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Avid Launches Customer Association Program

Global industry leaders from CBS News, CBC/Radio-Canada, ZDF German Television, CCTV, and ITV join as Founding Members of Executive Board

Avid today announced the creation of the Avid Customer Association, a comprehensive initiative designed to provide essential strategic leadership to the media industry, collaborate with key industry leaders and visionaries, and deepen relationships between the company and its customers.

The multifaceted program will engage its network of broadcast, creative and media customers, and other industry leaders, in a highly collaborative process to provide both strategic leadership and cutting edge technology solutions to address the most important issues facing the media industry today.

“With our long heritage as the most proven and trusted technology leader in the media industry, Avid is fortunate to have gathered the largest and most forward thinking community of media organizations and creative professionals as our customers,” stated Louis Hernandez, Jr., president and CEO of Avid.

“Our work together has allowed Avid to develop a clear understanding of the pressures that creative and media professionals face today. Building on our culture of collaboration, we will work together even more tightly to navigate the evolving media landscape and provide strategic direction for the entire industry.”

The Avid Customer Association will hold a major event for customers on April 4-5, 2014, just prior to NAB in Las Vegas.

This event, and the Avid Customer Association overall, will allow members to have personal interaction with and exposure to industry professional colleagues; access to best practices and shared experiences from the world’s premier media clients; and exclusive participation in setting Avid’s product direction and strategy.

Additional Avid Customer Association user groups will be overseen by a series of single-focus boards, each of which will have an identified customer responsible for ongoing leadership and management of the initiative.

A Customer Association Executive Board will provide oversight to the individual Avid Customer Association boards, which will focus on topics such as strategic development, products and solutions, industry standards, customer advocacy, customer success, and more.  Founding members of the Avid Customer Association Executive Board include:

·      Dr. Andreas Bereczky, Executive Vice President of Technology and Production, ZDF German Television
·      Dany Harrison, General Manager Radio-Canada Productions, CBC/Radio-Canada
·      Fred Mattocks, General Manager, Media Operations and Technology, CBC English Services, CBC/Radio-Canada
·      Frank Governale, Vice President, CBS News Technology and Operations, CBS News
·      Ding Wenhua, Chief Engineer, CCTV
·      Paul Stevenson, Director of Technology and Technical Operations, ITV News, ITV

“The transformation that is occurring across the broadcast and media industry is placing ever greater demands on our production solutions,” said Paul Stevenson. “With its breadth of customers across the industry, and very wide range of experience of the production and broadcast industry, Avid is well placed to bring the world’s media leaders together and to help set a clear path to inform their product development. I am very pleased to be a part of this effort.”

“With this new customer association, Avid is clearly demonstrating its commitment to collaborating with our entire community of media professionals,” said Dr. Andreas Bereczky. “I am looking forward to working with my industry peers and the Avid leadership team, to make progress on a wide range of strategic issues as well as provide insights to help guide Avid’s future innovations and strategic plans.”


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Korea’s Silver Springs Global Mission Church Relies On Lab.Gruppen

Global Mission church utilizes Lab.gruppen amplifiers to power audio system.

When church leaders at Silver Spring’s Global Mission church engaged Genesis Technology to design and install a system to replace their out of date audio infrastructure, Michael Yoo, Genesis’ Senior System Engineer, never considered using any amplifier brand apart from Lab.gruppen.

“Before starting Genesis, I spent five years as a touring engineer for a gospel group called Jong Ho Park, and we always used Lab.gruppen amps. That’s how I came to know the brand and since then I’ve come to prefer Lab.gruppen over other products,” he explains.

That preference is shared by Global Mission’s worship leader, who had also used Lab.gruppen amplifiers in the past and wanted to ensure the Global Mission system utilize only top of the line components.

Installed during a comprehensive renovation of the church’s sanctuary, the system is used primarily for reinforcement of live music and is comprised of one Lab.gruppen FP 10000Q amp driving the facility’s EAW KF695z mains, and one FP6000Q powering their EAW 129z stage monitors.

Since the establishment of the first Global Mission Church in Silver Spring, MD over forty-years ago the church has expanded its ministry substantially. By far the largest congregation –numbering over 30,000 – worships at a Global Mission mega church in a suburb of Seoul, Korea.

