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Masque Sound Takes The Lion King Production To Mexico City

Masque Sound collaborated with the design team to assemble a custom equipment package for the stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning 1994 Disney film.

Disney Theatrical Productions in partnership with OCESA recently celebrated the world premiere of the second Spanish-language production of The Lion King at the Telcel Theatre in Mexico City, Mexico.

Masque Sound was on location to support veteran sound designer Steve Canyon Kennedy and associate sound designers John Shivers and Hugh Sweeney.

The theatrical sound reinforcement, installation and design company collaborated with the sound design team to assemble a custom audio equipment package for the lively stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning 1994 Disney film.

Having been involved with The Lion King’s many productions over the past 15 years, the sound design trio was well-prepared to handle any curveballs that the new location might have presented and was predominantly focused on the audio distribution—that its delivery was consistent and maintained its transparency.

“When designing the sound for any type of entertainment show, the goal is to provide an even, balanced sound to every seat in the house,” says Shivers. “The trick is to do it unobtrusively. I think the best sound design is one that simply doesn’t call attention to itself.”

In order to achieve this vision, the designers worked closely with Masque Sound to create a custom audio equipment package that would remain discreet, yet effective in its resounding deliverance. At the heart of the package is a DiGiCo SD7 digital mixing console, which has been the standard console on The Lion King for the past six years after meeting incredible success when first implemented on the Broadway stage. 

Masque Sound also provided a PA system from Meyer Sound, featuring MINAs on the proscenium for the orchestra section, M’elodies for the center cluster and MICAs for the upper right and left. Meyer Sound UPJuniors were used for fills and d&b E0s for front fills to accommodate the tight spaces in thetheatre where speakers were required. Meyer Sound 500-HP, 600-HP and 700-HP subwoofers were utilized, as well.

The microphone system supplied by Masque Sound included DPA d:screet 4061s with Sennheiser MKE-1s as back up for the performers. The orchestra was also well equipped, relying on Shure SM57 and SM81 instrument microphones, DPA d:vote 4099S clip microphones, Neumann TLM 102 large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone and KM 84s, as well as Radial Direct boxes.

In addition, Sennheiser SK 5212 transmitters were used for the show’s 46 channels of RF and QLab 3 for the effects playback and TC Electronics S6000 for reverb. The team tapped into the theatre’s existing Meyer Sound Constellation System, which worked well to complement as a surround system. 

“I love Masque Sound,” Shivers concludes. “I think that they are the best shop in the industry when itcomes to providing for our needs. In the past, we’ve gone with other companies for some foreign productions and had mixed success. With Masque Sound, I am consistently confident in their services and know that the audio package will be well put together and technically sound. The equipment always arrives in its entirety so that all we have to do is unpack it and integrate it into the show. With Masque Sound behind us, we knew that we would have no concerns in implementing a stellar sound system for this Mexico production.”

The Lion King’s Spanish-language premiere in Mexico City is produced by OCESA and is the largest theatrical production ever to be mounted in Mexico. The production features lyric translation and adaptation by Armando Manzanero and Aleks Syntek, and book translation and additional lyrics by Susanna Moscatel and Erick Merino. OCESA also produced successful productions of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and, most recently, the Disney and Cameron Mackintosh production of Mary Poppins in 2012.

Masque Sound

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Fulcrum Acoustic Launches FL283 Cardioid Line Array

The FL283 incorporates Fulcrum's Passive Cardioid Technology to overcome excessive rear LF radiation.

At InfoComm 2015, Fulcrum Acoustic will be launching the newest addition to Fulcrum’s rapidly expanding product line, the FL283 line array module.

The FL283 uses dual 8-inch horn-loaded woofers and three 1.5-inch compression drivers in a compact enclosure.

The enclosure is shaped to accommodate up to 20 degrees of splay between adjacent boxes, allowing for more sharply curved arrays than comparable line arrays.

The FL283 also incorporates Fulcrum’s Passive Cardioid Technology to overcome one of the major challenges of most line arrays, excessive rear LF radiation.

