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Alcons C-series Chosen For NBCUniversal Screening Rooms

NBCUniversal has recently completed the refurbishment of its Central St Giles offices in London.

The project included the creation of two state-of-the-art preview theatres for executive and private screenings. Alcons cinema specific C-series loudspeakers were chosen as an integral part of the installation.

“For NBCUniversal’s new facility at Central St. Giles, we wanted to achieve the highest quality environment for sound and image,” says cinema optics consultant Laurence Claydon, who engaged acoustic consultancy company White Mark on the project. “We already had experience of Alcons CR1, having achieved excellent results at Universal’s original Oxford Street facility, and retained some of these components for the smaller screening room.”

The larger room has a CR4 3-way screen system, comprising two 15-inch LF, four 6.5-inch MF and three 4-inch pro-ribbon HF, tri-amplified by two 2kW ALC2, with two 4kW ALC4 amplified loudspeaker controllers with SDP processing.

The room features the all-new CRS8 2-way 8-inch vented LF + 4-inch pro-ribbon HF surrounds, with identical screen/surround components for perfect voice matching, with two CB362 low-tuned double 18” woofers providing sub bass.

The smaller room, meanwhile, benefits from a CR1 screen system, 3-way passive system comprising one 12-inch LF, 1x 6.5-inch MF, a 4-inch pro-ribbon HF, with only 18cm / 7-in. system depth, 2-way CCS8 surrounds and a BF181i as subwoofer. All elements are powered and controlled by an ALC2 amplified loudspeaker controller.

“To get the new screening room environment right was a significant engineering challenge, and we engaged Acoustic designers White Mark Limited at an early stage,” Claydon continues. “Architect Renzo Piano’s new Central St Giles complex was primarily designed to house offices, and didn’t really lend itself to building a heavy, acoustically-isolated, floating preview theatre of 64 seats.

“We certainly didn’t have enough floor-to-ceiling height or load-bearing capacity to build on the upper floors.”

Eventually, a double-height area with a mezzanine was located behind the main reception. With some careful design, this was able to accommodate two preview theatres; one with 64 seats and one with 15 seats. Both screening rooms offer an optimum viewing and listening environment, with the stadium seating raked sufficiently to ensure there is never a patron in the row in front obscuring the view.

“The internal acoustic design was also excellent,” says Claydon. “White Mark has done an amazing job balancing excellent bass absorption with diffusion in both rooms. In combination with the Alcons C-Series, we required very minimal EQ to tune the system.”

Complementing this is an acoustically transparent woven screen from Screen Research. Claydon adds, “These not only provide best audio quality, but also have incredibly even reflective properties at any viewing angle, and are completely free from any Moiré patterning we would see on perforated screens when projecting digitally.”

Finally, projection is provided by a 4K Christie CP4220 in the large theatre, and 2K Christie CP2210 in the smaller room. Both rooms are ready for High-Framerate 3D, featuring Dolby and Doremi Integrated Media Blocks. A Dolby CP750 cinema sound processor is provided for professional sources, and an Arcam AV888 for domestic sources. Future sound formats, such as Dolby Atmos, will also be easy to accommodate at a later stage.

“Both rooms are now in almost full-time use,” says Claydon. “Universal Pictures are incredibly pleased with the results and we were delighted to have Andrew Lloyd Webber attend the larger theatre a few weeks back.”
“These rooms are amongst the best we have ever heard,” adds Robin Sellars, Engineer – Jesus Christ Superstar. “

“Comments from the wider industry have also been incredibly positive,” Claydon concludes. “Many have been surprised at the step-change in quality we’ve been able to achieve.”

Alcons Audio

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Historic Sunrise Theatre In Florida Implements Yamaha CL5 Digital Console

New console serving a wide range of live artists at 1200-plus-seat theatre

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce opened its doors in 1923 as the largest theatre on Florida’s East Coast. Sixty years later, the theatre closed its doors due to the decline of the downtown area and refusal to convert to multi-screen operation.

In 1988, the Main Street Fort Pierce Association was established and began its effort to save the historic theatre, and in 1997, the St. Lucie Preservation Association, Inc purchased it.

