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MHA Audio Deploys Martin Audio MLA For Sweetlife Festival

The Sweetlife Music and Food Festival combined the best of both worlds for an enthusiastic overflow crowd at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, half way between Washington and Baltimore.

Presented by the local Sweetgreen restaurant group, Sweetlife showcases a range of organic foods on site along with performances by EDM artist Avicii, Hip Hop artist Kid Cudi, The Shins, Explosions in the Sky, Fitz and the Tantrums, A$AP Rocky, Fun, Delta Spirit, Zola Jesus and a host of others during the all-day event.

Originally built as the home for the National Symphony Orchestra, Merriweather Post Pavilion was designed by iconoclastic architect Frank Gehry and located within 40 preserved acres known as Symphony Woods. For over 40 years, the storied natural amphitheatre has featured the best in rock, country, rhythm and blues, pop, jazz, hip hop, alternative, electronica and classical music.

MHA Audio of Hagerstown, MD provided sound for the Sweetlife Festival under the direction of owner Mike Scarfe. To deliver consistent coverage, control and sound quality, MHA deployed a system headed by Martin Audio Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array loudspeakers.

The main setup consisted of 11 MLA and one MLD down fill enclosures per side, along with six flown MLX subs per side and six WSX subs per side in the pit. Martin Audio W8LCs were used for out fill with W8LMs for front fill, and Martin Audio LE700 wedges supplied stage monitoring. An Avid Venue Profile supplied mix capabilities at front of house, while a Yamaha PM5D-RH handled monitors.

“Utilizing the MLA’s cellular control, the system provided exceptional coverage and imaging with no change in sound quality and only a 5 dB difference in level from the front row to over 260 feet on the lawn,” Scarfe says. “The control allows minimal unwanted reflections and rear spill, making the system noticeably quiet on stage.

“The venue production team are thrilled with the new MLA system, and also commented on how quiet the sound was both on and behind the stage.”


MHA Audio
Martin Audio

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Outline Announces New Canadian Distribution Partnership With Martech

Outline has announced the appointment of Martech as its new distribution partner for Canada, aligning the two companies to deliver the unique advantages of Outline’s loudspeaker and associated product lines to Canadian clients.

Established in 1989, Martech has sales offices and shipping points serving the entire country of Canada.

“Our job is to align manufacturers with core clients in Canada. The best way for us to do that is by helping our customers successfully provide solutions to their customers,” states Nathan Smith, Martech web sales and marketing manager. “Martech is continually looking to partner with innovative, growth-oriented, connected manufacturers and develop their business in our marketplace. Outline fits this profile perfectly.

“Outline’s line array products will allow us to expand our influence in Canada’s pro audio production and installation markets,” he continues. “Martech has been focused in the fixed installation integrator market, and Outline gives Martech’s team the ability to work in new market verticals like large-scale live entertainment productions, arenas, outdoor concerts, entertainment events in convention centers and theatres.

“Outline GTO, Butterfly and Mini Compass line arrays allow Martech to connect with the production audio side of their existing customers and open new opportunities with companies that are totally production-oriented.

“Martech is putting Outline-dedicated resources into the field for design and demonstration activities as well as technical and sales support for our new Outline customers,” Smith concludes. “Having suitably trained people in place to help new users and installers deploy their first Outline systems is critical for a smooth customer experience and opens the door for repeat business and sales growth.

“Our initial investment in the brand includes two complete Mini Compass demonstration systems, which are a great introduction for Canadian customers to Outline products. Our demo stock also includes iSM self-powered monitors with iMode capability, the compact and self-powered DVS series, and numerous subwoofers options. We are planning for significant growth with Outline in Canada in 2012.”


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Novatech In Australia Bolsters Inventory With L-Acoustics KARA, SB18 & LA-RAK

Novatech Creative Event Technology of Underdale, South Australia, has purchased the first L-Acoustics KARA line source loudspeakers in Australia.

