One Systems Debuts OPA-5 Compact Loudspeaker

By PSW Staff March 18, 2015

Designed to provide superior intelligibility and fidelity for permanent installations, the OPA-5 features a 90-degree conical, high-frequency horn radiation pattern that allows for wide coverage in near field applications. Read More

Allen & Heath ILive Travels With Engineer Darwin Tillery

By PSW Staff August 29, 2012

When FOH engineer Darwin Tillery goes out on a fly date for clients like Sheila E, New Edition, or Brian McKnight, he doesn't worry about what console he might encounter at the gig. "I literally just carry mine with me," he says. "I have the Allen & Heath R72 rack-mount console with the iDR48 MixRack. They both qualify as carry-ons, so I'm basically carrying a 48-channel digital console onto the plane." Read More