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Meyer Sound LEO Powers Metallica’s First Shows In China

The core flown LEO system comprised main front hangs of 18-each LEO-M line array loudspeakers, 32 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements deployed in dual steerable arrays, and a Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system featuring four Galileo Callisto 616 array processors and one Galileo 616 AES processor.

For the band’s first-ever performances in China, heavy metal legends Metallica delivered two packed shows at Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena.

A Meyer Sound Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system was deployed by Ling Hua ProSLV.

“I was immediately struck by the linearity of the LEO system, even when it was pushed to very high levels,” says Freddy Kot, chief engineer for Ling Hua ProSLV. “Even with sustained readings of over 112 dB at FOH, there was no distortion. And of course, the audience was just ecstatic with what they heard.”

The system configuration for the show was handled by “Big Mick” Hughes, Metallica’s long-time FOH engineer, with assistance from consultant “dB Dave” Dennison. The core flown LEO system comprised main front hangs of 18-each LEO-M line array loudspeakers, 32 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements deployed in dual steerable arrays, and a Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system featuring four Galileo Callisto 616 array processors and one Galileo 616 AES processor.

“The mix position was placed quite a long way from the stage so as to avoid taking up good audience seats,” says Hughes. “This wasn’t really problematic as the main LEO system easily threw that far. The crowd was great and sang along to a lot of the songs, despite the language barrier.”

Rounding out FOH reinforcement were dual side hangs of 14-each MILO line array loudspeakers, six MICA line array loudspeakers for down fill, six MILO loudspeakers for front and lower corner fill, and 18 floor-stacked 700-HP subwoofers.

On stage, 20 Meyer Sound monitors were placed around the band’s two-level platform, with twin hangs of five-each MICA loudspeakers for side fill.

Hughes mixed behind a Midas XL8 console, while monitor engineer Bob Cowan and monitor assist Adam Correia manned Midas PRO9 and PRO2 boards. On stage, Metallica’s vocals were captured by Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphones.

Meyer Sound

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alcons LR24 Is The Beef At Hamburg’s ELBJAZZ festival

Hamburger ELBJAZZ festival 2013 saw the deployment of Alcons Audio’s LR24 pro-ribbon line-array.

With more than 15,000 visitors and a total of 60 concerts, this year’s Hamburgs ELBJAZZ festival was a tremendous success. The festival takes place in several locations of the Port of Hamburg and HafenCity in Germany.

The general sound and light contractor for the event was ProfiMusik from Lüneburg, Germany.

The main stage, positioned inside the shipyard of Blohm+Voss, utilized Alcons Audio LR24 pro-ribbon line arrays.

The mid-sized 3-way pro-ribbon line-array, consisting of 8x LR24 cabinets per side, was complemented by 4x VR8 ultra-compact pro-ribbon monitor as near fills and 12x BQ211 carbon 21-inch quarter-wave subwoofer in cardioid arrangement, as sub extension.

The system was powered and controlled by 4pcs. Alcons Sentinel10 (4ch. DSP) amplified loudspeaker controller per LR24 array. Further Sentinel10s were used for controlling the subwoofer systems.

Tobias Lange (managing partner ProfiMusik), technical production manager for ELBJAZZ and one of the first testers of the new Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers: “The Sentinel amplifiers are in terms of weight, power and sound experience ahead of time.”

“All Alcons systems are characterized by an incredibly clear and lifelike resolution at mid and high frequencies,” explains Jonas Hellberg, managing partner ProfiMusik. “They offer an unparalleled homogeneity of the sound stage, both at low as well as high sound pressure levels.”

The LR24 easily covered the audience of 8,000 that came to hear the Main Stage entertainment. 

“The LR24 system allows a sonic experience that has undoubtedly contributed to the exclusivity of this festival,” adds Tina Heine, organizer of the festival. “Our collaboration with ProfiMusik and Alcons Audio was visionary, as the partners thought, planned and implemented within the meaning of the festival. For this we are very grateful.”

In addition to the LR24 on the Main Stage, further Alcons systems were used in the Fischauktionshalle (Fish auction hall); Initially for Jazz Echo and subsequently for the Elbjazz festival, 16x Alcons LR7 micro pro-ribbon line-arrays and 18x LR14 ultra-compact line arrays were deployed, with another 4x Alcons VR8 as near-fills.

With these systems, the Fischauktionshalle was sonically reinforced to the highest standard, despite the acoustic difficulties resulting from the hall’s architecture.

“The high precision of LR systems in terms of directionality and sound stage clearly enabled us to execute this task much easier,” says Jonas Hellberg.

