Outline Releases OpenArray2

By PSW Staff April 3, 2017

Outline has just released the new version of its (free) simulation software: OpenArray2. This fundamental tool predicts the results expected from either live performances… Read More

Should We Go Digital Or Stay Analog?

By Curt Taipale March 27, 2017

Of course the current excitement in the pro audio world is all about using digital audio consoles for live sound. If you haven’t already purchased… Read More

NEXO NeMo Now Available For macOS

By PSW Staff March 20, 2017

NEXO has announced its latest release of NeMo system management software, now available for the first time on the macOS platform. NeMo V2.0 software… Read More

Showcase: Enhanced Focus

By Live Sound Staff March 15, 2017

The characteristics of line source columns – wide horizontal coverage, minimal vertical coverage above and below the enclosure, and coherent sound in the vocal range… Read More