Thursday, March 28, 2013

NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers Pre-Game Broadcast Goes Wireless With Shure ULX-D & PSM 1000

Overcomes crowded RF environment and noisy surroundings while offering ease of use

When the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers broadcasting and production teams decided to move their pre-game show from a studio to the public concourse of the Rose Garden Arena, Mike Janes, the team’s vice president of engineering and technology, put together the new gear, including a Shure ULX-D digital wireless system and a PSM 1000 personal monitor system.

Moving from a quiet studio to a public concourse made the broadcast more engaging and exciting for viewers, but presented challenges for hosts Adam Bjaranson and Michael Holton and the technical team. With a crowded RF environment, noisy surroundings, and the need for quick and easy setup and teardown, Janes sought a flexible yet reliable wireless solution, provided by the new ULX-D system.

“Because the set goes up and comes down on a regular basis, we needed a system that was easy to use, easy to collapse, and rugged enough to withstand the repeated abuse,” says Janes. “We use the system as a mobile rack system, which enables the gear to be transported and used at other events throughout the off-season. The life we get out of the system over time is huge.”

To maximize usability, Janes pairs ULX-D with the SBC200 dual-docking battery charger. “We love the rechargability factor,” Janes notes. “It makes it easy to just drop the mic in the same place and know it’s ready to perform the next time we pick it up for future games.

“It’s also much more cost-effective. Before the charger, we were buying fresh batteries before every broadcast, just to have peace of mind, but at $12 a game, over the course of 42 games, it wasn’t cheap. The type of cost savings we obtain from the SBC200 is a big plus.”

Making it possible for the hosts to hear clearly and comfortably was of equal concern.  Janes opted for the PSM 1000 personal monitor system, which provides music-quality Interruptible Feedback (IFB) audio and enables each host to set his own volume level. 

The PSM 1000 transmitter has been coupled with PSM 900 bodypack receivers. “The system’s compatibility and ease of use has been a nice benefit,” Janes adds.

Along with the bodypacks, the talent is equipped with SE425 Sound Isolating earphones for IFB. “The sound quality far exceeds what we’d call our ‘traditional in-ear drivers’ that we had been using for years, and because of the way [the SE425s] custom fit, they help isolate the noise on-set. The quality of the in-ear driver also allows the announcers to use less volume and protect their hearing in the long-term.”


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Variety Of Martin Audio Loudspeakers Chosen For Spectacular SKYE In Jakarta

800 capacity bar/restaurant venue benefits from well-balanced approach

SKYE Bar & Restaurant in Jakarta is the latest venue to be opened by the Ismaya Group, located on the 56th floor of the 754 foot-high Menara BCA building, providing a stupendous view over the city’s skyline.

Ownership turned to the pro division of P.T. Citra Intirama, Martin Audio’s distributors in Indonesia, to supply the sound design for the venue.

P.T. Citra Intirama already had a relationship with the club’s owners, who have been using Martin Audio systems for many of their group restaurants and clubs over the years. As a result, the distributor recommended a similar solution to equip the brand new rooftop bar, restaurant and lounge, as well as the outdoor chill out area within the exclusive operation.

The 800-capacity venue combines a mixture of Martin Audio’s compact architectural AQ5 loudspeakers and EM150 subwoofers for the lounge area; Marin C10.1R two-way high performance ceiling loudspeakers for the restaurant area; surface-mount Martin C115 loudspeakers for the VIP area, and Martin C4.8T and C6.8T ceiling loudspeakers for restrooms and corridors linking the indoor and outdoor area.

The solution ensures well-balanced background music coverage throughout the venue, augmented via two Martin Audio Blackline F15+ and S18+s, which are specially installed for weekend DJ events.

Martin Audio

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ashly Amplifiers & Starr Group Take The Gold At Olympic Conference Center

Ashly Audio ne8250 eight-channel network amplifiers deliver 250 watts of power to each zone in a 104-zone system

Set in the Adirondack Mountains of New York at the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games, the newly-constructed Conference Center at Lake Placid pairs the splendor and story of its surroundings with amenities that far surpass those of most big city convention centers.