Fulcrum co-founder David Gunness explains the idea behind the new passive cardioid configuration:

“The subcardioid behavior is produced by a meticulously conceived acoustical circuit which balances the horn loading of the low frequency drivers, the enclosure depth and volume, and specially constructed rear-mounted ports which include a calibrated resistive element. It is analogous to a cardioid microphone operating in reverse. By opting for a subcardioid pattern, as opposed to a pure, hyper or super cardioid pattern, the rear rejection increases when the loudspeakers are deployed as a curved line array.”

Unlike active cardioid loudspeakers, Fulcrum’s passive cardioid technology does not require an additional amplifier channel or additional enclosure volume. It achieves impressive low frequency directional control without the loss of efficiency that characterizes active cardioid devices.

Each FL283 module is configured for full-range passive operation at 16 ohms, allowing eight units to be driven from a single power amplifier channel.

Fulcrum Acoustic

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VUE Audiotechnik Debuts New Version Of SystemVUE Software

Provides a user-controlled system EQ with 10 filters on each system input, and will be available on Apple iPad (subject to Apple approval) as well as for computers running on OSX and Windows

VUE Audiotechnik has announced a new version of SystemVUE, the software that provides access and control of VUE equipment via a wired or wireless TCP/IP based Ethernet connection, and it will be on display at InfoComm 2015 (booth 573).

The new 3.8.0 upgrade provides a user-controlled system EQ with 10 filters on each system input, and will be available on Apple iPad (subject to Apple approval) as well as for computers running on OSX and Windows operating systems, with an iPhone version to follow.

SystemVUE works identically regardless of operating system, giving users more options when it comes to choosing a device from which to access and control the performance of VUE systems. In addition, the iPad’s inherent simplicity of operation streamlines network setup and communications, and it also reduces support issues without sacrificing functionality.

The user interface incorporates additional new functions, including input routing options, system level phase reverse and user-controlled EQ. Each system can now access the on-board EQ in the form of 10 DSP filters; each of which can be set to shelving, notch, high/low-pass, all-pass or fully parametric bell equalizer. The EQ function is addressable at the individual system level or can be grouped into venue based blocks for control.

Version 3.8.0 also includes full control and monitoring support for all VUE h-Class products, including the new h-5 and h-8 loudspeakers and hs-20 subwoofer, along with the full family of V Series System Engines. The latest release also includes numerous stability and performance improvements, most notably a speed increase in system firmware updates as well as the ability to select the new Dante input option.

“Having built our systems around state-of-the-art DSP and networking technology, we are able to continue to enhance our products through regular software updates that improve the long term value of our products,” says Ken Berger, CEO of VUE Audiotechnik. “This latest full version of the SystemVUE software reflects this and supports the company’s commitment to ensuring that once our customers purchase a VUE product, they will always be able to update them with the most current version of our technology.”

Version 3.8.0 can be downloaded from the company website here.

VUE Audiotechnik

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Rational Acoustics Appoints GerrAudio Distributor For Canada

Ontario-based firm to provide Smaart sales, support and training classes for Canada

Rational Acoustics has appointed Ontario-based GerrAudio as the exclusive distributor for all Rational Acoustics and Smaart branded products in Canada.

For over 30 years, GerrAudio has been a leading distributor of professional audio equipment for the live performance and broadcast industries, with a product portfolio including DiGiCo, Outline, DPA, Audio Precision and Apex.

“GerrAudio has been involved in measuring and aligning sound systems in live performance spaces for four decades,” says Bob Snelgrove, president of GerrAudio. “It has been our pleasure to have been involved with Smaart from its inception, and we are proud to have seen it evolve into the advanced, powerful and industry-leading instrument that it is today. Our job going forward is to ensure that new and seasoned Smaart owners alike receive the opportunity to be properly introduced to the host of sophisticated features and capabilities now available in Smaart, and to offer them the training necessary to apply it effectively.”

‘We are thrilled to be partnering with GerrAudio,” adds Karen Anderson, Rational Acoustics chief operating officer. ‘We have known Bob and the team at Gerr for over 20 years and have seen time and again their dedication to technical excellence and customer support. They have a deep understanding and appreciation for the role of system measurement and optimization within professional audio and most importantly, they share our passion for education. We believe that Smaart, and Rational Acoustics, will be expertly represented in Canada with Gerr at the helm.’

