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Harman Professional Promotes David McKinney To Senior Director, China Operations

Will lead the continued development of the China team and drive growth

Having successfully managed the establishment of Harman Professional’s direct distribution business in India and previously leading the company’s first Asia regional sales office, David McKinney has been appointed Harman senior director, China operations. 

According to Blake Augsburger, president of Harman Professional and EVP of Harman International, McKinney will lead the continued development of the China team and drive growth by providing specialized systems and technologies to suit all strata and all vertical markets of the Chinese professional entertainment and production markets.

“David McKinney will serve as a great asset to the entertainment and production communities in China,” Augsburger states. “He is an accomplished communicator with a strong understanding of the technology, the market and the people. I am confident he will apply his considerable skills and experience to provide our team with excellent leadership and our customers with excellent service.”

McKinney has a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Music & Electronics from Keele University in the United Kingdom. Since 2003, he has been based in Malaysia, initially as director of sales for the Harman Signal Processing Group, and more recently, he led the startup for the Professional Division regional sales office there.

David Jin, Harman International country manager, China and North East Asia, notes, “David McKinney is a proven performer. His capacity to understand a market, develop programs to address that market and provide value while driving growth is unmatched. I look forward to working with him to serve our customers and advance Harman’s business in China.”

McKinney adds, “Harman Professional is uniquely positioned to serve Chinese entertainment and production professionals with integrated, accessible and eminently powerful systems that will allow them to advance their craft and grow their businesses. Now is a phenomenal time for growth and I am very excited to lead Harman Professional’s business in China.”

Harman Professional

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On Stage Audio Providing Martin Audio MLA Training In Las Vegas This September

Covers every aspect of the use and deployment of Martin Audio’s multi-cellular loudspeaker technology

On Stage Audio is providing complimentary Martin Audio MLA training at its Las Vegas facility from September 3 to 6.

The two-day sessions will provide attendees with the classroom and hands-on workshop training required to fully operate the MLA system, covering every aspect of the use and deployment of Martin Audio’s multi-cellular loudspeaker technology, and leading to MLA certification upon completion.

Attendees will receive training books and MLA software for reference and to support their continuing education. Those who complete the training will be entered into the M-TECH members’ portal system and have the opportunity to request a password for access to additional training information and participate in group discussions.

OSA vice president Jim Risgin states, “Due to the increased market demand for MLA system deployment, we need to expand the available pool of certified system engineers. Offering these training sessions will ensure that we can support the demand for MLA cellular drive technology.

“Our philosophy at OSA has always been to offer continuing education to engineers, and we will be hosting additional training sessions at our Nashville and Chicago locations in the coming months.”

Go here for more information about MLA training.

Martin Audio
On Stage Audio

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Symetrix Expands Library Of Apps For Jupiter Turn-Key DSP

Addition of 17 new apps brings total count to almost 100

Symetrix announces the addition of 17 new apps for its family of Jupiter app-based turn-key DSPs.

The three different hardware units in the series – Jupiter 4, Jupiter 8, and Jupiter 12 – differ only in their input/output counts and are user-controllable from Symetrix ARC wall panel remotes, third-party systems, and Symetrix ARC-WEB browser-based software for smartphones.

The addition brings the total number of available Jupiter apps close to 100, and expands the already impressive range of situations for which the Symetrix Jupiter provides reliable processing at a competitive price point.

“We’ve been listening to our customers,” says Trent Wagner, senior product manager at Symetrix, “and we’ve carefully chosen the new apps to release to ensure they offer functionality that addresses the breadth of requests we’ve received. Additionally, we’ve enhanced nearly all of the existing apps with multi-channel gain and mute controls to simplify user control.”

He continues, “Everyone loves a free app that has more functionality, saves time and makes the user look smarter than the next guy (or gal). So, go to our website and download the apps that will make your next Jupiter installation a virtual breeze.”

Six core apps form the heart of the addition and are elaborated according to the input/output counts of the three Jupiter hardware devices.

“BGM Zone Mixer 1” provides background music routing to multiple zones with two levels of priority.

“Dual Matrix Mixer 1” provides flexible mixing and routing and allows integrators to assign any input to a mix, assign those mixes to submixes, and route submixes to outputs.

“Gain-Sharing Automixer 3” provides a gain-sharing automixer with feedback processing on the outputs together with matrixed outputs.