The three-story building boasts over 90,000 square-feet of flexible ballrooms, meeting rooms, and pre-function space, as well as decks and verandas from which to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Starr Entertainment Group designed and installed a flexible and abundantly powerful A/V system for the center, in part by relying on Ashly Audio ne8250 eight-channel network amplifiers that deliver 250 watts of power to 104 zones of distributed loudspeakers.

The New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), which manages the state of the art conference center, tapped Starr Entertainment Group to design a thoroughly modern A/V system that could flexibly accommodate a wide range of uses. Pleased with the company’s competence and communication, ORDA invited Starr Entertainment Group to bid on the installation of its design. The bid was successful, and so the company saw its design through to completion.

The system collects its audio inputs from wireless microphone systems, wired microphones, media input panels, visual media players, and a background music system. In addition, several small-frame consoles in rolling racks accommodate events with live music. The inputs feed a Peavey Media Matrix NION processor, which allows system-wide inputs to be assigned to any output zone. Thirteen Ashly ne8250 eight-channel amplifiers deliver 250 Watts to each of the 104 zones distributed throughout the building. The meeting rooms and common areas use 180 JBL Control 26 in-ceiling loudspeakers, and the ballrooms use sixty 12-inch JBL Control 322 in-ceiling loudspeakers.

“ORDA wanted a high-quality system. They wanted to do it right,” says Peter Starr, owner and chief designer of Starr Entertainment Group. “About a year-and-a-half ago, we used some Ashly ne8250 amplifiers in a hotel system. I loved the fact that we could get 250 Watts per channel. It’s ideal for these kinds of systems. Of course, there are other multi-channel amps on the market, but nothing combines the specs, affordability, and reliability of Ashly’s ne Series. It is certain, the Conference Center at Lake Placid sounds great and is capable of some serious volume when needed.”

A 32 x 32 Crestron digital video matrix processor allow any video input to be shown on any combination of the center’s approximately 120 video output devices. Those devices include Sanyo HD projectors and flat-screen monitors. In addition, a large Visix-based digital signage system provides the conference center guests with way-finding and other information. A Crestron Pro2 system with 22 wall panels allow user control of every aspect of system performance, such as video and audio input selection and volume, room combining, as well as room functions such as room temperature and lighting.

In addition, the building’s functions can be accessed via secure Internet and LAN connections. According to Bob Hammond, ORDA’s director of planning and construction, “the Starr Group has exceeded expectations,” and was noted by Ted Blazer, ORDA’s president and CEO, to be “the most dependable and cooperative contractor on the project.”

Ashly Audio

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Shure Announces Spring Rebates For Beta Microphones

Beta 58A and Beta 181 included in promotion

Shure is offering spring rebates of up to $60 back on select Beta microphones. Customers who purchase the microphones between April 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013, are eligible for the rebate.

Also included in the promotion is Shure’s DMK 57-52 universal drum microphone kit, which comes with three SM57 instrument microphones, and one Beta 52A kick drum microphone.

All claims must be postmarked by July 31, 2013, and received no later than August 15, 2013.

Beta microphones come in a variety of form factors, from handheld to drum microphones, and feature maximum isolation and minimum off-axis coloration.

Two standout microphones offered in the rebate include the Beta 58A, a dynamic vocal microphone with superior sound quality and ruggedness, and the compact Beta 181 side-address instrument microphone with interchangeable polar pattern capsules.

The Beta 58A is optimal for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording and is ideal for close-up vocals.

Designed for discreet placement and versatility in live and studio environments, the Beta 181 is often relied on for superb audio with consistency in polar responses in tight mounting conditions.

“Beta microphones are renowned for capturing fine details and have long been the choice for top touring and recording professionals, including the chart-topping Mumford & Sons, who performed with Beta 58As at this year’s Grammy Awards,” said Terri Hartman, director of marketing communications, Shure Americas. “With a variety of models tailor-made for specific applications, Beta microphones have become essential tools for expert sound engineers.”