By 2006, the theatre had been completely renovated to its original splendor and is now owned and operated by the City of Fort Pierce. The 1,236-seat theatre hosts national Broadway touring companies, concerts and comedy acts, and ballet and opera companies with full orchestras.

This year, the Sunrise Theatre upgraded its house sound system to digital by installing a Yamaha CL5 console with Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D input/output boxes. Visiting engineers for Tony Bennett, Ziggy Marley, The Alan Parsons Project Live, and Hotel California have already gotten their hands on the theatre’s new console.

“John Wilkes, our executive director, announced in front an audience that we had two donors from our board of directors that wanted to donate money for a new FOH console,” states Eric Hatcher, front of house engineer. “I found out about that at the same time the audience did. It was very shocking and yet exciting at the same time. I was given the go ahead to research new boards within a specific budget and looked at a Yamaha PM5D, Avid Profile, Soundcraft Vi6, and several others.

“A visiting engineer told me about the CL Series, so I researched that as well. As I began to look into it, I immediately fell in love with the CL, and the rest is history. The demo I was given after the fact, was icing on the cake.”
Hatcher notes that he went on various online forums, and he and the theatre’s technical director, Marty Petlock, spoke with some of the engineers that were coming through to see if they were agreeable to use the CL even though his (Hatcher’s) decision had already been made that the CL console was what he wanted.

“It sounds absolutely wonderful,” he says. “I am an analog man but this was one of the few digital consoles out right now that really impressed me, especially with the updated VCMs and effects, iPad control, and, the Premium Rack.”
Hatcher adds that he is running Dante networking in redundant mode. “I’ve also hooked my computer up to the CL to use Nuendo Live—purely awesome. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thanks to our executives and donors.”

The theatre complex is also home to a 220-seat Black Box theatre, a state-of-the-art venue offering a variety of national, regional, local programming, completely outfitted with Yamaha products.

Sunrise Theatre

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Radial Appoints Stage Audio Works Dealer For African Region

Radia Engineering is pleased to announce the appointment of Stage Audio Works as their distributor for the African region.

Radia Engineering is pleased to announce the appointment of Stage Audio Works as their distributor for the African region.

Stage Audio Works, based in Southern Africa, is a leading supplier of cutting-edge live event audio and lighting technologies.

“Their philosophy of providing the highest quality products in their distribution lines up perfectly with Radial Engineering’s product brands; Radial Pro Audio, Tonebone guitar pedals and Primacoustic acoustic products,” explains Steve McKay, international sales manager for Radial. “Having well developed service, training and technical support departments further enhances the possibilities for the future.”

“We are excited to increase Radial’s presence across the African region,” adds Gustav Barnard, technical director for Stage Audio Works. “The quality of the construction and audio performance make Radial the perfect fit in our product portfolio of world-leading brands.”

Both companies see the synergy in cooperating and look forward to a long and healthy relationship.

Radial Engineering

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Martin Audio Delivers MLA Compact Training For Max Production In Hong Kong

Education on audio theory and system functions, plus software and venue design studies, and more

Hong Kong-based Max Production Ltd, one of the first adopters of Martin Audio MLA and MLA Compact line arrays in the Far East, recently underwent full technical training.

Following the recent purchase of an MLA Compact 24, both Martin Audio regional application support engineer Chris Pyne and technical training manager Martyn (Ferrit) Rowe went to Max Production headquarters in Sha Tin district to carry out the intensive 3-day training course afforded to all Martin Audio MLA network partners.

The course was conducted by Rowe and attended by 10 Max Production senior and junior staff members, as well as technicians and an interpreter from Budee, the MLA territorial distributor.

Pyne, who conducted the introduction and initiation course, explains, “The formal class room audio theory and system functions plus software and venue design studies take place over two days. The third day is dedicated to system rigging and safety, with system optimizations, listening tests and problem solving. We also do a sub bass array and system design class.”

He confirms that he will be returning in March to support Max Production with a concert at the Asia World Arena utilizing the company’s entire MLA and MLA Compact inventory. 

