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  • Friday, December 16, 2016
    Adam Stamper 12/16/16 07:55 AM,
    Courtesy of Omega Studios.   I think everyone can agree that digital audio is here to stay.  Even those who frowned upon digital in its earlier days have now mostly accepted its reality and have come to welcome its benefits.  Digital has quickly become the driving force behind most of the latest advancements in the field of audio engineering today. It has changed the workflows, the budgets and the music itself.  As a younger engineer I am very much a… View this story
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  • Friday, September 09, 2016
    PSW Staff 09/09/16 08:22 AM,
    United Recording of Hollywood, California has launched its new archiving division, it was announced by studio manager Robin Goodchild. United was founded in 1957 by recording engineer, studio designer and electronics inventor Bill Putnam and expert archiving is a key element of the studio’s heritage. “United has a 60 year history of uncompromised audio excellence and innovation,” commented Goodchild. “We have assembled a vintage treasure trove of virtually all modern recording machine formats and the ancillary equipment crucial to accurate… View this story
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  • Thursday, August 25, 2016
    Daniel Keller 08/25/16 11:19 AM,
    Courtesy of Universal Audio.   If you’re looking for a prime example of what Toffler wrote about in Future Shock, look no further than analog tape. In little more than a decade, the two-inch multitrack tape machine has gone from studio staple to relic rarity. And while many audio veterans wax nostalgic for that warm analog sound, few will admit to missing the work that went with it. These days, owning an analog tape machine is somewhat akin to driving… View this story
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  • Friday, May 06, 2016
    PSW Staff 05/06/16 10:46 AM,
    MULANN Group announces “Recording The Masters” a new brand and identity for its AUDIO professional activities. Creating a new visual identity for the audio products with a new logo reflects MULANN’s commitment to professional audio recording and strengthens its presence on the worldwide music, archive and instrumentation markets. “MULANN owns the original formulas of analog recording, some of which date back to 1950, created by AGFA and BASF. These magnetic formulas deliver a very high sensitivity and dynamic sound quality.… View this story
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  • Tuesday, March 08, 2016
    Kyle P. Snyder 03/08/16 09:31 AM,
    In late 2008 I was called out by a friend to repair a Studer tape deck; an A827, which I had never used before. While I was very fortunate that the studio owned both the original alignment tape and tentelometer, the original (rather aged and unused) tape shed like crazy because of its storage conditions, and our inability to bake the tape before use. Baking has gotten myself and many a colleague out of a sticky (ha ha) situation. However,… View this story
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  • Tuesday, December 01, 2015
    Patrick Killianey 12/01/15 03:29 PM,
    A while back, I took some aspiring engineers to a trade show where some “antiques” were on display. Namely, CD/DVD players, along with a few analog multitrack players. Over the last 30 years, audio equipment has certainly followed the better-smaller-cheaper model of the computer industry. But like the computer market, repairs are no longer typically done at the part level. If the laser in a CD player goes bad, the chassis with the whole drive motor and optical track will… View this story
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  • Friday, October 16, 2015
    Bruce A. Miller 10/16/15 01:05 PM,
    This article is provided by   Once upon a time there was no recorded music, and you could only listen to live music. Brilliant musical performances occurred and vanished into the air except for whatever musical memories or emotions were remembered by the listeners. Early recordings were made with a single microphone cutting direct to vinyl. Then came tape, then stereo tape and so on to 8, 16 and even 24 tracks. As track numbers increased, engineers were able… View this story
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  • Monday, June 01, 2015
    PSW Staff 06/01/15 01:10 PM,
    The Tanzanian Heritage Project (THP) is using Prism Sound‘s Lyra Audio Interface in a unique bid to rescue and digitize the country’s tape-based music archive, thus preserving a precious musical heritage for future generations. Rebecca Corey, co-founder and executive director of the Tanzania heritage Project hatched the idea for the digitization project in 2010, with her Tanzanian friend and THP co-founder Benson Rukantabula, while Corey was at home in the US recovering from a motorcycle accident in Dar es Salaam.… View this story
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  • Wednesday, January 15, 2014
    tech tip
    PSW Staff 01/15/14 04:01 PM,
    Provided by Sweetwater.   Q: I generally work entirely with DAW in my studio; however, once in a while I get the odd project that causes me to bring out all manner of old gear from storage. I was asked to do some DAT transfers for a local church I’m friendly with as a favor, which I’m always happy to do. They’ve recorded some worship songs to DAT and want to distribute them to some local residents via (of all… View this story
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  • Tuesday, August 20, 2013
    PSW Staff 08/20/13 12:48 PM,
    Focusrite is pleased to announce that Tape for iPad is available free in the App Store. Tape is a beautiful iPad recording solution with easy to use 2-track recording, instant mastering, customizable tape artwork and social media connectivity. Record from the inbuilt iPad microphone, iTrack Solo, or even any Core Audio compliant audio interface - including interfaces from the Scarlett range - and instantly add polish with one button compression. Then simply add a title and album artwork and share… View this story
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