Alcons Audio

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Harman Professional Releases HiQnet Audio Architect Version 1.1

Harman Professional enhances Architectural Media Systems with release of HiQnet Audio Architect Version 1.1

Harman Professional has announced the introduction of its HiQnet Audio Architect version 1.1 professional audio configuration and control platform.

The upgrade brings new functionality and features, including control of Audinate Dante-enabled devices, enhanced functionality for BSS Audio and Crown products, better on-screen control interfaces and other improvements.

Audio Architect is the software element of Harman’s Architectural Media Systems, and is a single control platform for all devices in a HiQnet sound system, from microphone to speaker. 

Harman Architectural Media Systems combines the processing power of BSS Audio and Crown Audio’s category leading amplifier technology with the configuration and control capabilities of HiQnet Audio Architect. 

This solution provides audio professionals with a complete, versatile platform available for small to large-scale AV system design, with the single point accountability of one-stop comprehensive support and logistics. 

Architectural Media Systems provides networked audio connectivity via the designer’s choice of AVB, Harman’s proprietary BLU Link bus, Cirrus CobraNet or Audinate Dante.

To facilitate system setup, Audio Architect 1.1 utilizes graphical, diagrammatic representations of the installed or live sound venue, and the components and loudspeakers in the system.

Devices “understand” both their physical and logical placement – in racks, arrays and rooms – and the software “learns” how they are to be used in the real world, while offering extensive setup and configuration capabilities, now further enhanced with version 1.1.

Audio Architect 1.1 now supports the Audinate Dante-enabled BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-806 signal processor and BLU-326 I/O expander devices.

Version 1.1 also enables signal naming and signal following in the software’s BSS Soundweb London Route Audio Mode, giving users the ability to trace signals quickly and easily through the open architecture of a BSS Soundweb London device and between Soundweb London devices over the network.

“The release of Audio Architect 1.1 reflects Harman Professional’s continued commitment to offering universal networking solutions with multiple transport options – Harman’s own BLU link bus, Audinate Dante and CobraNet are all configurable in Audio Architect today,” explains Adam Holladay, Market Manager, Harmen System Development and Integration Group.

“In a future version, AVB support will also be added, rounding out Audio Architect’s readiness for any networking application.” 

Further incorporating London Architect functionality, Audio Architect version 1.1 offers Soundweb London devices both 96kHz support and adds a FIR Filter Processing Object.

In addition, Soundweb London Parameter presets and Device presets and can be dragged directly into controls in the Custom Panel Designer.

Version 1.1 now provides support for the Crown DCi 8|600N model of the DriveCore Install Network Series networkable amplifiers, which have BLU link connectivity and point-to-point audio networking compatibility with the Soundweb London family. 

Version 1.1 also supports the Crown USBX accessory that enables Crown XTi, CDi and DSi Series amplifiers with a USB port to be operated via an Apple iPad or iPhone.

Audio Architect 1.1’s Full Screen Mode has been improved, enabling it to more effectively run as a control application.

Full Screen Mode is designed for the day-to-day operator and makes essential control panels and options readily available for each user, application and project.

Harman Architectural Media Systems is engineered to provide the best user experience for the designer right through to the operator. 

The systems are built upon a foundation of over 40 years of combined networking expertise, and provide category-leading scalability via distributed DSP architecture and the most transport-agnostic, flexible approach to audio network design.

Version 1.1 provides a number of additional enhancements and capabilities; more details are available athttp://archimedia.Harman.com.

Harman Professional

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Mumford & Sons Brings Babel To North America On L-Acoustics

Solotech deploys K1 System for summer and fall tour legs, while LD Systems does likewise for "Gentlemen of the Road" festival dates

Following the 2010 release of Sigh No More and relentless international touring, Mumford & Sons’ rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric.

Currently supporting its newest album, Babel, the band has once again been back on the road with “The Full English” tour, which marks its second sweep across North America this year.

Montreal, Canada-based Solotech has been providing L-Acoustics concert sound systems and support for “The Full English” as well as the band’s May/June “Summer Stampede” leg. Systems and support for August/September’s “Gentlemen of the Road” (GOTR) two-day stopover shows have been provided by fellow Rental Network company LD Systems of Houston, Texas.

According to Jamie Howieson, Mumford & Sons’ audio system engineer and sound designer, the production crew has been deploying 28 K1 mains and six KARA down-fills, plus 16 K1-SB flown subs with 16 SB28 below for most shed dates. Out-fill hangs are comprised of 24 KUDO, with 10 dV-DOSC for lip-fill.

