Friday, February 03, 2012

Peavey Debuts Expansion Modules For Powered Loudspeakers

New Peavey Expansion Modules expand the capabilities of the company’s EU Series, Impulse 12D, and the new PVXp powered loudspeakers.

The new 9-Band Graphic EQ Expansion Module aids users in controlling feedback using the built-in, proprietary FLS Feedback Location System, which makes accurate feedback elimination simple and intuitive.

The 9-Band module gives users greater control over shaping and accenting live or recorded vocals and live instruments, as well as increases control over general sound equalization, and removes 60 Hz AC hum.

Meanwhile, the new 3-Band Parametric EQ Expansion Module provides fine-tuning capabilities with gain, frequency and bandwidth (Q) control.

Finally, the new 3-Channel Mixer Expansion Module expands the powered enclosure’s input options by three input channels, with each channel featuring level control, high and low equalization control, and a combination XLR and 1/4-inch input.

9-Band Graphic EQ Expansion Module specifics:
—Nine frequency bands: 63, 125, 250, 500, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16kHz
—FLS Feedback Locating System
—+/- 15 dB boost and cut
—U.S. MSRP $59.99

3-Band Parametric EQ Expansion Module specifics
—Three frequency bands: Low 40 to 800Hz; Mid 200 to 4kHz; High 1kHz to 20kHz
—+/- 12 dB boost and cut on each frequency band
—Q adjustable from 0.1 to 1 on each frequency band
—Hard-wire bypass
—U.S. MSRP $49.99

3-Channel Mixer Expansion Module specifics
—Three channels of additional inputs
—Combination XLR female and ¼” TRS input
—Microphone and line-level input range
—Two-band EQ on each channel
—Switchable phantom power global for all three channels
—U.S. MSRP $79.99

The new Peavey Expansion Modules for powered loudspeakers are made in the USA will be available in Q2 2012 from authorized retailers.


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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Oslo Audio First Rental Company In Norway To Invest In L-Acoustics KARA

Oslo Audio has become the first rental company in Norway to invest in L-Acoustics KARA WST line source loudspeakers, ordering 24 cabinets from local distributor Scandec Systemer.

The KARA loudspeakers are powered by L-Acoustics LA-RAK amplified controllers and supplemented with SB18 subwoofers.

“KARA has a flexibility that will enable us to use the system for pretty much all venues in Norway,” says Paal Klaastad of Oslo Audio. “For us the audio performance of the KARA system was never in question. As a long-time L-Acoustics user, we are confident that the sound quality is first class. The reputation of the brand ensures that the end users are also confident of the system’s performance.

“The scalability of the system, its integration with the LA-RAK platform and the ease of rigging and handling makes us confident that this will provide a good return on investment for years to come. We look forward to putting the system to use, and to collaborating with other network agents in Scandinavia.”

Oslo Audio’s new KARA loudspeakers were used for the first time at the 10-year anniversary concert of Crystal Canyon Studios, with a lineup of Kåre & The Cavemen, Ulver, Paperboys, Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O and André Holstad.

That system consisted of the 24 KARA cabinets with 12 SB118 subs and six 115XT HiQ coaxial monitors, powered by LA-RAKs.



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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AED Rent First Adopter Of JBL Professional VTX VT25 Line Array Loudspeakers

Belgium-based AV rental system provider AED Rent has signed on as the first adopter of the just-introduced JBL Professional  VTX V25 line array loudspeaker, as well as a strategic partner in the VTX Network.

AED Rent is known in Europe as a market leader and a total system provider.

“Our mission statement is quite simple: To develop and maintain a flexible group of companies on a Pan-European base that offers a total solution for the professional in the AV industry,” says Glenn Roggeman, CEO of the AED group. “AED Rent is not just a rental company but an equipment bank, not only in sound, but also in lighting, rigging and video equipment. What makes this business quite unique is large quantities, industry standards, state-of-the-art products, and a young rental fleet with fast and accurate service.”

“We chose to purchase the JBL V25 because I think JBL has it spot-on for the future,” he adds. “JBL has always been known as the best component builder. Today, thanks to Paul Bauman, they not only have the components, but also the speaker boxes to make a terrific system.”

