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Portable QSC KLA LIne Array Solution For Shore Church, New Zealand

Community Church Chooses QSC KLA & K Series For Versatility & Portability

Every Sunday the Shore Community Church sets up and packs down their own audio equipment before and after each service in the Albany Junior High School’s sports hall.

In the past they had used an ageing, very large and heavy audio system. The challenge assigned to local installer Halogen Audio was to find a system that met the church’s high audio expectations while also meeting their requirements for portability and ease of set up.

After trying our various options they determined that the QSC KLA Active Line Array System, consisting of four KLA12 elements and two KW181 subwoofers, was the ideal solution.

The church required an audio system that was suitable for both speech and the church band. It needed to provide high quality, even sound coverage across the large hall space, and the allowance to grow with the church into a larger venue.

The KLA speakers are very versatile in terms of mounting options, so they can easily be used as part of an installed system when the church moves into a permanent venue.

The QSC system also won favours from the congregation for the ease with which it could be set up and packed away each Sunday — with its simple lift, click and play approach, the fixed arcuate, active line array system can be deployed in a fraction of the time required by comparable line array products.
The Shore Community Church was so happy with the KLA system that they decided to add a full QSC K Series monitor system to their order with Halogen Audio, consisting of four K12 Active Loudspeakers and a K8 dedicated to monitoring a drum kit. The 1000W amplification and six-year warranty on the K Series, in particular, helped to swing the deal.

Dave Simpson, leader of the Shore Community Church, explains: “The level of support we received from Halogen Audio, coupled with the high quality and suitability of the QSC equipment for our application, meant we were very comfortable placing an order for the equipment.”


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Digital Projection Helps Revolution Church Create Inspiring Home For Growing Congregation

The main sanctuary contains 750 seats, and features a stage and large Da-lite screen that is illuminated by Digital Projection International (DPI)’s 8,000 lumen E-Vision 1080p 8000 projector.

Revolution Church had a dream: to create a permanent home for a rapidly expanding fellowship that would, step by step, adapt to most effectively spread the gospel.

However, the founding members were concerned that moving directly into a massive space might compromise the intimacy and focus that had been built over years of worship in small, improvised locations.

With this in mind, the church created and implemented a staged growth plan that delivers immediate impact through an immersive yet budget-conscious audio and video experience. Additionally, Revolution Church can expand their current capabilities to serve future members without losing their cherished community feel.

As the decision to design and inhabit a permanent worship location was a massive leap of faith, Revolution Church relied on the renowned insight of both Cornerstone Media and New Ground consulting groups.

Once the key audio and video components were tentatively specified, key team members from the church attended WFX, the annual worship facilities expo, to see live product demonstrations and meet some of the manufacturers. Chad Elliot, executive pastor for Revolution Church, mentioned “how impressed we all were with Digital Projection International’s relationship-oriented approach,” at that particular meeting.

After WFX, final decisions were made on the preferred AV components including a Digital Projection International projector.

Currently, the main sanctuary contains 750 seats, and features a stage and large Da-lite screen that is illuminated by Digital Projection International (DPI)’s 8,000 lumen E-Vision 1080p 8000 projector.

“The main sanctuary is quite wide, and we wanted to bring the congregation’s attention to a central location,” Elliot explains. “Thus the single large impact screen above the stage.” With overall project cost being a major factor, the E-Vision 8000 fulfilled both the budget and performance requirements.

Chad Elliot, executive pastor for Revolution Church, during a recent service utilizing the new Digital Projection International projector. (click to enlarge)

“When it’s time to activate their next stage of expansion, Revolution will finish a balcony that will add 400 seats to the venue. At that time, a larger central screen will serve as a beacon above the stage, while flanking screens on the left and right will serve those in the balcony.

Brian Damerow, media director for Revolution Church, commented, “In our temporary space we used lower-end projectors with limited brightness and impact. We knew what sort of experience we wanted to deliver on Sundays, but had few options until we moved.”

Today, the church uses a BlackMagic switcher to route live video, custom-created messaging, congregation announcements and thematically-geared imagery throughout the facility. So that every attendee has an unhindered sight line, the E-Vision 1080p 8000 delivers virtually latency-free IMAG to the central screen above the stage.

After only three weeks in the new space, Revolution Church is already seeing a huge return on their expansion.

“Previously,” said Elliot, “we would serve less than 1,100 members on a given Sunday. Now, there’s a huge buzz in the community regarding what we’re doing, and it’s led to a surge in membership.” In fact, the new space has hosted over 1,700 people every Sunday for the last three weeks. To ensure that everyone who wants to attend will have ample opportunity, the church is moving from two Sunday services to three as of their grand opening on March 3, 2013.