Arena shows are typically reinforced via 32 K1 and 12 KARA, paired with 16 K1-SB and 16 SB28. Out-fill hangs consist of 24 K1 with 12 KARA down-fills, and lip-fill is accomplished via a dozen dV-DOSC.

GOTR festival dates, which have each boasted sell-out crowds of 40,000 fans, take advantage of 24 K1 for mains, 20 more K1 for out-fill, and 16 K1-SB and 16 SB28 for low end. Three delay towers featuring a combined total of 24 K1 and six KARA provide extended throw, and LA-RAK touring racks each loaded with LA8 amplified controllers have provided system power and processing for all shows.

With Mumford & Sons performing largely on traditional acoustic-style instruments—albeit plugged into Marshall, Orange and other amplifiers—the band is known for its energy and huge dynamic range in concert. From ultra-quiet to roaringly loud, Howieson notes that he and FOH engineer Chris Pollard have been duly impressed with the performance of the L-Acoustics rig.

“Chris is very comfortable mixing on K1 and is achieving some fantastic mixes from night to night,” he says. “This system lends itself very nicely to the band’s sonic requirements and we’ve been hearing many compliments from local promoters at the venues on its musicality and coverage, both of which are remarkable.

“I’ve also been very pleased with how quickly we can fly everything, which frees up more time for system optimization and sound check. In short, the equipment and support from L-Acoustics, Solotech and LD Systems have been excellent.”


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IsoAcoustics Now Shipping New Acoustic Isolation Stands For Subwoofers

IsoAcoustics is now shipping the new ISO-L8R200SUB Stands, which is are specifically designed for subwoofers in both the professional, project and home studio environments.

IsoAcoustics Inc. is now shipping the new ISO-L8R200SUB Stands, which is are specifically designed for subwoofers in both the professional,  project and home studio environments.

The IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200SUB is designed to work with all types of subwoofers in delivering more punch and articulate sound. 

Like all the IsoAcoustics models, the ISO-L8R200SUB is designed to clean up acoustic issues with the subwoofer, allowing it to literally float on axis, while reducing the low frequencies from being driven into the supporting surface. The ISO-L8R200SUB reduces structural vibrations, cleans up bass smear and other acoustic issues.

““IsoAcoustics is continually developing acoustic isolation products which bring out the very best in any sound system,” says IsoAcoustics Founder Dave Morrison. “We are thrilled to introduce the new ISO-L8R200Sub stands for subwoofers, giving professionals and all music lovers the ability to bring out the very best in their subwoofers.”

Measuring 7.8” wide by 10” deep and 5” high, the ISO-L8R200 Sub is designed to accommodate most subwoofers, and can be used as a single unit, or combined with additional units for larger subwoofers.

They are available at retailers throughout the U.S., Canada and many other countries worldwide.

The IsoAcoustics ISO- L8R200SUB stand has a MSRP of $64.99 U.S.


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Mexico’s Hardpop Club Upgrades To Danley Sound Labs

Over the past two years, the Hardpop Club has – with the help of North Carolina-based Clarity, Inc. – switched out its old sound system for a Danley Sound Labs system.

The Hardpop Club in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico is a beacon to serious DJs and electronic musicians around the world.

The club is regularly filled to its 500-person capacity and international DJ and club publications consistently rank it within the top one hundred clubs globally.

Over the past two years, the Hardpop Club has – with the help of North Carolina-based Clarity, Inc. – switched out its old sound system for a cutting-edge Danley Sound Labs system.

Artists and fans alike are hailing the new sound at Hardpop Club as state-of-the-art. In addition, Danley’s new optional club aesthetic makes a bold visual statement that underscores the uniqueness of Tom Danley’s designs.

“Hardpop Club is in a city that is attempting to recover from the bad reputation it gained during Mexico’s drug wars,” said Bill Weir, vice president of technology at Clarity and the mastermind behind the club’s sound design.  “The owner feels that he has to go above and beyond to attract A-list performers from around the world.

“He wanted a new sound system that would be unique and that would reinforce Hardpop Club’s position as a leader in the industry.”

With its focus squarely on the music – most of the club’s patrons are electronic music fans first and club-goers only second – that meant taking the new sound system to the next level.

“Clubs are obligated to refresh their sound and look every so often and Hardpop Club was due for an upgrade,” explained Rich Mason, president of Clarity. “Electronic dance music is one of the most demanding forms of music on a sound system because its creators fully and deliberately exploit the entire frequency range – from 20Hz to 20kHz.

