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Audio-Technica Audio-Technica Corporation, based in Japan, designs and manufactures professional microphones, wireless systems, headphones, phonographic cartridges, and other audio equipment. More about Audio Technica.

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Road Test: Audio-Technica ATM350a Audio-Technica Offering M-Series Headphones In New Studio Headphone Pack Bundles Audio-Technica Now Shipping ATM350a Microphone Systems

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The Truth About Recording Levels

The following is intended as a rebuttal to this 2011 article stating that recording at low levels sounds better than recording closer to maximum. Many people believe that setting digital record levels to peak 20 dB below full scale… Read More

Six Superhero Uses For Console Aux Sends

Forget the faders, knobs, and digital displays – flip the console around and show off your superhero skills. Those mind-mannered auxiliary sends are for more than monitor mixes. Aux sends, controllable at both channel and master levels, provide solutions to… Read More

In The Studio: Beware Of Ear Fatigue

Courtesy of Omega Studios. One common concern when mixing for long periods of time is ear fatigue. The limits of one’s ears (and mind for that matter) may vary from engineer to engineer,… Read More

The Naked Truth About Dither (Video)

This article is provided by EarLevel Engineering.   This video presents the “naked truth” on dither and truncation error, by stripping away the original signal of a musical clip and listening at… Read More

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