While the Silver Spring facility is smaller, the roughly 450-capacity sanctuary is still home to some 4,000 worshippers, requiring multiple services, that range from extremely traditional to decidedly contemporary, to be conducted each Sunday.

Consequently, Yoo’s main concern was providing ample power without using any more physical real estate than necessary.

“There’s actually is no amp room and very limited rack space at FOH, so Lab.gruppen was the obvious choice, not only because they’re compact and powerful, but because Global Mission’s worship leader just loves the way they sound.”

Founded in 2007, Genesis Technology, LLC is a full service event production and design/install company specializing in custom installation and system integration of audio, video and lighting systems for a wide ranging global client base.


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Creative Stage Lighting Hires John McDowell As Regional Sales Manager

Creative Stage Lighting Hires John McDowell As Regional Sales Manager

Creative Stage Lighting has announced the hiring of John McDowell. McDowell has taken the position of Western Regional Sales Manager.

McDowell comes to CSL with extensive sales, system integration, and entertainment lighting experience. He’s previously held executive and sales positions with High End Systems, Vari-Lite, and Le Maitre. At CSL he will be responsible for maintaining and building CSL Dealer relationships in the western United States.

“John is a very diligent and meticulous manager,” said CSL President George B. Studnicky III. “We are enthusiastic as his presence in the Western Region will immediately benefit our Dealers.”

McDowell will be present at CSL’s PLASA Focus Austin booth, September 10 and 11.

Creative Stage Lighting

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Metallica Headlines Roskilde With Martin Lighting

The Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, one of Europe’s biggest summer music festivals, utilized Martin lighting throughout the event.

The Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, one of Europe’s biggest summer music festivals, has brought together some of the world’s most popular artists since the early 1970s.

On this year’s Orange Stage, Metallica headlined the festival, with performances from many other globally acclaimed artists, including Rihanna and Slipknot.

Designed by veteran lighting designer Kasper Lange, the Orange Stage featured a vast amount of Harmn Martin lighting fixtures for the Metallica set.

The Orange Stage included 68 Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB’s and 34 MAC III Profile moving heads, along with 65 MAC 101’s and 10 MAC Aura LED moving heads. Thirty-four Atomic 3000 strobes with Atomic Colors scrollers were deployed for blinding punch effects. Copenhagen-based rental company Litecom, supplied the gear.

Martin lighting, which has graced Roskilde for years, also played a role on several other stages at the 2013 festival including the Pavilion Stage, featuring MAC III Profiles and MAC Auras supplied by rental company Victory, the Odeon Stage, with MAC Auras also supplied by Victory, and the Apollo Stage, featuring Atomic 3000’s supplied by rental company Comtech. Comtech also contributed MAC Auras, MAC 700 Profiles, MAC 350 Entours, MAC 250 Beams, MAC TW1s and Atomic 3000’s for various other areas.

“Martin has been used during the historic Roskilde festival for many years, and we are proud to continue this partnership, supplying the brightest and highest quality lighting systems for the bands and fans,” said Steen Matthiesen, Martin Vice President EMEA Sales. “Having a large variety of fixtures deployed throughout the festival speaks to the versatility of Martin and will undoubtedly provide our latest and greatest fixtures for next year’s Roskilde!”

Orange Stage Crew:
Jonas Ritz – Head Rigger
Balder Thorrud – System Tech
Hrannar Hafsteinsson – System Tech
Timo Kauristo – FOH Tech
Thomas Brockmann – FOH Tech
Leif Hellberg – Wysiwyg suite


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Celemony Update Melodyne With AAX Support

Celodyne has upgraded Melodyne to support the AAX plug-in interface and 64-bit operation under Pro Tools 11.

Celemony has announced an upgrade to Melodyne that supports the AAX plug-in interface and, with it, 64-bit operation of the software under Avid Pro Tools 11.

The update is available for free to registered users of the Version 2 software.

The multi-award-winning audio tool Melodyne is in use on many Pro Tools systems.

With the update to Version 2.1.1, Melodyne can now also be operated under the new AAX interface of Pro Tools 11, which employs 64-bit processing.

This makes clear gains in terms of both performance and reliability possible – primarily when correcting and optimizing longer recordings.