GerrAudio will also begin scheduling Smaart Training classes in Canada in the coming months.

Rational Acoustics

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Renkus-Heinz Introduces ICONYX Gen5 And RHAON II At InfoComm

Gen5 incorporates new UniBeam Technology for more uniform coverage, increased output and faster setup.

Renkus-Heinz introduces Iconyx Gen5, integrating the company’s advanced beam steering algorithms with new RHAON II System Designer software.

Introduced in both Iconyx and IC Live Install series products, Gen5 incorporates new UniBeam Technology for more uniform coverage, increased output, and faster setup and deployment.

Unlike conventional point-source loudspeakers, where achieving optimal coverage is a trade-off between distance and accuracy, UniBeam makes it possible to achieve “Half Horn” coverage, using Iconyx digital beam steering to shape the coverage pattern.

Gen5 also offers new configurations for installation, including new Master and Slave modules, as well as the new IC16-8-RN hybrid column, designed to extend length and LF beam control while using a single 8-channel amplifier.

Renkus-Heinz is also introducing the new, completely redesigned RHAON II networking software. With a new device-centric UI, streamlined workflow and faster operation.

RHAON II System Manager has been completely redesigned from the ground up, using highly structured modular code for greater stability and expandability. The result is a new, more robust RHAON technology - faster, more reliable, with a streamlined, intuitive workflow. RHAON II is fully compatible with both Gen5 and legacy Renkus-Heinz products.

Renkus-Heinz vp sales and marketing Rik Kirby says, “People always say you have to choose two out of three - better, faster, or cheaper,” says Kirby, “but with Gen5 and RHAON II, we’ve managed to achieve them all. Iconyx Gen5 delivers better output with increased control, faster operation using direct, industry-standard communications, and more economical operation.”

Iconyx Gen5, IC Live Gen5, and the new RHAON II will make their official debut at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando. See these, and the full line of Renkus-Heinz technologies at booth 1113, and in Demo Room W204A.


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Yamaha Announces New Additions To VXC Series Loudspeakers

The VXC3F, VXC3FW, VXC5F, and VXC5FW Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) ceiling speakers will make their debut at InfoComm 2015.

Yamaha Professional Audio has announced the addition of four new models to the Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) VXC Series ceiling speaker lineup making their debut at InfoComm 2015 at booth #727.

The VXC3F, VXC3FW, VXC5F, and VXC5FW feature a low profile, but designed specifically for high-quality BGM playback.

Yamaha VXC Series ceiling speakers are highly regarded for their music reproduction quality as well as their clarity for announcements in restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, airport PA systems- anywhere background music is an essential feature.

The depth of the back of the box has been reduced compared to the standard VXC4, VXC6, and VXC8 models, providing even greater installation freedom and flexibility. Like the standard types, the VXC F models support both low-impedance and high-impedance operation, and include a number of features that contribute to faster, safer installation.         

“The VXC Series is a popular choice for commercial installations, states Marc Lopez, marketing manager, Yamaha Professional Audio Division. “While inheriting the excellent sound quality of the standard models, the VXC F models feature a low profile for more flexible installation, allowing our customers to create high-quality sonic environments that will satisfy a wider range of individual needs.”

The new VXC3F and VXC5F models are currently available at an MSRP of $164 and $229 each, respectively.

For more information the VXC3F and VXC5F, please visit Yamaha Professional Audio at booth #727.

Yamaha Professional Audio

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Sennheiser Announces D1 Contest Winner For “The One and Only” Competition

168 bands and musicians from all over the world took part in the contest with votes cast by more than 50,000 fans.

“Are You D1 and Only?” This was the challenge that Sennheiser set for bands and musicians by inviting them to take part in the “D1 and Only” contest to find the most creative cover version of the 90s pop classic by Chesney Hawkes.

The songs that were submitted revealed genuine vocal talents and a huge “bandwidth” of musical variety.

Just about every music genre was represented – from power ballads and classic adaptations to funky hip-hop versions.

168 bands and musicians from all over the world took part in the Cover Song Contest. And Sennheiser has now found “The One and Only“ – after votes were cast by more than 50,000 fans and an expert jury.