Pyne adds, “It was an enjoyable experience, with the Max management clearly pleased and excited by owning the first MLA system in Hong Kong. South-east Asia is proving a very strong growth area for both MLA and MLA Compact.”

Martin Audio

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NSCA Executive Director Authors Book To Benefit Education Foundation

"Under the Social Influence" focuses on specific influences that can impact a successful life and career

NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson has authored a book titled “Under the Social Influence,” which focuses on specific influences that can impact a successful life and career.

All book proceeds will benefit the NSCA Education Foundation, which helps further the education of systems integration professionals.

Wilson reflects on the past 30 years of owning and managing both corporate and non-profit companies, and discusses through humor and real-life stories the impact of cross-generational employees in the workplace.

This no-nonsense, tough-love playbook for those struggling to get ahead and those under the influence of negative social situations is written primarily for younger generations entering the workforce, and has also been identified as an excellent tool for managers, owners, and HR professionals to start honest conversations on workplace etiquette, professionalism and respect.

“’Under the Social Influence’ provides valuable insight for both the millennial generation who are struggling to make their mark on the world and business owners who are trying to understand and motivate them,” says Jay Myers, CEO, Interactive Solutions, Inc. “It also contains lots of great tips about using social media in the workplace that could make or break a career.”

“Under the Social Influence” is written to serve as a guide for mentorship in the workplace, a major reason why the proceeds of this book will benefit the NSCA Education Foundation. The book provides for discussion questions at the conclusion of each chapter, addressing anything from workplace attire to “tweets” to goals in life.

Chuck Wilson

The foundation is committed to the growth of the electronic systems industry by providing access to the best and latest education available including networking and mentoring.

“Workforce development through teaching skills and mentoring to imprint values and work ethic is critical to the future success of any business, while understanding the ‘rules of work’ is critical to an individual’s workplace success,” says Kerry Moyer, chairman, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA). “In addition, Chuck artfully points out how finding and practicing balance in our lives outside of work is critical to our happiness. This book offers a step-by-step guide, and the questions at the end of each chapter are spot-on for self evaluation.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited into our members companies to evaluate organizational issues where I witnessed so many of their younger employees struggling with work and life balance issues, situational awareness, financial woes, reputation management, workplace drama and of course the addiction to social media,” Wilson explains. “After hearing similar stories across different companies, I decided to put my thoughts in writing to share with all generations. Likewise, I’ve seen some very impressive examples of doing it right… we can learn a great deal from those stories as well.” 
“Under the Social Influence” is available for purchase at a variety of online retailers including Amazon (here) and Barnes & Noble (here).

Additionally, those interested in purchasing bulk orders can visit to receive additional discounts. 

Wilson is providing opportunities for presentations or workshops based on the book. Many systems integrators are currently using the book as a training tool for new hires. For more information on “Under the Social Influence” or to purchase the book, go to



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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FutureLight Entertainment Succeeds With Lectrosonics

Lectrosonics wireless microphone technology simplifies a myriad of production tasks

Be it live show concert sound, location sound recording for TV and film, special events such as the NY Film Festival, theatrical projects, etc., FutureLight Entertainment is a management, production, and creative design company specializing in delivering artistic and revolutionary content for all platforms of entertainment media.

With well-known projects such as ABC’s Ugly Betty and concert work for artists such as Pitbull and Carlos Santana to their credit, the ability to deliver the best possible audio quality is a given. That’s precisely why the FutureLight Entertainment team relies on Lectrosonics wireless microphone technology.

Stephanotis ‘Nōtis’ Fulivai is FutureLight Entertainment’s CEO, Head Creative and Field Producer. As an industry trained sound designer, engineer, and music programmer, Nōtis oversees all projects, events, and campaigns the company is involved with.

Over the years, he’s used a lot of Lectrosonics equipment, including the company’s LMa beltpack and WM watertight beltpack transmitters, UCR411a compact receivers, and SRB two-channel slot-mount diversity receivers.

“Lectrosonics’ wired sound quality harnessed in a mobile pack that gives me little or no RF frequency hits makes me call up their gear time and time again,” Nōtis reports. “I’ve used Lectrosonics equipment since 2007 when I was a FOH engineer at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.