The update is free of charge for users of the current Version 2 of Melodyne editor, assistant and essential and is already available for download.

Besides AAX compatibility, it also contains a variety of bugfixes and optimizations, and is therefore recommended to all users.


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

AES Announces New Networked Audio-Over-IP Interoperability Standard: AES67-2013

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has officially announced the publication of AES67-2013, a new engineering standard for networked/streaming audio-over-IP interoperability. 

High-performance media networks support professional quality audio (16 bit, 44.1 kHz and higher) with low latencies (less than 10 milliseconds) compatible with live sound reinforcement. The level of network performance required to meet these requirements is available on local-area networks and is achievable on enterprise-scale networks.

A number of networked audio systems have been developed to support high-performance media networking, but until now there were no recommendations for operating these systems in an interoperable manner. This standard provides comprehensive interoperability recommendations in the areas of synchronization, media clock identification, network transport, encoding and streaming, session description and connection management. 

The project was initiated by the AES in December 2010 under the project name AES-X192. In August 2012, the AES and EBU jointly announced an active collaboration to achieve interoperability of networked audio.

The intent was not to invent new technology, but to identify an interoperable subset of existing technologies to achieve this goal. Task Group SC-02-12-H, under the leadership of Kevin Gross, met regularly using web conferencing and email to refine and clarify the necessary parameters. 

To obtain a copy of this standard, go here. AES standards are available to AES members free of charge as a benefit of membership. Details of AES membership can be found here.

Audio Engineering Society

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Atlas Sound Launches New Support Website

Atlas Sound has introduces a new customer support website.

Atlas Sound announced a new customer support website designed to provide customers with an improved support experience.

This new support page enables customers to create tickets online 24/7 and provides a searchable knowledge base and community support forum for additional assistance and learning opportunities.   

This new support site allows dealers and integrators to:

  Create and track support tickets online
  Submit design assistance requests
  Receive email notifications regarding ticket status
  Search knowledge base and community forum
  Download product information including software, data sheets, installation sheets, and application guides
  Subscribe to and receive email notifications when new information is posted

“Our new support page provides our dealers and integrators a library of resources and a community of help while still giving them access to all of our technical documents”, said Senior Vice President of Digital Systems Dan Murphy. “Customers can now search our database or submit a support ticket when it is convenient for them, even during off hours.

“The community feature is one of my favorite parts of this new system as it allows us to communicate directly with our integrators in an informal way that is also searchable by other integrators.” 
Visit Atlas Sound’s new support page to see all of the new exciting features and information available to our integrators and dealers.

Atlas Sound

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Optocore Serves Up Audio Fiber Transport For U.S. Open

Audio Incorporated utilized Optocore communications systems for U.S. Open.

Audio Incorporated, the supplier of sound reinforcement and communication equipment for U.S. Open Tennis, recently chose to utilize Optocore X6R-FX-INTERCOM devices for the communication system used during this year’s opening ceremonies.

The event was held at Arthur Ashe Stadium, part of the USTA Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Flushing, Queens, New York.

“We needed to find a way to connect the roof of the Broadcast Center building with our central patch area at the other end of the stadium in the photographers’ pit,” explains Mike Sinclair, owner and audio designer for Audio Incorporated.

“We had to be ready to transport the program audio feed, Clear-Com Encore Analog Party Lines converted to 4-wire for a production channel and a lighting channel. We also used Optocore’s 100Mb LAN tunnel between devices to network show control computers and DMX lighting control together.”

Audio Incorporated employed Optocore X6R-FX-INTERCOM devices using the fiber infrastructure of Arthur Ashe stadium to connect and multiplex the various different audio and data streams over one pair of fiber lines.

“We had to be ready for any eventuality and the Optocore X6R-FX-INTERCOM performed flawlessly with connectivity to spare.” Sinclair said.

“We needed to get communications and audio up to the highest reaches of the stadium, in a hyper-crowded situation,” says Rom Rosenblum, events communication system technician, U.S. Open, and applications engineer, Clear-Com. “CBS, ESPN and every broadcaster covering the event was already hooked into existing copper lines.

“Without the Optocore devices, we’d have been communicating with cell phones to run the Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day event and Opening Ceremonies.

