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Church Sound: A Simple Way To Test Loudspeaker Polarity

Few things can affect the quality of a sound as loudspeakers being out of polarity. You can lose bass response, cancel out vocals and cause general phase mayhem in a sound system.

There are many ways to determine polarity; however, here’s a very inexpensive and easy solution to test for proper wiring inside loudspeaker cabinets before installing them, and without running any audio signal through them.

See Thumper, below. It’s my trusted polarity signal injector. Once you build Thumper, simply hook up a loudspeaker cable from its phone jack to whatever cabinet you want to test.

A brief push on the momentary push button will inject a 9-volt positive signal into your loudspeaker drivers. You should then see the woofers push out just a bit. If one pops in while the others push out, you have wiring problems inside the cabinet.

If all of the loudspeakers pop in, then the input jack—or the cable itself—may be wired in reverse.


Thumper can be built from from junk parts, or go to Radio Shack for a little plastic project box, 1/4-inch phone jack, 9-volt battery clip and SPST (Single-Pole/Single-Throw) Normally-Open (N-O) momentary contact switch.

An exact part mounting plan isn’t critical—as long as everything fits inside the case it should work. Just make four solder connections and you’re done. I usually put a small piece of foam under the battery to keep it from rattling around or sliding inside the box.

Thumper works great on loudspeakers both large and small, and the 9-volt output only dumps a 10-watt pulse into them, so it’s safe to use.

What’s not to like?

Mike Sokol is the chief instructor of the HOW-TO Church Sound Workshops. He has 40 years of experience as a sound engineer, musician and author. Mike works with HOW-TO Sound Workshop Managing Partner Hector La Torre on the national, annual HOW-TO Church Sound Workshop tour. Find out more here.

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Gwynedd-Mercy Academy In Pennsylvania Upgrades Gym Sound With Community Loudspeakers

New system offers quality coverage and plenty of flexibility

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy, a Roman Catholic elementary (K-8) school located in Springhouse, PA, has a large, well-designed gymnasium to support its physical education classes and sports events, drama and musical performances, worship services and other school activities.

The gymnasium has a theatrical stage and versatile activity and seating space. However, the gym’s sound system was always a challenge. The school’s activities had outgrown the capabilities of the system and its coverage and sound quality were poor.

To compensate, users would turn up the volume causing feedback and intensifying reverberation. Because of these issues, the school often rented a sound system. The scheduling and cost of these rentals complicated event planning.

Last year school principal Sister Anne Crampsie asked music teacher Sal Scinto to research and propose a new sound system. Through a referral from another school, Scinto contacted Tony Albano of Naaman’s AV in Avondale, PA, and the two designed a versatile new sound system for the gym using Community Professional VERIS2 and R-Series loudspeakers.

The system uses two rows of R.5 loudspeakers distributed over the bleachers and the gym floor and a pair of V2-35 three-way loudspeakers above the stage opening for front fill. A V2-215S subwoofer can be quickly connected to the system for musical events.

For theatrical and musical performances, Albano provided a Soundcraft digital mixer and Shure wireless microphones, and added a Community dSPEC processor for system equalization and configuration. For less complex events, users can bypass the digital mixer and operate the system from simple controls in the equipment rack.

In addition, the system can be subdivided. For sports and other events that do not utilize the stage, the front loudspeakers and subwoofer are turned off. For on-screen presentations and similar events, the distributed loudspeakers are turned off and the system uses only the front loudspeakers annd sub.

Because of this versatility, Scinto says Gwynedd-Mercy Academy no longer needs to rent a system for theatrical or musical performances and everyone’s expectations were satisfied, adding, “the sound quality is excellent, and the response from the speakers is very full and clear.”

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy was designated as a 2007 Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, and named as one of Pennsylvania’s top 10 schools by the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University.

Community Professional

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American School Foundation Chooses Adamson For New Fine Arts Auditorium

The American School Foundation, located in Mexico City, is an academically rigorous, international, university preparatory school that prides itself on dedication to the three A’s of education: Academics, Arts and Athletics.