20 favorites from the public voting phase went on to be judged by the expert jury. From these, “The One and Only” composer Nik Kershaw, Sennheiser ceo Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, Joel Cassady from Walk off the Earth and Anastasia Schoeck from Imagem Music chose their Top 3.

“It was no easy task for the D1 jury,” said Ingo Angres, marketing manager live performance & music at Sennheiser, “as the Top 20 were all on a very high level. In fact, all those who took part did a fantastic job. We are very proud of the huge range of musical creativity that the contest unveiled.”

leeSA is “The One And Only”
Because of her exceptional voice and outstanding interpretation of “The One and Only”, it was leeSA from South Korea who the D1 jury chose as the winner of the contest. The charismatic singer’s strong vocals put their special mark on the cover song. Nik Kershaw was thrilled: “leeSA’s cover totally encapsulates the spirit of this competition. She’s reinvented the song and made it her own. I love the chords under the chorus. Fabulous voice, fabulous performance, fabulous attitude. A natural talent.”

Exceptional artists in a cappella style
In second place was the band “AudioFeels” – eight unconventional musicians from Poland who took part in “Poland’s Got Talent” in 2008 and went on to win the “Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival” in New York in 2012. Joel Cassady from Walk off the Earth particularly liked the arrangement: “An impressive a cappella cover with a nice balance of dynamics/”tension and release”. I loved how each member of the group got a chance to showcase their specific talents without coming across in a “look at me.” sort of way. The “guitar” solo at the end was a definite highlight as well.”

One-take video with many facets
Ten instruments, four plastic cups – in a single take: third place in the Cover Song Contest went to the girl band “Riggs” from Australia. Their media idea – which fascinated Joel Cassady: “capturing the Walk off the Earth spirit for sure.” – and their musical talent impressed the expert jury. Riggs is made up of four sisters who like to entertain with their positive, up-beat songs. Sennheiser’s ceo Dr. Andreas Sennheiser was bowled over by the cover song: “So many good ideas – such variety and such talent are just incredible.”

Ready for great performances
All three bands have won equipment from Sennheiser’s D1 wireless series. In addition, the contest winner leeSA can look forward to two days in a high-end recording studio and a professional video shooting – which means that everyone will soon be able to enjoy a uniquely produced video with her and her band.


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NEXO Remembers Loudspeaker Designer Matthias Larrieu

Instrumental in the development of ground-breaking products, including the company's flagship STM Series line array

NEXO is mourning the passing of loudspeaker designer Matthias Larrieu, who lost his life in a car accident in June. He was just 30 years old.

In his six years at NEXO, Larrieu left an impressive mark. A core member of the design team that brought the company’s flagship STM Series modular line array into existence, he was also instrumental in the development of other ground-breaking NEXO products, notably the 45°N-12 inline stage monitor and the popular RS subbass cabinets. 

His last project for NEXO was the STM M28 compact line array, which is set to become one of the company’s best-selling PA systems.

A gentle giant, Larrieu balanced his talent with great kindness and amiability. He liked nothing better than explaining the intricacies of his work to potential users from all over the world, and seeing the light in their eyes when they understood just what he had achieved.  His enthusiasm made him widely loved by both colleagues and customers. 

NEXO director François Deffarges remembers the young Matthias, then just 23, putting perspective on the scale of an R&D challenge: “But François, if you can see the mountain, it is no longer an obstacle.”

A company statement notes: “With his many patents shaping future sound reinforcement technology, his real legacy can already be found on concert stages around the world, bringing music and pleasure to hundreds of thousands of people.”


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Meyer Sound LEOPARD And 900-LFC Making U.S. Debut In Live Demos At InfoComm 2015

Regularly scheduled demo sessions for the newest (and smallest) members of the LEO Family in the Valencia Ballroom

InfoComm 2015 marks the U.S. debut of the new Meyer Sound LEOPARD line array loudspeaker and its accompanying 900-LFC low-frequency control element.