With so much at stake in this ambitious step forward, Revolution Church was careful to select only manufacturer partners that seemed to take their project to heart.

“We instantly felt understood by the DPI team, and the personal connection put us at ease,” remarked Damerow. “True to form, we had to switch a lens on the E-Vision at the time of installation, and we had the new lens almost immediately. DPI’s attention to such a small detail proved to us that they care about our project as much as we do.”

Digital Projection International


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L-Acoustics Names Emma Beer Communications Manager

Emma Beer has been appointed to the newly created position of communications manager for L-Acoustics, headquartered in France.

Emma Beer has been appointed to the newly created position of communications manager for L-Acoustics headquarters in France.

Tasked with overseeing L-Acoustics’ press and media-related activities, Beer has developed a communications career in both the private and public sectors, previously focusing on digital technologies and publishing for the higher education sector, as well as green growth and private sector development at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In her new role as communications manager at L-Acoustics in Marcoussis, France, Beer will be responsible for strategic communications – developing media relations, external communications, and launching a new social media strategy for 2013.

“The creation of a dedicated communications post is a direct response to the continuing growth of L-Acoustics and our wish to increase our capacity to serve the media in the sector,” says Stéphane Ecalle, director of marketing. “Emma is a pleasure to work with and has already begun contributing to a fresh look at our communications strategy.”

Beer adds, “It’s a pleasure to be working for an international, high growth audio company headquartered in France. A key aspect of this role will be interacting with users, systems owners, and the market in general through social networks, which I very much look forward to.”


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PSAV Maximizes Debuts Interactive Video Wall

PSAV Presentation Services unveils an innovative audiovisual technology that enables meeting goers to simultaneously interact with a variety of services, from viewing maps and wayfinding to accessing presentations, playing games and more.

PSAV Presentation Services is now offering a new communication platform for meeting professionals that uses next-generation interactive digital signage to deliver information and entertainment to event attendees. The PSAV Interactive Video Wall enables planners to present their message in a digital format that is branded to their unique themes and provides sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

The PSAV Interactive Video Wall made its debut in January at the Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders 2013 annual conference and is on display at Exhibitor 2013, the world conference and exhibition for tradeshow and corporate event marketers, at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

“PSAV is thrilled to be the exclusive provider of this in-demand, seamless, glass-touch technology to the U.S. hospitality industry,” said Anne Bailey, PSAV manager of account development. “When we debuted the Interactive Video Wall at PCMA, it was met with rave reviews.

“More than a dozen association managers said it is a ‘must-have’ for their events later this year. Not only does the high-definition display grab attention, but it compels people to get up-close and personal with show messaging. It’s a dynamic presentation tool that also provides a heightened level of entertainment and gives multiple users simultaneous access to the information that is relevant, thus making the meeting even more engaging and memorable.

“It’s iPad-style familiarity but in a much larger format.

“We anticipate even more excitement and interest in the Interactive Video Wall when we participate in Exhibitor 2013 next week in Las Vegas,” she said. “It’s a cool tool guaranteed to be in demand for a long time.”

The PSAV Interactive Video Wall is available in two standard sizes, each using 46-inch square screens configured in either a two-by-two or three-by-three display. With 32 touchpoints on the entire surface, meeting goers can view maps, presentations, games and more.

Each of the 46-inch TouchLED panels feature backlighting to provide outstanding energy efficiency. On average, this display technology uses 30 percent less energy when compared with LCD or plasma technology. The state-of-the-art look and feel enhances visual impact, and the thin glass bezel front makes for a seamless wall appearance.

A recent White Paper developed by PSAV and BrainStrength Systems and titled Audiovisual Technologies and Adult Learning in Meetings, details how a sensory-rich environment engages the brain, facilitates learning, enlivens the senses, and contributes greatly to an enhanced meeting experience.

“This Interactive Video Wall is yet another tool in the PSAV arsenal that enhances learning and improves the entire meeting experience,” Bailey said. “Planners who are looking to maximize learning and convey their messaging in a memorable way should consider featuring this interactive technology at their next event. As the newest audiovisual offering in the PSAV portfolio, the Interactive Video Wall is a great way to establish differentiation for your event and keep your audience engaged.”

PSAV Presentation Services

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IK Multimedia Ships First Android App: iRig Recorder Available On Google Play

iRig Recorder for Android is a free app and provides Android phone and tablet users with recording, multiple effects, and sharing features.

