and Part 3.


View Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

About David

Dave Rat
Dave Rat

President, Rat Sound Systems
Dave Rat heads up Rat Sound Systems (, a leading sound reinforcement company based in Southern California, and has also been a mix engineer for more than 30 years.


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KM says

Nice simplified view. It’s simplistically wrong though, unless your your drum fill is exactly the same distance as the microphone is from the kick drum skin.

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