LEOPARD and the 900-LFC, the smallest and most versatile members of the flagship LEO Family, will be demonstrated live during the show along with a range of other loudspeakers at the Valencia Ballroom in the convention center.  These public listening sessions are slated for 3 pm, 4 pm and 5 pm on Wednesday (6/17) and Thursday (6/18), with additional sessions at 3 pm and 4 pm on Friday (6/19).

In addition, the Meyer Sound demo room 203A will present demonstrations of installation products, including the AVnu-certified CAL column array loudspeaker that’s installed at the Carolina Panthers Stadium in Charlotte and Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. Also demonstrated will be the company’s remotely powered installation loudspeakers with IntelligentDC technology and the MJF-210 stage monitor.

The demo room schedule will begin Tuesday at noon through end of show Friday every two hours, at even hours.

On the Meyer Sound booth 1243, the LEO Family will be shown, including the LEO-M and LYON line array loudspeakers. Visitors will also learn about the new MAPP XT system design tool and the new Compass Go By Meyer Sound iPad app for optimizing Meyer Sound systems.

As part of the InfoComm University education program, Buford Jones, live audio and education specialist for Meyer Sound, will lead two sessions on Wednesday, June 17:  “Principles of Live Mixing” at 8:00 am and “Mix It Up – Live Audio Workshop” at 12:30 pm. On June 19, Jeff Koftinoff, embedded software developer for Meyer Sound, will present “Deploying Large-Scale AVB Networks” at 8:00 am. Advance registration is required through InfoComm.

Meyer Sound

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Friday, June 12, 2015

UC Surface 1.3 Brings New Features To StudioLive AI And RM Mixers

Mac, Windows and iPad can now control StudioLive AI-series digital mixers as well as StudioLive RM-series rack-mount mixers.

PreSonus announces the release of UC Surface 1.3 multi-touch mixer-control software.

Mac, Windows, and iPad can now control StudioLive AI-series Active Integration digital console mixers as well as StudioLive RM-series Active Integration rack-mount mixers.

To celebrate the release of this update, between June 1 and July 31, 2015, PreSonus is giving away a free PRM1 precision reference microphone with any StudioLive AI console or StudioLive RM rack-mount mixer purchase. (Go here for more information about the giveaway offer.)

“With UC Surface 1.3 we wanted to make the transition between the physical mixer and the software control an intuitive and seamless experience for StudioLive AI console users,” commented PreSonus senior product manager Ray Tantzen.

“We improved the workflows and made them more flexible in order to support the console mixers and incorporate feedback from RM users. With the ability to hide the master fader, improvements to navigating and managing mixes, and a new Quick Access panel, we’ve made the software even more battle-ready.”

In addition, UC Surface now includes Rational Acoustics Smaart measurement technology audio analysis software. Previously implemented in PreSonus VSL-AI control software for StudioLive consoles, Smaart includes a spectrograph, a real-time analyzer, and three Smaart System Wizards that enable you to easily view the frequency response of a venue, quickly calculate and set delay-system timing, and verify output connectivity.

PreSonus is the only company to integrate Smaart into a control application that is included with its mixers.

The update to UC Surface also adds new features for the StudioLive RM mixers. Mix options let you change any aux mix into a subgroup, complete with A/B Fat Channel processing. New AVB options are integrated to provide flexibility when using an RM mixer as a stage box and monitor mixer with an AI console mixer networked at front of house. The software maintains the same workflow with Windows, Mac, and iPad and supports iPad and Windows 8 multi-touch.

Registered StudioLive AI-series console and RM-series rack mixer customers can download UC Surface for Mac and Windows from their My.PreSonus accounts. UC Surface for iPad will be available soon from the Apple App Store.


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Aviom Unveiling New D400 And D400-Dante A-Net Distributors At InfoComm 2015

Up to eight personal mixers can be connected to each D400 or D400-Dante A-Net output, and an unlimited number of distributors can be used when creating larger systems with more than eight performers

At the InfoComm 2015 show in Orlando, Aviom (booth 721) is introducing the new D400 and D400-Dante A-Net distributors, designed to distribute power and digital audio data to Aviom personal mixing systems at a reduced cost. 

The standard D400 has an A-Net input and is for users with an analog input module or a digital console card as the front end of their system, while the D400-Dante has Dante I/O instead of the A-Net input.