IK Multimedia is proud to announce that its first Android app, iRig Recorder, is now available on the Google Play Store.

iRig Recorder is a powerful audio-recording app that turns any mobile Android device into a professional field recorder, and makes it easy to capture interviews, music performances, rehearsals, lectures, and more, with outstanding quality, anywhere.

iRig Recorder for Android is a free app and provides Android phone and tablet users with recording, multiple effects, and sharing features. It’s a powerful yet simple audio-capture app that can be expanded via in-app purchase to include waveform editing and additional effects processing.

iRig Recorder works with the built-in microphone on the device, and for high-quality results, IK offers the widest range of external miking options compatible with Android smartphones and tablets:

iRRecorder-Android Devices iRig MIC is a quality handheld mic designed for both close- and distance-recording applications, and is ideal for field journalists, singers, songwriters or live musicians.

-    iRig MIC Cast is an ultra-compact, high-quality mic that attaches to the mobile device, and was developed for podcasting and educational applications.
-    iRig PRE is a mobile high-quality mic preamp that allows for the use of professional XLR microphones with Android devices, and which can be used by live musicians, audio engineers and the most demanding audiophiles.

iRig Recorder’s powerful but easy-to-use audio-recording function starts recording immediately when the app is launched, making it the perfect “on the spot” field recorder. The app automatically groups recordings by date, tags them with geographic location information (if your device’s location services are enabled) and saves the original file as a backup.

Recording time is limited only by the available memory on the device. iRig Recorder can be used with the built-in device microphone, or with IK’s microphones and mic accessories — all designed for capturing broadcast quality audio on the go.

Recording is only a part of the story with iRig Recorder. The available in-app purchase also provides a precise waveform editor, which allows for selecting, looping, cutting and cropping of the audio content. Automatic onboard audio-processing options can optimize recording levels and tone, remove background noise, and increase the overall audio quality so that anybody can produce professional quality audio on the go.

The app can also speed up or slow down a recording without changing the timbre, and, with its onboard pro-sounding processing and editing features, it’s possible to produce podcasts or other types of audio productions, all without leaving the app.

Finished recordings can be easily shared by e-mail and FTP, over Bluetooth, through USB cables, to SD internal memory, or via apps installed on the device. Files can be exported as CD-quality WAV files, or as compressed .ogg files that range from 64 to 192 kbps.

iRig Recorder for Android is available now on the Google Play Store for FREE. Editing, and additional effects processing can be added via in-app purchase for only $4.99/€4.49.

IK Multimedia

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Soundcraft Launches Si Expression Store Tour 2013

“Si Expression Store Tour 2013” will bring its 73-foot demo truck to Guitar Center stores nationwide to demonstrate the new Soundcraft Si Expression digital consoles.

Soundcraft today announced the launch of its “Si Expression Store Tour 2013,” which will bring its 73-foot demo truck to Guitar Center stores nationwide to demonstrate the new Soundcraft Si Expression digital consoles.

The Si Expression models feature the company’s newest DSP, component technologies and manufacturing techniques to create Soundcraft’s most powerful cost-effective digital console series ever.

The demo truck is equipped with Soundcraft Si Expression consoles and also has a complete Studer studio setup built around the flagship Vista 9 console. Attendees will be able to enjoy hands-on demos and training and get plenty of mixing time on the Si Expression consoles.

The tour kicks off on April 14 at Guitar Center Hollywood and will make 24 more stops at Guitar Center locations nationwide before ending in Oklahoma City on May 18. The events are free and open to everyone and will include giveaways.

“The Si Expression Store Tour 2013 offers a rare opportunity for consumers and professionals to get up close and personal with these fantastic consoles and get tips and tricks from Soundcraft factory experts,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes of Soundcraft Studer.

The three Soundcraft Si Expression digital live sound consoles are identical in their feature sets and provide 66 inputs to mix—they differ only in their number of faders and local mic amps—from the highly portable 19-inch rack mountable Si Expression 1 to the Si Expression 3 with 30+2 faders and 32 mic/line inputs. All models offer a wealth of features including highly configurable routing and connectivity options.

For more information and to keep up to date with the tour. please visit


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Extron Announces New 3G-SDI Card For Quantum Series Videowall Processors

The new 3G-SDI input card features Extron scaling technology, motion adaptive deinterlacing, and film mode cadence detection to ensure high quality image presentation on videowall displays.

Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce a new, two input 3G-SDI Card for the Quantum Elite videowall processing system that accepts SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI signals.

The new 3G-SDI input card features Extron scaling technology, motion adaptive deinterlacing, and film mode cadence detection to ensure high quality image presentation on videowall displays.

Automatic source format detection captures 480i and 576i SDI sources, HD-SDI sources up to 1080i/60 Hz, and 3G-SDI sources up to 1080p/60 Hz, complying with SMPTE 259M, 292M, and 424M digital video standards. SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI input support is also available for the Quantum Connect videowall processing system.

