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  • Thursday, December 03, 2015
    meyer sound
    PSW Staff 12/03/15 01:43 PM,
    Large-format line arrays (which we loosely identify as models with 12-inch and larger woofers) are ideal for large-scale concert and event applications, both indoors and outdoors. They really deliver in terms of output, and in many cases, are now much more than simply loudspeakers, better described as fully integrated systems. The vast majority of the models we’re presenting here incorporate dedicated power and DSP packages (onboard or rack mounted), as well as being outfitted with increasingly sophisticated control, networking, and… View this story
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  • Tuesday, September 15, 2015
    Gary Parks 09/15/15 01:49 PM,
    Visceral, deep, percussive, tight, punchy – just some of many words used to describe bass response. A prominent low end forms the foundation for many styles of music and helps get the audience moving. Subs are specialized loudspeaker cabinets, typically operating somewhere inside the range between 20 Hz and 150 Hz, and they usually cross over into the full-range mains around 100 Hz. Especially toward the bottom of the range, these LF sounds are felt in the body as much… View this story
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  • Friday, August 14, 2015
    line array
    PSW Staff 08/14/15 12:43 PM,
    Compact line arrays are those we’ve defined as having low-frequency drivers measuring 8 inches or smaller. Array modules in this genre offer a relatively small footprint in terms of size, weight and cost, yet they are capable of delivering significant output. They’re conveniently portable due to the size/weight factor, and are suitable for a range of fixed installations as well. Compact arrays present a scalable solution – a single unit will provide main coverage to a relatively small space, and… View this story
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  • Wednesday, July 29, 2015
    Gary Parks 07/29/15 12:59 PM,
    Looming in the background of recent wireless microphone development lies the growth of high-bandwidth wireless broadband services, smart phones, digital television, and other spectrum-hungry applications. Driven by the repurposing of wide swaths of RF spectrum traditionally used for wireless mics (2010’s clearing of the 700 MHz band, the upcoming Incentive Auction of the 600 MHz band, and their equivalents throughout the world), manufacturers are pursuing solutions so that the wireless mics and similar devices will remain viable in the future. … View this story
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  • Wednesday, July 01, 2015
    PSW Staff 07/01/15 07:35 AM,
    InfoComm 2015, the annual conference and exhibition for the professional audio-visual market held in June in Orlando, was visited by a record 39,105 professionals attending from more than 108 countries. This represents a 5.6 percent increase in attendance over InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas. “InfoComm is the ideal place to make AV purchasing decisions, connect with contacts and learn principles that will boost your effectiveness,” states David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, executive director and CEO of InfoComm International. “The industry strongly… View this story
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  • Monday, April 20, 2015
    Craig Leerman 04/20/15 03:10 PM,
    Microphones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but many of us typically categorize them in two basic groups: vocals and instruments. And the truth is that many models can excel at either task. Take the ubiquitous Shure SM57. It’s a “go-to” instrument mic found in almost every live and studio mic kit yet it also handles vocals and speech quite well. Ever see the podium for the president of the United States? It’s long incorporated a pair… View this story
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  • Tuesday, April 07, 2015
    real world gear
    PSW Staff 04/07/15 02:54 PM,
    Available in a range of sizes and cabinet shapes, compact 2-way loudspeakers are an MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the live sound world. They serve as mains, monitors, side fills, center fills, near fills, front fills and delays, and can quickly be ground stacked, flown, or placed on a stand. In addition, they can almost always be carried by one person. Many (most) of these boxes are trapezoidal in shape, with many offering an enclosure angle for stage monitoring. Smaller… View this story
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  • Monday, April 06, 2015
    Mark Frink 04/06/15 10:29 AM,
    In the beginning there was resistance to digital consoles, but the tide has turned and the advantages of digital live sound workflow are so numerous that we now take many for granted. An obvious advantage is size and weight. Compact digital desks weigh 50 pounds or less, and a 100-meter Cat-5 snake fits in the back of stage box racks. Analog consoles and their associated outboard gear, multi-core snake and splitter take a couple rows in a truck instead of… View this story
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  • Tuesday, March 17, 2015
    column loudspeakers
    PSW Staff 03/17/15 10:00 AM,
    Mention column loudspeakers to grumpy old sound guys and the Shure Vocal Master immediately springs to mind, as it seemed that every ’70s band used it. Actually, line sources have been around for well over a half-century, but they’ve gained in popularity of late because they offer a solution for those who need efficiency in the vocal range combined with even coverage and a very slim, unobtrusive profile. The characteristics of line source columns – wide horizontal coverage, minimal vertical… View this story
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  • Monday, August 11, 2014
    Craig Leerman 08/11/14 06:26 PM,
    Digital consoles have certainly changed the way our workflows and the ways we mix. No more cumbersome large-frame analog consoles that take four or more stagehands to move and set up. No more promoters and event planners crying about how much room said large-frame analog console and associated outboard drive and effects racks are occupying at front of house. No more large, heavy analog snake cables to coil up at the end of the gig now that we can run… View this story
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