“As an L-Acoustics Rental Network Agent, we felt there was a spot in our inventory that KARA has filled perfectly,” states Leko Novakovic, Novatech managing director. “It ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance, size, weight, rigging and flexibility and compliments our extensive range of hire inventory, which now exceeds more than 300 cabinets.”

Novatech’s recent purchase of a K Standard system includes 24 KARA cabinets, 16 SB18 subwoofers, as well as 24 new LA-RAK modules, each with three LA8 amplifier/controllers built into L-Acoustics Touring Racks.

“We’re very excited to be able to provide our customers with the latest and greatest product from L-Acoustics,” notes James Sacca, head of audio at Novatech. “KARA is an incredibly powerful and versatile system with an exceptionally high level of intelligibility. The new rigging system is simply brilliant, cutting rigging time in half. I have no doubt that KARA, like its predecessor dV-DOSC, will be respected for many years to come.”

The streamlined LA-RACK design fits with the way Novatech prefers to do business—having the processor built into each amp makes for simpler preparation in addition to making last-minute changes less of a headache. “LA-RAK was a ‘no brainer’ when it came time to making a purchasing decision,” Novakovic says.

Recently, Novatech provided production for the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Gala Dinner at the Adelaide Showgrounds. The 1,500 seated guests were treated to a performance by Tina Arena as well as Sarah Lloyde from TV’s The Voice.

The front of house system for the event consisted of all 24 KARA loudspeakers, as well as four SB18s and four SB28s, all driven by LA8s.

“You know you’re working with an impressive product when both the client and guests come up to you during the event to comment on the clarity of the sound,” Novakovic says.


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Okinawa Qs Up For Basketball With d&b audiotechnik

Okinawa, the most southerly isle of the Japanese archipelago, is home to the Ryukyu Golden Kings (RGK) one of the leading basketball teams on the island and a member of the Western Conference of Basketball Japan. Recently in an effort to further increase income, the team sought to expand its audience by upping the excitement level at matches by increasing the production value of the sporting events. At the heart of the mobile system was d&b audiotechnik Q-Series loudspeakers.

“What is unique about the RGK is that they don’t have a home arena, all twenty six matches in their season are played on tour,” explained Osamu Koki from Staging Okinawa. “They came to see us for ideas on how to liven up the excitement at each game; they wanted lighting and sound but with one critical proviso: everything had to fit in a two ton truck.”

The fact is Okinawa is surrounded by other small islands, accessible only by ferry.

“Their audio needs were clear, high quality, high SPL, and very lightweight. We approached audio specialist Audio Brains in Yokahama for advice and support. They demonstrated d&b audiotechnik Q-Series and recommended a system of Q1 with Q-SUBs flown above, deployed to the two long sides of the court.

“The owners judged the sound superior to other brands; in particular the many sporting venues have difficult acoustics and the intelligibility of d&b was very important. Also they said that no other system for this size and weight had the low end punch of the Q.”

Staging Okinawa devised a square truss system to suspend the sound and lights around the central scoreboard of each venue and recently took the system across the water to Ishigaki Island.

“This was the first time any national sporting event has been staged on this island and it was very successful. It is quite simple for our technicians to set the Q system to target the audience areas without putting sound energy onto the roof or end walls. Although the screaming of the fans can make it sound like an old railway station when they get really excited, the Q system delivers a clear crisp sound and commentary to the fans; everyone is in the direct field and it overcomes the building reverberation.”

Like every other venue on RGK’s conference tour, the Ishigaki gymnasium was sold out; some fans queued up only to find they had to stand throughout the match. “The season is now coming to a close and RGK is currently top of the conference,” Koki concluded. “We like to think this success would not be achieved without the Q-Series.”

Since the writing of this piece RGK have won the League finals and are Champions for 2011-2012 season

d&b audiotechnik


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adamson & Real Music Acoustic Announce Exclusive Distributorship For Greater China

Adamson Systems recently appointed Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. as its exclusive distributor for greater China, and just prior to the recent PALM Exhibition in Beijing, Real Music also expertly organized Adamson’s biggest Chinese seminar to date.