The VTX V25 is a full-size, 3-way, high-directivity line array element. The VTX V25 features two 2000-watt, 15-inch Differential Drive woofers mounted in die-cast aluminum baffles, with four 8-inch Differential Drive mid-range transducers and three of the revolutionary new D2 dual-diaphragm dual-voice-coil compression drivers mounted on a 3rd generation waveguide and patented RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator assembly.

“The technology JBL is using in the V25 is on the cutting edge,” Roggeman states. “If you see how much power the system is driving, it’s way above any competition. If you see the weight of the cabinets—82 kg—this is another attractive element, because in the future, environmental issues will play a bigger role in our business. A cabinet of 110 kg that needs to be transported will be more expensive than a cabinet of 82 kg.”

“We are thrilled that AED Rent has chosen to support the groundbreaking VTX V25 product,” says Paul Bauman, senior manager, Tour Sound, JBL Professional. “AED Rent’s technical expertise and leading position in the industry will be tremendous assets in our introduction of the V25 to the market.”

AED Rent
JBL Professional
Harman Professional

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Soundworks Installs dBTechnologies In UW-Stevens Point Arena

A basketball arena at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point has been decked with 20 dBTechnologies Arena 15 loudspeakers. Beside sporting events, Quandt Fieldhouse is also the venue for commencement ceremonies and hosts a multitude of concerts and assemblies—which can ask a lot of the sound system and the design/build team.

Brian Baumann and Kent Laabs of Soundworks Systems Inc. handled the design and installation.

They explain, “The audio system needed to be capable of high SPL’s for UWSP Pointer basketball games and other athletic events.  It needed to be capable of clear music reproduction whilst maintaining high speech intelligibility for both low and high SPL events.  On top of all that, budget was a factor.

“The room itself presented acoustic challenges which included its mezzanine type area with tiered seating and a plexiglass-faced guard rail system. We needed to mitigate unwanted reflections from the maple floor, painted block walls and especially the plexiglass.  We divided the room into 8 zones in order to accommodate the permanent seating, temporary bleachers and floor seating with delay and zone presets.

“We researched various loudspeakers from multiple manufacturers before deciding on the db Technologies Arena 15. We had used other Arena series products on previous installations and were familiar with their performance.  We designed and bid the system utilizing the Arena 15 based on the available horn pattern, sensitivity, power handling and price point.”

The two way passive Arena 15 boasts powerful low frequency reproduction and a compression driver with a 1.4” voice coil, giving it the flexibility to handle a full range of applications. With a high SPL of 129dB and weighing in at only 23.7kg, it also guarantees easy installation.

“Rotatable horns, M10 rigging points and their lightweight design made them very easy to install from the structure steel,” confirms Baumann. “When it came time to tune the system, we were again amazed at their smooth and articulate response without processing. Final tuning of the system was a breeze.  Now that the system is in and has been used for many athletic events and winter commencement ceremonies, it only confirms that our choice in loudspeakers was spot on and consistent with the high level of quality that our reputation is built upon.”

“Soundworks Systems Inc. provided us with an excellent solution for our space,” said Mitch Capelle, Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. “The space, with its wide variety of uses, needed a system that could provide us with this kind of versatility. Soundworks Systems Inc. perfectly tailored this system to the multiple uses of this showcase facility on our campus to improve the spectator experience, no matter the event in the space.”

Based in Wisconsin, Soundworks Systems Inc. designs and installs audio, video and lighting in a variety of venues including, but not limited to, theatres, houses of worship, indoor and outdoor athletic stadia, schools, boardrooms and local government facilities. In addition, the company provides live production for touring acts and corporate events.

“We have years of experience in the pro audio field, and the dBTechnologies loudspeakers are impressive,” says Baumann, who has since used Arena 8s in a multi media room at the Amherst High School (Amherst, WI), and specified more Arena 15s in a local elementary school gymnasium. “I don’t think the performance of these boxes can be beat at their price point.”

db Technologies

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Technomad Upgrades Audio Presence at Club Med Sandpiper

Systems integration firm Axxentos of Fort Lauderdale, Florida turned to Technomad upon evaluating the outdoor audio needs of Club Med Sandpiper in nearby Port St. Lucie.  The new outdoor audio systems, featuring 14 Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers, comprise part of a property-wide renovation alongside indoor AV upgrades and general construction projects.

