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Articles Tagged Signal

  • Wednesday, August 17, 2016
    Pat Brown 08/17/16 06:31 AM,
      The eyes and ears do not always agree when it comes to sound quality. (Related article here.) If making acoustic measurements is so difficult, why bother? Why not tune the system based solely on listening? Because there are several very good reasons for including our eyes in the system tuning process! We humans base our concept of reality upon the evidence presented by the five senses to the brain. Our concept of “blue sky” or “green grass” is the… View this story
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  • Monday, November 02, 2015
    PSW Staff 11/02/15 01:16 PM,
    Radial Engineering announces the BT-Pro, a Bluetooth direct box designed to capture the wireless transmission from a Bluetooth enabled device and convert the signal to a balanced line for use in a PA system. According to Radial president Peter Janis: “It seems that today, Bluetooth wireless technology is everywhere. You can connect your phone to your car, your laptop to your house and tablet to your TV. It only makes sense that that Bluetooth wireless technology would hit the stage.”… View this story
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  • Thursday, July 23, 2015
    Dane Butcher 07/23/15 06:59 AM,
    1) For both fixed installation and live performance sound, clarity (loudspeaker optimization, alignment and delay) is paramount. For a live performance, one may want to be especially mindful of speaker protection – overall dynamics, limiting – and ear protection. A decent DSP system will have all the tools necessary for either deployment. 2) Go with the network protocol that is easiest to implement, offers the best support, meets technical requirements and works across the whole system. Many system designers may… View this story
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  • Tuesday, June 09, 2015
    PSW Staff 06/09/15 07:37 AM,
    Stepping once again into the political arena, Riedel Communications supplies a communications solution for the ITV Leaders pre-election debate, held April 2 at MediaCityUK. During the live event, broadcast and production facility provider dock10 used the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system and MediorNet real-time media network to enable transport of video, data, and communications signals to the three main broadcasters — Sky, BBC, and ITV — as well as to the Media Hub Centre hosting more than 300 other… View this story
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  • Friday, May 01, 2015
    Bruce Bartlett 05/01/15 02:30 PM,
    You patch in a piece of audio equipment, and there it is: HUM! This annoying sound is a common occurrence in sound systems. Hum is an unwanted 60 Hz tone—50 Hz in Europe—maybe with harmonics. If the harmonics are especially strong, the hum becomes an edgy buzz. Your sound system also might be plagued by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). It’s heard as buzzing, clicks, radio programs, or “hash” in the audio signal. RFI is caused by CB transmitters, computers, lightning,… View this story
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  • Thursday, April 16, 2015
    Bobby Owsinski 04/16/15 02:13 PM,
    This article is provided by Bobby Owsinski.   As any electric string instrument player knows, there are a number of different types of pickups, and within each category there’s a tremendous variation in possible tone. This excerpt from The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook explains the nine factors that affect how a pickup sounds. The next time you’re in the market for one, keep these in mind so you can better tailor the pickup to your needs. ———————————————- Just like most… View this story
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  • Monday, February 23, 2015
    Bobby Owsinski 02/23/15 03:02 PM,
    This article is provided by Bobby Owsinski.   One might say that we need another audio format like we need a hole in the head, but here’s a new one that actually makes some sense. The good people at high-end Meridian Audio have come up with an interesting way to pack a lossless encode into an MP3 container. The new format is called MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) and is backwards compatible with any player that can play a standard MP3… View this story
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  • Thursday, September 11, 2014
    PSW Staff 09/11/14 11:13 AM,
    There’s some interesting research going on regarding the ability to capture sound via video of common items in a room, such as a bag of potato chips or a house plant. The project is a joint effort between MIT, Microsoft and Adobe. As the brief on YouTube notes: “When sound hits an object, it causes small vibrations of the object’s surface. We show how, using only high-speed video of the object, we can extract those minute vibrations and partially recover… View this story
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  • Friday, March 21, 2014
    Victor Brown 03/21/14 01:51 PM,
    Cable selection presents two primary challenges: myriad choices and overall quality. I’ve explored these challenges and have defined six factors that can help point you in the right direction. These factors include appearance, durability, flexibility, sonics, conductivity and shielding. Let’s have a look. Appearance Understand the difference between the look of quality—like shiny gold-plated connector housings—and actual quality construction and materials. A primary problem arises when assumptions are made that the materials inside a cable housing are as fancy as… View this story
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  • Friday, November 01, 2013
    Don Davis 11/01/13 04:58 PM,
    Harry Nyquist is famed for his work on feedback circuit analysis. His Nyquist plot makes visual simultaneously the following viewpoints of the signal:        1. The real part        2. The imaginary part        3. The magnitude        4. The phase angle between the real and        imaginary parts        5. The polarity of the system        6. The causality or non-causality of the        time behavior        7. The presence of resonant systems        8. Non-signal synchronization by       … View this story
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