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  • Thursday, June 12, 2014
    PSW Staff 06/12/14 05:37 AM,
    SurgeX has introduced Axess Manager and Axess Manager Mobile, new desktop and mobile apps designed to let users monitor power conditions and control power functions of multiple installations from a single location. They’ll be on display at the upcoming InfoComm 2014 show in Las Vegas at booth C8725. The new apps automatically discover devices on a network and allow remote management through an intuitive user interface on a desktop PC or mobile device. Axess Manager also offers enhanced management of… View this story
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  • Wednesday, June 11, 2014
    power techniques
    Bill Whitlock 06/11/14 12:05 PM,
    When a system contains two or more pieces of equipment that are grounded, whether via power cords or other ground connections, a “ground loop” will likely be formed. (See Figure 1, below.) Although ground loops often involve power line safety ground connections, disabling them is both highly dangerous and illegal. However, devices called “ground isolators” can be inserted in the signal path to break the loop safely. This approach attacks the problem at its fundamental roots, while tampering with safety… View this story
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  • Wednesday, June 04, 2014
    Pat Brown 06/04/14 01:01 PM,
      It is generally accepted that a large loudspeaker power rating is a sign of quality and something to be desired. It may be the performance metric that has the greatest influence on the consumer’s buying decision. A closer look reveals that it is far less significant than other metrics regarding the performance of the loudspeaker. The Basics The power rating of an amplifier describes its ability to do work on a load – like moving a loudspeaker. Generally, the… View this story
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  • Thursday, May 15, 2014
    PSW Staff 05/15/14 01:39 PM,
    Core Brands has introduced the Furman P-8 PRO C power conditioner, a 20Amp model joining the Classic Series that includes proprietary Furman technologies such as Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). Housed in a rugged 1RU chassis with a minimalistic front panel and nine outlets, the P-8 PRO C is designed for power conditioning applications where front panel metering and illumination are not required. SMP surge protection circuit technology safely absorbs, clamps and dissipates transient voltages, eliminating… View this story
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  • Thursday, May 01, 2014
    PSW Staff 05/01/14 11:00 AM,
    Jensen Transformers president Bill Whitlock is presenting “Effective Audio Grounding Design,” a tutorial focusing on proper audio grounding techniques to keep systems quiet and problem-free, at the upcoming Sound Marketing Tech Expo on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, IL, just outside of Chicago. Specifically, Whitlock will present effective audio grounding and signal interface design to keep systems free from hum and buzz. “I firmly believe that the technical concepts in this class are… View this story
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  • Tuesday, April 29, 2014
    PSW Staff 04/29/14 08:34 AM,
    SurgeX International (Blue Bell, PA) announces that it has merged its global interests with SurgeX North America, owned and operated by Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) of Knightdale, NC. With all of SurgeX International’s intellectual property effectively now transferred over to ESP/SurgeX, the brand’s founders—senior principal Michael McCook, director of engineering Andy Benton, and operations manager Kevin Bromberger—are carrying on in a consulting capacity with the North American company. The recent merger frees up McCook, Benton and Bromberger to focus on… View this story
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  • Thursday, April 17, 2014
    PSW Staff 04/17/14 01:37 PM,
    Extron Electronics has introduced the HSA 300, the latest addition to the company’s Hideaway Surface Access Enclosure Series of furniture-mountable enclosures and providing inconspicuous access to AV connectivity, AC power, and USB power. The enclosure’s tilt-up faceplate features connectors for HDMI, VGA, PC audio, and network pass-through, an AC power outlet, and two 5 VDC USB power outlets for charging mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. AC power outlets are available for the U.S. and central Europe, as well… View this story
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  • Monday, April 07, 2014
    radial engineering
    PSW Staff 04/07/14 06:57 AM,
    The new Radial Engineeringg SB-15 Tailbone, a high-performance signal buffer designed to sit at the beginning of the signal chain and drive multiple pedals without the added noise that can plague high-impedance circuits, is now shipping. The compact design begins with a standard hi-Z instrument input. The signal is then “tamed” using Radial’s proprietary Dragster load correction circuit to replicate the tone and feel as if connected directly to the amplifier. It’s then buffered via a 100-percent discrete, class-A unity… View this story
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  • Wednesday, April 02, 2014
    tech topic
    John Murray 04/02/14 03:51 PM,
    Years ago, only car stereo makers would advertise “2,000 Watts Of Earth-Shaking Power!” But with the recent shift to switching power supply amplifier topology, we’re now seeing this with many pro-oriented products. What’s behind the hype? And what about properly matching power amplifiers and loudspeakers? Answers start by focusing on the fundamental unit of measure in audio, the watt. What is a watt? A strict definition according to Wikipedia: One watt is the rate at which work is done when… View this story
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  • Friday, March 07, 2014
    PSW Staff 03/07/14 10:46 AM,
    Provided by Sweetwater.   Q: I help out with the audio at my church, and when our choir director asked me to add a loudspeaker for the choir loft, I thought it sounded a little challenging but not overly difficult. Well, when I connected the wire to one of the loudspeakers in the hallway, the entire system went dead! The plate on the back of the loudspeaker said something about 70.7 volts. What’s going on, and what the heck is… View this story
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