Similarly, “Gating Automixer 3” provides a gating automixer with feedback processing on the outputs together with matrixed outputs.

“Priority Zone Mixer 2” provides a multi-zone priority mixer with paging and SPL computing.

Finally, “Sound Reinforcement 12” provides heavy input processing and full-range outputs with feedback processing.

The growing library of Jupiter apps are optimized for specific applications and venues including houses of worship, auditoriums, retail and hospitality establishments, sports facilities, and transportation terminals.


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Cleveland’s Olivet Baptist Church Implements Renkus-Heinz VARIA

Point-source loudspeakers help overcome unique challenges

Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, a cornerstone of Cleveland community and worship since 1931, recently underwent a significant renovation, a process that includes implementation of new Renkus-Heinz VARIA modular point-source loudspeakers in its current sanctuary, which was built in 1954.

Tom George, director of installations for Eighth Day Sound, which handled the project, explains that the sound reinforcement aspect presented some unique challenges.

“Although the exterior of the building has a peaked roof, the sanctuary’s ceiling is flat, and relatively low—only around 25 feet in height. So going with a traditional line array would have created line-of-sight issues,” George says. “Moreover, we were faced with a 400-pound weight restriction, which made the design even more problematic.”

With a need to ensure musicality for both its traditional gospel choir and plugged-in bands, as well as high intelligibility for all spoken aspects of the program, VARIA’s feature set seemed a good fit for the large, acoustically challenging space.

With VARIA’s modular and flexible enclosures, Eighth Day could create a system to deliver the coverage of a traditional line array, but using fewer cabinets, thereby decreasing weight, visual impact, and cost. 

The flown loudspeaker set consists of six VAX 101-7/6 (7.5 degree), two VAX101-22/69, and two VAX101-22 912 loudspeakers. The result is powerful, even coverage across the congregation’s main floor and balcony, from the front rows to the rear wall 100 feet away.

“When we listened to the box, we were convinced,” George states. “VARIA met the challenge - it delivered the coverage we needed, along with the power and performance. It looks great, and it sounds great.” 

Olivet’s recent improvements mark phase one of an ongoing, in-depth renovation, which also includes the addition of HD cameras, a switcher, and large-scale video screens. Next on the agenda is improved lighting and web streaming next. 

Over the years, the church’s pulpit has played host to such luminaries as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Eighth Day Sound

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WorxAudio Technologies Upgrades TrueAim System Optimization Software

Licenses EASE Focus line array software with FIR technology

WorxAudio Technologies has signed an agreement with AFMG Technologies for use of its new FIRmaker software in WorxAudio’s TrueAim system optimization process.

Specifically, WorxAudio’s TrueAim combines the company’s integrated DSP solution with AFMG’s leading FIRmaker technology, and in doing so, offers improved spectral consistency and coverage of WorxAudio line array performance in any venue or performance environment. Customers are able to model a room and export FIR filter parameters straight to the company’s DSP controlled amplifiers.

WorxAudio has long been a supporter of Berlin-based AFMG and was among the first in the professional audio community to license both EASE Focus 1 Acoustic Modeling software for optimizing line array systems in the vertical plane before moving forward with EASE Focus 2 3D Acoustic Modeling software that facilitates both vertical and horizontal coverage pattern optimization.

This relationship began with an on-going, long-term relationship with Pat Brown of ETC, a subsidiary of Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon), who would test WorxAudio’s products and make high-resolution polar data that is certified by AFMG. This information is then turned into a GLL format and interfaced with EASE Focus 2 software to generate a detailed model of a space to provide an optimized room analysis of the given venue.

AFMG’s FIRmaker algorithm generates custom FIR filters to optimize the loudspeaker system coverage. By incorporating this technology, the upgraded TrueAim software implements the FIR filters to the DSP while improving spectral consistency—resulting in smooth, even coverage throughout the venue.

Additionally, WorxAudio’s TrueAim software uses AFMG’s SysTune real-time live sound measurement technology to confirm its findings and ensure the optimization process is performed accurately. 

Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio CEO and director of engineering, notes, “Our goal with the TrueAim software is to integrate beam steering toward all of our line array systems, For years, we have designed loudspeaker systems with precisely integrated transducers, DSP, digital amplification, and controlled networking capabilities among their many system attributes. These systems are installed in leading venues throughout the country.

“Our goal is to bring state-of-the-art beam steering to our existing systems that are currently installed, thus enabling the updating of these loudspeakers for smoother response and, of course, to future loudspeaker systems currently under development.”