Club Med Sandpiper’s 400-square-mile resort property exists in southern Florida’s sweltering climate, requiring durable outdoor audio systems that can withstand the year-round heat, humidity and moisture.  The resort also required high-quality loudspeakers that could power full-range, high-volume audio over long distances, and reproduce soothing background music at clearly audible levels.

“I’ve learned what gear can survive in harsh environments over the years, and from all the outdoor installations I have done, only one company reliably endures the elements — and that is Technomad,” said Olivier De Kegel, owner and president of Axxentos.  “They also produce great sounding audio.”

The external pool system proved the biggest challenge as De Kegel had little guidance from the resort, other than that management wanted a nice-sounding background music system during the afternoon and a louder system in the evenings.  He installed two Technomad Berlin loudspeakers, the largest loudspeaker in the company’s range, to handle both requests with one system.  The Berlins accommodate every activity from Bingo to full-blown nightclub-style events.

Axxentos installed a 70-volt infrastructure to accommodate long cable runs from a new central audio headend to various areas, including the bar.  Ten Technomad Vernal 70-volt loudspeakers power the bar zone, delivering music and entertainment to guests enjoying daytime activities and the nightlife.

Two Technomad Noho loudspeakers also welcome guests with high-energy music audio at the entrance as they check in, with lower-volume background music playing in between arrivals.

“The resort wanted a system they could easily manipulate at the welcome area to balance loud and soft audio, and the Nohos offer power that is closer to the Berlin but compact enough for installation at the entrance,” said De Kegel.

Elsewhere, Axxentos installed AV systems in new conference rooms, built a mobile DJ unit and renovated a large theater system, merging existing equipment with some new components.  But the outdoor audio systems remain the crown jewel of the resort upgrades.

“This was my largest installation to date, with some interesting upgrades and unique challenges,” said De Kegel.  “They went from being fully analog to a more digital, centralized model.  There won’t be any dull nights with the high-quality audio systems they have, and the durability of the Technomads ensure they won’t have to replace the outdoor systems every two years.”


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alto Professional Unveils TRUESONIC Wireless, Powered Loudspeakers

At the NAMM 2012 Show, Alto Professional unveiled two new powered, wireless loudspeakers, the TRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115W.

Both models provide clean, transparent sound from wired or wireless sources. .

The TS112W and TS115W are two-way, 12-inch and 15-inch models, respectively. They are outfitted with 800 watts of Class D power and are specified to provide SPL of 125 dB for the TS112W and 126 dB for the TS115W.

The TRUESONIC Wireless line simplifies the connection to multiple devices with the ability to play audio from any Bluetooth audio-equipped device such as an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or other smart phone.

In addition, both TS112W and TS115W include two Mic/Line Female XLR - 1/4-inch combo inputs with independent gain controls so it’s easy to get up and running with just about any audio source.

“TRUESONIC speakers are already established as the most powerful in their class,” said Jay Schlabs, executive director of Alto Professional. “With wireless capability, the TRUESONIC series is now one of the most versatile speaker lines on the planet.”

The TRUESONIC TS112W and TS115W are expected to arrive at pro audio and live sound retailers in Q2-2012 with an MSRP of $549 (TS115W) and $499 (TS112W) and estimated street prices of $449 (TS115W) and $399 (TS112W).

Alto Professional

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Adamson Adds Ryan Grant To Bolster Technical Sales Support

Adamson Systems Engineering has announced the addition of Ryan Grant to the international sales team. 

Grant, who will be based at the company’s headquarters, will apply his experience in tour and production management as well as front of house and monitor systems/mixing to the technical sales and support departments.

Working directly with such acts as Hawksley Workman, Great Big Sea, Our Lady Peace, and Sloan, as well as hire companies Sound Plus Show Systems and Towers Productions (Now part of Clair Global), Grant has more than 10 years of experience on the road, and is an honors graduate of the Harris Institute for the Arts.