“During my time there, I always requested products like Lectrosonics’ IS400 wireless beltpack instrument system or R400 diversity receivers in the Tech/Production rider for any event or high level production I was involved in that required a reliable wireless pack for a musician-heavy gig.”

“For me, just seeing the words ‘Lectrosonics’ written down on any tech or production rider makes my life easier from the get go,” Nōtis continued. “I just know I’m going to have a reliable piece of equipment that will work flawlessly and seamlessly in my production and work flow. Lectrosonics’ gear inspires confidence, which is great because it’s one less thing to worry about and, for me; this enables the work pace and energy to be focused on other issues.”

For a recent theatrical production, Nōtis and his crew augmented their LMa and WM transmitters with Lectrosonics’ HM172 earset and M152 lavaliere microphones.

“I’ve been really impressed with every Lectrosonics product I’ve encountered,” Nōtis says, “and at some point, I’m going to get my hands on the company’s HH Digital Hybrid handheld transmitter with the interchangeable capsules. I’ve been particularly impressed with the capabilities of that model.”

In addition to the pristine sound quality, drop-out free performance, and RF agility of Lectrosonics’ products, Nōtis is equally impressed with the equipment’s reliability, which has never had fail on him.

“Having Lectrosonics gear on any project—big or small—automatically brings a high level of production value to what we’re working on,” he said. “The company’s gear delivers instant credibility. I am really thankful for Lectrosonics and all that they do to make all of us in this industry deliver and create the best possible art and media we can.”


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Brooklyn Historical Society Leaps Forward With Ashly Amps

Recent installation of sound reinforcement system powered by Ashly amplifiers allows society to garner outside events to be held in their facility.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is dedicated to illuminating how the past has affected the present and how it will contribute to the course New Yorkers will chart in the future.

To that end, it is part library, part museum, and part venue for lectures, meetings, and other events. Designed by architect George B. Post and completed in 1881, the Brooklyn Historical Society’s four-story building is in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is an example of living history in its own right.

The society renovated the building a decade ago, and it continues to make improvements to ensure and enlarge its mission. Recently, it expanded the building’s event space to two hundred seats and overhauled its A/V system and that of an adjoining classroom and gallery space.

A pair of eight-channel Ashly ne8250 amplifiers forms the electrified heart of the new system and – by dint of power, fidelity, and reliability – prepare the Brooklyn Historical Society for a bright future at the center of the borough’s cultural scene.

“The Brooklyn Historical Society wanted a high-performing A/V system with a lot of flexibility and simple, foolproof operation,” said Peter Starr, owner and chief designer at the Starr Entertainment Group, the firm contracted to design and install the new system. “That’s the trend these days. Not only will the society use the space for its own artists, lecturers, and musicians, but it plans to rent the space for any conceivable event type. It’s therefore competing with hotels and other venues with event spaces.”

To succeed, the Brooklyn Historical Society must present its event space as a jack-of-all-trades – and a master at each.

“Because the building itself is so historic and architecturally stunning, we had to be very careful in our design so as not to damage or spoil the gorgeous columns, wood, and soffits,” said Starr. “That constrained us to placing the loudspeakers twenty-two feet in the air.

“Nevertheless, the society wanted the ability to provide small concert-volume sound reinforcement when needed. Their list of request was extensive, and we had to be ready for everything from a simple background music system for a gallery opening to a full-on rock show.

“In previous installations, the Ashly ne8250 amplifier has proven itself to be tremendously reliable and powerful. At 250Watts per channel, they have a lot of ‘oomph’ and stand up to scrutiny in demanding listening situations.”

The Starr Entertainment Group worked very closely with architect Thomas Ryan of Christoff:Finio Architecture and the Brooklyn Historical Society’s Associate Director, Janice Monger.

Inputs to the system include a Blu-Ray player, a DVD player, iPod docks, and XM Satellite Radio together with a bevy of sound reinforcement and wireless microphones. A sixteen-channel Soundcraft FX16 mixer on a rolling rack helps with live music events and the performing arts.