“Instead, as soon as we got the facility to install a piece of glass up to the roof, we were in business. A plug-and-play solution was never more welcome!”

Rosenblum also notes that Optocore system’s comprehensive front panel level meters and status indicators were invaluable. Known to be a favorite feature among audio engineers, this combination allows instant visual verification and provides an immense troubleshooting aid for cabling problems.

Additionally, he says the LAN feature made it easy for the team to access their network anywhere in the system.

The X6R-FX-INTERCOM has 8 intercom duplex channels including data. The device can also be used as eight line inputs plus eight line outputs, plus 4 serial I/O or 2 GPIO.

“Optocore’s fiber systems are known for their top-notch features, immense reliability and dual redundant fiber runs and power supplies/sources,” concludes Sinclair. “By utilizing Optocore, rather than copper cables, we were able to save time and effort for all of our communication needs during the U.S. Open.”


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Argosy Console Provides Central Focus At The Omnitone Recording Studios

Omnitone Studio Serves as Portal Linking Artists with Top Songwriters, Producers, Mixers and Engineers

The Omnitone Recording Studios in Las Vegas serves as a portal to some of the top talent in the country, offering its clients access to a team of award-winning music production professionals that have worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

The company recently installed a 90 Series for Avid Control|24 desk from Argosy Console, Inc. that is custom configured to accommodate an Avid Artist mixing system in its new facility, located just a mile west of the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip.

“This is not the typical studio, in the sense that it doesn’t charge out to clients,” says Darren Sher, a songwriter and producer, and the founder of The Omnitone. “It’s a production house; it basically lets artists in Las Vegas link up with some of the top Grammy-nominated songwriters, producers, mixers and mastering engineers in the country.”

Individually and collectively the Omnitone team has worked with some major music artists, including the Bee Gees, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, R. Kelly, Queen Latifah, Jewel and Jonathan Cain (Journey), to name but a few.

“Jeff Juliano is the guy we use for our mixing. He’s one of the top mixers in the world,” says Sher. 

Juliano’s credits include projects with John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band, James Blunt, O.A.R., Train, Lifehouse, Paramore and many others.

The Omnitone’s Las Vegas production facility encompasses a large live room with iso booth plus a control room outfitted with a customized Argosy console housing almost all of the facility’s recording equipment in one piece of furniture, conveniently close at hand to the operator.

“It’s very easy to access everything right at the tips of your fingers,” says Sher. “It holds four of the Avid Artist Series units and I’m very, very happy with it. It’s wonderful!”

He continues, “Argosy also has amazing customer service. Our designs to customize the build-out of the surface changed a few times while the build-out was happening and we were \ never penalized for that, which is wonderful. And everything arrived when it was supposed to.

“The schematics that I received allowed me to make sound judgments when I was building the studio. That part of it is huge for someone that is spending money on a studio.”

In addition to providing space for a 24-fader Avid Artist Series system controlling a Pro Tools workstation, the Argosy 90 Series desk also provides space for a large Apple Cinema Display and includes two 19-inch rack bays housing almost all of the room’s outboard equipment.

The left-hand bay accommodates two Vintech Dual 72 two-channel microphone preamps, a pair of API 3124 four-channel mic preamps and a Summit Audio DCL-200 dual-channel compressor/limiter. The opposite bay holds a pair of Apogee converters, providing 16 channels of I/O, together with a Daking FET II compressor, a Dangerous D-Box monitoring and summing unit, and a patchbay.

“Every piece of gear I have in that studio was recommended to me by the team so that we could all work together easily,” says Sher, who has worked in a variety of capacities on songs for TV, film and live productions as well as for individual artists.

As musical director for various shows on the Strip during his career, he is well connected with locally based talent.

“There’s a huge pool of talent here that’s untapped; there are some incredible musicians that no one’s even heard of. People do also fly in from New York and L.A., as well, so we’re very busy.”

The company’s various team members all have different specialties, he says. “Someone might specialize in Lady Gaga-type pop writing—and actually have written and worked with Lady Gaga.

“We can connect a client to that songwriter and do everything from Las Vegas. Quality control is important to us and, whatever we do, we want to put our name on it. So that’s the selling point of the team.”