Rebates include $20 back for Beta 27, Beta 52A, Beta 53, Beta 54, Beta 56A, Beta 57A, Beta 58A, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, Beta 91A, Beta 98A, Beta98AD/C, Beta 98 AMP, Beta 98H/C, and Beta 181; $30 back for DMK57-52 drum mic kit; and $60 back on Beta 181KIT and Beta 98AMP/C3-Pack microphone kits. Rebates will be honored for up to six Beta products.

For more information on Shure’s spring promotion and how to take advantage of the current rebates, go here.


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LOUD Technologies And Mega Audio Announce Mackie, Ampeg Distribution Agreement

Mega to provide expanded in-market sales, customer support and brand awareness

LOUD Technologies and Mega Audio GmbH have announced a distribution agreement, with Mega serving as the distributor for the Mackie and Ampeg brands in Germany.

“We are very excited to partner with Mega Audio,” states Tony Williams, director of sales, EMEA. “This agreement will support expanding Ampeg and Mackie sales and ensure that our level of customer service keeps pace with our growth in Germany.

“Dealers will benefit from this partnership with local stock availability, as well as excellent in-market sales, technical support and stronger marketing and brand awareness.”

“We are extremely proud and thrilled to be part of the family now,” says Burkhard Elsner, CEO of Mega Audio. “To be able to help the growth and success in Germany of brands with such a long history of fantastic achievements in the audio industry is a great honor.

“The whole Mega Audio team is very excited to get involved in building up such special brands to a new level of success. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with LOUD. ”

Mackie and Ampeg will exhibit at the upcoming Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany in Hall 8.0 (Stand L80.) Mega Audio representatives will be present to engage with German dealers during the show.

LOUD Technologies
Mega Audio

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Extron Introduces New TeamWork Digital Collaboration System

Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce TeamWork, a simple and intuitive collaboration system that supports groups of four to six users.

Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce TeamWork, a simple and intuitive collaboration system that supports groups of four to six users.

TeamWork 400 and TeamWork 600 Digital Collaboration System packages are pre-configured for ease of installation with virtually any furniture system, new or currently in use. The TeamWork system also works with most flat panel displays, laptops, and tablets.

For added flexibility, TeamWork is scalable and can be easily tailored to meet specific requirements with the addition of mounting hardware, support for legacy analog sources, and other optional accessories. The TeamWork system is ideal for corporate and education applications that require a reliable, easy-to-use collaboration system that adapts to evolving needs.

“The proliferation of laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices has revolutionized the way people come together to work on projects, with multiple, smaller collaboration spaces taking the place of traditional meeting rooms or classrooms on corporate and college campuses around the world,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “We designed the TeamWork system to provide AV integrators with highly flexible, pre-configured digital collaboration systems that can be quickly installed in new or existing furniture systems, with the performance, reliability, and low cost of ownership typical of all Extron products.”

The TeamWork system is designed for simple, intuitive operation with a minimum of training. Users simply connect their laptop or tablet to a TeamWork “Show Me” cable to start the system, then press the “Share” button to display their content on the presentation display.

When done, users simply disconnect and walk away, and the TeamWork system automatically turns itself off and is ready for the next collaboration session. The TeamWork collaboration system is HDCP-compliant and supports full resolution, full frame rate digital video up to 1080p/60 and analog computer-video up to 1920x1200.

Each TeamWork system package is complete and ready for installation, and includes HDMI “Show Me” cables, a switcher, a system controller, a Cable Cubby enclosure with four US AC outlets, and other necessary system cables. TeamWork supports legacy analog computer sources with the optional TeamWork VGA Kit. Mounting hardware is also optionally available to facilitate different collaboration table or work surface designs.

Extron Electronics

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TASCAM Introduces DR-60D DSLR Recorder

Designed for on-set filmmakers and videographers

The new TASCAM DR-60D is an audio recorder designed for on-set filmmakers and videographers using DSLR cameras.