A Peavey Media Matrix NION N3 system handles all of the processing and routing.  At the heart of the video system is a Crestron Digital Media DM-MD8x8 video matrix processor, two video projectors, and various flat screens. Crestron DM input panels provide auto switching between HDMI and VGA/PC. 

Video signal transport is accomplished digitally via CAT6 cable. A Listen Technologies assisted listening system exceeds ADA requirements. The stage floor monitor system featuring four JBL wedge floor monitors, dbx EQs and a QSC RMX2400 amplifier provides crisp, clear sound to stage performers.

A second roll around rack with automated and manual mixers, and other facilities for tabletop conference style usage, allows setup of conference and lecture mics anywhere. The two eight-channel Ashly ne8250 amplifiers power fourteen JBL AC 1895 two-way loudspeakers and a pair of EAW UB82s. Four QSC RMX 2400 amplifiers power the four EAW SB180 subwoofers.


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Grammy Award-Winning Drummer Utilizes DPA Microphones For Drum Miking Demo

Grammy award-winning drummer Morgan Ågren uses DPA 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mics during seminar.

DPA Microphones played a vital role in helping nearly 100 studio engineers get to grips with the black art of miking a drum kit during a workshop seminar given by Grammy award-winning drummer Morgan Ågren, entitled Producers Seminar: Drums with Morgan Ågren.

Hosted by Sweden’s Studio Magazine, the seminar took place in Stockholm in conjunction with DPA Microphones and Avid/Pro Tools. Opus3 label founder and “Microphone Doctor” Jan-Eric Persson was also a guest speaker.

“The aim of this workshop was to show how to record and mix drums and percussion,” explains Ågren. “There was a strong focus on sound ideals, and I used examples from my own Pro Tools sessions, with and without software plugins, to demonstrate the points I was making. I also played some CDs that I have mixed and some that I simply find inspiring.”

Ågren used a DPA d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphone on his compact drum kit. To demonstrate transient response, he conducted a test with a similar microphone from another manufacturer and the audience reaction to the DPA d:vote was incredibly positive.

He also explained the advantages of having as few different types of microphones as possible so that the sound blended together better. His personal preference is for DPA microphones, which he likes to use for all of the instruments he is recording.

Ågren also discussed the importance of recording as cleanly as possible, and referred this back to his own experiences where he is often recording for people who are not 100 percent sure of the character they want for the final version of the track. He explained that it was important to leave that decision to the person who was going to mix the track so that they could decide on the sound they wanted.

To complete the seminar, Ågren gave a practical demonstration of drum kit miking using DPA 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphones.  Designed to offer a linear off-axis response in a smaller frequency bandwidth, DPA 2011 mics make stage separation and gain-to-feedback higher and microphone level easier to control.

“I always use DPA microphones because they sound better than any other mic I’ve tried,” says Ågren. “They even sound better on the snare, which is rare for a condenser mic. I now own 12 DPA microphones, and during this seminar I was happy to tell the audience why I like them so much.”

Born in Umeå, Sweden, Ågren has been a drummer since the age of four, and first performed live when he was seven. In conjunction with blind keyboardist Mats Öberg, he formed the Mats/Morgan Band in the mid-1990s and began releasing CDs on his own label, Ultimate Audio Entertainment. The band has subsequently toured in Europe, Asia and the U.S., where Ågren and Öberg’s superb playing ability has amazed progressive jazz/rock audiences.

As a drummer, Ågren has also played and recorded with many internationally acclaimed artists including Frank Zappa, Bill Laswell, Steve Vai and Mike Keneally. He was also voted number one in Modern Drummers’ reader’s poll in the Fusion category and is widely admired by professional drummers on both side of the Atlantic.

DPA Microphones

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Michel Sardou Takes Meyer Sound LEO An Arena Tour

Sardou is the latest artist to tour with the new Meyer Sound LEO large-scale sound reinforcement system as he brings his spectacle to France and Belgium.

With 320 million records sold since launching his career almost 50 years ago, French singer Michel Sardou shows no signs of slowing down. Frequently filling concert halls and arenas, Sardou is the latest artist to tour with the new Meyer Sound LEO large-scale sound reinforcement system as he brings his spectacle to France and Belgium.