“Rather uniquely, Danley offers a lot of legitimacy in the low end, particularly the bottom octave. Beyond supplying a ton of bass, Danley subwoofers are truly musical. Because Danley full-range boxes are horns, we can keep energy off the walls, and their phase coherency is phenomenal.

“Hearing a loud Danley system is a unique experience because it is devoid of the distortions inherent to conventional subwoofer and loudspeaker designs.”

Four Danley SH-96HO full-range boxes paired with four Danley DBH-218 subwoofers comprise the main output of Hardpop Club’s new system. Because of their excellent pattern control, which extends octaves below conventional designs, Weir was able to toe the SH-96HOs in to keep energy off the walls and on the main floor, reducing the room’s decay time by 300ms.

Four Danley SM-96 full-range boxes paired with four Danley TH-118 subwoofers fill in the sound from the back of the room.

Weir was careful to use the DSP capabilities of the Powersoft K- and M-Series amplifiers to properly delay all of the system components so that everything sums in phase in the middle of the room.

A pair of Danley SH-46s and a pair of Danley TH-212 subwoofers at the DJ booth inspire great performances. A Lake LM44 DSP provides modest overall system tuning.

“Working with Danley on this project was great,” said Mason. “We suggested a number of add-ons or options that would raise the Danley brand in the eyes of club owners, and they took us up on every one.

“The most conspicuous suggestion was a bold color contrast between the horn and the rest of the box. For Hardpop Club, the horns are red and the boxes are black. It doesn’t even look like a speaker!”

Danley Sound Labs

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Be Media Selects VUE i-Class Systems For Buffalo Wild Wings

Popular restaurant chain joins a rapidly expanding list of VUE loudspeaker installations underway at Be Media

Citing exceptional sound quality and value, AV design firm Be Media recently selected VUE Audiotechnik i-Class for a system upgrade at the popular Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and sports bar franchise.

“For the most recent Buffalo Wild Wings installation, we were asked to design and build an audiovisual system that balanced great sound with durability,” explained David Sayah, VP of Operations for Be Media. “We’d been following VUE’s arrival on the scene with great interest, so we decided to give their i-Class a listen.

“We were immediately impressed with their overall sound quality and exceptional value.”

The Be Media team specified a combination of VUE i-8, i-6 and i-2x4.5 surface mount systems, along with is-15a powered subwoofers.

The i-8s serve the main dining/bar area and are configured into circular array clusters using the supplied VUE mounting hardware. A combination of i-6 and i-2x4.5 systems provide ancillary sound reinforcement for the remainder of the restaurant.

“Over the years we’ve tried almost every commercial loudspeaker line out there,” continued Sayah. “VUE’s i-Class delivers great performance and build quality. I feel very confident that the VUE systems will serve our customers reliably for many years to come.”

The early success at Buffalo Wild Wings has encouraged Be Media to specify VUE i-Class systems for a growing list of projects including several clubs, multi-use entertainment facilities, and even a major theme park.

“Client satisfaction is our number one objective,” explained Be Media’s President and CEO, Mohammad Ahmadi. “So far we’ve received nothing but positive feedback about the VUE speakers. We’re extremely pleased and feel very confident that moving forward with VUE will produce many more positive results for our clients and their guests.”

VUE Audiotechnik
Be Media

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Renkus-Heinz Key Component Of Poland’s Public Transportation Stations

Renkus-Heinz digitally steerable systems are a key part of the audio solution in three of Poland's major train stations.

Thanks in large part to funding as one of the EU’s latest members, Poland is investing heavily in its public transport, and Renkus-Heinz digitally steerable systems are a key part of the audio solution in three of the country’s major train stations.

The EU’s expansion in 2004 brought Poland into the European Union, and the ensuing grants from Brussels have been wisely invested into major public projects to refresh the country’s infrastructure.

The result is a new look for 21st century Poland. Western Europe-standard motorways now link Poland’s major cities, and the country’s rail system is quickly being brought up to modern high-speed standards.

Three main train stations, each a key part of the country’s updated rail infrastructure, are Warsaw East, Wroclaw and Katowice. Once aging architectural icons, all are now technological marvels, incorporating full international health and safety standards.

Regional and international trains link to the Europe-wide high-speed network, and many ‘hub’ stations have now been redeveloped to include shopping malls. A major part of this is the installation of PA/VA systems which accompany video screens displaying train arrival and departure details.

System integrators M.Ostrowski sp.j. has been contracted to provide audio solutions for Warsaw East, Wroclaw, and Katowice stations. In each, while the architecture and loudspeaker locations details differ, the overall concept has been the same.