The 4-track solid-state recorder employs high-grade pre-amps and D/A converters combined with a durable but lightweight structure and shape. It will fit snuggly under any camera or into any rig, and record up to 96 kHz/24-bit high quality audio straight to SD/SDHC media.

The DR-60D includes two 1/4-inch/XLR locking combo mic/line inputs, 3.5mm stereo mic input, camera in, camera out, line out and headphone out. Both 1/4-inch/XLR Combo Inputs supply +48-volt phantom power and the 3.5mm Input supplies plug-in power for microphones requiring a bias voltage.

The DR-60D employs TASCAM’s popular user interface and external controls for every major operation. The body structure, soft-touch keys and dials are designed specifically to help eliminate handling noise. The multiple record modes include 4-channel record, auto record, and TASCAM’s dual-record “Safety Track” mode (first made popular on the DR-40).

TASCAM is releasing the product with an estimated street price of $399.

Features include:

• Record to SD/SDHC card (Up to 32GB)
• Simultaneously record up to 4 tracks
• Recording format:16/24bit、44.1/48/96 kHz (WAV/BWF)
• TASCAM original HDDA microphone preamps
• Recording levels can be adjusted independently for the 1/L, 2/R and 3-4 inputs
• Two XLR/TRS inputs support +4 dBu line level input and phantom power supply (24/48V)
• Plug-in power supply and high-output mic input supported on input 3-4
• CAMERA OUT connector for output from the DR-60D’s mixer
• CAMERA IN connector for sound monitoring from the Camera
• Independent LINE OUT connector and HEADPHONE output for high-quality sound output
• 50mW/ch headphone output
• Tripod mounting threads (bottom) and DSLR screw attachment (top)
• Handles protect the screen and can be used to attach a shoulder strap
• Soft-Touch Rubber Keys for silent operation
• HOLD switch to prevent accidental operation
• A QUICK button is available for easy access to various functions
• 128 x 64 pixel LCD with backlight
• USB 2.0 connection for high-speed transferring
• Mini USB cable included
• Operates on 4 AA batteries, an AC adapter (sold separately) or USB bus power
• Can extend battery life with BP-6AA battery pack (sold separately)
• Dedicated remote control jack for the wired RC-10 remote control or RC-3F footswitch (both sold separately)
• Internal mixer: PAN and LEVEL controls
• Low cut filter(40/80/120Hz)
• Limiter (1/L and 2/R can be selected for link-operation)
• Delay function for distance of microphones adjustments (+/-150 ms)
• M-S decode function
• Slate tone generator (AUTO/MANUAL)
• Selectable duration of slate tone from four positions (0.5/1/2/3 sec, when Auto generate)
• Selectable slate tone generator position. 3 positions: OFF/HEAD/HEAD+TAIL, when Auto generate
• File name format can be set to use a user-defined word or date
• Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels
• Auto-record function can automatically start and stop recording at set level
• Pre-recording function allows the unit to record a 2 second sound buffer before recording is activated
• Self timer function for solo recording
• New file starts recording automatically without interruption when maximum file size is reached
• Track incrementing function allows a recording to be split by creating a new file when desired
• Jump back and play function
• Equalizers function for playback, and level alignment function to enhance the perceived overall sound pressure
• Resume function to memorize the playback position before the unit is turned off
• MARK function up to 99 points per audio track
• DIVIDE function


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SFM Launches The Canadian EAW Touring Systems Network

Developed to foster unity, promote open communication and form a registry of EAW systems in Canada

SFM, the exclusive distributor for EAW in Canada, has officially launched the Canadian EAW Touring Systems (CETS) network website.

CETS is a program with exclusive membership with a mission to unite the members of the Canadian EAW touring systems community, to promote an open line of communication between these professionals, and to form a comprehensive national registry of EAW touring systems in Canada.

This new website lists CETS members nationwide and also offers

• An interactive map showing the location of each CETS member in Canada, including their contact information and EAW touring PA inventory.
• A “Search by Province” feature permitting the user to identify all CETS members by province.
• A complete and interactive list of all products eligible for CETS, including product images, basic specifications and links to downloadable documentation.
• A link to the online CETS Registration Form where qualifying production and/or PA rental companies with EAW touring PA systems can register to become members of this unique network.