Stefan Feistel, AFMG managing director, adds, “WorxAudio is a premium example of a long-lasting, very positive business relationship for AFMG. Hugh Sarvis was among the first to invest in our EASE Focus 1 platform and he quickly upgraded to EASE Focus 2 when the new 3D capabilities became available.

“Now, just half a year after the release of our FIRmaker Technology, WorxAudio is the first FIRmaker licensee to actually deliver two very impressive installs employing this revolutionary technology. Congratulations!”

TrueAim system optimization software with integrated FIRmaker technology from AFMG is expected to be available immediately.

WorxAudio Technologies
AFMG Technologies

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WavesLive Master Class Series Continuing With Session At Delicate Productions In CA

Live engineers to discuss integrating plug-ins into mixing consoles, and more

Waves Audio is continuing its Master Class event series—presented by live sound division WavesLive—with an upcoming mixing workshop at Delicate Productions in CA. This event is the second in a series, with the first recently held at Maryland Sound International (MSI) in Baltimore. 

This next Master Class is scheduled for 10 am to 5 pm on Thursday, September 5 at the Delicate Productions facility located at 874 Verdulera Street in Camarillo, CA.

Front of house engineers Greg Price (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath), Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Kiss) and Sean “Sully” Sullivan (Beck, Beastie Boys, Sheryl Crow) will be on hand to inform live engineers about how to integrate Waves plug-ins into live mixing consoles.

Specifically, they will be presenting an up-close look at plug-in “problem-solvers” and a demonstration of how they use, and benefit from using, Waves plug-ins in their live mixing duties. 

The presentation will be followed by an open Q&A session, with the opportunity for attendees to do some hands-on mixing using various consoles and Waves plug-ins.

Waves product specialists Luke Smith and Noam Raz will also be on hand to offer in-depth information on Waves plugi-ns and new technologies, including a presentation of DiGiGrid MGO and MGB ( solutions on a Midas PRO console, focusing on playback of multitrack audio and real-time low-latency processing (running multiple plugins) via MultiRack/SoundGrid. 

Jason Alt, president of Delicate Productions, states, “It is Delicate Productions’ pleasure to host the WavesLive event which gives new and existing users the opportunity to explore and gain insight into Wave products.” 

Price notes, “I’m very excited to be part of the WavesLive Master Class Series coming to Los Angeles. This is a great way for all of us to get that “hands on” look at the tools great engineers are using in audio production today.” Van Druten adds, “These events are some of my favorites. The information exchanged is so invaluable, I always come away having learned heaps. If you’re a live sound engineer, I don’t know how you could not be there.” Sullivan concludes, “I’m really looking forward to the Delicate/WavesLive workshop. What a great way for people to get to see and hear the amazing plug-ins Waves has created for us in the live sound industry.” 

To register, go here (

Waves Audio

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Hosa Technology Announces High Speed Micro Micro HDMI Cables

Certified to carry an HD signal up to 1080p and beyond

Hosa Technology has announced new High Speed Micro HDMI cables, certified to carry an HD signal up to 1080p and beyond.

The new High Speed Micro HDMI Cables are designed to interconnect devices with Micro HDMI outputs to devices with HDMI inputs, thus suitable for playing back recorded footage from portable digital devices such as GoPro video cameras as well as many other video cameras and electronic tablets.

The new cables handle 720p/1080i signals that are capable of increased refresh rates (above 60 Hz) or Deep Color. Backward compatible with all standard HDMI interfaces, they support the maximum single-link bandwidth of 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps) as well as uncompressed 7.1 digital audio up to 192 kHz. Gold-plated plugs provide corrosion resistance and enhance signal transfer.

Jose Gonzalez, Hosa Technology product manager, sates “HDMI has given consumers the ability to eliminate a significant amount of cable clutter in entertainment systems. HDMI is, without question, the best audio and video signal transmission method to get high definition video and surround sound from one’s source device, such as a Blu-ray disc player, to the screen and loudspeakers.

“Advances in technology since the release of HDMI have made it possible to record high definition video utilizing small camcorders or stream HD video right to electronic tablets. The key to these devices is portability and the amount of available connector real estate is extremely limited.

“As a result, the Micro HDMI connector is the ideal size for most of these devices and it still provides the full set of HDMI features. By offering HDMI to Micro HDMI connectivity, our new cables are the perfect match for many of today’s consumer electronics products.”

