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Articles Tagged Joe Ciaudelli

  • Monday, July 09, 2012
    Volker Schmitt & Joe Ciaudelli 07/09/12 09:49 AM,
    The receiver is a crucial component of wireless microphone systems, as it is used to pick the desired signal and transfer its electrical information into an audio signal that can be amplified and used for a loudspeaker system. Understanding basic receiver design, audio processing, squelch, and diversity operation can help ensure optimum performance of the system. Virtually all modern receivers feature superheterodyne architecture, in which the desired carrier is filtered out from the multitude of signals picked up by the… View this story
    Filed in: AVFeatureStudy HallAVMicrophoneSound ReinforcementWireless

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2012
    Volker Schmitt & Joe Ciaudelli 05/29/12 08:27 AM,
    The position of the antenna and the correct use of its related components—such as the radio frequency (RF) cable, antenna boosters, antenna attenuators, and antenna distribution systems—are key to trouble-free wireless microphone transmission. The antennas act as the “eyes” of the receiver, so the best results can be achieved by forming a direct line of sight between the transmitter antenna and receiver antenna of the system. A large variety of antennas are available for wireless microphone systems. The signal distribution… View this story
    Filed in: AVFeatureStudy HallAVMicrophoneSignalWireless

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