This new website identifies CETS members and presents their EAW touring inventory in a clear and concise manner.  By consulting this directory, anyone requiring an EAW Touring PA can now easily locate and contact the nearest members in their area.

Visit the new website at www.cets.ca.


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roland Systems Group Announces New VC-1 Series Video Converters

Roland Systems Group is unveiling a new portable video converter line-up, VC-1 Series, at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 8 – 11th NAB Booth #C7140.

Roland Systems Group is unveiling a new portable video converter line-up, VC-1 Series, at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 8 – 11th NAB Booth #C7140.

These new video converters address the demand for high-quality, lossless video and audio converters for live/post production as well as installed systems.

They include the Roland VC-1-HS (HDMI to SDI), VC-1-SH (SDI to HDMI), and VC-1-DL (Bi-directional SDI/HDMI with audio/video delay and frame sync).

The VC-1 Video Converter series provides uncompromising picture quality by maintaining the video characteristics of the original signal with rich-blacks and super-whites. There are no interlacing artifacts or other conversion or signal errors sometimes found with other video converters. 

The VC-1 series also features an on-board re-clocker to compensate for attenuation of SDI signals carried over long distances.  The VC-1 series also supports both level A and B 3G-SDI, letting you connect a variety of higher quality SDI sources.

The VC-1 series is HDCP compliant allowing you to convert or pass-through HDCP signals with the exception of any SDI output. The VC-1-DL additionally enables the HDCP signal to be delayed. Selectable audio embedding and de-embedding lets you route different audio sources to or from video devices.

Digital AES/EBU input and output signals are supporting ensuring high-quality audio signals can be maintained through the signal flow.

Video devices with uncompressed signals such as SDI and HDMI have become more common in live production, and as a result, the need for video conversion is growing.

Video converters are especially needed when audio and video signals are combined in a multi-device integrated system installation. Each different video component could add delay and therefore latency adjustments are required to sync audio and video signals.

Roland Systems Group developed these single-function convertors building from the technology developed for the powerful VC series that includes the VC-300HD, VC-50HD, and VC-30HD.

Video Converter Summary:

Roland VC-1-HS- Increasingly HDMI video cameras are being used for live production. The VC-1-HS converts, extends and embeds audio from HDMI to SDI.  This converter is especially complimentary to the Roland V-1600HD and V-800HD multi-format video mixers when you want to use SDI signals for camera inputs on the mixer.

Roland VC-1-SH – The cost of SDI monitoring sometimes can be prohibitive for certain applications.  The VC-1-SH converter allows you to convert an SDI signal to HDMI, providing a more cost effective monitoring solution. This converter is also complimentary to the Roland V-40HD multi-format video mixer when you want to use an SDI camera as an input to the mixer.

Roland VC-1-DL – In live production as you add more video components to a signal flow, latency is introduced.  The VC-1-DL converter not only allows bidirectional conversion of SDI/HDMI but it also provides frame sync and delay adjustment of up to 9 fields (4.5 frames) for audio and video independently. This is helpful when keeping various types of cameras in sync as well as ensuring a projector stays in sync with an LED wall. In this way it is an indispensable tool live production, broadcast and recording applications.

These new “mini” converters coupled with the current lineup of existing video converters establish Roland’s strong position as a leading video convertor supplier for live and post production applications.

Roland Systems Group

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Clear-Com Enables Collaboration At Astana Media Center

Kazakhstan’s Newest Broadcast Facility Relies on Eclipse Matrix, FreeSpeak Wireless and V-Series Panels for Day-to-Day Operations

Clear-Com is pleased to announce that the Astana Media Center has taken delivery of a wide range of Clear-Com intercom solutions.

Production personnel at the newly opened broadcasting complex in Kazakhstan rely on Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median and Eclipse-PiCo digital intercom matrices along with FreeSpeak digital wireless intercoms to communicate across the 75,500-square-meter facility. 