Argosy Console, Inc
The Omnitone Studios

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Audinate Announces 100th Partner: Studio Technologies

Audinate Adds 100th Partner With Studio Technologies

Audinate announced that Studio Technologies has become the 100th Dante OEM partner.

Built on existing networking protocols and standards, Dante is a plug and play solution which delivers ultra-low latency, tightly synchronized media, while simplifying installation and configuration of digital media networks.

With over 3.5 million channels of Dante shipped last year, Dante has rapidly become the leading media networking solution.

Studio Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of tailored high performance audio, video and fiber-optic products, are used in broadcast, studio, stadium, and corporate environments.

Studio Technologies products are used worldwide, by customers requiring superb audio products that make their jobs easier.

“The adoption of Dante among A/V manufacturers doubled just in the past year. We are delighted to cross the 100 OEM adoption milestone with Studio Technologies”, stated Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. “Studio Technologies has a great reputation for building products centered on usability.

“Our customers recognize that networking matters, and having an interoperable, proven networking technology to get to market quickly has enormous benefits.”

Dante is a proven and scalable system widely deployed in thousands of installations today, ranging from hotels, transportation centers, shopping centers, public address systems, live sound reinforcement, theatres, concert halls, stadiums and athletic venues, corporate boardrooms, universities, broadcast facilities, recording facilities, Houses of Worship, government facilities and courtrooms.

“We are a small, technically-focused company that thrives on developing specialized solutions for our customers”, says Gordon Kapes, President of Studio Technologies. “They look to us to provide the “glue” that allows fixed and mobile broadcast applications to reach their full potential.

“With Dante having proven its technical excellence we are convinced that it is the correct solution for adding networking technology to our products. We are frankly honored to join the many terrific firms that are already offering Dante-connected products.

“Early in 2014 we look forward to offering Dante-enabled party-line intercom and IFB interfaces. Our expertise in these specialized areas, along with Dante’s network connectivity will provide users with levels of performance and flexibility previously unavailable.”

Studio Technologies

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India’s SNL Pro Provides L-Acoustics For Historic Concert In Kashmir

India's SNL Pro provides L-Acoustics K1 line arrays for Bavarian State Orchestra event in Kashmir.

Maestro Zubin Mehta and the Bavarian State Orchestra recently hosted a landmark event known as “Ehsaas-e-Kashmir” (Concert for Kashmir) in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The town of Srinagar had not witnessed any official form of cultural activity since a cricket match in 1983, making this one of the most eagerly anticipated concerts in recent times. Nearly 2,000 guests attended the event hosted by the German Embassy in the Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar.

Mehta, the Music Director for Life of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and main conductor for Valencia’s opera house, was fulfilling his lifelong dream of performing in the beauty and serenity of the Shalimar Gardens.

The garden is over 500 meters in length with natural waters running through the grounds before feeding into the famous Dal Lake. A nineteenth century Mughal house was chosen as the backdrop. The setting provided many challenges with the stage needing to be constructed across many different levels for the orchestra.

For sound reinforcement, India’s Sound and Light Professionals (SNL Pro) debuted its brand new L-Acoustics K1 rig for this historic event.

The main array only had to cover 65 meters as the concert was for a very select audience.

When the final venue layout was determined it was sent to System Engineer Bruce Rodericks who used SOUNDVISION to predict the required inventory.

The arrays, hung from scaffolding constructed to the left-right of the stage, consisted of two K1-SB and six K1. Two SB28 subwoofers were groundstacked under the arrays. Three pairs of 115XT HiQ served as front-fills. The end result was even coverage throughout the seating in the outdoor location.

Four LA-RAKs powered the system with three LA8 in each controlled by the LA NETWORK.

Jakob Palfrader, the front of house engineer for the Bavarian State Orchestra, was very pleased to see the L-Acoustics K1.

The magical evening was one of the many landmark events that the SNL Pro team is proud to be a part of. The concert was televised live in 32 countries, streamed live on YouTube and filmed in HD for a future concert DVD.


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St. Jude The Apostle Catholic Church Thrives With Lectrosonics

Aspen processing and Digital Hybrid Wireless technology combine to deliver exceptional audio performance.