The afternoon saw more than 200 attendees come to the ballroom of the Kempinski Hotel Beijing to be “reacquainted” with the brand, notes Real Music managing director Ritchie Wang. Formed in 2009, Real Music has already become a major player having established offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian City.

The ballroom setting included a 30-foot state offering a look at practically the entire Adamson product line-up was on display, backed by a large video wall spanning the stage highlighting the details and benefits of each product. Special award show level live video production team and professional translators were also brought in. 

Jesse Adamson, Adamson director of marketing and sales welcomed the audience, presenting a historical overview of the brand, highlighting its patented technologies since the company’ inception in 1983. The first segment was finished off with a factory tour slideshow. 

Director of European operations Jochen Sommer, who had arrived earlier to oversee the event’s set-up, later addressed the audience, presenting the full range of Adamson products from the Point Series installation products, all the way up to the “Beast,” dual-21-inch-loaded T-21 subwoofer. The products were demonstrated on stage by a band, or using musical playback. The day was concluded with an overview of the new Project Energia, which made its official Chinese debut in the Real Music booth at the Palm Expo.

‘Having made our evaluations of Adamson’s products we know that the Chinese touring and fixed installation markets will be enhanced by their presence,” Wang states. “Their speaker systems sound world class and are used by the best artists in the world such as Nelly Furtado and Linkin Park.

“The quality of build, the accessories and the systems engineering approach are truly impressive. We intend to demonstrate their products extensively around China in order to gain increasing market acceptance.’

Adamson Systems

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D.A.S. Sound System Key Feature In Vitoria’s Buesa Arena

D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems took center stage during the recent remodeling of the Buesa Arena pavilion in the Basque city of Vitoria.

The multi-use venue currently seats over 15,000 spectators and is home to Vitoria’s basketball team Baskonia, which has taken Europe by storm after making it to either the Euroleague’s semi or quarter finals for seven years running.

The audio visual equipment – which includes an impressive new scoreboard and a super-charged professional D.A.S. sound system – played a particularly important role in this large-scale remodel.  The installation was carried out by Grupo Ingevision (Ekintza) in collaboration with the D.A.S. Sound Projects Department, led by Eva Argandoña. Víctor Catalá from the D.A.S. Audio Engineering Department was on hand for system adjustments and set up, and the project was coordinated by the northern zone manager, Juan José Soto. 

The main sound reinforcement system for the stands boasts no less than 40 D.A.S. Aero 12A self-powered line array systems distributed in four 10-unit linear formations, each facing one of the four main stands.  D.A.S DSP-2060 digital signal processors take care of the monitoring and management of the system.

Because the Aero 12A line array systems offer such broad horizontal and vertical coverage, they are a perfect fit for this type of facility in which the stands are steeply inclined and the echoes produced by the overhangs (due to their size and the materials used in their construction) present certain challenges in terms of achieving the right sound.

Four D.A.S. BiDriver systems were installed directly underneath the dramatic centrally-positioned octagonal scoreboard to provide optimum sound coverage for the court during athletic and other events. These systems, which deliver superb word intelligibility, are responsible for carrying messages from the organization megaphone to event spectators.  These passive systems receive the corresponding signal amplification via the D.A.S. SLA-2600, a switchmode power supply amplifier, while a digital signal processor, the D.A.S. DSP-26, handles the labour and management of these systems.

The combination of the incredible D.A.S sound reinforcement system and the sheer size and features of the over 140 square metre octagonal scoreboard make the revamped Buesa Arena an ideal space for large-scale athletic events.  With improved sound and scoreboard, complete with video capabilities, spectators at this new-and-improved venue are now in for maximum entertainment where not even the smallest details will be missed

D.A.S. Audio

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Thunder Audio Bolsters Inventory With JBL Professional VTX Line Array Series

Michigan’s Thunder Audio, which over its three-plus decades has provided sound for Steely Dan, Metallica, The White Stripes, Linkin Park, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, John Legend, Travis Tritt and many other artists, along with more than 60 corporate clients. just added 56 JBL Professional VTX Line Array Series V25 loudspeakers and 24 VTX S28 subwoofers, along with 72 Crown Audio I-Tech IT 12000HD amplifiers and six dbx DriveRack 4800 loudspeaker management systems.