Recently, in support of the arts, the school built the Ángeles Espinosa Yglesias Fine Arts Center which includes a 650-seat theater that includes box seats and a balcony. An art gallery is also located on the second floor of the building. When it was time to determine sound reinforcement for the new auditorium, the board of trustees called upon Showco SA de CV to design the system.

“We decided to install an Adamson Metrix line array system because it fit the needs of the room perfectly,” explains Mauricio Alva, Audio Manager of Showco. “The sound quality is amazing and it is flexible enough to accommodate the variety of performances the venue will host. The system provides more than enough SPL for the venue size with excellent vocal clarity and a smooth frequency response.”

Alva, along with Francisco Rojas Showco Technical support, designed a left-right line array system consisting of two Metrix-i Sub on the top, followed by eight Metrix-i, and four Metrix-i W for downfill. An additional four Metrix-i W were hung separately for front fill.

Adamson’s Metrix Series 2-way active enclosures are loaded with one 8” Kevlar Neodymium driver to handle the low-mid frequency range while a 1.4” exit compression driver provides smooth top end. Metrix-i boxes have a coverage pattern of 5° vertical by 120° horizontal and produce a slightly curved, iso-phase wave front, while the Metrix-i Wave expands vertical coverage to 15° to act as a perfect downfill solution.

Four Metrix-i Subwoofers are flown to support the low end of the system. The Metrix-i Sub contains two 15” Kevlar Neodymium woofers in a tuned, vented cabinet, which contains both front and back Neutrik NL8™ inputs for easy cardioid use.

“We designed the system using Adamson’s Shooter and Blue Print software – which was very accurate,” adds Alva. “In this type of an installation we need specific, precise coverage in the vertical plane, we could not add any more boxes to the arrays. The software was a key component in ensuring the system design would do what the school required.”

In addition to the standard simulation features found in the company’s Shooter program, Blueprint also includes more advanced features such as 3D mapping, multiple virtual microphone locations for examining frequency response throughout the venue, and multiple source setups. The Shooter files can be uploaded for instant use in Blueprint, which simplifies using both programs.

“The venue is interesting in that is offers a number of different seating configurations along with a mobile floor that moves when an orchestra pit is required,” explains Alva. “Sometimes the box seats are in use and sometimes not. Flexibility was paramount to the design.”

The system is powered by Powersoft K3 DSP+AESOP amplifiers, rack-mounted located on the bridge sound structure. Alva notes that “we have absolute control of all the amps and DSP and monitor gain structure and do impedance tests to the transducers of the line array without having to take down the system. It’s terrific.”

At front-of-house, located in the balcony, Showco specified a Yamaha LS9 console. Audio Technica 5000 Series wireless microphones systems round out the audio package. Teletec de Mexico SA de CV provided installation. The Teletec team hung the line arrays utilizing Adamson’s optional EIR™ Plate System, a reduced cost and weight solution ideal for permanent installations.

“The new system is exactly what we were looking for,” explains Hugo Cabrera at The American School Foundation. “Now we can do any kind of production without any compromise of SPL, frequency response or headroom.”

Adamson Systems

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Martin Audio Opens New MLA Production Facilities

Includes assembly areas, quality control and testing, additional warehousing, and educational space

Martin Audio recently opened new facilities for its MLA (Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array) line, including production and assembly areas, quality control and testing, and additional warehousing.

Designed for MLA, MLA Compact and the new MLA Mini, the facilities provide a space worthy of a premier system series and further improve the company’s overall service to its customers. It was a necessity to develop the new facilities due to the success of the product line, which recently bolstered further with the introduction of the MLA Mini.

The principles of 5S were introduced as an integral part of the new development. 5S originated in Japan and stands for the Japanese words seiri (tidiness), seiton (orderliness), seiso (cleanliness), seiketsu (standardization), and shitsuke (discipline), principles that lead to improved efficiency, service and safety.