“Many videowall installations incorporate SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI signals from sources such as cameras and production equipment,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “Quantum’s 3G-SDI input card supports direct connections for these signals, eliminating the need for external conversion to DVI or other signal formats.”

Extron Quantum Series videowall processing systems deliver reliable multi-image presentations for demanding, mission-critical environments. They feature high performance graphics and video processing, and a dedicated high-speed video bus that maintains real-time performance under heavy input loads.

Quantum Series processors can simultaneously display hundreds of windows of high quality graphics and video, making them ideal for medium to large videowall systems in environments including public spaces, corporate buildings, surveillance, visualization, and command and control.

Extron Electronics

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Symetrix Jupiter 8 App Based Turn-Key DSP Joins Jacksonville Jaguars

Under the direction of Neil Cooper, senior project manager for Florida Sound Engineering, they designed and installed the Jaguar’s new A/V system, which relies on a dependable and cost effective Symetrix Jupiter 8 app based turn-key DSP for critical signal conditioning and routing.

When the new owner of the National Football League’s Jacksonville Jaguars sought to boost team morale and solidify team camaraderie, he focused on renovating the locker room – the place where the team members gear up, hang out, and let off steam.

It’s a sign of the times that perhaps the most critical and appreciated improvement came in the form of a brand new, high-impact audio-visual system.

Under the direction of Neil Cooper, senior project manager for Florida Sound Engineering, they designed and installed the Jaguar’s new A/V system, which relies on a dependable and cost effective Syme Jupiter 8 app based turn-key DSP for critical signal conditioning and routing.

“The team came to us with a simple request,” Cooper explained. “They wanted a rockin’ sound system with plenty of screens to go with it. They really wanted to give the players a place to associate with… a place to retreat to and enjoy.

“Because we pride ourselves on building long-lasting systems, I place a premium on reliability and quality. When I looked at my options for processing, the Symetrix Jupiter 8 DSP was an obvious choice.

“It’s powerful and easy to set up, and nothing else comes close to matching its feature set for the price. And since I’ve already used a number of Jupiters on other jobs, I know they’re reliably solid. I never have to go back.”

In addition to the locker room, the new system covers all of the more extensive facilities that go with it, including the showers, the drying area, the restaurant, the cool- and hot-tanks, the therapy room, the equipment room, the manager’s area, and more.

All thirty-three of the inputs, only two of which are audio-only, are fully matrixed such that any input can be selected in any zone. Apart from the locker room itself, which uses a DBX Drive Rack processor, the rest of the system relies on the Symetrix Jupiter 8 DSP, which takes its inputs from a Crestron control and matrixing system. Its eight outputs feed separate zones. QSC amplifiers, loudspeakers, and subwoofers fill the audio portion of the new system.

“Despite the complexity of the Jaguar’s new A/V system, programming the Symetrix Jupiter 8 DSP was super easy,” said Cooper. “I used the Sound Reinforcement #6 App, which gave me great sounding equalization and dynamics. I know that there are other manufacturers who make 8 x 8 processors of good quality, but the price isn’t there.

“The Symetrix Jupiter DSP delivers the quality, flexibility, reliability, and affordability that makes my clients smile.”

The Jaguar’s new video system is comprised of two 80-inch, five 52-inch, four 46-inch, and seven 42-inch full-HD Sharp flat screens. Inputs include ten Comcast TV sources, a Blu-ray player, Apple TV, and two wall plate inputs.

The Crestron DM system scales everything appropriately such that the full screen is filled for any input/output combination. A 15-inch Crestron interface in the equipment manager’s area provides total system control, and a smaller nine-inch Crestron interface in the locker room allows selection of presets, such as “pre-game,” “half-time,” and “post-game.”


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Bethlehem Baptist Church Enhanced By Tannoy And Lab.gruppen Technology

Mark Pearson of CCI Solutions specified two Tannoy VQ 60s, placed in an exploded mono cluster roughly 15 feet apart, flanked by one VQ 40 per side, and a VS 218DR sub – flown between the VQ 60s – for LF support.

In any house of worship, clarity is key. “Proclaiming the Word of God, in speech and in song, must be clearly understood by everyone,” says Timothy Frederick, Bethlehem’s Director for Media Ministries.

Bethlehem Baptist Church, which celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2011, is a multi-campus church based in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. But since its Minneapolis campus’ current sanctuary opened in 1991, the church’s style of worship has changed dramatically.

“Because of the multi-ethnic expressions of our congregation and our focus on blended worship,” Frederick explains, “the breadth of music ranges from choir and orchestra, to contemporary and ethnic worship ensembles.”