With the goal to give fans of Sardou the best sound quality, FOH engineer Jean-Marc Hauser and long-time Sardou supplier DUSHOW set their sights on a LEO system following an impressive demo.

“LEO delivers a bigger sound even at low levels,” says Hauser. “Enormous and precise low/mids and amazing vocals which are loud and clear are just a few of its characteristics. Coverage is consistent and my shows are benefiting from a great stereo image with every detail well represented.”

Engineered specifically for long-throw applications, each LEO system consists of the LEO-M line array loudspeaker, 1100-LFC low-frequency control element, and Galileo® Callisto™ loudspeaker management system. For the Sardou tour, DUSHOW is carrying 24 LEO-M loudspeakers, 12 1100-LFC elements, eight MICA® and six MINA® line array loudspeakers, 12 MSL-4 loudspeakers, two HD-1 audio monitors, and one USW-1P subwoofer. Signal processing is handled by four Galileo Callisto systems and two Galileo 616 AES processors.

“Collectively, the LEO package constitutes ‘a masterpiece,’” says DUSHOW’s general technical manager, Marc de Fouquières, “LEO really is the next generation touring system.”

Hauser adds: “I’m delighted to say that we have received many, many compliments during the Sardou tour,” he reports. “It is the most amazing PA that I have ever tried to tame.”

Meyer Sound

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QSC Presenting Charity Golf Tournament To Benefit Sandy Hook School Support Fund

Corporate sponsors and individuals invited to sign on

In the wake of the tragic elementary school shootings this past December, QSC Audio will present a golf tournament on May 4, 2013 at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club in Tustin, CA to benefit the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

There are a variety of ways for both companies and individuals to partner with QSC to benefit this worthwhile cause, from corporate sponsorships, banner displays, gift bags, foursomes, contest sponsorships, meal sponsorships, and individual golfer registration and lunch tickets.

“We welcome golf enthusiasts from across the industry in aiding this very worthwhile cause,” states Joe Pham, QSC president and CEO. “Now is the time for those that can to lend their support, whether as sponsor, player, or simply by offering a charitable donation. We are very grateful for participation at any level.”

The event will begin at 7 a.m. with onsite registration, and highlights of the day will include a helicopter ball drop, an awards ceremony for the top golf foursomes, breakfast and lunch buffets, prize drawings, and several contests including a closest-to-the-pin contest, hole-in-one contest, and longest drive contest.

Go here for more information on sponsorship opportunities or to sign-up for the golf event. 

Registration and sponsorship deadline is April 15, 2013.

QSC Audio

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Miami University Graduates To L-Acoustics

Loud & Clear installs L-Acoustics KARA system at Millett Hall

John D. Millett Hall on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is best recognized as home to the school’s popular RedHawks basketball and volleyball teams.

The 9,200-capacity venue is also well known as the site for the school’s commencement exercises, as well as concerts and other events from a list of guests as varied as Yo-Yo Ma, Beck, Bill Cosby, The Fray, O.A.R., Béla Fleck, Jay Leno and the Dalai Lama.

With the facility’s aging distributed PA system struggling to even accommodate announcements at sporting events, the school hired Cincinnati-based L-Acoustics Certified Provider Loud & Clear, Inc. to supply a sound reinforcement system each time it hosted a concert. Now, Loud & Clear has turned a satisfied rental client into an even happier fixed install client with the recent installation of an L-Acoustics KARA system.

Used for concerts and games alike, the new sound system is comprised of left and right 12-enclosure KARA arrays flown on the north end of the court. Ground-stacked below each array is a stack of four SB28 subs arranged in a cardioid configuration. Six LA8 amplified controllers housed in custom racks power and process the entire system.

“The KARA system in Millett Hall is being used for everything from sporting events and concerts to lectures and graduation ceremonies,” says Eric Cimini, installation manager at Loud & Clear. “One of the biggest things the client requested going into this project was that the coverage be extremely consistent throughout the entire venue.

“They wanted everyone to hear exactly the same thing – from the cheerleaders right below the PA to the athletes on the court to the final row of seats at the other end of the arena. Looking at these little 12-box arrays, one might not expect them to cover the space as well as they do, but KARA totally delivers.”