In the fall of 2009, St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church, located in Baton Rouge, LA, embarked on an ambitious campaign “To Build a Future of Hope!”

Among its various directives was the complete renovation of the church including the installation of a new sound reinforcement system. At the heart of that system is Lectrosonics audio processing and wireless microphone technology.

Technical Services Group (TSG), a design/build firm also located in Baton Rouge, was brought into the project by David Hebert of GHA Architects to install the new equipment.

After meeting with church management to ascertain their expectations, the TSG team ultimately deployed a wireless microphone setup consisting of a Lectrosonics Venue modular receiver mainframe stocked with five VRS receiver modules, along with two HH handheld transmitters, five LMa beltpack transmitters, plus two M152/5P lavaliere microphones and two SNA600 adjustable dipole antennas.

To ensure optimized signal management, the TSG team also equipped the church with a Lectrosonics Aspen SPN1624 (16 input / 24 output) audio processor that was augmented by an SPN16i 16-input expansion unit.

TSG’s Scott Richard, the firm’s AV designer, discussed the nature of the project.

“Services at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church are quite traditional,” Scott Richard, TSG AV Designer, explained. “As you can appreciate, the ability of the roughly 2,500 strong congregation to understand clearly what’s being said during a sermon is absolutely essential.

“If the audience can’t clearly understand, it becomes impossible to relate to the subject matter. Further, the audio system’s ability to function largely unattended was equally important and, for this reason, the deployment of the Lectrosonics Aspen processing system—with its automixing and feedback elimination parameters would help ensure trouble-free operation.”

In addition to its automixing and feedback elimination capabilities, the Aspen processing system is also managing the monitor mixing for both the choir and the piano / keyboard station. Overall, the system is managing 32 input channels, all of which was programmed by Jason Martin using the Aspen control software.

Of particular note, the Aspen system offers the ability to be controlled via an Apple iPad tablet.

In this particular application, the iPad provides the ability to manage volume level control for the main loudspeakers as well as for the transept loudspeakers, with each microphone being configured for independent level control.

As for the selection of wireless microphone equipment, Richard notes that Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless technology was selected because of its superior sonic quality, dropout-free performance, RF agility, robust build quality, and ease of operation.

“We’ve had a great experience with Lectrosonics over the years,” says Richard, “so when it came time to deploy a wireless mic system on this project, there really was no reason to look elsewhere.

“Combined with the company’s excellent customer and technical support services, the selection of Lectrosonics was an easy decision.”

St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church’s audio system was deployed throughout from April through June with the first service occurring on June 19th. The church dedication service took place later that month on June 30th.

Since that time, Patrick Meek, TSG’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing reports that the entire system has been meeting and exceeding expectations.

“Everything’s been working really well,” he said. “The Pastor, Father Trey, is ecstatic over the positive reaction he’s received from the parishioners as well as his own personal satisfaction with the system.

“St. Jude’s audio system is a first-rate setup and much of its performance attributes are directly related to the quality of the Lectosonics’ audio processing and wireless mic equipment. We are extremely pleased with the final results.”

Technical Services Group

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MUSIC Group Expands Professional Division Marketing Team

New team brings added focus to Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound

MUSIC Group has expanded the marketing department for its recently-formed Professional Products Division with the addition of industry veterans Paul O’Farrell-Stevens and Graeme Taylor.

Joining Yamaha’s Pro-Music Division in the late 1980s as marketing manager, Taylor excelled at the development and promotion of the company’s professional-grade audio equipment and instruments in the UK. He later joined Bang & Olufsen as a key member of the team that turned the business around and grew both sales and operating profits.

In 2007 Taylor was appointed CMO of Meridian Audio, a UK manufacturer of DSP-based high-end audio and video products. While there he redefined the brand, improved distribution and introduced new product development and marketing processes to ensure a customer-centric organization. Together with a highly specialised R&D team, he successfully launched innovative products and worked with McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover, which now offer Meridian systems as options in its vehicles.

I am thrilled to join MUSIC Group and support the new Professional Division,” states Taylor. “Since I began my pro audio career in the ‘80s, I’ve had great respect for the Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound brands. Now, with the resources and commitment of MUSIC Group, I’m confident that the experience I gained building prestigious brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Meridian Audio can be applied to these great pro audio brands, creating the next chapter in their long and illustrious histories.”