To speak to those needs, Mark Pearson of CCI Solutions specified two Tannoy VQ 60s, placed in an exploded mono cluster roughly 15 feet apart, flanked by one VQ 40 per side, and a VS 218DR sub – flown between the VQ 60s – for LF support. “We needed 210 degrees of coverage because of the shape of the room, but it’s also very shallow on the sides, so we had to have a box that was very directional to fill in those areas and the VQ 40MHs were great for that.”

The choice of Tannoy was driven by the company’s reputation for clear, articulate reinforcement of both speech and music.

“I used a pair of Tannoy studio monitors on another job years ago and loved how articulate they were,” Pearson says. “Basically, for Bethlehem, I wanted a bigger version of that.”

The church’s pre-existing system didn’t provide anything close to that. 

“Many elements were showing their age, but Bethlehem still didn’t need a concert, line array system,” explains Pearson.

They also had an existing under balcony system comprised of Tannoy V8s, which, Pearson says, “was another reason we leaned toward Tannoy; because we knew they would match those existing speakers.”

In addition, six Tannoy VX 12Qs were deployed to cover the balconies themselves.

“The sanctuary seats over 900 people, has balconies on three sides and a 70-foot peaked ceiling. It’s beautiful, but quite live,” Frederick puts in, “and we felt that a Tannoy system like CCI Solutions recommended was the best choice.”

“Pairing Tannoy with Lab.gruppen amplifiers was a beautiful thing,” he adds, citing the monitoring and control provided by Lab.gruppen’s NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge and Network Controller, the overall headroom available and the Contractor Series’ efficient power usage.

In total, one Lab C 10:4X was used to drive the under balcony speakers, one C 16:4 for the VQ 60 mid/high drivers and two C 28:4s for the over-balcony speakers and two Lab C 88:4s for the VQ60 low drivers and the subwoofer.

“We can push it as hard as we want without worry. A few weeks after the install, we hosted a concert by Christian artist, Andrew Peterson. He came in with a full band and the sound was fabulous. We walked out of the concert thinking ‘that’s exactly what we wanted; clear, robust, concert quality sound. We’re thrilled!”

Installed in August 2012, the system allows Bethlehem to retain a traditional atmosphere, while providing their multi-ethnic, cross-generational congregation with rock solid sound that will enhance their ability to express their faith in myriad different ways, long term.

Based in Olympia, WA, CCI Solutions offers acoustic, audio, video and lighting consulting and installation services for churches, public facilities and a variety of other applications. In his 15 years at CCI, Mark Pearson has consulted on projects ranging from small houses of worship to mega churches and major sporting venues like Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners.


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Digital Projection’s New HIGHlite 330-3D Reveals Benchmark In Precise 3-chip DLP Performance

Digital Projection International (DPI) announces the immediate availability of their powerful, value-driven HIGHlite Cine 330-3D projectors.

Digital Projection International (DPI) announces the immediate availability of their powerful, value-driven HIGHlite Cine 330-3D projectors.

Delivering up to 5,500 lumens of brilliant imagery, the new 3-chip DLP enabled HIGHlite Cine 330-3D models present a compelling projection solution for immersive 3D applications with screens up to 14-feet wide, as well as 2D applications for screens 20-feet and beyond.

Two new models are available: the high brightness HIGHlite Cine 330-3D delivering 5,500 lumens, and the high contrast HIGHlite Cine 330-3D-HC delivering 3,000 lumens and greater than 20,000:1 contrast. With MSRP’s starting at $24,995, the new HIGHlite Cine 330-3D projectors can be configured with fixed or zoom lens options, allowing for expanded installation flexibility.

In addition to brilliant and saturated color, dynamic contrast and crisp resolution, brightness is an essential characteristic when selecting a projector for any commercial venue. Delivering up to 5,500 lumens, the new HIGHlite Cine 330-3D models provide more than enough brightness to thrive in large screen corporate, education and screening rooms with limited ambient light.

Additionally, the rugged and high performance HIGHlite Cine 330-3D can bring projection to commercial venues that regularly contend with higher levels of ambient light. Featuring 3-chip DLP imagery, 1080p resolution, broad source connectivity and a compact and quiet chassis, the new HIGHlite Cine 330-3D serves as an optimum solution for commercial applications needing exceptionally bright and accurate 2D and 3D imagery.

Previously, large-format immersive 3D was achieved exclusively through DPI’s 3-chip TITAN and LIGHTNING series displays. Serving as a compliment to these existing 3D products, the HIGHlite Cine 330-3D models introduce native 1080p 3-chip displays to commercial applications for a fraction of the cost.

Commercial AV integrators and end-users can now experience flicker-free 3D at a full 120 frames per second while benefiting from the exceptional value of the HIGHlite Cine 3D. Combined with nearly thirty single-chip and 3-chip 3D capable displays already in Digital Projection’s product line, the new HIGHlite Cine 330-3D models extend DPI’s legacy of large screen 3D projection dominance.