Hosa High Speed Micro HDMI cables are available now. MSRP pricing:

• High Speed HDMI Cable, HDMI to Micro HDMI, 3 feet—$18.30
• High Speed HDMI Cable, HDMI to Micro HDMI, 6 feet—$20.40
• High Speed HDMI Cable, HDMI to Micro HDMI, 10 feet—$23.40

Hosa Technology

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CAD Wireless Exceeds Expectations At Park Inn Hotel In Costa Rica

Located in the heart of the busting business section in downtown San Jose, the Park Inn Hotel already has seven expansive conference rooms and plans to add four more in the coming year.

Absolutely modern in design and implementation, the Park Inn features sophisticated A/V systems installed by Diseno Acustico (Acoustic Design), a leading local integrator.

Besides providing background music and PA systems for the lobby, restaurants, ballrooms and bar/pool areas, these systems offer the latest audio and video conferencing capabilities for the expansive business center.

CAD Audio WX100 wireless systems are a technological centerpiece of the business center.

“We used CAD Audio WX100 wireless microphone systems for all of the conference rooms, including the WX100A UHF receivers, WX155 belt packs, WX160 goosenecks and WX150 handheld transmitters,” Acoustic engineer and Diseno Acustico President Jose Torres Jimenez points out. “The wireless has to be flexible because all of the conference rooms have combining systems so they can be opened up into ballrooms for parties and dances.”

“Over the years, we’ve tried other ‘leading’ brands,” Jose continues, “but after a test run in our own conference room, I found that CAD wireless systems work better and specified them for the Park Inn project.

“The CAD WX100 system is easy to use and install, lightweight and reliable, with good reception and sonic quality. I also really like the rugged and effective antennas.”

Besides CAD WX100 wireless, the Park Inn installation includes Bogen ceiling speakers and subwoofers; Atlas Sound amplification, Furman power conditioners; a NEC VideoWall, projectors and monitors; an FSR Pathfinder computer video & audio matrix switcher and intelligent plate systems; an Australian Monitor zone routing mixer; and Da-Lite recessed ceiling projection screens.

Founded four years ago, Diseno Acustico is an acoustics consultancy with a core business of noise control, architectural acoustics, noise modeling and noise mapping.

Recently, the company has created an integration and installation division to provide more tangible solutions for its clients. They currently have a mix of 60% commercial and 40% residential installations, with a marked preference for the former.

Summing up about the WX100 wireless systems at the Park Inn, Jose adds, “The hotel is very pleased and happy with the CAD systems. Everything is working just fine and, overall, the systems have exceeded our expectations.”

CAD Audio

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Radial Introduces The USB-Pro High-Resolution Stereo Direct Box

The Radial USB-Pro is a serious digital to analog interface that effortlessly delivers great audio for the most demanding audio engineer.

Radial Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce the USB-Pro, a high-resolution stereo direct box designed to convert sound files from a laptop computer and seamlessly transfer them to a pair of balanced audio outputs to feed a PA, recording or broadcast mixing console.

According to Radial President Peter Janis: “For years, Radial customers have been asking us to get into the digital world. We have hesitated due to lack of clear standards and challenges with respect to interfacing with computers. But with the recent advent of self-configuring USB ports, we feel the time is right to finally get involved and the USB-Pro is the first Radial product to sport digital connectivity.”

Made to be plug & play easy to use, the USB-Pro automatically configures itself for use with all popular operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, thus eliminating the need to load special drivers.

Unlike devices that are limited with 16 bit, 44.1 kHz conversion rates, the USB-Pro elevates the performance with true 24 bit, 96 kHz stereo converters to deliver more headroom and greater detail.  This eliminates the need for additional sound cards or separate converters when transferring files, further streamlining production in busy work environments.

Connection from the laptop is done via the pro-audio standard USB type-B port. Digital-to-analog conversion is monitored with the built-in headphone amplifier to ensure the signal is being properly downloaded and converted.

A mono-sum switch may be engaged to check for phasing or facilitate signal distribution to two outputs should this be preferred. One simply sets the output volume control to suit. Should hum or buzz caused by ground loops be encountered, two set & forget side-access switches let you insert isolation transformers into the signal path to block stray DC voltage offsets. To further reduce susceptibility to noise, this is augmented with a ground lift switch that lifts pin-1 on the two XLRs.