Jason Robson, quality manager for Martin Audio, states, “The runaway success that MLA has become meant we needed additional production and warehousing space in order to meet the growing demand. But we also took the opportunity to instill new principles in both the creation of the layout and the day to day running of the facilities. 5S will help guarantee that we not only keep up with demand, but that this is achieved in an efficient manner with the quality our customers expect and this leading system demands.”

Alongside the production elements, the new facilities will also house Martin Audio training sessions for both MLA and OmniLine. Andy Davies, lead applications engineer, notes, “This new space will provide the perfect vehicle for premier training, while enabling us to show people how the product they are being trained on is made.”

Martin Audio

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Challenging Texas Chapel Gets Help From Renkus-Heinz Iconyx

Ability to tightly focus the sound toward the seating areas, and away from walls, windows, and other reflective surfaces, was critical

The Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul in Tyler, TX, has opened its doors after a lengthy construction project, rewarding this east Texas town with a brand-new 13,000-square-foot main building that includes a 650-seat sanctuary that is a beautiful, classically designed structure with a high peaked roof and plenty of ornate wood, marble, and glass. 

“It’s a really impressive architectural design, and the acoustics are ideal for their choir and organ,” explains Jason Brantley, CEO of Longview, TX-based Sound Logic Integrations. “But it’s not so good for the band or for intelligibility.”

The Sound Logic crew was brought in to design the audio for the new building, opting for a system centered around Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable array loudspeakers. A pair of IC16-R-II columns mounted on either side of the proscenium covers the entire room.   

“We originally specified some acoustical treatment to cut down the reverberance a bit,” says Brantley. “But the budget for sound absorption was cut halfway through the project, and we ended up with about a quarter of the treatment we had planned for. That’s where the Iconyx really saved the day.”

Brantley adds that the ability to tightly focus the sound toward the seating areas, and away from walls, windows, and other reflective surfaces, was critical to the success of the audio system design.

“The band and the choir are not on stage—they’re in a choir pocket that’s stage left,” he notes. “The Iconyx enabled us to take the first beam and push it right past where the choir mic is hung, to eliminate any feedback issues. That kind of precision is something we could have only done with the Iconyx.”


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dbx Now Shipping DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System With Mobile App Control

In addition to mobile control, provides new Wizard for faster and easier set-up, new AutoEQ providing touring-quality room EQ, and accurate Advanced Feedback Suppression

dbx Professional is now shipping the new DriveRack PA2 loudspeaker management system, offering a new Wizard for faster and easier set-up, new AutoEQ providing touring-quality room EQ, and accurate Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS).

The DriveRack PA2 can be operated via its front-panel controls and display as well as controlled via Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows mobile devices/laptops using the free dbx PA2 Control App, available at www.dbxpro.com along with the iTunes Store and Google Play. Users have access to a host of configuration menus and on their mobile device or laptop, with full-color graphical displays that give ready visual indications of the parameters being adjusted.

The improved AutoEQ enables automatic and precise equalization of the loudspeakers to the venue in which they’re installed to achieve smoother, more accurate in-room frequency response. The AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression) feature automatically finds and dials out any problematic feedback-producing frequencies.

The PA2 also offers additional system-tuning and sonic optimization capabilities, including dbx compression, graphic and 8-band parametric EQ, a new input delay module for delaying the front of house system to the backline, exclusive Subharmonic Synthesis for enhanced low-frequency response, a built-in loudspeaker crossover (for full-range, 2-way and 3-way systems), limiting, loudspeaker time alignment and many additional features.

“Setting up a PA can be one of the most challenging aspects of live performing, especially for local and semi-pro musicians who have to do it themselves, but the DriveRack PA2 makes the process fast, accurate and stress-free,” states Noel Larson, director of marketing, Harman Signal Processing. “Getting great live sound is now as easy as reaching for your phone or laptop.”