Installation flexibility is unmatched due to the HIGHlite Cine 330-3D’s compact chassis design and extraordinary lens shift range of 120% vertical and 30% horizontal. Multiple lens options provide further flexibility, with .77 and 1.16:1 fixed lenses plus zoom lenses with throw ratios ranging from 1.45 – 6.76:1. HIGHlite Cine 330-3D connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite and S-Video inputs. Augmenting these benefits are the overall efficiency and long-life of the lamp system, enabling this new platform to produce beautiful 2D and 3D imagery at the lowest cost of ownership, while also consuming very low power and producing very little heat.

To find the perfect projector/lens combination for your specific venue, visit DPI’s Projector Assistant.

Digital Projection

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Pink Floyd Experience 2013 - Tour Shines On With DiGiCo SD8s

Dual SD8-36 consoles at FOH and monitors bring Pink Floyd’s mind-blowing sonics to life on new tour across the U.S. & Canada

Annerin Productions brings Pink Floyd’s extraordinary sound and lighting to the The Pink Floyd Experience (PFE). The show combines the band’s music, sound and lights in an intimate, theatre atmosphere.

The production is gearing up to hit the road in early 2013 and DiGiCo will shine on again as another proverbial brick in the band’s audio production wall for the second year, with Greg Clinton riding shotgun on an SD8-36 at FOH and Chase Tower on a similar system at monitor world supplied by Sound Art Calgary.

The tour commences in February of 2013 and runs through March with dates in the United States and Canada.

Chase swapped another digital console with the SD8-36 for monitors during last year’s tour and Greg followed suit at FOH.

Both had heard good things about the consoles but hadn’t spent any extensive time mixing on one.

“I’m a huge fan of the Dynamic EQ’s DiGiCo has made available,” raves Chase. “Our bass player is really particular about the way he sounds in his ears. As soon as we were dialing things in at pre-production he knew something was different… for the better.

“DiGiCo has made my job easier in helping translate what he is wanting to hear. I can in turn be more precise in how I give him his sound. I really love the custom fader banks. Once I had mixes dialed to a point, I could create custom banks for each guy with their primary inputs that change song to song.

“Its brilliant really the way DiGiCo has laid out the fader banks and layers. The Snapshot architecture on this console is very simple and straightforward. I’m always in the situation where I am needing to propagate changes to every snapshot, and DiGiCo makes that very easy in editing the range of snapshots I had.

“I was running up to 20 snapshots for the 1 hour/45-min set. Additionally, I loved having access to three rows of encoders at once per input/output. Most other desks out there only have one row of encoders. I still tend to mix monitors on faders, but I still loved having access to other mixes or comp/gate parameters at the same time if needed.”

Because of the plethora of onboard effects available at the touch of a button or two, he was able to get everything he needed onboard. “I was carrying one of my favorite multi-effects, an SPX990. I ended up using it for a little bit of sax reverb in one song, for the rest I relied completely on the internal effects.

“As far as the sound,” he adds, “I have always found DiGiCo to be above the rest when it comes to the console’s sonic quality. I love the workflow of the SD8.

“After touring with the SD8 I really don’t find a comparison that can compete. I mean all the digital consoles out there have great features and have a place. DiGiCo in my mind just goes above and beyond.”

Mixing FOH for the PFE for the past six years on both analog and digital desks, Greg was completely satisfied with the addition of the SD8.

“I am pretty familiar with the big 3 digital console companies, and I have found that the DiGiCo SD8 is hands-down my favorite digital console to use. The best features of the desk are in the preamp! Sources just sound GREAT, and don’t need sugar-coating.

“I have found the dynamic EQ and compressors to be very musical, and really help to smooth out a couple of the dramatic inputs. A personal favorite is the ability to assign faders, both inputs and outputs, in any order that I want, on a custom fader page… very cool!

“At the end of the day, my job is to make our ‘show’ dramatic and memorable for the audience,” Greg continues. “Because we are a tribute show, the audience already has a specific expectation in regard to the character and quality of sound.

“The SD8 has been the most satisfying desk to work on, both in its logical layout and useful features. The sound quality is not just exceptional, but it’s the ability to achieve a mix that has depth in the stereo field, impact and clarity, and reminds you of that ‘Pink Floyd’ sound!

Chase says that the DiGiCo SD8 has quickly become his go-to console for its flexibility, onboard features and sonics.

“It’s helped to increase the overall sonic quality of the mixes I’m providing to the guys and for that reason, the SD8 has become my go-to desk. I will always spec it on upcoming tours and at some point, I would really like to get out on the SD7, too! I hear amazing things about the new Mach 3 enhancement.”