Director of marketing and sales Jesse Adamson states, ” The response to Project Energia in Phase One has been met with enthusiasm on all fronts and we are preparing for the unveiling of Phase Two. We selected Ryan to help support the building momentum with Energia after careful consideration. He brings a broad range of experience from of our industry and this is a great fit for our firm.”

Grand adds, “I have long requested Adamson products on my technical rider and I’m looking forward to being a part of this very energetic and passionate team.  The new generation of technology that we are about to unveil offers touring solutions that are second to none.” 

Adamson Systems

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Martin Audio MLA Boosts Brixton Academy For Chickenfoot In Concert

When Brixton Academy was built in art deco style during the cinema boom of the late 1920s, it was never expected to be hosting concerts for high-octane rock bands like supergroup Chickenfoot (led by former Van Halen legend Sammy Hagar).

Ghosts of Brixton’s cinema past remain within this Grade II-listed building, and the bulging balcony facade has proved the downfall of many a sound system, returning the firepower off the stage and bouncing the sound waves back at the band.

But Martin Audio was able to pull off a rare feat when the Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) made its debut there, provided by Capital Sound.

To the benefit of front of house engineer Michael “Ace” Baker, Martin Audio R&D director Jason Baird and system tech Mark Edwards simply notched out this chunk of the coverage pattern in the dedicated optimization software.

“Chickenfoot is one of the loudest bands that have played through the system, so we stood onstage and switched the MLA’s DSP from a setting that didn’t notch it out to one that did, using the tablet PC over the WiFi link,” explains Baird. The difference was plain to hear, with an obvious reduction in reflections off that deep balcony front.

Baker had wanted to pilot the MLA since hearing it in demo Las Vegas last summer. Knowing that his monitor engineer Jim Jorgensen was about to join Martin Audio he applied pressure, so that by the time production arrived in Brixton, there were nine MLA elements and an MLD downfill ready to be rigged each side, with six MLX subwoofers ground stacked on either flank.

“I had been hugely impressed with MLA and could see the math behind it, but there’s only so much you can learn under demonstration conditions. I had to get the system out there,” Baker says. “Some people were doubting whether this was a true rock ‘n’ roll box––but this is one of the most rocking boxes I have ever mixed through.

“In fact it is a true concert arena PA, capable of producing a ‘big’ PA sound rather than just pumping out pure volume. I noticed it particularly around the kick drums and toms and yet I’m barely tickling it, there’s just so much headroom.”

He was also impressed that despite the consistency of coverage in the house, none of it was blowing back at the band onstage. “That’s what got me so excited. Initially, all that computer stuff looked like something I wouldn’t be able to handle, but then Mark showed me how simple it was––all you need to be able to do is measure correctly and you are done.”

Baker says that MLA has given him the freedom to exploit “extra places where it can go, the incredible spatial and panning effects that I was running through.”

The engineer started working with rock legend Sammy Hagar four years ago––who in this configuration was fronting a top line-up comprising Joe Satriani (guitars), Michael Anthony (bass, vocals) and drummer Kenny Aronoff (filling in for Chad Smith, who was off with the Red Hot Chili Peppers).

At Brixton, he was able to mix the sound flat on a Yamaha PM5D and that, according to Mark Edwards, is because MLA sets itself up to produce a neutral, balanced sound. “Because the system is so responsive to system EQ, if there’s a bit too much sub in the room it is easy to notch a tiny bit out.”

“There are a lot of good systems out there but only a few have been truly groundbreaking;” Baker concludes. “Right now, this is the one that has everyone talking about it. There will be a lot of touring ahead this year and MLA is the system I want to use from now on.”


Martin Audio

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Meyer Sound Expands Low-Voltage Line With Three New Loudspeakers (Includes Video)

The Meyer Sound line of self-powered, low-voltage audio products has grown with the addition of three new 48-volt, DC-powered loudspeakers that offer the same performance as their AC-powered counterparts.

The new UPM-1XP 48 V DC ultracompact wide-coverage loudspeaker is the low-voltage version of the UPM-1P ultracompact three-way loudspeaker. The UPM-1XP is capable of 123 dB peak SPL over an operating frequency range of 75 Hz to 20 kHz.