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digital beam steering arrays, networked over CobraNet via a redundant fiber optical network and controlled by RHAON, complement digital signage in the most acoustically difficult areas of huge booking halls, shopping malls and platform spaces.

Warsaw (East) is a hub station, with many lines interconnecting locally, regionally, and internationally. One of the city’s main rail interchanges, its huge, glass-walled airport style building never boasted user friendly acoustics, but M.Ostrowski’s solution changed all that. STRABAG company was the General Contractor and SYGNITY company was the subcontractor.

This was a common theme of the three contracts, in which measurable acoustical intelligibility was the most important aspect of the audio installations in large, hard surfaced halls. Passengers, finally, would be able to hear announcements in complete clarity, thanks to Iconyx technology’s exceptional STI delivery.

The fully networked design includes a very impressive text-to-voice simulation for regular train announcements, with each station also having manual override in case of train delays. The main hall, a glorious sunlit space where digital signage is flanked by four IC16-R arrays, delivers the essential visual and audio information.

The smaller area for local trains is covered by three Renkus-Heinz IC8 units, while 13 SG61-2Rs and three SG612S-2Rs cover the restaurant area. System distribution is handled by a Yamaha DME64 with CobraNet card, an HP ProCurve and a DME8oC Yamaha CobraNet to analogue output converter. Commissioning was the work of Jim Mobley from Renkus-Heinz and M. Ostrowski’s Michał Popławski.

The second station is Wrocław Główny (main train station), a 15,000 sq m project that restored this 150 year old monument in grand style. In this stunning building upper-level multiple train platforms reside under a classic curved roof. The refurbishment won the 2012 RICS [Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors] Regeneration Award.

The new €78m passenger concourse and shopping mall on the lower level has a series of 10 Iconyx IC8-R loudspeakers, plus a pair of IC16-Rs that (almost invisibly) flank giant digital video displays in stereo pairs. In this typically reverberant space, the announcements’ calmness verges on the uncanny. Here, the general contractor was Budimex, the installations supplier, TKTelekom and the audio installations subcontractor M.Ostrowski in cooperation with Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J.

Along with ceiling speakers suspended above the platforms the rest of the list is largely as at Warsaw - a DME64 processor with CobraNet and analogue input/output cards, while the Yamaha processor is fed from APS APROSYS input modules. Again an electronic text-to-speech simulator serves the audio information for passengers.

The third installation is the train station in Katowice in Silesia, Poland, which features 10 IC16/8-Rs, with Dynacord P64 distribution and a Yamaha DME8oC CobraNet-to-analogue converter. An HP ProCurve serves part of the system’s redundant Ethernet network distribution. The general contractor for this project was STRABAG, the installations supplier TKTelekom and the commissioning was done by M.Ostrowski.

Łukasz Toboła comments: “The Iconyx loudspeakers have enabled us to provide good speech intelligibility, even in a hall that is quite complicated acoustically. The train company and station managers are very satisfied with the quality of sound, and with the excellent speech intelligibility. And that combination, I think, is the main feature that puts us on a higher level than other popular loudspeakers.”


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Australia’s Hurricanes Grill Restaurant Relies On Harman

Hurricanes Grill in Australia installs new Harman-based audio solution consisting of JBL loudspeakers and BSS Audio processing powered by Crown amplifiers.

Looking to provide a comprehensive audio solution with the necessary power and flexibility for a full-service restaurant, systems integrator Constant Technology Pty Ltd. recommended an all-Harman solution for Australian’s latest Hurricanes Grill location.

Local Harman distributor, Jands, provided all the components utilized in the installation. Considered the company’s flagship restaurant, Hurricanes Grill Brighton Le Sands is an expansive venue, which features waterfront views overlooking a nearby beach.

The system had to be high-performance yet cost-effective. It was also essential the speakers would not be visible while still delivering quality sound and distribution throughout the restaurant.

According to Con Constantinou, Managing Director, Constant Technology Pty Ltd., the client, Steve Sidd, was concerned a JBL and BSS Audio solution would not be within his budget. 

“Once we presented the quote to the client he was really surprised at how cost-effective the solution was,” explained Constantinou.

The venue consists of six audio zones that are powered by a range of Crown amplifiers. Six black JBL Control 47LP ceiling speakers cover the entry zone and four ceiling mounted JBL Control 52 speakers cover the main bar zone. 

Seven JBL Control 47LP ceiling speakers and a pair of JBL Control 40CS/T ceiling subwoofers cover the dining area.