“We’re a company that’s client-driven, of course, and more and more, clients are asking for lighter and more powerful loudspeaker systems,” noted Thunder Audio Vice President Paul Owen. “We have to deliver.”

Shortly after the VTX Series was announced, Owen heard a demo in San Diego and was impressed, particularly by the quality of the new JBL D2 Dual Driver included in the V25.

The D2 is a dual-diaphragm, dual-voice-coil compression driver that overcomes the limitations of conventional compression driver technology: limited high-frequency extension due to the mass/inertia of the diaphragm and voice coil, and distortion characteristics that result from dome breakup modes.

The D2 overcomes these drawbacks by merging two compression drivers into a single transducer that utilizes two annular diaphragms with two voice coils instead of the larger and heavier single voice-coil dome diaphragm found in conventional drivers.

“I’ve been in this business a long time and have done live sound in every type of venue imaginable,” Owen says. “There’s no disputing the improved sound quality and the sheer amount of horsepower the V25 has. You can believe we will test it to its max with some of the acts we’ll be using it with.”

The lighter weight of the JBL V25 and S28 make them a more versatile option for the variety of projects Thunder Audio handles. In addition, the weight difference from other systems makes these speakers easier to rig and transport and saves fuel and transportation costs.

The S28 subwoofer is designed to complement the V25 with its dual 18-inch Differential Drive high-power-handling woofers and built-in Crown VRack amplifiers and DSP. “We like the S28 because it can be either suspended at the top, in the middle of, beside or behind flown V25 arrays or ground-stacked,” Owen notes. “Again, this gives us more options to accommodate different-sized venues and the requirements of a wide variety of artists and musical styles.

“We made this decision not only because of the performance of the products but also because of the ways in which the loudspeakers, amplifiers and other components are designed to work together optimally. We purchased the Crown IT 12000HD amplifiers because we wanted to get maximum power and efficiency from our system.”

The Crown IT 12000HD amps are designed to work hand-in-glove with JBL VTX Series line arrays and include pre-set tunings and other features to precisely match their performance to the loudspeakers.

The VTX speakers and I-Tech HD amps interface with Harman HiQnet Performance Manager system setup software, which Owen finds to be the best system management program on the market. HiQnet enables Thunder Audio to configure, set up and tune an audio system “in less time and with better results,” stated Owen.

Owen and Thunder Audio president Tony Villarreal give credit to Thunder Audio business development manager Greg Snyder for configuring the control system and racks for the company’s VTX touring systems. ‘”Greg was instrumental in assembling racks that are smartly designed and optimized for touring day in and day out.”

Snyder and Owen find that the synergistic operation of the JBL, Crown and dbx components, and the flexibility of HiQnet Performance Manager, enable the production crew to achieve more consistent and more effective sonic results on a daily basis from venue to venue.

The addition of JBL VTX Series line arrays marks another major step for Thunder Audio and its clients. “It’s important to have a variety of solutions for our clients to choose from,” Owen concludes. “This business is not one that stands still, and neither do we.”


Thunder Audio
JBL Professional
Crown Audio
dbx Professional

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Community ENTASYS Helps St Mark’s Church Bridge Traditional & Contemporary

Beginning with a handful of neighbors in 1942, St Mark’s Lutheran Church has grown over the years to become one of the area’s most beloved houses of worship.

Its congregation of more than 500 members includes a mix of young and old, accommodated by two different services every Sunday—one traditional and one more contemporary.

The church’s original sanctuary was largely destroyed by fire several years ago, prompting a long-term renovation process that recently included the design and installation of a new, modern sound system.

As Tony Albano of Avondale, PA-based Naamans Creek Audio/Video explains, the new system was designed to accommodate the disparate requirements of two different types of services.