As with all Radial products, the USB-Pro is designed to handle the rigors of professional touring. The unique book-end design creates protective zones around the switches, connectors and controls to keep them out of harm’s way.

Inside, our time-tested I beam construction assures the sensitive internal PC board will not torque which could otherwise cause premature part failure. Finally, a full bottom no-slip pad provides mechanical isolation and electrical insulation, further advantaging the user.

The Radial USB-Pro is a serious digital to analog interface that effortlessly delivers great audio for the most demanding audio engineer.

The USB-Pro is now shipping and retails for $220.

Radial Engineering

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Clear-Com Simplifies Production Management For National Memorial Theater In Australia

Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 Digital Wireless Intercom and Encore Analog Partyline Systems offer the theater’s production crew members greater mobility and audio clarity

Clear-Com is helping to streamline communications at Australia’s National Memorial Theater.

Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 Digital Wireless Intercom and Encore Analog Partyline Systems offer the theater’s production crew members greater mobility and audio clarity, allowing each staff to more easily handle multiple job positions at one time.

The 783-seat National Memorial Theater hosts performances from community and school groups as well as amateur and professional musical, theater and dance groups.

The majority of the events that take place at the venue are amateur productions, requiring a more hands-on approach by the professional staff. At the same time, the theater typically runs skeleton crews to keep costs down for its clients.

Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 and Encore intercoms, supplied by Jands Pty. Ltd., Clear-Com’s Australian Channel Partner, have provided a massive boost to the theater’s workflow, enabling the crew to be anywhere and do anything without compromising productivity.

The systems also permit the theater to seamlessly integrate other intercom systems into its permanent Clear-Com setup, a capability that was previously impossible with its aging intercom system.

“For any production, I might have the person running the lighting console during the show and then serve as the rigger after the performance,” explains Mick Crozier, Production Manager and Head Technician at the National Theater. “Similarly, the stage manager may also act as the flyman, while the floor electrician may also be a stagehand, among other double duties.

“It’s important that we remain in contact, wherever we may be, so that we can stay abreast of any upcoming cues. I can’t tell you how much easier it is with Clear-Com because we’re able to move freely and talk with the production crew.

“The audio quality of the Clear-Com systems is astounding—they’re much clearer than our previous system and are great when a performance gets loud.

“Clear-Com has a reputation for high-quality, reliable and long-lasting products, so I know these systems will be able to support the different performances that take place here.”

Previously, on the larger shows, the single production channel was so cluttered with conversations that it was difficult for people to understand each other.

The two-channel Tempest system provides two isolated communication paths to minimize the number of conversations on each channel.

Lighting effects, followspots and floor electrics or audio, mic tech and the musical director speak on Channel A while all others are assigned to Channel B.

Another useful feature of the Tempest system is the menu-lock function on the beltpacks, preventing non-professional crew members from accidently changing the settings during a performance.

The Tempest2400 BaseStation and Encore partyline main stations are installed at the stage manager’s desk. There is also an Encore speaker station in the stage office, which lets the theater’s supervisor or tech on duty to monitor crew communications for any issues with a particular production.

The theater has also run a dual communications loop through the stage and auditorium, so wired beltpacks can plug into either loop from just about anywhere.

“In a live production environment such as the National Theater, where crew members are covering multiple positions, communication is critical to keep productions at a professional level,” says Peter Giddings, Clear-Com’s Senior Vice President, Global Events. “As the most comprehensive systems in the market, Clear-Com’s Tempest and Encore systems provide the crew with the right capabilities to make that happen.”

Clear-Com Systems

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Bose Professional Announces RoomMatch Loudspeaker Demos

Bose announces regionals demonstrations of RoomMatch loudspeakers.

As a resource for system integrators, contractors and front-of-house engineers, Bose Professional Systems Division will be hosting demonstrations of their RoomMatch loudspeaker systems in live venues for the U.S., Canadian and Latin markets.

Users have requested to audition RoomMatch systems in real-world situations, and Bose has responded with this series of exclusive regional demos showcasing RoomMatch loudspeakers, along with PowerMatch amplifiers and ControlSpace digital signal processing.

Centro Cristiano Calacoaya HOW, Mexico City, Mexico: August 26, 2013
Pike Performing Arts Center, Indanapolix, Indiana: September 12, 2013
WestGate Church, San Jose, California: September 19, 2013

Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, Broken Arrow, TX: TBD
Vida Abundante HOW, San Jose, Costa Rica: TBD
Coast Hills HOW, Alisa Viejo, CA: TBD

More events will be added in the near future.