Six JBL Control 25AV Surface mount speakers, filled out with stainless steal grilles that provide an IP5 weather rating, cover the verandah zone.

“It sounds great and the sound distribution works really well,” commented Constantinou. “Our client was initially surprised by the amount of speakers we wanted to install but it was necessary to ensure there were no dead spots.”

In addition, the Tapas zone has two JBL Control 47LP ceiling speakers, two JBL Control 25AV surface mount speakers and a JBL Control 40CS/T ceiling subwoofer.

A pair of JBL 8128 ceiling speakers cover the bathroom zone.

The system is controlled by a BSS BLU-100 networked signal processor. To eliminate the need for BSS wall controllers, the BSS software was customized and loaded onto the venue’s computers. 

“We loaded a custom interface onto their PC’s so that they can control all the zones, inputs and volume from every point of sale terminal and managers PC,” said Constantinou.

“The client trusted us and is very happy with the sound distribution in his venue and the functionality of the BSS,” explained Constantinou.

BSS Audio

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Adamson Provides Reinforcement For World Rowing U23 Championship

Adamson Metrix line arrays were in full force for recent U23 World Rowing Championship held in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

The production team at MEB Veranstaltungstechnik, located in Linz, Austria, recently supplied an assortment of Adamson sound reinforcement systems for this year’s World Rowing U23 Championship held in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

The 5-day event took place at Reggattastrecke Ottensheim, a venue that has hosted international rowing regattas since 1972.  MEB was responsible for providing sound reinforcement for the grand stand, the boat preparation area, the marketplace and the on-site restaurant and VIP tents.

“The Adamson Metrix system was ideal for this application,” explains Martin Lang, MEB system tech. “It is extremely precise so we could control the sound and just a few line arrays are enough to cover a large area.”

Before getting to the event Lang used Adamson’s Shooter prediction software to design the system. “It is easy to use and extremely accurate,” he notes. “It definitely saved us time when it came to actual setup.” 

The Grandstand seating area was divided into six zones, each covered by a pole-mounted PA that consisted of a Metrix Sub-t along with a Metrix-t and Metrix W-t on top.  MEB created custom pole mounts that allowed adjustment of the angle of the two Metrix Tops to ensure clean coverage of the seating area zone.

In addition to the Grandstand, it was important that the boat preparation area also receive clean and intelligible announcements.

“It was a very wide area and also very crowded with teams preparing to race,” adds Lang. “We decided it would be covered best with a system deployed on a nearby rooftop aimed down at the field.”

Lang specified six Metrix-t boxes stacked on top of two Metrix Sub-t subwoofers. The ground stacked system was positioned cover the majority of the boat area. An Adamson Point 12 two-way loudspeaker was tasked with filling in the area under the array.

The Marketplace at the Regattastrecke was an area for visitors to purchase concessions and souvenirs during the event. Not wanting attendees to miss any of the action, the MEB team flew a line array consisting of six Metrix-t enclosures with two ground stacked Metrix Sub-t boxes so that the area was blanketed with sound.

Last but not least, two Point 12 and Point 8 loudspeakers provided non-stop coverage for the restaurant and VIP tents on the grounds.

“We used Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers to power all of the systems,” Lang says. “The temperatures were up to 102 degrees (farenheit) – but we knew we could trust them in any situation and they did not fail us.”

Great Big Events, the event management company for the championship, was very pleased with the end result of MEB’s efforts.

“They were extremely impressed with the coverage and headroom of the Adamson systems,” concludes Lang. “The sound and clarity were excellent – they never disappoint.”

Adamson Systems Engineering


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New York Philharmonic Presents Summer Park Concerts With Meyer Sound LEO

The New York Philharmonic performed a series of five concerts throughout New York City using Meyer Sound LEO sound reinforcement.

This summer, New York Philharmonic performed a series of five concerts in parks throughout New York City using a Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system. Two large shows took place on Central Park’s Great Lawn, where Meyer Sound loudspeakers covered a widely dispersed audience estimated at more than 50,000.

For the 15th consecutive summer season, both sound coordination and FOH mixing duties for the New York Philharmonic were entrusted to Larry Rock, audio director for the symphony orchestra. For Rock, a Grammy-winning veteran of hundreds of classical concerts and recordings, LEO’s debut performance raised the bar for large-scale presentation of classical music.

“It was a new experience,” says Rock. “The LEO system is very powerful—it is particularly clear and efficient in the high-frequency ranges. Also, its throw is rather astonishing. I expect we could have eliminated the first delay ring, or moved it back 50 to 100 feet.”