“It’s not a particularly large room, but it’s got a very high peaked ceiling, so there’s a fair amount of reflectivity, which has created some intelligibility issues,” says Albano. “Since they also offer a contemporary service with live musicians, we had a bit of a challenge with loudspeaker placement. If we located the loudspeakers behind the altar, they would then be behind the musicians as well - a major feedback risk.”

To address this challenge, Albano’s design-build opted for a pair of ENTASYS high-performance full-range column line arrays from Community Professional, powered by Crown Audio CTS4200 amplification. The consistent, focused coverage ENTASYS provides enabled Albano to position the loudspeakers far closer to the congregation than would be possible for most other systems.

“We ended up mounting the ENTASYS columns pretty much right at the front of the pews,” he says. “In fact, when you see where they’re mounted, your first impression is that there’s no way it can work, that it’s going to blow away the person sitting right in front of it. The pastor came in and looked at it and said ‘no way, everyone’s going to be sitting in the back.’ But the fact is, the ENTASYS system is so precise in its ability to control the waveform that we were able to create a pattern that projected great coverage to the back of the room while delivering manageable volume to the front pews.”

The new ENTASYS columns have worked out quite well for St. Marks. “They are extremely happy with the system,” Albano concludes. “It’s helped immensely with spoken word intelligibility for the sermons, and has done wonders for the music as well.”

Community Professional

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live Audio Engineer For NY Philharmonic Applauds L-Acoustics System

Lou Mannarino, live audio engineer for the New York Philharmonic and CEO of L&M Sound & Light, recently expanded his company’s inventory with the addition of an L-Acoustics KIVA system, which has already been deployed on a number of high-profile events throughout the Big Apple.

L&M took delivery of 18 KIVA line source elements, six KILO low-frequency extension enclosures, eight SB18 subs and a quantity of LA8 amplified controllers in December of last year.

The first production to benefit from the new gear was a Pirelli event featuring Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and staged at the historic Park Avenue Armory’s 55,000-square-foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall.

Mannarino also used his system for the New York Philharmonic’s recent sold-out spring gala, Anywhere I Wander: The Frank Loesser Songbook, at Lincoln Center’s 2,800-seat Avery Fisher Hall.

With a full 140-piece orchestra backing up a “who’s who” of Broadway performers, the engineer chose to fly an LCR system made up of three arrays each comprised of two KILO and six KIVA. Two SB18 subs provided additional low-end reinforcement, while three self-powered 108P coaxials delivered front-fill.

“I’ve used just about everything in Avery Fisher Hall over the years, but the performance of the KIVA-KILO system was so superior to anything that I had ever done there,” he says. “The hall has three tall tiers above the raked orchestra seating, so it’s a very challenging room, but the sound at the spring gala was so ubiquitously intimate and transparent – never obtrusively drawing the audience’s attention away from the guest vocalists onstage. It was only toward the end of the show when one microphone produced a tiny bit of noise that I think anyone had a clue that a PA was even being used. It sounded that natural.

“The system was also every bit as dynamic as the orchestra, which can jump from total silence to 95dB in an instant. Trying to make vocals intelligible when the whole orchestra is performing at fortissimo is typically not an easy task, but the L-Acoustics system helped them cut through so beautifully.”

Mannarino notes that he further appreciated the performance characteristics of the KIVA system off-axis. “I found that it handles off-axis as gracefully as on-axis,” he says. “When you step outside the coverage area, the tonal properties aren’t altered – only the volume. The sound is still just as delicate, articulate and musical, which is fabulous.”

Although L&M’s founder and CEO had previously been familiar with V-DOSC and dV-DOSC, it was his experience at a 2011 Taylor Swift concert at Madison Square Garden that truly convinced him to invest in his first L-Acoustics system. “Sound Image’s K1 and KARA rig sounded absolutely stunning,” he says. “It was the best sound that I had ever heard in the Garden, so I started looking into L-Acoustics’ smaller systems

“I actually ended up purchasing KIVA without ever hearing it, but, because of L-Acoustics’ reputation, I wasn’t worried. And I’m thankful that I made the decision because the system truly outperforms both the published specifications and what I had expected. Being able to drive KIVA as a creative tool in the marriage of musicality with the New York Philharmonic and other clients is overwhelmingly satisfying.”