O’Farrell-Stevens’ career in the music business stretches from audio engineer at London’s CBS Recording Studios to marketing communications, public relations and management for several pro audio brands, including Beats, Monster Cable, IXOS and QED. Along the way he had the pleasure of working with a veritable “Who’s Who” of international artists, such as Michael Jackson, George Michael, Bjork, The Cure, Oasis and Paul Weller, as well as legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin.

O’Farrell-Stevens also served as head engineer at Comforts Place and free-lanced at the world-famous Abbey Road, Real World, Hit Factory and Air Recording Studios. Immediately prior to joining the MUSIC Group, he was marketing manager for Solid State Logic (SSL) and provided marketing, media and artist relations management for the company’s Music division — and played a key role in the developement of their new live mixing console.

“I’m extremely proud to join the MUSIC Group and eager to combine my years of recording experience with my marketing skills,“ says O’Farrell-Stevens. “The years I spent as a sound engineer give me the unique perspective when it comes to the needs of MUSIC Group customers. I look forward to combining those skills to further bolster MUSIC Group’s market-leading position.”

“With the addition of Graeme and Paul, we have achieved a major milestone in the rebirth of our professional brands,” states MUSIC Group Marketing SVP Costa Lakoumentas. “These two visionaries will prove essential as we continue to grow our world-renowned Midas and Klark Teknik brands — and especially so as we introduce Turbosound to the global marketplace.”


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API 1608 Graduates To Nuremberg University Of Music

Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg adds API 1608 to Studio 214 on campus.

The API 1608 serves as the perfect teaching tool in many interesting places in the world, and now, one can be found in Studio 214 at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg (Nuremberg University of Music).

Creativity is the focus and hands-on experience is the goal of the program.

The equipment available to the students offers unequaled opportunities with both vintage and modern effects, all in a school that dates back to 1821.

The decision to purchase the 1608 came to fruition with the help of API’s German distributor Erwin Strich.

Toni Hinterholzinger, head of the recording department, believed that the punchy and clear sound of the API preamps would make this the ideal learning tool for teaching classic recording techniques.

Most of the recording projects are student-based, but on occasion, there are some commercial projects where students assist and often take part as musicians.

Some who have recorded on the 1608 include Wolfgang Buck, Nevio, Johannes Ludwig, Tilmann Herpichböhm, Steffen Schorn, and Olivia Solner.

“This is, for sure, one of the best equipped rooms in Europe – a place where audio magic actually happens and sonic dreams come true!” said Hinterholzinger.

API Audio

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Harman Professional Names Associate Director, Sales Information/Systems

Harman Professional names Amanda Divine director, sales information/systems.

Harman Professional has appointed Amanda Divine to the position of Associate Director, Sales Information/Systems.

In this position, Divine will be responsible for the development, implementation and retention of sales information and the systems used to operate the business, overseeing all aspects of the sales organization’s quality and business improvement efforts.

She will report to Jaime Albors, Senior Director, Global Sales Operations, Harman Professional.

Divine began her career in January 1999, when she joined Crown Audio as a Sales Agent. In the more than 14 years since, Divine has held numerous positions with Crown, including Team Leader of Sales Administration and Manager of Sales Support Administration.

For the past three years, Divine has served as Manager of Sales Operations for Harman Professional, where she has led, organized and consolidated the processes used by Harman offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Malaysia.

“In the many years Amanda has been a member of the Harman team, she has been instrumental in helping transform our systems to support a consolidated Harman structure, while improving the ease with which customers can transact business with Harman,” said Jaime Albors, Senior Director, Global Sales Operations, Harman Professional. “Amanda has proven to be a strong leader and an excellent communicator with a unique combination of business and technical expertise.”

“We recognize the success of our business lies in our commitment to customer service as much as the quality of our products, and that the quality of our service hinges on our ability to streamline our internal processes and simplify transactions for the customer,” Divine noted. “I embrace the challenges of this new position and am looking forward to further developing programs that will lead to even more efficient operations.”

Harman Professional

Posted by Julie Clark on 09/11 at 12:57 PM
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