The main LEO system for Central Park comprised dual main arrays of 12-each LEO-M line array loudspeakers, with 12 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements arranged in four cardioid arrays. System drive and alignment was provided by a Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with five Galileo Callisto 616 processors.

To cover the entire audience on the expansive Great Lawn, the stage’s main LEO system was augmented by a delay system which included 18 M3D, 16 MILO, and 26 MICA line array loudspeakers. Twin arrays of 12-each M’elodie line array loudspeakers provided stage side fill.

Sound Associates of Yonkers, N.Y. supplied the delay system and logistical support, with principal designer Robert Hanlon assisted by console tech David Bullard. Robert Gorton assisted Rock at FOH, and Josh Marks was head of sound.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard a line array behave as a single, giant loudspeaker,” attests Domonic Sack, project coordinator at Sound Associates. “When you walk from front to back, you don’t hear any changes. It exhibits seamless consistency both vertically and horizontally, which is an incredible accomplishment.”

At FOH, Larry Rock mixed behind a Studer Vista 5 digital console, augmented by a Lexicon 300 reverb processor. The orchestra used MK4, MK21, and MK4V Schoeps microphone capsules, as well as several Neumann KM 184 microphones.

The first of the New York Philharmonic’s two free Central Park shows was a benefit for Hurricane Sandy relief sponsored by Major League Baseball, featuring a guest appearance by Mariah Carey. Two days later, the Philharmonic presented Dvořák’s Cello Concerto and Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony.

Meyer Sound

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

India’s SNL Pro Provides L-Acoustics For Historic Concert In Kashmir

India's SNL Pro provides L-Acoustics K1 line arrays for Bavarian State Orchestra event in Kashmir.

Maestro Zubin Mehta and the Bavarian State Orchestra recently hosted a landmark event known as “Ehsaas-e-Kashmir” (Concert for Kashmir) in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The town of Srinagar had not witnessed any official form of cultural activity since a cricket match in 1983, making this one of the most eagerly anticipated concerts in recent times. Nearly 2,000 guests attended the event hosted by the German Embassy in the Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar.

Mehta, the Music Director for Life of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and main conductor for Valencia’s opera house, was fulfilling his lifelong dream of performing in the beauty and serenity of the Shalimar Gardens.

The garden is over 500 meters in length with natural waters running through the grounds before feeding into the famous Dal Lake. A nineteenth century Mughal house was chosen as the backdrop. The setting provided many challenges with the stage needing to be constructed across many different levels for the orchestra.

For sound reinforcement, India’s Sound and Light Professionals (SNL Pro) debuted its brand new L-Acoustics K1 rig for this historic event.

The main array only had to cover 65 meters as the concert was for a very select audience.

When the final venue layout was determined it was sent to System Engineer Bruce Rodericks who used SOUNDVISION to predict the required inventory.

The arrays, hung from scaffolding constructed to the left-right of the stage, consisted of two K1-SB and six K1. Two SB28 subwoofers were groundstacked under the arrays. Three pairs of 115XT HiQ served as front-fills. The end result was even coverage throughout the seating in the outdoor location.

Four LA-RAKs powered the system with three LA8 in each controlled by the LA NETWORK.

Jakob Palfrader, the front of house engineer for the Bavarian State Orchestra, was very pleased to see the L-Acoustics K1.

The magical evening was one of the many landmark events that the SNL Pro team is proud to be a part of. The concert was televised live in 32 countries, streamed live on YouTube and filmed in HD for a future concert DVD.


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coming Up: Compact Loudspeaker System Demo In Conjunction With WFX In Dallas

The Live Sound International Compact Loudspeaker Demo at the upcoming WFX Conference and Expo in Dallas provides you with the opportunity to directly listen to, evaluate, and compare more than a dozen compact loudspeaker systems.

The first two iterations of the demo have drawn a total of more than 1,500 church sound and production personnel from around North America.

The demo presents a unique controlled environment demonstration designed to provide side-by-side listening opportunities for you to evaluate compact loudspeaker systems from around the industry, in addition to getting further technical details and pricing information from qualified representatives of each company participating in the demo.

Industry leading loudspeaker manufacturers participating this year include Renkus-Heinz, L-Acoustics, Adamson Systems, Martin Audio, Danley Sound Labs, D.A.S. Audio, Bose Professional, EAW, Alcons Audio, Electro-Voice, PreSonus, Line 6, and Elipsis Audio.