The dbx DriveRack PA2 is available at a suggested retail price of $499.95.

dbx Professional
Harman Professional

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Crown DRIVECORE Install (DCi) Series Network Amplifiers Installed In Sweden Arena

The new system was designed based around eight Crown DCi 4|600N and eight DCi 4|300N networkable power amplifiers.

Himmelstalundshallen is an indoor arena in Norrköping, Sweden that is home to the HC Vita Hasten ice hockey team. The 4,480-seat facility also hosts concerts and other sporting events.

The oval-shaped arena opened in 1977 and even then its audio system would hardly be mistaken for state of the art—making it overdue for an upgrade by Sound contractor Micab under the direction of installation specialist Mikael Bergvall. The arena is the largest in Sweden to install Harman’s Crown DCi Series Network amplifiers.

“In addition to providing clear, intelligible audio we needed to achieve a system that provided equal coverage at every seating area,” said Bergvall.

Working with Christer Lidberg and Jan Hedlund at Swedish Harman distributor Septon Electronics a system was designed based around eight Crown DCi 4|600N and eight DCi 4|300N networkable power amplifiers. The amplifiers are linked together using BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-101 and BLU-160 devices with BLU-Link. Twenty JBL AM5215 loudspeakers complete the installation.

Bergvall pointed out that the Crown DCi Network amplifiers offer a number of advantages not available from conventional amps. Having both Ethernet and BLU link connectivity enables them to be easily networked over long distances and “using BLU-link to network the audio system is extremely cost effective.”

Thanks to their use of energy-efficient DriveCore Technology, the Crown DCi Network amplifiers also use less power and take up less space.

“All of these factors are major assets in performance, ease of installation and savings on long-term operating cost,” Bergvall adds.

The DCi Network amplifiers offer networked monitoring and control via Harman HiQnet Audio Architect system software, and digital audio connectivity using the Harman’s proprietary BLU link as well as analog inputs. In addition to the main system, a Crown ComTech DriveCore CT8150 amplifier is used to power the speakers in the spectator’s entrance.

The JBL AM5215 loudspeakers are hung equally spaced around the perimeter of the arena and aimed into the seats, a configuration that directs the output of the loudspeakers to the seating areas while minimizing reflected sound from the walls and ceiling along with any gaps or overlaps in coverage. The 2-way AM5215 employs a 15-inch woofer and a waveguide that can be rotated horizontally or vertically to facilitate installation in a wider variety of applications.

“The system really came together well and more than met the arena manager’s expectations,” said Bergvall. He noted that the support from HARMAN and Septon was “critical” in ensuring that the system’s components all worked together seamlessly and delivered optimum performance. “The quality of the sound in the Himmelstadlundshallen has been completely transformed. Everyone in every seat now enjoys clear, full range reproduction for game announcements, music and audio.”

The memory of the previous sound system is now just a fading echo.

Crown Audio
BSS Audio

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Bose RoomMatch System Chosen For Legacy United Methodist Church

New worship space for longtime area congregation features state-of-the-art sound thanks to Bose RoomMatch arrays

Legacy United Methodist Church in Bismarck, North Dakota, opened the doors on its new worship space in late fall 2013, just in time for the holiday season. Featuring contemporary worship and music styles, the church hosts several services each weekend to a large and vibrant congregation.

The challenges selecting a sound system were familiar: vocal intelligibility from the pastor and the musicians, a well-balanced sound mix for music, a versatile system for a number of applications, even coverage for the space, and so on. Bismarck-based A/V firm Dakota Sound Systems, Inc., installed a system consisting of RoomMatch loudspeakers from Bose Professional Systems.

It has already proven to be the perfect fit for the church, with rave reviews from the congregation and the church’s pastoral staff alike.

“This project was several years in the making,” notes Jay Griffin, Vice President and Co-Owner of Dakota Sound Systems. “Originally, the plan was different, and we had an entirely separate system specified. The project was shelved for a time and reworked, and when we revisited things, the church made it clear that they wanted the best and latest system.