“With our new L-Acoustics system, we went from hearing multiple complaints about the sound at every event to hearing multiple compliments,” enthuses Brad Clark, facility director for Miami University’s Millet Hall and Hall Auditorium. “Everyone has been absolutely thrilled with it; I’ve not heard a single complaint since it was installed.”

“I’m really impressed with its coverage and range; the low end sounds so much better and really suits the University crowds,” he adds. “Plus, the L-Acoustics name is one that appears on every touring rider. In the past, we would typically contract out 10 to 15 events a year, whereas we’ll be able to do all of those in-house now, which is great.”

Although the KARA will spend most of its life flown in Millett Hall, the system was designed to be portable in the event that the school wishes to use all or part of it at the Department of Music’s 735-seat Hall Auditorium or for an outdoor concert. Motorized hoists permit the arrays to easily be lowered and removed, while additional hardware allows the cabinets to be stacked or flown elsewhere on campus when needed for smaller events.




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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Transform Your Mind: Download Free White Paper On Transformers In Audio

Key principles of transformers and how they shape the scope of pro audio equipment and systems

A new white paper, “An Introduction to Transformers in Audio Devices,” is now available for free download here on PSW. (Download it here.)

Presented by Lundahl, a world leader in the design and production of transformers, the white paper provides a deeper understanding of the history and principles of transformers, an unsung hero of modern audio components and systems.

Author Ken DeLoria, senior technical editor of ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International (and founder of Apogee Sound), also details the key operating principles of transformers and how they shape the scope of professional audio equipment, including mic preamps, DI boxes and many more.

Note that this is just the first of several free white papers on transformers and related audio topics. New installments will be posted here on PSW and available for download on a regular basis.

Again, download your free copy of the white paper here.


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Landmark Warner Theater In D.C. Outfitted With Outline Butterfly Line Arrays

New arrays implemented to better serve diverse range of live entertainment

The historic Warner Theater in Washington, D.C., was recently outfitted with new Butterfly line arrays from Outline.

Located two blocks from the White House, the theater has a rich legacy dating back to its origins in 1923 — first with Vaudeville and later as a cinema theater during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Restored in 1992, the Warner Theater took on yet another incarnation and became an esteemed live performance venue. The new sound system commensurate quality needed to support the venue’s expanded entertainment roster.

“The sonic performance is stellar, and the narrow profile of the arrays minimizes impact on both lines of sight and frontal lighting needed for theatrical purposes,” says Ishai Ratz, house sound engineer at Warner Theater. “The Outline Butterfly delivers all the performance we need, and then some, but does not overpower the theater visually. That was an important consideration when it came to choosing the right PA for this venue.”

Two left/right hanging arrays of 14 Butterfly modules, along with two CDL1815 cardioid subwoofers, comprise the front of house loudspeaker set. It is complemented by eight arc-delayed Outline LAB15SP self-powered subwoofers mounted beneath the stage that deliver uniform and coherent low frequency coverage.

Six Outline self-powered steerable MiniCOMP.A.S.S. loudspeakers, with proprietary variable horizontal control, serve front and stage lip fill needs.

Tom Bensen, senior vice president and managing director of Outline North America was on hand to commission the system in mid-January of this year.

“At the onset of celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2013, I am pleased to have such an important and respected institution as the Warner Theater join the Outline family,” says Bensen. “As a venue managed by industry leader Live Nation, the quality and caliber of performers that will come through this acclaimed theater will provide the ideal, mutually advantageous platform whereby the artist, the venue, and Outline will each benefit greatly from the experience.”

Warner Theater

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Soundcraft Taking “Mixing with Professionals” Tour To NAB 2013 In Las Vegas

Two free sessions will provide trainingon Soundcraft Vi Series consoles

Soundcraft is presenting its popular “Mixing with Professionals” (MwP) series at the upcoming NAB 2013 Show in Las Vegas.

Hosting the sessions will be Ken Newman, front of house engineer for Barry Manilow and owner of Newman Audio. He has also mixed live sound for Chris Isaak, Anita Baker, Stevie Nicks, Liza Minnelli, Paul Anka and other top performers.