The demo will be held October 2 and 3. The site is an expansive exhibit hall in the Dallas Convention Center, adjacent to the WFX show, where each day, three 1-hour demo sessions will be held.

During each session, all systems will be played, using identical tracks. Listeners will move from system to system, evaluating what they hear and also observing each system’s scale, components and other important details.


Each participating compact loudspeaker company will also be offering a dedicated 15-minute exclusive demo session for interested attendees on both days of the event.

Demo sessions are open to all attendees of WFX as well as other groups and individuals interested in audio and loudspeaker systems.

In addition, an “A-list” of technology sponsors are also involved with the demo, including Yamaha (consoles), Shure (wireless microphone systems), Link (digital signal transport), Mega (lighting), and Dicolor (LED displays).

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on what’s available in the world of compact loudspeaker systems in this comprehensive event!

Go here to register (FREE) for WFX.

Demo Participants

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image image image
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Technology Sponsors

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New R-MAX Escalates Performance, Style And Musicality Of Community R-Series

Community adds eight new models to its premiere R-Series loudspeaker line.

Community Professional Loudspeakers has announced the introduction of eight new models to its premiere R-Series line, with new performance dimensions that expand the applications of this already comprehensive loudspeaker range. 

Three new compact models, the R.15COAX, R.35COAX, and R.35-3896, give systems designers increased flexibility by offering vastly improved music playback, additional coverage patterns and higher output in attractive paintable ABS enclosures. 

Five new R-MAX products, the R.5-66MAX, R.5-96MAX, R2-64MAX, R2-66MAX, and R2-94MAX, provide the most well behaved, flattest musical response, premium loudspeakers ever offered in the R-Series.

The R.15COAX and R.35COAX use identical 1.25-inch exit HF compression drivers, featuring Community’s exclusive Tru-Phase phase plug technology, and Carbon Ring Cone woofer technology which allows LF drivers to exhibit cone areas up to 20% larger than standard woofers of the same diameter. 

Both models feature front loaded LF drivers, 6.5-inch in the R.15COAX and 10-inch in the R.35COAX, in highly reinforced enclosures for natural, non-resonant low frequency reproduction, while identical voicing across both models ensures a uniform listening experience. 

The dynamic R.35-3896 is a triaxial 8-inch Carbon Ring Cone loudspeaker featuring Community’s exclusive MultiSource Waveguide technology, integrating the output from dual midrange compression drivers and a 1-inch exit HF compression driver into a single coherent source.  Fully passive, it is voiced for flat musical reproduction without EQ and delivers class-leading SPL levels for a loudspeaker of its size.

“In addition to the great musical performance of these new compact models, the most obvious visual difference is the sleek new paintable ABS enclosure,” said Chris Barrow, Community’s Director of Product Marketing. “It is visually superior and offers more flexibility while costing less to produce. That allowed us to invest in better audio components for exceptional performance without driving up the price.”

The new R-MAX loudspeakers feature premium 1.4-inch exit HF drivers and 600W neodymium woofers. R-MAX delivers well behaved coverage patterns, flat frequency response, high intelligibility and high broadband output. 

Commented Barrow, “The R-MAX products are the best sounding R-Series loudspeakers we have ever produced.  R-Series has always been acknowledged for its high output and voice intelligibility. 

“Now, R-MAX also demonstrates the type of premium music performance that Community is capable of delivering. These loudspeakers can hold their ground against products costing two or three times as much.  R-MAX are not just great outdoor loudspeakers, they are great loudspeakers period.” 

With the addition of the new R-Series models, Community provides systems designers and consultants with a new palette of features, while also improving core R-Series capabilities.


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QSC Appoints Meyer Marketing As Sales Representative For Florida

Meyer has more than 28 years of experience in the region

QSC Audio has announced the appointment of Meyer Marketing as its manufacturer’s representative firm in Florida.

With over 28 years of experience in the region, Meyer Marketing has been honored over the years with a variety of awards for outstanding achievement, including 15 awards for Rep of the Year.

“QSC is excited to have the dynamic team at Meyer Marketing joins us as our independent representatives in Florida,” says Perry Celia, QSC director of North American sales. “Their outstanding technical knowledge, vertical market experience, as well as a reputation for integrity, professionalism and outstanding customer service will be a great factor in contributing to the growth and success of our global brand.”

“QSC has a reputation which reflects hands-on customer attention, commitment to the industry and their channel partners, as well as the consistent flow of new products that have raised the bar for quality and innovation” states Larry Meyer, president of Meyer Marketing. “We are very excited to join the QSC Audio Family.

QSC Audio
Meyer Marketing

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