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Articles Tagged Microphones

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2011
    Rob Schlette 11/15/11 10:47 AM,
    This article is provided by the Pro Audio Files.   Background vocals aren’t just “more singing”; they have a job in the arrangement. Specifically, background vocals are usually either: a)  A layer of the lead vocal track intended to provide strength through tonal complexity, or b)  An additional instrumental idea intended to provide harmonic context for the melody. Whether you’re planning overdubs or you’re in the middle of a mix, it’s never too late to be sure the background vocals… View this story
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  • Monday, November 14, 2011
    Craig Leerman 11/14/11 04:11 PM,
    Long ago, an old sound guy imparted to me words of wisdom about the optimum way to mic instruments: “Pick your best microphone, put it on your best stand, place it in the best spot, point it in the best direction, and hope for the best.” That statement seems a bit trite, but it also contains truth. So where do we start in this pursuit of the “best” in all aspects of instrument mic’ing? While it’s true that vocal mics… View this story
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  • Friday, November 11, 2011
    PSW Staff 11/11/11 10:11 AM, 0 Comments
    Audio-Technica celebrated its 18th year of supporting the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards by providing an extensive selection of vocal and instrument microphones for its annual awards show. The 45th Annual CMA Awards aired live in 5.1-channel surround sound on November 9 on the ABC Television Network from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, and featured over 200 Audio-Technica microphones, including an array of hard-wired mics and Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF wireless systems. Audio-Technica microphones were chosen for their ability… View this story
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  • Thursday, November 10, 2011
    worship drums
    Tom Young 11/10/11 04:43 AM,
    Mic’ing drums in a contemporary worship environment is a learned craft and skill that relies on technical know-how, a musical ear, partnership with musicians (and the drummer in particular), favorable acoustics, well-behaved loudspeakers, reasonable financial investment, and lots of patience. How’s that for mix of encouraging and disheartening words? The need for sound reinforcement in contemporary worship and gospel music is similar to that in modern pop music (including R&R, R&B, soul, funk, electric folk, etc.), especially where musical content… View this story
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  • Tuesday, November 01, 2011
    PSW Staff 11/01/11 11:55 AM, 1 Comment
    Earthworks has unveiled the new and improved DP30/C Drum Periscope cardioid microphone.  After many recommendations from front of house engineers and drummers, the redesigned DP30/C features a thicker and more rugged gooseneck that will stay in place even when the snare or toms are struck extremely hard.  Once the durable microphone head is placed in the “sweet spot”, drummers will not have to worry about the DP30/C migrating once they commence. The new DP30/C maintains the same sound quality and… View this story
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  • audio-technica
    PSW Staff 11/01/11 11:14 AM, 0 Comments
    Audio-Technica is offering upgrades for its ATCS-60 IR (infrared) Conference System from its contractor-exclusive Engineered Sound range of meeting/conference room offerings. The ATCS-60 is a self-contained wireless distributed audio system using infrared communications technology, designed for corporate, government and educational applications, with new upgrades including a voting module (model ATCS-V60) and updated software (ATCS-C60MAG-REG). The new ATCS-V60 is a modular voting unit with five-button configuration that offers versatile voting options. In addition to Yes/No and Yes/No/Abstain votes, the unit can… View this story
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  • microphones
    PSW Staff 11/01/11 10:46 AM, 0 Comments
    Blue Microphones is now offering a second, bonus capsule with the purchase of the Bottle Rocket Stage Two tube microphone, in addition to the included B8 capsule. Designed with a compact form factor, the Bottle Rocket Stage Two offers Blue’s vacuum tube microphone with an interchangeable bayonet-mount capsule system.  Effective November 1 (2011), the new bundle with an updated MSRP of $2499.99, includes the Bottle Rocket Stage Two and a bonus capsule in addition to the B8 capsule. Designed for… View this story
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  • Friday, October 28, 2011
    James Cadwallader 10/28/11 11:44 AM,
    Everyone agrees with the idea that you point the microphone at what you want it to pick up. But there’s another side to the coin: pointing the mic away from what you don’t want. This perspective applies both for using a particular polar pattern to eliminate undesired pickup or mic’ing unconventionally to find a desired sound. Take drum mic’ing. Snare bleed in the hi-hat mic can blur the snare in the mix, especially for those drummers who know how to… View this story
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  • Tuesday, October 25, 2011
    PSW Staff 10/25/11 03:56 PM, 0 Comments
    Earlier this year, the Chicago White Sox selected Shure PSM 900 wireless personal monitor and UHF-R wireless microphone systems to serve critical applications at U.S. Cellular Field. Upgrading from the Shure PSM700, the White Sox organization was looking to offer pre-game entertainers durable products with exceptional sonic quality. Shure’s market development team also provided counsel on FCC regulations, and worked with their audio team to help them operate within the newly-designated spectrum band. “It’s important in broadcasting audio to have… View this story
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  • Thursday, October 20, 2011
    PSW Staff 10/20/11 08:15 AM, 0 Comments
    Effective January 1, 2012, John Falcone, President and CEO of Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, Old Lyme CT, will be promoted to the position of Vice President Sales, Americas. In his new position Falcone will head business in the entire Americas region, encompassing the United States, Canada and Latin America. Having run Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, the US subsidiary, very successfully for the past 13 years, he moves on to his new enlarged responsibility for the entire American Region, thus taking on a… View this story
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