“This was the perfect opportunity to install our first RoomMatch system. We put together a model of the system for the decision-makers at the church, and it was clear that this would be the right fit for the space and the church’s worship needs.”

The final system consists of the following Bose products: a middle array of RoomMatch RM12040 and RM9020 modules (one unit each), with two RM9060 modules, one on either side of the center array. Processing is handled by a Bose ControlSpace ESP-00 Series II engineered sound processor, and a Bose PowerMatch PM8500 power amplifier handles amplification for the system (an additional PM4250 amplifier powers a separate system in the church’s fellowship area). 

The church’s Worship Pastor Dan Weigel, who leads music ministry, stated, “We are thrilled with this system. I cannot say enough good things about the coverage of the space, the speech intelligibility, and the smooth, balanced sound. We had a complication with some rafters potentially getting in the way of the dispersion, but Dakota Sound personnel were able to quickly compensate using Bose Modeler software.

“Everything is now dialed in perfectly, and it offers us exactly what we need for our style of music and worship. And moving forward, it is versatile enough to handle just about anything we could throw at it, application-wise.”

Griffin continues, “I had not personally been present at the RoomMatch training sessions, so it was unclear to me exactly what this system would be like in comparison to the system we originally specified. Now that I have experienced the system, I can confidently state that it offers great speech intelligibility, but it can be a smack-you-in-the-face music system too.

“It covers the whole gamut. And it fills the space really well. We’re happy with the way it turned out, and comments from the church have all been positive. It’s an amazing group of products.”

Bose Professional Systems

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Line Array Selected For Spring Hill Baptist Church In Florida

Church leadership identified sound quality, dependability and value as the leading factors in their decision

Spring Hill Baptist Church (Spring Hill, FL) recently selected a VUE Audiotechnik al-4 compact line array as the centerpiece of a system upgrade within its worship sanctuary.

Working with Atlantic Pro Audio, church leadership identified sound quality, dependability and value as the leading factors in their decision to move ahead with the VUE al-4 after a thorough search and audition process.

“This church took their install very seriously, and was absolutely determined to explore multiple options before making a final call,” explains Atlantic Pro Audio’s Bobbie Bennett. “They sent a total of six people to a demo at our Altamonte Springs location—a two hour drive. After listening to multiple systems from several well known brands, their selection of the VUE al-4 was ultimately unanimous.” 

This was one of the very first VUE installations for the team at Atlantic Pro Audio after first hearing the al-4 line array at the 2013 InfoComm show in Orlando, just a few short months after the product’s introduction. Subsequently, the company arranged for a demo system of its own.

“We spent a few days with the al-4 at our facility before showing it to any customers,” says Craig Beyrooti, founder and CEO at Atlantic Pro Audio. “We were impressed by the fullness and warmth of the VUE line array.”

He adds, “It’s clear the VUE designers have experience working the real world. The al-4’s coverage is so well defined and it’s incredibly easy to scale up or down as needed.”

Predictable pattern control was critical for the Spring Hill’s traditionally vocal heavy services. The church’s narrow space, rear balcony, and abundant reflective surfaces demanded tightly defined coverage. What’s more, the room’s architectural elements called for minimal visual impact.

“The al-4’s coverage is so well defined that we were able to do a very discreet center hang consisting of eight boxes,” explained Beyrooti. “The installation and setup went very smoothly. We used nothing more than splay angles to achieve ideal coverage from left to right, front to back, as well as the balcony. And the sound quality of the al-4 is simply amazing.”

A VUE V4 Systems Engine provides power and processing for the al-4 line array, while a pair of VUE-18a powered subwoofers deliver additional low frequency extension. An external delay processor ensures optimized time alignment between the subs and array.

“We are very pleased with the system,” concludes Spring Hill’s Doug Boog. “We love how compact the system is and how great it sounds. It’s exactly the combination we were hoping for.”