The D400-Dante allows up to 32 Dante channels to be routed to the personal mixing system, which makes connecting to a Dante-enable digital console or audio network as simple as plugging in a Cat-5 cable.

Up to eight personal mixers can be connected to each D400 or D400-Dante A-Net output, and an unlimited number of distributors can be used when creating larger systems with more than eight performers.

“The D400 and D400-Dante make designing a new Aviom personal mixing system even easier and more affordable,” explains Ray Legnini, Aviom product research and development manager. “For users with existing systems, the D400 and D400-Dante offer additional flexibility when it comes time to expand or upgrade a system.”

The D400 and D400-Dante are fully compatible with both the original Aviom Pro16 version of A-Net and the new Pro16e version of A-Net, the technology driving the A360 and A320 personal mixers that alsoh allow multiple 16-channel banks of monitoring content to be delivered over a single Cat-5 cable.


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Kletch Upgrades With JBL VTX-II Line Arrays To Grow Business In Czech Republic

Kletch has grown from smaller regional events to larger productions, selecting JBL and Crown products to grow its inventory accordingly.

Brno-based production company, Kletch, which specializes in providing sound, lighting, staging and video technology within the Czech Republic, has confirmed an order for JBL’s new VTX V25-II and S25 subs along with three Crown VRack 4x3500 amplification systems, from territorial distributor, AudioMaster CZ.

Kletch has grown from smaller regional events to larger productions, and is taking advantage of JBL and Crown’s scalable product ranges to grow its inventory accordingly.

The V25-II line array loudspeaker features a new waveguide for improved long-throw performance and wavefront control, as well as improved power matching with the Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD 4-channel amplifiers, which have also been purchased by the company as part of the same consignment.

Explaining the company’s decision, Kletch’s founder and ceo, Jakub Klecka, said, “We wanted an unrivaled audio system in the Czech Republic to match our leading projection, large screen and LED technologies … something beyond compare. Thanks to the great support of [AudioMaster CZ sales rep] Tomáš Novák we were able to make the decision even before we knew the price of the system.“

Set up in 2011, Kletch stepped up its interest in Harman Professional components at the beginning of last year when the company bought its first JBL VRX Constant Curvature loudspeaker system, followed shortly after by a Soundcraft Si Performer 2 digital mixing console. Impressed with the performance, a supplementary JBL PRX700 system was also added to Kletch’s existing PRX setup later the same year.

In fact, Kletch has never looked back after switching to JBL’s PRX platform soon after setting up, according to Klecka—whose first business enterprise had coincided with him reaching his 18th birthday. “PRX was very light and powerful, thanks to the construction, and also the price was right. After that everything just progressed smoothly,” he noted.

This helped Kletch boost its work profile in the trade fair, exhibition, corporate event and concert sectors. However, acquisition of V25-II, with the revolutionary D2 Dual-Diaphragm Dual-Voice-Coil Compression Drivers, moves the company to a different league entirely.

Klecka again reinforced his confidence in the system. “The advantage for us is supplementing the small-scale and mid-scale systems with a large-scale system so that now we have a complete menu to offer,” he said. “And with a complete offer of lighting, projection, truss and filming technology added in, we can definitely anticipate that this will lead to more business.”

“As far as VTX is concerned, we expected reliability, quality and ease of use—and all these features have been delivered, while the distributor’s support has been perfect,” Klecka added. He also admitted that JBL HiQnet Performance Manager proved to be a major benefit with system setup.

As for the Crown VRack 4x3500s, Kletch said, “I have found them to be invaluable; without them it would be a completely different system.” The three I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers that each VRack comprises, also benefit from the optimized power matching of the new V25-II waveguide.

The first gig with the new system was in Nová Karolína Hall in Ostrava, followed by a spoken-word show at a Velodrom in Brno. But Klecka noted that it is the upcoming open air festival season where the system will really come into its own.

Finally, as the company moves its production values onto a larger scale, Jakub Klecka is confident that this will naturally lead to an investment higher up the Soundcraft chain. “We will certainly need a larger console in the future,” he believes. “As we build demand for the VTX system, the console will be added in due course, according to our customers’ needs.“

Harman Professional

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VUE Audiotechnik Announces Dante Support For All DSP-Based Products

The update will be incorporated within all future products with upgrades available for owners of existing systems.