The new UPJunior-XP 48 V DC ultracompact VariO loudspeaker combines the distinct advantages of the low-voltage, self-powered concept with the versatility of the VariO constant directivity horn. Its 80 x 50-degree dispersion pattern can be changed from horizontal to vertical orientation. Power output is 126 dB peak over a 70 Hz to 20 kHz operating range.

The new UMS-1XP 48 V DC ultracompact subwoofer extends low-voltage system response to an operating frequency range of 25 Hz – 160 Hz and a peak SPL of 127 dB at 1 meter. Visceral impact is provided by dual 10-inch cone drivers.

“Ourlow-voltage systems are the answer to installations where AC cannot be run to loudspeaker positions yet the low-distortion audio quality and power in Meyer Sound self-powered products are essential,” states Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound product manager for loudspeaker products. “These new products can provide a level of sonic bandwidth and speech intelligibility to raise the bar for discreet, easy-to-install systems for environments that include museums, restaurants, bars, and convention centers.”

Meyer Sound self-powered low-voltage systems incorporate on-board amplifiers and signal processing. Unlike their AC-powered cousins, the UPM-1XP, UPJunior-XP, and UMS-1XP draw DC power from a remote rack-mount power supply. The loudspeakers receive 48-volt DC power and balanced audio via a five-pin connector.

These loudspeakers can be installed using Class 2 wiring without using conduit, resulting in reduced installation time and cost. Amplifier circuits are specifically designed to store power for peak demands, allowing the flexibility of lengthy cable runs while still preserving the advantages of self-powered systems.

Proprietary RMS remote monitoring system is available for comprehensive monitoring of all critical loudspeaker and amplifier parameters as well as individual loudspeaker muting.

In addition to the newly announced systems, which will begin shipping in April 2012, Meyer Sound’s low-voltage, DC-powered product line also includes the UP-4XP ultracompact loudspeaker, MM-4XP miniature self-powered loudspeaker, MM-4XPD directional miniature loudspeaker, and the MM-10 miniature subwoofer. All of these products can be ordered with custom colors to match any decor.

Meyer Sound

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On Point Audio Debuts OPA28 NP High-Output, Dual 8-Inch Loudspeaker

At the NAMM 2012 Show, On Point Audio premiered the new OPA28 NP, a very compact dual-8-inch coaxial loudspeaker.

The high-output OPA28 NP measures 18.4 inches high, 7.3 inches wide and 8.1 inches deep. It’s diminutive size is made possible by On Point Audio’s proprietary Narrow-Profile 8-inch drivers, which are actually only 6.8 inches (172.72 mm) in diameter.

The loudspeaker also employs a coaxially mounted 1.35-inch / 34.3 mm pure titanium compression driver with 80-degree conical radiation so that the loudspeaker can be placed horizontally or vertically without changing its coverage pattern.

The OPA28 NP is specified as capable of delivering 127 dB maximum output, with 400-watt continuous, 1,600-watt peak power handling and high sensitivity.

The OPA28 NP’s enclosure is made of rigidly braced 12 mm birch plywood and is equipped with 14 x M8 metal reinforced suspension points that enable use of eyebolts, a pivoting U-Bracket and other optional suspension hardware for specialized applications.

The enclosure is coated with On Point Audio’s PowerCoat rugged external finish and is equipped with a heavy-gauge, CNC steel grille. The input section offers two Neutrik Speakon connectors and a 4-position barrier strip.

“The OPA28 NP’s unique combination of pristine sound, superb power handling, high output capability, incredible flexibility and slim, elegant enclosure is unmatched. Our dealers and customers will be thrilled by this competitively unique, high-value product,” says On Point Audio president and founder Doug MacCallum.

On Point Audio

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Clair Global Deploys Unique Solutions For NHL Winter Classic

The NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, had the hometown Flyers playing the New York Rangers before a crowd of 47,000, in addition to a television audience on NBC.

