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Articles Tagged Recording

  • Monday, February 07, 2011
    Mel Lambert 02/07/11 08:40 AM, 0 Comments
    In the beginning there was analog tape. And it was seen to be wholesome and healthy, and could be cut with a pair of scissors or a razor blade. And thus there entered a new word into the producer’s vocabulary: editing. Which meant that we could tag together sections from different takes and, with some luck, turn a so-so performance into a potential hit. But analog tape was not without its problems. In the analog era, we made tradeoffs: noise… View this story
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    PSW Staff 02/07/11 07:30 AM, 0 Comments
    Former Jazz Ambassador for the U.S. Robby Sinclair and his band Lazer Cake will be tracked and mixed by the METAlliance founders “In Session with The Guys,” February 19-20, 2011 in NYC at Avatar Studios. The quartet plays short, sexy, indie-pop songs with hints of The Cars, The White Stripes, Talking Heads, and Justin Timberlake. Space is limited and sessions will be limited to only eight attendees for each phase of the recording projects.  All attendees are entered in a… View this story
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  • Friday, February 04, 2011
    Bruce Borgerson 02/04/11 11:10 AM, 0 Comments
    Join Klaus in his RE/P Forum here on ProSoundWeb. For well over a decade, Klaus Heyne has been recognized as the foremost practitioner of condenser microphone modifications in America—perhaps in the world. His client list includes superstar vocalists (Bryan Adams, Neil Young, Whitney Houston), leading producers (Simon Clymie, Trevor Horn) and the elite of recording studios and scoring stages (Lucasfilm, Disney, Cello, Paramount). Using his own voice and ears as primary test instruments, he has developed an uncanny ability to… View this story
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    Roey Izhaki 02/04/11 10:45 AM, 1 Comment
    This excerpt provided by Focal Press   This is the continuation in our series by Roey Izhaki on gates. Additional segments within the series are available here. Removing noise Noise can be introduced onto a recording in many ways. Tape media, microphones, microphone preamps, any analog component or an A/D converter are just a few examples of systems that superimpose their own inherent noise on the signal. When a recording is done in a domestic facility, background noise is also… View this story
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    PSW Staff 02/04/11 09:40 AM, 0 Comments
    French sound designer and foley artist Nicolas Becker has been using a number of DPA microphones for the Philippe Parreno exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery. Parreno, an Algerian artist and film maker, has created a space in which a series of filmed events are projected in different galleries. Sound, which plays a major part in the exhibition, can be heard inside the gallery, as though the outside environment of Kensington Gardens and the surrounding streets is leaking in. To create… View this story
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    PSW Staff 02/04/11 08:20 AM, 0 Comments
    EMP Music Publishing, a Berlin-based company that creates music tracks for television, radio programs, and commercials, has installed a Solid State Logic AWS 948 with an XLogic X-Rack in its Fake Palm Studio facility. Because of the 948’s greater channel count, EMP can now internally mix orchestral and live music tracks that were recorded in larger studios. “We produce music for companies that include ARD TV and RTL TV in Germany and Swiss Television, specializing in live instrument recordings and… View this story
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    PSW Staff 02/04/11 07:50 AM, 0 Comments
    BlackBox Recorder manufacturer JoeCo has announced that its new BLACKBOX PLAYER is now shipping. Capable of replaying 24 channels of high quality audio at up to 24bit/96kHz, the BlackBox Player is the first dedicated multi-channel playback device specifically developed to replay backing tracks or multiple surround stems for live shows. It can be triggered using time code, with a footswitch or QWERTY keyboard, or controlled via MIDI commands, giving the live engineer, installation sound designer, musical director or artist full… View this story
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  • Thursday, February 03, 2011
    PSW Staff 02/03/11 02:35 PM, 0 Comments
    Sennheiser Canada has announced that it will be hosting a special live mixing workshop February 21st through 23rd in downtown Toronto. The workshop provides audio engineers with a complete overview of how to set up and run a live event, covering aspects such as: • FOH sound: Gain structure, assigning frequency ranges to each instrument and collaborating with the band. • Monitor sound: Overview of the ear; communicating with musicians, organizing the mixer; wedges vs. wireless monitoring. • Wireless audio:… View this story
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    PSW Staff 02/03/11 01:29 PM, 0 Comments
    Linear Acoustic has announced that the New England Sports Network (NESN) installed an AERO.air processor, which has been directly related to a reduction of audio complaints from their customers. “We were getting loudness complaints at almost every pro event,” said Dave Desrochers, NESN vice president of engineering. “When we tested the AERO.air, customers called and e-mailed to say that we sounded great. Then we took the unit out post-test and received more viewer calls. ‘What happened? You had it fixed!’… View this story
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    Roey Izhaki 02/03/11 10:15 AM, 0 Comments
    This excerpt provided by Focal Press   This is the first segment in our series by Roey Izhaki on gates. Additional segments are available here. Following compressors, gates are perhaps the second most common dynamic range processors in mixing. Gates are also called noise-gates – a name that implies their traditional usage as noise eliminators. In the past, tapes and analog equipment were the main contributors to added hiss. Nowadays, digital technology tends to allow much cleaner recordings. Still, in… View this story
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