VUE Audiotechnik unveils new Dante support for its digital DSP-enabled systems at InfoComm 2015 (Booth 573).

Planned for both the h-Class family of loudspeakers and V Series DSP / amplifier systems engines, the update, set to officially ship in September, will be incorporated within all future products, and upgrades will be available for owners of existing systems.

VUE Audiotechnik included Ethernet in both product lines to accommodate control, with the expectation that future expansion would include Dante audio networking.

With the recent unveiling of the Dante Ultimo chip, all VUE DSP systems can now include the functionality at a competitive price point.

Like every Dante product, the Ultimo allows the VUE h-class and V Series systems to operate in any Dante environment, with routing of audio streams for each individual Dante-enabled product.

“We’d been waiting for a cost-effective solution for audio-over-Ethernet, and Dante has clearly become the industry standard for audio networking.” says Ken Berger, ceo of VUE Audiotechnik. “The Dante Ultimo chipset allows us to include full network functionality at a reasonable cost for our customers. Now that it’s here, we’re updating our DSP products to include the technology.” 

“We are pleased to be working with VUE Audiotechnik who, with their new line of Dante enabled products, is driving innovation to facilitate AV/IT convergence,” adds Lee Ellison,  ceo of Audinate.  “Distributing audio-over-IP not only improves audio quality, but enhances the flexibility of the sound system.”

Released earlier this year, the Dante Ultimo chip is the perfect solution for speaker products, which require only a single or pair of input streams. Providing the full Dante input capabilities, the Ultimo allows VUE to be a complete Dante network client, enabling the company’s products to go into environments where there is already Dante infrastructure in place, such as theme parks and stadiums.

“We look forward to designing systems with our partners that can take advantage of the full capabilities of a networked environment” Berger adds. “We designed these products as a direct response to requests from customers on large-scale projects who were looking for an audio-over-Ethernet solution. So, it was something we always intended to do. Now that it’s possible, we’re rolling it out. As far as we know, the h-Class is the first of any speaker in its class to have Dante on-board as standard.”

The Dante upgraded h-Class, which includes the h-Class full range and subwoofer systems, will begin shipping in September at no additional cost. Upgrade solutions for existing h-Class systems will also be available at that time.

The V Series V4 and V6 with on-board Dante capabilities will follow suit by the end of 2015. 

VUE Audiotechnik

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Sennheiser Collaborates With Fraunhofer Institute For Speech And Hearing Apps

MobileConnect and CinemaConnect apps make custom sound adaptation possible for individual audio.

The new versions of Sennheiser’s MobileConnect and CinemaConnect apps for accessible streaming allow users to not only adjust volume but also to adapt speech intelligibility and sound quality to their particular requirements for the first time.

These features were developed by Sennheiser in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology.

With the new, updated versions of both Sennheiser’s MobileConnect and CinemaConnect apps, users will be able to adjust not only the volume but also the amplification and dynamic range of high- and low-frequency audio content.

Along with better speech intelligibility, users will also benefit from generally improved sound quality tailored to their specific needs.

Close collaboration with Fraunhofer IDMT
In developing the enhanced technology for the streaming apps, audio specialist Sennheiser drew on the expertise of the Oldenburg Project Group for Hearing, Speech, and Audio Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) and the Oldenburg Hearing Center.

The apps are intended for users with early-stage hearing loss who have no hearing aid as well as hearing aid wearers with early-stage hearing loss or a slight hearing impairment. Dr. Jan Rennies of the Fraunhofer IDMT comments, “In several studies, we were able to demonstrate that test subjects with slight to moderate hearing loss who had difficulty with speech comprehension with the unprocessed sound, detected a distinct improvement with the apps’ signal processing.”

Intuitive sound adjustment via touchscreen
The process for personalizing the audio signal settings is very intuitive, with no need for a prior hearing test.