Clair Global provided house sound and a broadcast mix for the between-period performances by The Roots, using three unique solutions: mobile loudspeaker carts that allowed the line arrays to be lowered and flipped out of site lines as needed; custom modular diffusion/absorption panels that were used to convert an equipment room at Citizens Bank Park into an acoustically favorable studio control room environment; and the Clair CF 1090 Fractal Antenna for the RF system.

“The NHL and broadcasters in general have strict height requirements so as to maintain sight lines and a clean broadcast image,” explains Kevin Sanford, president of Wireless First, a Clair Global subsidiary. “With only two week’s notice, we engineered and constructed a brilliant solution to meet these guidelines.”

“We brought in ten rolling carts that allowed us to lower and flip the PA out of site lines as needed and that allowed us to easily roll them into position on the field,” says Jason Spence, music engineer with Clair Global. “The NHL team was very impressed by how well we stayed out of their way. The ability of Clair Global to conceive and construct such an involved solution in just two weeks is, to me, as impressive as the solution itself. I don’t know of any other company that could pull it off.”

“A music truck wasn’t part of the plan at the NHL Winter Classic, so we needed an acoustically-controlled environment in which to prepare a broadcast mix,” Spence adds. “Again, Clair Global rose to the challenge and constructed modular mobile acoustic panels that we could use in whatever space we encountered. It turned out to be an equipment room. Where others may have thrown a bunch of packing blankets around to simply suck the life out of the room, the Clair panels offered frequency-balanced absorption on one side and diffusion on the other. We turned the equipment room into a well controlled room that sounded really nice.”

But the line array trucks and custom sound panels weren’t the only Clair innovations at the NHL Winter Classic. The new Clair Global CF 1090 Fractal Antenna provided transmission to the Sennheiser 2000 Series wireless personal monitors worn by Patti LaBelle, who sung the U.S. National Anthem, Melanie Fiona, who sung the Canadian National Anthem, and, of course, The Roots. The CF 1090 Fractal Antenna is so small that it did not offend the aesthetic sensibilities of television crew. Additional wireless equipment included Shure wireless microphones for the performers.

The team deployed by Clair Global included sound designer and FOH engineer Tommy Holmes; system engineer Monty Curry; music mixer Ron Reeves; monitor mixer Chris “Koz” Costello; RF engineer Jeff Briggette; and technicians Anson Moore, Richard Schoenadel, and Paul Cervenansky. They used Avid Profile consoles at front of house and in the broadcast mix room and a Yamaha PM1D at monitors.

Because of the challenge of firing line arrays upward from the ground to the tiered stands at Citizens Bank Park and because they tied into the stadium’s house PA system, the Clair technicians were careful to time align the entire system for maximum impact. “It took time and expertise, only the latter of which we had in spades,” concludes Spence.

Clair Global

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d&b audiotechnik Announces Several Updates On Software Workflow Tools

d&b audiotechnik has announced several new updates for its ArrayCalc simulation software, R1 Remote control software and the R10 Service software, as well as a firmware update for the E-PAC amplifier.

The new d&b ArrayCalc V6.7 software, available in March 2012, will contain the d&b R1 Remote control software’s export function, which removes the original copy and pasting process of the amplifier settings from the simulation software ArrayCalc to the R1 Remote control software.

It also automatically generates a workspace in an R1 project file as well as exporting the amplifier settings to an R1 control settings file. This workflow sequence replaces the manual process entirely.

From virtual optimization in the ArrayCalc simulation software to the rapid verification of the simulated settings and the fine adjustment in real life on site, using this d&b software offers an effective workflow for users from their laptops.

The service workflow has also been streamlined so that the d&b R10 Service software from V2 onwards automatically and on demand searches for the latest available amplifier firmware versions and Remote software updates on the d&b server via the internet and downloads them. This removes the need to manually look for any updates on the website.

Even though the E-PAC amplifier was discontinued in 2007 it is still being supported with a new firmware update V4.17.

To download the update, go to www.dbaudio.com.

d&b audiotechnik

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adamson Project Energia Update: Blueprint Software Beta Testing Underway (Includes Video)

Adamson Systems Engineering has announce the latest milestone in its continuing work on Project Energia, with beta test of the new Blueprint software suite now underway. 