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New UAE Distribution Partnership For Outline

Giorgio Biffi, CEO of Outline, is proud to announce that Outline products will be distributed and specificied in the Arabic Peninsula by Oasis Enterprises, located in the United Arab Emirates. Oasis has recognized the overall quality and performances of Outline product’s series and will strive to to bring it to further success in the region.

Oasis Enterprises is the electronics wing of the Al Shirawi Group, established in the United Arab Emirates in 1982 for the distribution and retail of consumer electronic products. The Professional Projects Division (PPD) was established to explore avenues of business beyond the ambit of consumer electronics.

The division comprises four sub-divisions of professional electronics and lighting which span the spectrum of turnkey services in installation and commercial distribution.

Broadcast, Lighting, Professional AV and CCTV/PA, make PPD the undisputed leader in its field of operation. It carries this distinction of having been involved in over five thousand projects executed in the UAE, GCC and Mid-east region, partnering with global brands that are also leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

“We consider ourselves to be a leader in our industry and Outline is the same in theirs,” explains Basel As Aref, general manager of the Professional Projects Division. “That is why we have extended a hand of partnership with Outline, the Italian manufacturer of high-end loudspeaker systems for the concert and installation industry.”

In the meantime, Mr. Giorgio Biffi, CEO of Outline, is extremely proud and satisfied to have its product’s range been selected by the professional and strong team of Oasis Enterprises to be distributed and specified in the Arabic Peninsula, as it’s rewarding and recognizing the overall quality and performances of Outline product’s series to bring it to further success.

The UAE now has another reason to make a ‘song and dance’ about, with products from Outline powering the frontline and making waves on the headlines.

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Martin Audio Sounding Out Strategic Options

Loud Technologies Inc. has appointed Lincoln International to conduct a strategic review of its UK-based division, Martin Audio, with a view to finding private equity backing to support Martin Audio into the next phase of its development plan. In sourcing the right investment partner, and forging a more independent path, it will further assist in the realization of the growth strategy and objectives of the business.

Following the introduction of its award winning, and ground breaking MLA system in 2010, sales at the leading UK designer and manufacturer of world class professional loudspeaker systems have grown over 40% in the past 12 months, driven by growing demand for its products in new markets — particularly in the Asia Pacific region — despite the current global economic position.

The company, a prime example of what the UK Government has actively encouraged, is a British company with over 90% of sales exported to China, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Martin Audio’s MLA loudspeaker systems have been used at events such as Glastonbury Abbey with Kathryn Jenkins, HMV Hammersmith Apollo with Chris Rea, Royal Albert Hall and The Tokyo Dome to name but a few. It raises audio performance to a new level, giving engineers new tools to consistently deliver greatly improved sonic quality, seamless coverage and control.

Martin Audio also has a wide range of speakers used in an array of venues including cinemas, theatres and churches, benefiting from its engineering and acoustic excellence.

Martin Audio
Loud Technologies Inc.

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PRG Selects Meyer Sound For Dalai Lama Address In Long Beach

During April visit to California, the Dalai Lama spoke about “Peace of Mind in Troubled Times” to an audience of more than 10,000 at the Long Beach Arena, with sound reinforcement supplied by PRG Audio of Sun Valley, CA, which deployed Meyer Sound processors and loudspeakers, including MICA and M2D line arrays.

Providing intelligibility in the arena environment was a key requirement for audio manager Bill Daly of PRG Audio’s design and engineering team. Working in consultation with Meyer Sound tech support, Daly plotted a mono system with front hangs of 11 M2D line array loudspeakers each and 10 M2D loudspeakers at center.

Filling the rear portion of the oval arena were three delay hangs of eight MICA line array loudspeakers each, augmented by two CQ-2 loudspeakers for spot coverage. Seven MINA line array loudspeakers were spaced across the stage lip as front fills, 16UPM-1P loudspeakers provided stage monitoring, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with dual Galileo 616 processors supplied drive and optimization.