VUE Audiotechnik

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ARC-Productions First Belgian Company To Back Martin Audio MLA Platform

Purchases 16-enclosure Martin Audio MLA Compact and Mini PA rigs

Belgian pro audio and lighting specialists ARC-Productions has confirmed the purchase of 16-enclosure Martin Audio MLA Compact and Mini PA rigs, the first company in that country to do so.

Based near Ghent in Flanders, Marc De Baets’ sales and rental company has a long history with Martin Audio dating back to the purchase of a W8 Compact in 2001. He has subsequently invested in WT2, LE1200 and 1500s, WS 218X subs and W8LC.

“His complete speaker inventory has been made up of Martin Audio for many years,” notes Steven Kemland of FACE, the manufacturer’s Belgian distributor, who serviced the recent order.

De Baets had been operating under his own name before setting up ARC-Productions at the end of 2008 and had been in conversation with Kemland about the MLA from its inception. “The first time I heard the MLA was on the Summerfestival in Antwerp three ago,” he remembers. “I was particularly impressed with the MLX subs, not only the output but also the weight.

“The biggest advance of the MLA system is the even coverage, making it a great tool to counter undesired noise pollution, a very hot topic in Belgium. The compact size and weight, requiring less truck space, were other advantages.” Marc was also present at the MLA Compact European launch in London last year.

Kemland adds, “Marc first heard the MLA Mini in our demo room. The full MLA system is too big for a mid-range company but with MLA Compact and MLA Mini—supplemented by some DD6 and XD12 or DD12 cabinets—it is possible to manage any job between 100 and 10,000 capacity.”

De Baets had initially planned to buy only the MLA Mini version to run alongside his existing W8LC, but after considering the importance of the sound pollution problem in Belgium, he opted for a complete change and purchased 16 x MLA Mini and 16 x MLA Compact, with four MSX subs planned for next year. Meanwhile the system will be run with ARC-Productions’ WS218X subs.

Delivery is planned for the beginning of April, with system training in Belgium and the system will make its major debut at Leiepop Festival in early May before going on to do other festival work (as well as servicing ARC-Productions’ other busy work program).

Kemland states, “Having conducted a lot of MLA demos, which have really got the market talking, it is important to have followed this up with our first system sale in Belgium. This investment is a big step up for ARC-Productions and gives them the opportunity for growth.”

In summary Marc De Baets promises this is just the start of his adventure into the world of MLA. “I really believe in this new technology,” he concludes.

Martin Audio

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meyer Sound Launches New Website Design

Improvements make finding critical information easier for customers

Meyer Sound has launched a new website, redesigned to streamline the navigation of essential product information and enhance the overall user experience. Check it out here.

In addition to its more pleasing appearance, the new website highlights a number of improvements that make finding critical information easier for customers. They include more intuitive product selection parameters that enable quicker access to product descriptions, datasheets, operating instructions, and AutoCAD files. The improved support page gives more direct access to tools like the Amperage/BTU Calculator and rigging guides.

The Meyer Sound website provides access to product information, technical support resources, webinar archives, videos, and project stories, all of which combine to give an overview of the company’s solutions. Website users can continue to download software updates, subscribe to company product and education news, register to attend seminars and webinars, and find Meyer Sound dealers, distributors, and rental providers.

Meyer Sound

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Community Completes New Loudspeaker Test Facility

Community has opened a new, state-of-the-art indoor test facility at its factory in Chester, Pennsylvania USA.

In keeping with its commitment to accurate and complete loudspeaker technical data, Community has opened a new, state-of-the-art indoor test facility at its factory in Chester, Pennsylvania USA.  Designed by Charlie Hughes of Excelsior Audio and operated by Senior Measurement Technician, Hadi Sumoro, the new test facility enables loudspeaker measurements with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

With its indoor location, the new facility makes it possible to control temperature and humidity.  It eliminates wind problems and minimizes interference from outside noise sources. This allows Community engineers to accurately measure complex loudspeaker data and to gather polar data in precise 1-degree resolution. Measurements are automated with an ELF robotic rotator system controlled by EASERA software.