Please RSVP to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to reserve your seat and receive emails with the final details for the event you plan to attend.

Bose Professional

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Altinex Adds Connectivity And Control To New Conference Room At GE

Altinex PNP417 interconnect boxes and AC301-250 button controllers -- providing ease of use from any seat in the house.

Plainville, Connecticutt-based GE Industrial Solutions recently adopted a 360-degree approach with multiple video displays for their new conference room. Central to their AV connectivity are Altinex PNP417 Pop-N-Plug interconnect boxes and AC301-250 Dual Button Controllers.

Bridgeport, PA-based Paul Downs Cabinetmakers, Inc was contracted to design and deploy a new conference table for General Electric.

Paul Downs, President, and Nathan Rossman, Design Engineer for Paul Downs Cabinetmakers, discussed the project and their reasons for utilizing Altinex AV connectivity solutions.

“This is a large boardroom space,” explained Rossman. “For this project, we designed a 24 foot round, open center table. Positioned directly above the table’s center are eight video displays mounted from the ceiling.

“This arrangement enables everyone seated at the table to converse easily and follow the video presentation or whatever else may be taking place on the displays.

“It was imperative that meeting participants be able to quickly and easily connect their laptop computers into the room’s AV system so as to give PowerPoint presentations, access the company network, and so forth.

“As the manufacturer of custom conference tables, design aesthetics were equally important and, for this reason, we integrated eight Altinex PNP417’s and eight AC301-250’s into our design.”

By utilizing the surface cutout of the table so as to make a perfect match, the Altinex PNP417 offers convenient, one touch access to a variety of video, audio, computer, network, and power connections—making the tabletop connection point attractive for any boardroom or conference room table.

Working in conjunction with the Altinex UT250-101 under table switcher and featuring illuminated output select control, the Altinex AC301-250 Dual Button Controller enables each person to direct their video to one of the switcher’s two outputs—making this an extremely efficient means of directing content to video displays.

“The Altinex PNP417 provides superior aesthetics because of its ability to match the wood used in the table and it also provides extremely reliable operation,” Paul Downs adds. “Equally important is the fact that when the PNP417 is in its closed position, it’s absolutely flush with the table.

“This enables people to pass papers back and forth among themselves without those documents getting caught on the edges of the connector unit. This is a critically important consideration when designing a conference table of this nature.”

“The fact that the PNP417 offers the ability to customize the unit’s connector plates is a huge benefit,” Rossman continues. “Our customer wanted both VGA and HDMI® connectors, so the fact that these units can be outfitted with a custom connector configuration is a terrific advantage.

“Altinex offers a wide range of connectors for these units, so it’s easy to set them up exactly as you want.”

Interfacing a variety of audio and video components into an intuitive, easy to use design is no small task. That’s why quality customer and technical support is so essential.

“Everyone on staff at Altinex has been a pleasure to speak with,” Rossman adds. “The company is very helpful and responsive. As an AV integrator, it’s important to be able to gather as much information as possible.

“When speaking with Altinex personnel, not only was I able to get the answers to my questions promptly, I have learned additional information that I can pass on to our clients to help them take the best advantage of their equipment.”

With the GE project scheduled for completion in May, Rossman reports the new conference table is exceeding expectations.

“This project has been a terrific experience right from the start. We’re extremely pleased and I’m quite certain that our client will be equally impressed.

“I’ve worked with Altinex for several years and I’ve always had a positive experience with their products. Their equipment does everything that’s expected of it—and does it well.”


Posted by Julie Clark on 08/23 at 09:11 AM

PreSonus RC 500 Channel Strip Features New Solid State Preamp

The PreSonus RC 500 is a top-of-the-line channel strip for professional recording engineers and recording musicians.

PreSonus has unveiled the RC 500, a top-of-the-line channel strip for professional recording engineers and recording musicians.

The RC 500 combines an ultra-low-distortion, high-gain, solid-state Class A preamplifier with the same custom-designed FET compressor and semi-parametric EQ circuitry found in the highly lauded PreSonus ADL 700 tube channel strip.

The result is consistent, transparent, detailed audio, suitable for a wide variety of applications, and reminiscent of classic, vintage solid-state preamp designs.