“It was critical that everybody could hear everything His Holiness was saying,” says Mark Bodine, production manager. “There were a lot of obstacles in this situation, but with the Meyer system it worked out very well.”

Daly was supported by a hand-picked tech crew, including Jacob Kile, Brian Murray, and Joe Fogarty. John Coleman served as front of house mixer for the event.

“I heard comments that this was the best spoken word event in the history of that arena,” says Daly. “All I can take credit for is selecting the right crew and the right equipment. Meyer Sound delivered as they always do.”

The mixing console for the event was a Yamaha M7CL, and the headworn microphone for the principal speaker was a DPA d:fine cardioid headset.

The Dalai Lama’s visit to Long Beach was sponsored and organized by the Gaden Shartse Thubten Dhargye Ling Center for Buddhist Culture. His Holiness was introduced to the audience by actor Richard Gere.

Meyer Sound

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Philippines-Based Audio Contractor Soundcheck Upgrades To JBL VerTec V5 DSP Preset Tunings

Soundcheck, one of the Philippines’ top audio contractors, has handled live sound for artists such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Incubus, Beyoncé, Linkin Park, Christina Aguilera and many others.

The company has utilized JBL Professional VerTec line arrays since their introduction, and just upgraded to new JBL V5 VerTec preset tunings.

“We installed the V5 DSP presets in all of the VerTec VT4888 and VT4888DP line arrays in our inventory, in the speakers’ DrivePack DPDA input modules,” says Jaime Godinez, owner and chief engineer of Soundcheck. “After installing the V5 upgrade and testing the speakers by running pre-recorded music for them for hours, we sent them out for a major local show right away. We went through the show without a hitch—and have since done more than 60 shows with them including a few large open-air concerts.”

“When JBL introduced the V4 presets a few years ago I felt that they had given new life to the VerTec system. But the improvement offered by the V5 is even more significant,” Godinez continues. “The improvement in clarity, balance and coverage have made me fall in love with our audio systems all over again. But most importantly, my clients are noticing the difference between our sound and that of the competition.”

“No comments I can give can adequately convey the experience of actually hearing the sonic improvements that V5 provides, especially in an open-air environment,” Godinez adds. “I’ll try by giving one example. Last March I was mixing the Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan at the SM Mall of Asia, which celebrated 100 years of Coca-Cola in the Philippines. The concert featured around 20 performers and I brought 32 VerTec VT4888’s for the main front of house.”

“The sound was so transparent and ‘in your face’ that many times during the night I had to double-check to see whether my near-field monitors were off or on, as the sound from the VerTec arrays seemed to be coming from that close.”

Godinez pointed out that he has to add more gain to the VT4888’s using V5 to keep some mixing consoles from being driven too hot. “It’s just something you have to pay attention to,” he says. “With V5 you might have to make an adjustment to the gain of the DriveRack modules compared to the settings you’d use with the V4, to make sure the gain between the board, speakers and the rest of the system is optimized.”

“Another big benefit we found is that using the V5 presets enables us to set the systems up faster,” Godinez concludes.

JBL Professional

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Turbosound Flex Array For Evangelistic Temple In Nassau, Bahamas

In the summer of 2010, Jeff Cameron of Encore Broadcast Equipment Sales began communications between STS, Atlantic Professional Audio’s installation division, and the Evangelistic Temple in Nassau, Bahamas.

Encore and STS have collaborated on numerous occasions where a performance audio installation is needed.

Later that year, Cameron brought Craig Beyrooti, CEO of Atlantic Professional Audio, to Nassau for a site visit with lead pastor Gary Curry. The temple would be finishing construction of a new building over the next year and was in need of performance audio design-build services.

After determining and understanding the temple’s vision, STS presented a complete solution including pictorial schematics, fully explaining the install proposal and after a couple of visits the design was complete.

Beyrooti saw the temple’s 8,500-plus square-foot sanctuary as an good fit for a Turbosound Flex Array loudspeaker system based on the architecture of the room and style of worship.

