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  • Thursday, May 28, 2015
    Bruce Bartlett 05/28/15 10:50 AM,
    Suppose you’re going to mike a singer, a sax, or a guitar. Which mic should you choose? Where should you place it? Your mic technique has a powerful effect on the sound of your recordings. In this article we’ll look at some general principles of miking that apply to all instruments. Which Mic Should I Use? Is there a “right” mic to use on a piano, a kick drum, or a guitar amp? No. Every microphone sounds different, and you… View this story
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  • Monday, May 18, 2015
    fletcher greatness
    Fletcher 05/18/15 10:22 AM,
    When I was coming up as an engineer one of my mentors said something that I carry to every session: “There are two parallel universes in recorded music - greatness and perfection. At times they can touch, but they never intersect. And if you have to pick one, pick greatness”. This was an absolutely life changing moment, and these are words I’ve tried to live by ever since. There are times when a wrong note is very much the right… View this story
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  • Friday, April 03, 2015
    Joe Gilder 04/03/15 11:52 AM,
    Article provided by Home Studio Corner.   With the impending release of his new album next week, Joe offers an insight on something he picked up while working with one of the songs. The lesson: sometimes allowing things to go against what you think you should do, in order to get the best performance and make the most of a song, is the right way to go. The song is “Forgiveness,” a simple, soft, intimate piano ballad-type track. Joe shares… View this story
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  • Wednesday, June 11, 2014
    Jon Tidey 06/11/14 07:57 AM,
    The majority of my freelance audio work comes to me through the internet from all over the world. It’s maybe 1 in 10 projects that I do for musicians in my area. When I’m recording it’s usually overdubs. Recently I had the pleasure of tracking a 3-piece band live in another studio. That’s not sarcasm! I really do love working with people in real life, setting up microphones, and making loud noises. I don’t get to do it nearly enough.… View this story
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  • Tuesday, January 28, 2014
    Howard Massey 01/28/14 06:30 AM,
    Sometimes a little humility—combined with tenacity—can go a long way. Consider the career of engineer/producer Kevin Killen, who was willing to start at the bottom rung of the ladder not once, not twice, but three times before he finally broke through to the pinnacle of his profession, manning the board for the likes of U2, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Jewel, Lindsey Buckingham, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and Paula Cole. Rewind the tape to 1979, when a young Killen began working… View this story
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  • Thursday, September 05, 2013
    Bruce Bartlett 09/05/13 05:38 PM,
    It seems an impossible task. You want to record several unaccompanied singers with very good isolation between them (low leakage). But you can’t use isolation booths. The singers need to see each other for visual cues and hear each other easily. The goal is to record them all at once in the same room, yet isolate the sound of each singer—without any audio problems. Recording engineer Jack Gregory and I faced that challenge when recording the talented A Cappella Christian-music… View this story
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  • Monday, December 10, 2012
    Barry Rudolph 12/10/12 07:00 PM,
    As guitarist Jeff Baxter once said to me during the “heat” of a Rod Stewart recording session: “We can do anything—the impossible just takes a little longer.” Along with talented musicians like Jeff, engineers, producers, and live mixers often are called upon to solve problems that are at first glance, flat impossible. To a technically challenged client, all the flashy and complicated gear, computers and the alacrity at which a pro uses them to produce nearly instant, seemingly magical results… View this story
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  • Friday, September 07, 2012
    Howard Massey 09/07/12 10:00 AM,
    Maybe it’s just a side effect of the Starbucks jet fuel she gulped down as we conduct the interview, but a couple of things soon become abundantly clear about Trina Shoemaker: one, she is supremely confident in her abilities. And, two, she takes no shit from anybody. Shoemaker grew up in Joliet, Illinois, a small town near Chicago, where her hobbies included buying every album she could get her hands on and disassembling her dad’s hi-fi equipment. At the age… View this story
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  • Friday, June 08, 2012
    06/08/12 08:12 AM,
    Gamers and indie music fans alike are eagerly awaiting the release of Rockstar Games’ Max Payne 3. Gamers are excited because Max Payne 3 represents the latest in the tremendously popular series, which has sold over 7.5 million copies and garnered numerous awards. Indie music fans are excited because Rockstar Games contracted Los Angeles’ groundbreaking noise pop band HEALTH to craft its original score. HEALTH has chosen to rely on a Metric Halo ULN-2 interface for much of the tracking… View this story
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  • Monday, December 26, 2011
    Bobby Owsinski 12/26/11 12:48 PM,
    This article is provided by Bobby Owsinski.   If you’re doing a session in Los Angeles and you want your drums to instantly sound great, then your first call is to the Drum Doctors to either rent a fantastic sounding kit, or have your kit tuned. Ross Garfield is the “Drum Doctor” and you’ve heard his drum sounds on platinum recordings from Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Metallica, Dwight Yokum,  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitiz, Michael Jackson and… View this story
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