The newest member of the PreSonus family of preamps/processors, the RC 500 was designed by PreSonus engineering ace Robert Creel (hence, “RC”), who also designed the PreSonus XMAX preamp, the ADL 700, and many other favoite PreSonus analog circuits.

Creel’s new microphone preamp features a Class A hybrid input stage with discrete transistors and the latest-generation, low-distortion operational amplifiers. The design maintains the sonic qualities of Class A and benefits from the repeatability in performance of the operational amplifier.

Compared to a tube preamp, this solid-state preamp offers better definition at the edges of its frequency response range. High frequencies are crisper and low frequencies are tighter, producing a transparent, musical signal that retains the “airiness” of a room and provides a more three-dimensional result than a tube mic preamp can deliver.

Of course, the preamp sports 48V phantom power, polarity invert, and a -20 dB pad. In addition, it includes a 12 dB/octave highpass filter set at 80 Hz.

The RC 500’s FET compressor perfectly complements the new solid-state preamp. Controls include fully variable attack (0.5 to 10 ms), release (30 to 500 ms), and threshold (-25 to +20 dBu), as well as hardware bypass. Ratio is fixed at 3:1.

FET (Field-Effect Transistor) compressors use transistors to emulate a triode-tube sound. This type of compressor generally provides a faster attack time and better repeatability than the optical compressors that are more commonly found in channel strips in this price class. Combined with the consistent repeatability of the RC 500’s solid-state preamp, this is sure to make the new channel strip a favorite in pro studios.

The 3-band semi-parametric EQ was designed with musicality in mind, combining isolated filters and optimized, per-band Q to provide subtler signal shaping without harsh artifacts. All bands have Gain (±16 dB) and Frequency controls, with overlapping frequency ranges between the mid and high bands and fixed Q (0.5). The low and high bands are switchable between shelving and peak.

Both the Compressor and EQ sections feature a relay bypass.

Rear-panel XLR mic and line inputs (with front-panel Input Select switch) and a front-panel ¼” TS instrument input accept a variety of sound sources. Dual-mode analog VU metering enables monitoring of output and gain-reduction levels. A master level control adjusts the overall output from -80 to +10 dB.

With its extensive feature set, ultra-low noise (-102 dB S/N ratio), 50 dB gain (mic input, with the pad out), extended frequency response of 10 Hz to 25 kHz (±1 dB), and top-of-the-line, consistently repeatable sound, the RC 500 is a superb creative tool for serious recording engineers and musicians. It is expected to ship in September 2013 with an anticipated MAP/street price of $999.95.



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Biggest Bar In Asia Suits Up With Harman Professional Audio System

The G+ Club is fully equipped with a Harman professional audio sound reinforcement system.

The G+ Club, known as “the biggest bar in Asia” with an area of over 20,000 square feet, recently opened in Hangzhou, China.

Even more impressive is the audio system: a full lineup of Harman’s JBL Marquis Dance Club Series loudspeakers, Control CRV loudspeakers, and ASB subwoofers powered by Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers. AKG microphones along with Soundcraft digital consoles, BSS Audio signal processing and Lexicon effects processing round out the system.

The G+ Club is decked out from top to bottom. The JBL Marquis Dance Club loudspeakers are stacked in tight spaces and also suspended from the ceiling for maximum coverage of multiple floors. The Marquis Dance Club Series is specifically designed for powerful, high-energy, high-performance entertainment venues such as nightclubs and bars.

To complement the 18 MD52 loudspeakers and the 48 MD55 loudspeakers, the club also features a total of 16 JBL ASB6125 subwoofers, six JBL ASB7118 subwoofers, 16 JBL ASB7128 subwoofers, 12 JBL Control CRV loudspeakers, 16 Crown I-Tech 4x3500 HD amplifiers and eight Crown I-Tech 12000 HD amplifiers.

Harman is not only renowned for its leading position in audio technology but also in systems integration solutions. The BSS BLU-800 signal processor, Lexicon MX400XL effects processor and the Soundcraft GB4 mixer are powerful additions able to support any major club environment. Two AKG DSR700 and four DHT700 wireless microphones round out the system.

BSS Audio

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

DPA Microphones Perform At Fortune Global Forum 2013

High-profile Chinese conference relied on a selection of d:facto Vocal Microphones, d:fine Headset Microphones and d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones to deliver exceptional audio quality

DPA Microphones played a significant part in the success of this year’s Fortune Global Forum, which was held in June in Chengdu, China.

