Heritage and History

Mark Herman, 1956-2016

By PSW Staff December 20, 2016

Mark Herman, for decades a passionate member of the professional audio community, passed away last weekend following complications during a medical procedure. He was 60… Read More

Spotlight On Signal Processing

By Bob McCarthy May 23, 2016

Go here to read part 1 of this series.————————————————— “In the beginning there was graphic EQ.” The first standard tool… Read More

Sam I Am

By Kevin Young March 11, 2016

For Sam Berkow, acoustical design, sound measurement, and audio in general are lifetime passions, the ones that ultimately led him to found SIA Acoustics, and… Read More

In Profile: Dr Adam Hill

By Kevin Young February 10, 2016

Although he’s only been in the audio industry for 12 years, Dr. Adam J. Hill has packed in a huge amount of work, splitting his… Read More

Dave Shadoan, In Profile

By Kevin Young January 8, 2016

To Dave Shadoan, what sets Sound Image apart are its people, partnerships built over the long haul, and most importantly, unfailing service to clients. Read More

100 Years & Counting

By Andy Coules December 4, 2015

Back in 1915, the first World War was raging across Europe, Charlie Chaplin’s film “The Tramp” was released, Babe Ruth hit his first career home… Read More