In addition to the standard simulation features found in the company’s Shooter program, Blueprint also includes more advanced features such as 3D mapping, multiple virtual microphone locations for examining frequency response throughout the venue, and multiple source setups. These parameters and more are being evaluated as part of the beta testing process.

In addition, Shooter files can be uploaded for instant use in Blueprint. Also, Adamson has also integrated an export feature that allows clients to convert venues into 3D CAD files.

Blueprint is also an integrated control surface for Energia DSP and diagnostics.

On another note, the first North American tour with the Adamson E15 went out with Duran Duran in late 2011.

Front of house engineer for the tour, Snake Newton, discusses working on the Adamson E15 rig in the video below.

Adamson Systems Engineering

And, click here for more details about Project Energia.

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EAW Names Scott Pizzo North American Sales Manager, East

EAW has announced the appointment of Scott Pizzo to the position of North American sales manager, Eastern region.

Pizzo was previously part of the EAW team from 2003 through 2008, serving as U.S. sales director among other positions. The announcement was made by Jeff Rocha, EAW president, and reflects EAW’s ongoing emphasis on strengthening its sales channels and enhancing its customer relations.

“Re-hiring Scott is a critical step in strategically growing our internal capabilities,” Rocha states. “He brings tremendous experience and strong connections to dealers and end users. Plus, he’s intimately familiar with the EAW product line, so he can hit the ground running. Having Scott here in the home office will help us keep the sales perspective front-and-center.”

In his new capacity, Pizzo will focus on sales in the eastern half of North America, allowing Kurt Metzler, EAW’s existing North American sales manager, to focus on the West.

As EAW has positioned each sales resource closer to the customers they serve so they can deliver faster, more direct service, Pizzo and Metzler will manage the total North American territory cooperatively.

“Our business is complex to the point that an installation might be specified in one territory, awarded to a contractor in another and installed in a third,” Rocha notes. “It just makes sense for Scott and Kurt to collaborate in driving our North American growth in 2012 and beyond.”

Before rejoining EAW, Pizzo served as Eastern U.S. regional sales manager at Renkus-Heinz from 2008 through 2011. Prior to joining EAW for the first time in 2003, he worked as product specialist/technical sales at Lexicon Professional.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Music in music performance with an emphasis in recording and production technology from University of Lowell (now UMass Lowell). His experience spans both the studio world and event production, and in his free time, he does freelance event production for local-area organizations and businesses.

Pizzo states, “EAW is like home to me. I was an EAW owner before I was an employee, having purchased an FR253HR in 1996 or so. I am looking forward to reconnecting with customers and building EAW to the greatness it deserves, because EAW is the best. It’s good to be home.”


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L-Acoustics U.S. Sets Training Dates for KARA, KUDO & SOUNDVISION

L-Acoustics U.S. has announced its first two product training sessions for 2012.

The first three-day training is set for February 20 to 22 in Red Hook, NY and will specifically focus on the new KARA modular line source system and SOUNDVISION version 1.9.

The second session, hosted in Oxnard, CA exactly one month later from March 20 to 22, will cover the large-format KUDO line source system and SOUNDVISION.

“We’re particularly looking forward to our KARA and SOUNDVISION session in Red Hook as it marks our first official East Coast training,” says L-Acoustics head of U.S. touring support Scott Sugden. “We’ve had a lot of interest in a regional event like this from our eastern customer base and we’re very happy to now make it a reality for them.”

Primarily designed for technicians, mix engineers and sound designers referred by L-Acoustics Rental Network agents and clients, the first two days of each training will offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and field procedures focusing on operating and optimizing either KARA or KUDO in a safe and controlled environment.

A third day, which can be attended separately or in conjunction with the KARA/KUDO training, will be dedicated to covering the manufacturer’s SOUNDVISION 3D acoustical modeling software.

Upon completion of these seminars, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

The number of participants for both the Red Hook and Oxnard training sessions is limited to 12 people and priority will be given to L-Acoustics Rental Network agents and system owners.

For additional details on the training seminars and their related costs, click on the Support tab at www.l-acoustics.com or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Posted by Keith Clark on 01/24 at 11:51 AM
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