With a series of presentations and a Gala Dinner with entertainment provided by 30 traditional Guzheng players, opera singers, choral and pop singers and a piano performance by Lang Lang, China’s premier classical pianist, several DPA d:facto vocal microphones, d:fine headset microphones and d:vote 4099 instrument microphones were utilized throughout the events.

CEOs from some of the world’s largest multinational companies as well as the Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and other Chinese dignitaries were in attendance at the three day forum.

Prior to the event, Fortune’s Audio Designer Ron Lorman contacted Ken Kimura at DPA’s office in Hong Kong, and requesting help in sourcing microphones.

“I have been using DPA d:fine headset microphones for some time and was aware of the quality of DPA’s product range,” says Lorman. “This event was of huge importance and it was vital that I delivered exceptional audio quality.

“DPA was the obvious first port of call when it came to sourcing the right microphones.”

With help from Kimura and Pike Xin, product manager at DPA’s Chinese distributor Digital Media Technology, Lorman was able to access exactly what he needed.

At the Gala Dinner he had 100 inputs to consider, and all of the primary inputs were miked with DPA.

“During the conference sessions, I used assorted mics including my own stock of DPA d:fines for the various presenters,” adds Lorman. “The d:fines work exceptionally well because they deliver excellent intelligibility and are very comfortable for the presenters to wear.

“The Gala Dinner, however, presented a number of interesting microphone challenges, and this was where the advice and help I received from Ken and Pike was invaluable.”

Lorman’s main goals were miking multiple diverse artists with rapid set changes, including the Guzheng players, percussion ensemble, lead vocals, choir, flutes, harps and a string quintet. He also had to ensure an elegant sound from Lang Lang’s Steinway piano.

“I had very little prior information about the Guzheng players, so I wasn’t sure if I needed to mic every instrument, or where it would be best to mount the microphones,” he explains. “In the end, we used DPA d:vote 4099 instrument microphones that we placed below the instruments, mounted to the stands with universal clips.

“They were able to capture the sound without getting in the way of the performance. The various d:vote 4099 mounting systems proved to be extremely flexible and well thought out.”

For Lang Lang’s piano, Lorman used DPA’s d:vote 4099P stereo microphone system.

This dedicated system includes a pair of sensitivity selected d:vote 4099 supercardioid mics on goosenecks with magnetic mounts, which are designed to capture true acoustic piano sound in a live setting.

With this system, Lorman was able to easily achieve a clean and transparent stereo sound.

DPA d:vote 4099 instrument microphones and d:facto vocal microphones were also used to mic a traditional Chinese ensemble comprised of flute, harp, ziao and zhnogruan, as well as violin, viola, cello and bass musicians who played to guests during dinner.

d:vote 4099 instrument microphones were also used on the extensive percussion ensemble.

“The drums were very dynamic and the d:vote 4099s captured every nuance,” continues Lorman. “Among the many highlights of the Gala Dinner were vocal performances by the opera singers, Liao Changyong, Laura Wright and You Hongfei, and by Tan Weiwei, China’s premier pop artist.

“For these artists, I used DPA d:facto vocal microphones and I must say, I was incredibly impressed by the results these mics delivered.”

The vocalists all used wireless versions of the d:facto vocal microphone, in conjunction with a Shure R wireless system.

UK opera singer, Laura Wright, was an inspiration for this choice as she preferred to work with a handheld microphone rather than use a headset mic.

According to Lorman, the two Chinese opera singers were comfortable using the d:facto vocal microphones.

“I haven’t experienced the d:facto vocal microphone before and I was very impressed by it,” adds Lorman. “The sound it delivered was very smooth and clean, and perfect at the top end. The off-axis response was very tight, with excellent plosives rejection and subtle proximity effect, all excellent characteristics.

“Singers love the way it feels in their hands and are very comfortable with it. The d:facto really is a very formidable and unique microphone, and I can see why artists like Sting are using it.”

Lorman has successfully used DPA d:fine headset microphones for other critical productions. At a recent London Fortune event, he had the d:fine headset microphones in his arsenal, along with a d:facto vocal microphone for the singer who provided the entertainment.

“I’m so impressed with the d:facto vocal microphone and the d:vote 4099 instrument microphones with the multiple mounts that I have now purchased them for my own stock,” concludes Lorman. “And I can predict that they will be getting plenty of use.”

DPA Microphones

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