“In a modern church with a praise & worship band and a lot of spoken word Flex Array is an excellent choice because of its smooth vocal projection and response. The sound character remains constant irrespective of level. Loud or soft, the rig sounds fantastic,” Beyrooti says.

Head of STS Michael Ramey and his crew flew to Nassau to install the sizable sound system.

The final agreed design consisted of six Flex Array TFA-600H mid/highs per side, two NuQ-12s for outfills, six NuQ-6s across the lip of the stage, and seven NuQ-8s for under balcony fills hung 50 feet from the PA. Four TSW-218 subwoofers completed the system, which was powered by twelve Turbosound RACKDP-50 amplifiers.

While all the flown speakers were finished in white to compliment the sanctuary walls and ceiling, Turbosound pulled its legendary TurboBlue speaker paint out of storage so that the front fills and monitors would match the church’s blue carpeted platform. Special thanks to Florida’s Turbosound representatives Clinton Muntean and Michael Palmer for their assistance.

In a further customization of the system, STS installed a 94-loudspeaker distro system which provided audio to surrounding hallways, bathrooms, support offices and nursery.

By December, the install had been completed and Beyrooti, together with Darryl Phillips, joined Ramey in Nassau a final time in order to tune and the room. Phillips, who mixes in excess of 200 shows per year for APA’s event division, stayed on a few extra days and helped Media Director Charles Burrows II with sound checks.

Finally, all the work paid off and ET members got to utilize their facility at the first service in early December 2011. Ramey and Phillips stayed to enjoy it and ensured everything went smoothly. Afterwards, STS was invited to sit with the church board and elders for lunch. Everyone was extremely thankful and pleased.

“Atlantic Pro Audio has exceeded my expectations. From the start of the project, there was a high level of professionalism,” says Burrows. “Atlantic Pro Audio went above and beyond to accommodate us; their service was exceptional. Once the project started, I felt secure that it would be handled properly. The audio system is excellent; its clarity and intelligibility are very high. It sounds natural, fills the hall evenly and a full sounding low end rounds it off nicely.”

American Music & Sound

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thunder Audio Provides Meyer Sound MILO For Movement Electronic Music Festival

The Movement Electronic Music Festival, taking place May 26-28 at Detroit’s Hart Plaza, will feature ab array of Meyer Sound equipment provided by Livonia, Mich.-based Thunder Audio.

The annual festival, which drew some 100,000 attendees in 2011, has grown and evolved considerably from its inception as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000. This year, three of five stages will feature Meyer Sound components.

“Our company was unaware of Meyer in a practical sense until we teamed up with Thunder Audio on the Movement Festival a few years ago,” recalls Sam Fotias, operations manager of the Movement Electronic Music Festival and Detroit-based Paxahau Event Productions and Management. “We had tried other loudspeaker products, but nothing really gave us the raw power and, more importantly, clarity at high SPL that we were looking for until we were exposed to MILO.”

The festival’s Main Stage will boast a system comprised of 48 MILO and 16 M’elodie line array loudspeakers; 36 700-HP subwoofers; two UPA-1P and UPA-2P loudspeakers each; and a Galileo loudspeaker management system. The monitoring system includes 12 Meyer Sound MJF-212A stage monitors.

The Beatport Stage will feature 24 MICA, 12 MILO, and eight M’elodie line array loudspeakers; 18 700-HP subwoofers; three UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers; and a Galileo loudspeaker management system. The Made in Detroit Stage will feature 24 MILO and eight M1D line array loudspeakers, and Galileo.

“We got involved in this event six or seven years ago, and there was all manner of different configurations on each stage,” recalls Thunder Audio’s Paul Owen. “We came in and did one stage, and then they saw how good the Meyer product was—the powered line array, without hundreds of amp racks everywhere.”

Fotias adds: “Having Tony [Villarreal] and Paul and their team from Thunder so close is amazing. They have been such an instrumental part of allowing this event to grow and being able to facilitate all of the big crowds we get.”

Meyer Sound
Thunder Audio

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