The new test facility follows in the footsteps of a long tradition of loudspeaker measurements at Community. Community’s first test facility was a 32-foot-high tower built in 1975 on a southeast Pennsylvania hilltop which provided measurements that closely corresponded to anechoic chamber standards and established Community as an early leader in providing accurate loudspeaker specifications.

In 1981, Community built a semi-anechoic room in its factory to manually collect spherical propagation data of loudspeakers using Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) technology developed by Richard Heyser and Gerald Stanley. In 1994, Community built a new outdoor test facility extending from the third floor of its factory building in Chester. 

At 40 feet above the ground and with a microphone to loudspeaker distance of 39 feet, this system is still utilized today and uses TDS software to collect far-field and free-space data and to minimize outdoor noise and reflections. The outdoor test system provides the ability to measure low-frequency loudspeakers in near-free-space conditions.

Regarding the new test facility, Community’s Director of Technical Services, Dave Howden said, “Community’s outdoor measurement systems were an important resource for our TAG (Technical Applications Group) Group as we worked with systems designers and end users. Now, this new indoor facility provides phase data and other new information for systems designers and will help Community’s engineering team design the next generation of great loudspeakers.”


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Chinese Manufacturer Donlim Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Adamson Systems

An Adamson Energía system was called in to reinforce a concert for 10,000 celebrating Chinese small household appliance manufacturer Donlim’s 25th anniversary.

The outdoor concert, featuring popular Chinese artists Sun Nan, Mao Ning and Sun Yue, drew a tremendous crowd at the campus of Shunde Polytechnic vocational college.

The Adamson system was provided by DMX, a prominent professional audio and distribution company headquartered in Guangzhou, China. The sound company provided left/right line arrays of six E15 and four E12 enclosures. A total of 12 T21 subwoofers provided for low end – six stacked on the left and right of the stage.

“The Adamson system sounded excellent,” adds Chen Luò, FOH engineer for Sun Nan. “I’ve worked with a lot of different PAs and was impressed with the sound – it was very stable and balanced throughout the entire show.”

Infill was also covered with Adamson enclosures. Two arrays of four SpekTrix and two SpekTrix subwoofers were tasked with the job and performed admirably.

“The system performed extremely well,” explains David Dohrmann, Senior Applications Engineer, Adamson Systems. “We were covering an area of 120 x 80 meters and it sounded great in every seat.”

The day before the event Realmusic, Adamson’s main distributor in Russia, and DMX hosted a professional audio training event featuring Adamson Systems loudspeaker technology at Tian Technology Park and Technology Exchange Center in the Pan yu District, Guangzhou City.  The day-long event featured technical seminars, interactive quizzes and other educational aspects of audio as well as complete demonstrations of the full Adamson product line. The day culminated with a trip to the outdoor venue where the Adamson Energía system was set-up for the Donlim concert.

“More than 150 Chinese audio professionals came to hear the demonstration and left extremely impressed with the sheer volume obtained from a system with such a small footprint,” adds Dohrmann.  “The outdoor venue provided the ideal environment to evaluate all of the features and benefits of the larger Adamson line array system.”

Many of the rental companies on site also commented on how easy the system was to set-up as well as the efficiency of the design – making it ideal for rental inventory. But most importantly, “The sound was in your face even 50 meters away,” one attendee concluded.

Adamson Systems

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Harman Professional Names Prosound Distributor For Albania

Harman Professional has appointed Prosound of Tirana as distributor in Albania for its AKG, BSS, Crown, dbx, JBL Professional, Lexicon and Soundcraft product lines.

Harman Professional has appointed Prosound of Tirana as distributor in Albania for its AKG, BSS, Crown, dbx, JBL Professional, Lexicon and Soundcraft product lines.