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CRAS Includes Lexicon Processors In Audio Recording Curriculum

Students are immersed in learning how to use a wide range of professional gear, including Lexicon PCM92 Reverb and Effects Processor and MX400 4-In/4-Out Reverb/Effects Processor with USB “Hardware Plug-In” capability.

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) is a technical school specializing in audio recording, engineering and production education. Its Tempe, Arizona and Gilbert, Arizona facilities train students for entry-level jobs in the recording industry.

Students are immersed in learning how to use a wide range of professional gear, including Lexicon PCM92 Reverb and Effects Processor and MX400 4-In/4-Out Reverb/Effects Processor with USB “Hardware Plug-In” capability.

Four Lexicon MX400 processors are integrated into the school’s analog and digital Pro Tools-based Studio A, B and C facilities, and two PCM92 processors are in the main Studio A rooms on each campus. In addition to being part of each studio’s gear, they’re a fundamental part of the students’ education.

“Our students get exposed to Lexicon early on,” said Tony Nunes, audio recording and production instructor at CRAS. “They start by learning basic chops and how to integrate outboard gear into the total recording setup. Our focus is very much hands-on, and we want students to be familiar with Lexicon as it’s what they’ll be running into in professional record production studios.” In addition to the MX400 and PCM92, CRAS is equipped with legacy Lexicon PCM 80 and PCM 70 reverb and effects processors.

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences curriculum is organized in cycles, with Lexicon used in a number of programs and clinics in the cycles. Nunes begins by teaching students the basics of time-based processing including getting familiar with the MX400 and PCM92’s effects and parameters, choosing the best reverb for a vocalist or particular instrument, learning proper signal routing, when to use mono or stereo ins and outs and getting familiar with using multiple effects on different tracks.

Students progress to working on getting the best sounds from drums, vocalists, a three-piece band, electric and acoustic guitars and other instruments, using mics, the MX400 and PCM92 and other studio tools. For the eighth cycle, students must engineer a drum clinic where they choose the mics, put up a previously recorded session and overdub new tracks with a live drummer. Part of the assignment is to choose the Lexicon plate reverb that sounds best with the snare and sits well in the mix.

“We are very excited to be a small part of the wonderful work being done at CRAS,” said Noel Larson, Market Manager for Portable PA, Tour and Recording at HARMAN Signal Processing. “Lexicon defines reverb for modern recording and we want to make sure the next generation of top performers, engineers and producers feel the same way the current generation does.”

“Teaching our students how to mix is very much integrated into the curriculum at every step,” Nunes noted, “but we really start getting into time-based processing and advanced techniques for using the MX400 and PCM92 during the last three cycles.”

Here, students learn to fine-tune every aspect of their mix, dig deep into Lexicon’s choice of mono and stereo reverbs, filters and modulation effects and discover how they can be used to enhance the acoustic ambience of a track and add the finishing touches to a recording.

Nunes concluded, “In these sessions the Lexicon 80, 70, MX400 and PCM92 are always on and are always providing a contribution to the mixes.”

Lexicon {extended}

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RCF Powers Hard Rock Cafè In Cyprus

&V Megasound, who won a highly competitive bid, were selected to develop the AV infrastructure for this new leisure project in Cyprus’ capital city. The company was chosen for their ability to provide reliable up-to-date technology and support as well as their reputation for being able to deliver challenging projects such as this.

RCF loudspeakers dominate the five floor interior of the new Hard Rock Café in Nicosia, Cyprus.

S&V Megasound, who won a highly competitive bid, were selected to develop the AV infrastructure for this new leisure project in Cyprus’ capital city.  The company was chosen for their ability to provide reliable up-to-date technology and support as well as their reputation for being able to deliver challenging projects such as this.

The RCF distributors were tasked with providing sound reinforcement for live and club performance as well as background music across the three levels.

The ground floor contains the main restaurant which hosts the main stage area and seats 250 people. On weekly band nights the restaurant transforms into a rock concert-live venue with standing capacity of 500 people.

To provide dynamic, even coverage S&V Megasound specified four RCF HDL 20-A line array modules with a pair of RCF HDL 18-AS compact, high power subwoofers. The arrays – each consisting of two HDL20-A boxes, are flown to the left and right of the stage. The two subs are placed in front of the stage for dynamic low end.

The HDL line array was the ideal choice given it 1400W (peak) powered amplifier and simple set-up. The installers optimized the set-up from the fully-featured, iPad controlled mixing desk, while the bands themselves use MY MIX IEM’s.

Four RCF C3108 compact, full range two-way loudspeaker provide front fill around the periphery of the large restaurant.

The restaurant also offers an outside eating area which S&V Megasound equipped a distributed system consisting of ten RCF MQ80P loudspeakers, which are IP65-rated weatherproof.

