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  • Wednesday, June 08, 2011
    church sound
    Chris Huff 06/08/11 04:33 PM, 0 Comments
    This article is provided by Behind The Mixer.   Reverb is a beautiful effect that gives us the ability to bring a fuller sound to an instrument.  Reverb can be used to spatially place an instrument in a mix such as sitting in the background.  We can also kill our mix with reverb if we use too much or we use the wrong type of reverb.  Here are three standard types of reverb and how they can be used… First,… View this story
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  • Thursday, May 12, 2011
    PSW Staff 05/12/11 06:58 AM, 0 Comments
    Pendulum Audio has announced the introduction of the DS-500 De-esser at the 130th AES Convention in London. The DS-500 is the second Pendulum product designed specifically for the 500 series format. The DS-500 is a single channel, non-tube version of the De-esser in the Pendulum Quartet Tube Recording Channel. It uses the same highly selective inductive detector and opto-inductive notch filter as the the de-esser in the Quartet, so it has the same characteristics, and very fast response. By pairing… View this story
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  • Thursday, April 28, 2011
    PSW Staff 04/28/11 10:00 AM, 0 Comments
    API is proud to announce their appearance at both Palm India Expo and Broadcast Asia this June. API’s participation in these popular trade shows is part of the company’s continued efforts to better reach customers in the Asia Pacific region. “With excellent distribution partners throughout the region, API is committed to a long term presence in both the Asia Pacific and India,” said Gordon Smart, managing director. “We’re excited that clients from Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and India are now… View this story
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  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011
    PSW Staff 03/22/11 07:26 AM, 0 Comments
    EastWest has announced their distribution of Modern Pop, the Multi-format Sound Library, in the US market. Modern Pop combines the distinctive style of modern electronic music with different types of pop music, lounge, chillout and new age. The defining characteristic of Modern Pop are its rhythmic elements, such as percussion loops, drum loops and special grooves, as well as its harmonic elements, such as melodies and chords, which are at times soft and gentle, at other times dynamic and powerful.… View this story
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  • Monday, February 28, 2011
    PSW Staff 02/28/11 05:04 PM, 0 Comments
    Avid has announced the general availability of its new VENUE IO16 option card for the VENUE SC48 console. This optional analog and digital I/O expansion card enhances workflow flexibility and mixing options by enabling users to connect outboard gear such as automixers, EQs, dynamics and multi-effects processors, and digital music players directly to the VENUE SC48 console. Ideal for corporate AV events, concert sound, and houses of worship, the IO16 option card enables customers to have the flexibility of using… View this story
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  • Thursday, February 03, 2011
    church sound console
    Joe Wisler 02/03/11 08:50 AM, 0 Comments
    “You know, I’ve been doing sound here at my church for about two years now, and there are a couple of things that aren’t quite clear to me. First, where’s the bass and treble control? And, what are these knobs for - the ones on the console labeled high, mid and low?” I’ve heard questions like this posed more than once by people who do sound at their churches. And they’re great questions. Remember - we’re all in this together!… View this story
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  • Thursday, November 18, 2010
    PSW Staff 11/18/10 11:45 AM, 0 Comments
    Audio manufacturer Aphex has launched a new and completely redesigned website. The new site has been fully revamped, incorporating modern graphics and streamlined navigation to create a more informative and accessible user experience. The newly updated Aphex website provides easy and quick access to product information and specifications, support resources, US and international dealer listings, as well as information on the company and its expanding partners network. The site also features a Current News section to help visitors stay up… View this story
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  • Thursday, October 07, 2010
    Joe Gilder 10/07/10 02:59 PM, 1 Comment
    This article is provided by Home Studio Corner.    If you’ve been recording for any length of time, you’ve more than likely come across a channel strip, or you will some day. What is it? A channel strip is simply an outboard microphone preamp that has either EQ or compression built in, or both. These can be amazing tools, because you can begin to shape the sound of your recordings before the audio ever hits your recording software. For example,… View this story
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  • image
    PSW Staff 10/07/10 06:20 AM, 0 Comments
    The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) has taken delivery of two Endless Analog CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor) systems for their Tempe and Gilbert, Arizona campus facilities. The Conservatory made the decision to add CLASP to its A Studios after Chris Estes, Founder/President of Endless Analog, held two days of intense workshops and seminars at the school back in May. The CLASP units will be used in conjunction with CRAS’s SSL 4000 Series consoles, Studer A-820 2-inch… View this story
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  • Wednesday, October 06, 2010
    PSW Staff 10/06/10 07:20 AM, 0 Comments
    Sonivox has announced the worldwide availability of the first instrument from their new NEMESYNTH Audio Research Group, Vocalizer - Vocal Production Synthesizer. Vocalizer is a completely new concept in modern music production that couples a new technology synthesis engine with an open input based architecture. Vocalizer is one part effect plugin and one part virtual instrument. Vocalists, non-vocalists, & producers feed Vocalizer any audio source, and it re-pitches, effects, and re-synthesizes the original source into a whole new sound. Primarily… View this story
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