To make adjustments, the user draws their finger over a touch-sensitive field built into the app until they get the optimal sound pattern for their specific requirements. The user can make further audio adjustments at any time during the event they are attending. Moreover, with MobileConnect, wearers of hearing aids or cochlear implants can connect the live sound of the event directly from their smartphone to their hearing aid. To develop this technology, the scientists reduced the complex signal processing strategies used in hearing aid technology to a limited number of typical presets.

MobileConnect: optimal speech comprehension through mobile streaming
Since 2014, Sennheiser’s MobileConnect app has made live audio streaming via WiFi possible on mobile devices, thereby helping speech comprehension in various environments.

For example, users with the CinemaConnect version, which has been optimized for cinemas, get access to additional soundtracks for audio description or assistive listening, and are also able to engage in the film experience via headphones connected to the smartphone.

“With MobileConnect and CinemaConnect, we have developed a new kind of technology for the real-time transmission of audio content,” explains Jörn Erkau, managing director of Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH. “In the future, cinema and theatergoers will be using their own smartphones, which, with our apps, can serve as a receiver for accessibility solutions.“

A long-term commitment to inclusion
In Europe, more than 30% of people with a hearing impairment regularly miss out on going to the cinema or theater. With the enhanced versions of MobileConnect and CinemaConnect, Sennheiser aims to simplify inclusive technology for cultural events and enable more people with impaired hearing or vision to enjoy cultural events.

To develop this innovative streaming technology, Sennheiser founded the subsidiary Sennheiser Streaming Technologies (SST) in 2014. Jörn Erkau explains: “MobileConnect and CinemaConnect are our first products. Using this technology as a basis, we will be developing further industry-specific solutions, for example in the conference sector.“

The updated versions of MobileConnect and CinemaConnect are now available for download free of charge from all app stores.


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Hungarian Sound Recordist Ottó Oláh Relies On Lectrosonics SMb Transmitters

With over 30 years of experience in film and broadcast, Hungarian engineer believes in using only the best technology available.

Sound recordist Ottó Oláh has been in the movie business for more than 30 years, and has worked as a location sound recordist on more than 25 films internationally, including several blockbuster American and European films, as well as several television shows and commercials.

He has come to rely upon the Lectrosonics SMb transmitters to help him meet the challenges of location sound work.

According to Ottó, the duties of a production sound engineer in Hungary are challenging like everywhere else in the world, consisting of shooting sessions in extreme weather conditions, or on heavy terrain or in a very dark studio. 

In Hungary, according to Oláh, “It is required that I know the A to Z’s of the sound profession – from recording to supervising post-production, which is an overall knowledge that is very useful in my approach to work.”

Recently, Ottó recalled the challenges of working on the film, Álom.net (Dream.net) for director Gábor N. Forgács, which captures both the action of a boys’ high school basketball team and high school cheerleaders rooting for them.

While capturing the sounds of the basketball training and dialog was difficult enough, Ottó’s real challenge was getting the sound right for the cheerleaders. The difficulty was not only that the cheerleaders were often simultaneously, cheering, chatting, jumping and shouting – their tiny costumes for the film consisted of very short miniskirts and half tank tops.

“The Lectrosonics SMb transmitters were the perfect solution, says Ottó, who purchased them from Lectrosonics’ distributor in Hungary, TWELCO.

“The SM Series transmitters are so small that we could hide them in the tops; we just had to be careful when taping down the mics so the girls were ready for exercise. The unique RM remote control helped in setting the frequency and audio gain, sleep, wake, lock and unlock modes. The RM was working fine but the boom operator always looked for the SM transmitter on the cheerleaders, Sound quality was, of course, beyond reproach and with a 12-track file-based recorder, we could also handle the scenes with many actors.”

With this experience with Lectrosonics, Ottó was confident when working together with this director during the shooting of their next film together, Pillangók (Butterflies), even when shooting a scene where the little boy in the lead role was talking to his friends while playing soccer on the field.”

In terms of choosing Lectrosonics and other equipment to help him master the challenges, Ottó has a firm motto:

“My motto is: Move with the times. This is the reason why I always have the latest, state-of-the art-equipment available, which, along with my experience and knowledge, allow me to work on any number of varied international film, commercial and television productions.”

Ottó Oláh

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