As Prosound is also the existing Albanian distributor for Martin Professional lighting, the company is positioned to address all the key vertical markets where Harman Professional is active in the country.

Prosound began operations in 2006, beginning with a small rental system and growing its business every subsequent year. The company is involved in the most prestigious sound and lighting projects in Albania, serving customers, dealers and contractors as a one-stop solution.

Prosound offers unparalleled service in the region for concerts, corporate events and other staging applications, while also installing systems in Albania’s most prestigious clubs, bars, retail outlets and cultural venues.

“With Harman we are more solid than ever and we will elevate Harman’s presence in Albania to the top—where it belongs!” said Kliton Gjika, Managing Director, Prosound. “As Harman’s regional distributor, we will deliver our services with professionalism and after-sales care, backed up by clear and effective strategies.”

“At Harman, we are placing an increased focus on integration between product lines as we seek to address crucial vertical markets,” said Jamie Ward, Senior Sales Manager, EMEA Central, Harman Professional. “We see a wealth of opportunities in Albania and Prosound is poised to deliver on these opportunities thanks to its depth of experience in the markets we serve!”

Harman Professional

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Touring Musician Jamie Kent Relies on Bose L1 Systems On The Road

The L1 system helps Kent dial in his band’s sound for venues nationwide, and the support he receives from Bose staff are the perfect fit for the independent troubadour

Jamie Kent is a cut above the average singer-songwriter. Not merely an acclaimed musical act and creative voice with soulful and rootsy influences, Kent is fiercely independent and entrepreneurial, creating a unique business model (known as “The Collective”) that has helped him build his fanbase from the ground up. He has since expanded “The Collective” concept to “The Collective Music Group,” which sees Kent consulting other artists on how to build their fanbases after Kent’s example.

As he tours the country with his band, Kent travels with two L1 Model II systems from Bose Professional Systems.

Relying on the sound of the L1 systems and working with the artist community of fellow Bose L1 users, Kent has been able to advance his career by thrilling audiences with accomplished performances and building strong relationships with other like-minded independent artists.

A few years ago, Kent connected with Matt Szlachetka, the primary guitarist/vocalist for California-based act The Northstar Session. The two bonded over their shared roots (the same hometown in western Massachusetts), and Szlachetka got Kent in touch with Bose and exposed him to the L1 system, which he has used ever since. Immediately, the Bose team welcomed Kent into the fold, forging a close relationship that Kent values to this day. “My Bose people are my close friends, and they would do anything for me,” Kent notes. “The level of support that Bose provides is something that you don’t see from many companies.”

The L1 Model II systems have been a more-than-welcome addition to Kent-and-band’s stage setup. Running through the L1 systems are vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, banjo and accordion. For the full band lineup, Kent will use two L1 systems, and shows with a streamlined lineup will usually use a single L1 Compact system.

“The sound of the L1 system is just what we need – things sound right and pure, which makes us comfortable on stage,” Kent notes. “I am admittedly very picky about my vocals, and the L1 system helps me capture an authentic quality when I sing. And we couldn’t believe how light and easy to pack it was – with the amount of gear we have, that was key.

“Aside from that, what we really appreciate is the automated and customizable settings. Each venue is different, but once we get a sound dialed in, we can call it up and tweak accordingly. The on-board instrument presets on the T1 ToneMatch audio engine help bring out the natural qualities of each instrument, which we can also alter when we need to.

“Things started out amazing when we first used the L1 Model II system, and they’ve just gotten better and better as we have homed in on our sound. It’s like traveling with your own sound guy, because the settings are matched to you every night.”

“The Northstar Session and other artists that we work with are very close – we all support each other and help each other with booking and playing shows,” he states. “It’s a tightly knit community, and it has helped all of us grow in our careers while making good friends and inspiring one another. And Bose is there too, helping us grow in a big way. It’s a great thing to be a part of.”

Bose Professional Systems

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