Newman will provide formal training on the Soundcraft Vi Series consoles while discussing his experiences working with Soundcraft equipment. Participants will be given a USB stick so they can save their settings and take them on the road for their next gig, or continue working on their settings using the Soundcraft Virtual Vi offline editor, which is available free on the Soundcraft website.

“The MwP session in Las Vegas is the perfect opportunity for veteran engineers, beginners and interested NAB attendees to get hands-on experience with Soundcraft consoles while learning from Ken Newman, one of the most accomplished FOH engineers in the industry,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes of Soundcraft Studer. “Anyone interested is encouraged to attend!”

The MwP sessions will be held on April 10 at the ARIA Hotel on 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevada. Two time slots will be available: 9 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm.

The course is free to attend but registration is required and space is limited. Details are available at (click on US Events) and participants can register via e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Harman Professional

Posted by Keith Clark on 03/12 at 10:19 AM
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Morris Light & Sound Takes Delivery Of First NEXO STM System In North America

Early adopter of NEXO loudspeakers taking delivery of 200-plus boxes

An early adopter of NEXO loudspeaker systems, Nashville-based Morris Light & Sound is the first production company in North America to take delivery of new NEXO STM line arrays. The announcement was made by Yamaha Commercial Audio (YCAS).

The 200-plus-box order includes 68 STM M46, 80 STM B112 bass, 48 STM S118 subs, and 22 NUAR racks, as well as 12 PS10R2 loudspeakers, 18 RS18 Ray Subs, and 16 GEO S12 loudspeakers.

Two Yamaha DME64N digital mix engines have also been purchased to run 16 channels of Lake Mesa EQ for zone control when required. The company also owns 24 NEXO 45-N12 line monitors.

Morris Light and Sound is a full service production and integration company with more than 25 years experience in the entertainment industry, providing professional audio, video, and lighting services for live events, tours and the fixed installation marketplace throughout North America.

“We’re extremely pleased to be collaborating with Morris Light & Sound on the new STM system and excited to introduce them as our first NEXO STM associate in North America,” states Paul Furtkamp, national sales manager, YCAS. “Involved with STM since its early stages, Morris L & S has provided very valuable input to NEXO on its development.

“Both NEXO and YCAS are very proud to be aligned with a company like Morris Light & Sound that truly define what it means to be on the cutting edge of a new technology like NEXO STM. We look forward to a very long and productive relationship between our two companies.”

NEXO STM Series (Scale Through Modularity) loudspeaker cabinets combine the best of Alpha functionality with NEXO’s patented Hyperbolic Reflector and venting design in which all radiating surfaces are in phase.

STM enables line arrays to scale up or down depending on event audience size, from 1,000 to 100,000 people. An STM system can be configured from three discrete loudspeaker elements: M46 main, B112 bass, S118 sub-bass modules, with plans to release addition STM components in the near future. System configurations can comprise arrays of main cabinets only, main plus bass, or bass plus main plus bass.

In addition, STM is the first vertical array system to offer scalable LF. 

Deploying the dedicated subbass cabinets, either in the arrays or as ground-stacks, further increases the system’s options. “Omni” fill loudspeakers complete the coverage pattern, whatever the scale of the system.

STM also incorporates a “one person” rigging system. PistonRig allows pre-setting of inter-cabinet angle values, while REDLock handles lock front rigging points from the rear of cabinet. All adjustments made from one position at rear of cluster.

“From our first trip to NEXO headquarters over a year ago, we immediately embraced the concept of STM,” explains David Haskell, president, Morris Light & Sound. “The ability to scale the system for audiences from 1,000 to 100,000 got our attention. And, after working closely with the NEXO team, I can proudly say they have delivered the most flexible and best sounding system I have heard in many years.

“We’re proud to be a developmental partner with NEXO and YCAS in bringing this wonderful new product to the market and look forward to a lasting relationship.”

Morris Light & Sound
NEXO/Yamaha Commercial Audio

Posted by Keith Clark on 03/12 at 09:41 AM
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