The second floor is a multi-purpose area used for dining, private parties and conferences. The installers specified four RCF Acustica C3108 wide dispersion speakers and a powered RCF SUB705AS compact 15in subwoofer for the room. RCF MQ80P’s are also located out on the veranda area

The last area is the roof garden. S&V Megasound once again utilized RCF loudspeakers specifying six RCF P3108 weatherproof, wide dispersion speakers and three RCF S4012 passive 12-inch bandpass subwoofers.

“This provides the ultimate for an open roof clubbing experience,” reasons S&V Megasound MD, Stelios Petrides.

The system offers a number of routing and processing options throughout the venue, with individual zone control — and all spaces iPad controlled. This gives each space its own local source, volume and preset control, depending on the mood and atmosphere.

Summing up, Mr. Petrides said, “The sound system has been a huge success ever since the first performance. This was one of our biggest projects in 2012 and certainly a very complex one. It gave us the chance to test our capabilities to a whole different level — and the end result is amazing!”


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Scene Change Invests In GLP Volkslicht Zooms

Scene Change, Australia's #2 AV company, have added a dozen GLP Volkslicht zoom LED moving head fixtures to their lighting stock.

Scene Change, Australia’s #2 AV company, have added a dozen GLP Volkslicht zoom LED moving head fixtures to their lighting stock.

The GLP Volkslicht zoom, a light weight, unobtrusive fixture, offers a surprising array of technology features is for such a small footprint. 

The fixture has a motorized zoom which changes its beam size from 10 to 26 degrees while still maintaining a strong output.

“We needed a small moving LED fixture that was fast and had a zoom,” commented Vicken Hekimian, Scene Change Sydney Director. “The GLP Volkslicht zoom was bright, fast and compact plus it was provided by Show Technology who supplies great after sales support and have always been very supportive of Scene Change.

“Having Show Technology as the supplier gives us a lot of confidence in the product.”

All of Scene Change’s purchasing decisions have to meet the following criteria: excellent quality, reliable, quick install and be fit for the purpose. The GLP Volkslicht zoom meets those demands and more.

“The price was attractive too - the purchase price versus the rental return is great,” added Vicken. “They’re quick and easy to install which is a priority for us as usually we have very limited time to set up a show and have short deadlines.

“These weigh only 8kg each and four of them quickly pack away into a small case.”

The compact size also works well in venues with low ceilings. The larger moving head fixtures look obtrusive and aesthetically unattractive in those applications.

The Volkslicht Zoom uses 60 Luxeon Rebel LED’s in an RGB configuration to give a broad mixing palette of colors from its primary saturates, through to the more subtle pastel shades.

“The color mixing is very good and the dimmer curve is great,” remarked Vicken. “Plus it has a white mode which can be useful.”

The following YouTube video provides a demonstration of the product:



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Middle Atlantic RackLink System Support InfoComm Energy Management Standard

The InfoComm standard, which provides a guideline for efficient energy management of AV systems through the control, monitoring, and conservation of electric power, was published in June of last year.

With its latest firmware update, all models in Middle Atlantic Products’ suite of RackLink Power Management products now fully support InfoComm’s recently published Energy Management Standard. 

RackLink products provide integrators and facility managers with the necessary features and functionality to implement the standard. These include the monitoring and logging of power consumption, room occupancy and outlet state, as well as individual control of connected devices.

The standard, which provides a guideline for efficient energy management of AV systems through the control, monitoring, and conservation of electric power, was published in June of last year. 

RackLink models are currently the industry’s only available option to meet certain requirements of the standard such as power factor monitoring and providing a fine degree of resolution in their measurement accuracy.

Audiovisual control system solutions company Control Concepts partnered with Middle Atlantic to develop the RackLink system’s critical open-architecture communication with control systems. 

Control Concepts President Steve Greenblatt also served as a member of the InfoComm Energy Management Standard Task Group.

“Middle Atlantic has shown a commitment to the InfoComm Energy Management standard from the onset of RackLink product development ensuring that the design and control capabilities meet all the requirements in addition to including a host of added features,” explains Greenblatt. ” Middle Atlantic went as far as to upgrade firmware, software, and control modules once the standard was released to address specific nuances added prior to finalization.”

“RackLink was designed to enable the best possible practices in ensuring power-efficient AV systems,” said Bob Schluter, Middle Atlantic Founder and fellow member of the InfoComm Energy Management Standard Task Group.

He also noted the ease with which the RackLink system complies with the standard: “All the required measurements are consolidated in one box, so there’s no need to mix data from separate places.  RackLink systems also output that data in a useable format that requires no manipulation.” 

Middle Atlantic

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