The Clear-Com systems provide production staff with reliable, high-quality communications throughout the 24-story Astana Media Center. Eight Eclipse matrices with hundreds of V-Series desktop and rack-mounted intercom panels form the backbone of the facility’s communication network.

FreeSpeak wireless beltpacks are fully integrated with the Eclipse-Median frames, providing mobile users with wireless communications. This comprehensive and integrated intercom solution allows seamless communication between team members located in eight production studios, four news studios, two drama studios, 22 master control rooms, 10 radio stations, cinema concert hall and a conference area. 

“The Astana Media Center is one of the most advanced broadcast production facilities in Central Asia. It has a large number of rooms and divisions that serve not only all the broadcasters in the country, but also international broadcasters,” says Burak Devecel, Sales Manager for Akfa Teknoloji, the system integrator that installed the Clear-Com equipment at Astana Media Center.

“The ability to connect multiple Clear-Com Eclipse frames via fibre enables the staff in the complex to manage all the communication for these divisions from a central convenient location and offers an extremely flexible, efficient and future-proof solution.

“Akfa Teknoloji designed and installed the intercom systems for the Astana Media Center, but Clear-Com application engineers supported us during the commissioning stage to ensure the system met customer configuration requirements.

“Their aid was critical to help us meet our project deadline. They also assisted with end-user operational and maintenance training so that every intercom user would be familiar and comfortable with the systems. We’re very satisfied with Clear-Com’s service and support.”

“Astana Media Center’s selection of Clear-Com intercoms is a strong testament to the proven capabilities of this solution,” says Karlie Miles, Director of EMEA and South Asia Pacific Sales, Clear-Com.  Clear-Com. “We are proud to be a part of such an important and cutting-edge broadcast organization and look forward to continuing our work with the Astana Media Center as it makes more inroads in Kazakhstan’s broadcast community.”


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Meyer Sound Names Chris Mead Middle East Technical Support Manager

Meyer Sound has announced the appointment of Chris Mead as the company’s Middle East Technical Support Manager.

Meyer Sound has announced the appointment of Chris Mead as the company’s Middle East Technical Support Manager. Based at the Meyer Sound Middle East office in Dubai, Mead will be responsible for providing technical support to customers throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Indian sub-continent.

“Meyer Sound’s growth opportunities in the Middle East lie in our quality products as well as our ability to provide timely and knowledgeable technical support for customers in the territory,” says Mauricio Saint Martin, director of Middle East sales. “Chris’s in-depth engineering background and extensive experience with the regional integration market make him an ideal fit to represent Meyer Sound.”

In his new post, Mead will assume the lead role in the region by supervising the design of Meyer Sound loudspeaker and digital audio systems, on-site project commissioning, after-sale customer training, and technical seminars.

Mead comes to Meyer Sound with nine years of experience in systems engineering in the AV and broadcast industries, with assignments in both his native United Kingdom and in the Middle East. His prior experience includes key project management positions with Sat-Comm Ltd., Electrosonic Ltd, and Almoe Systems LLC. In those capacities, he managed design and installation of AV systems ranging from hotels and nightclubs to football stadiums and corporate teleconferencing suites.

“I’m excited to join a company as prestigious as Meyer Sound,” says Mead. “It’s inspiring to see how seriously Meyer Sound approaches product quality, education, and technical support, and I look forward to supporting existing clients and expanding the company’s presence in the region.”

Meyer Sound

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Kansas Star Casino Hits The Jackpot With Premier Mounts

Systems Integrator McClelland Sound installed multiple display mounts from Premier Mounts throughout the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas during the construction of the brand-new casino.

Systems Integrator McClelland Sound installed multiple display mounts from Premier Mounts throughout the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas during the construction of the brand-new casino.

Building an all-new casino, the ambitious project included installing multiple digital signage platforms throughout the casino including back-to-back, triple, and quadruple display mount formations hung from the ceiling, as well as seamlessly installed swing out, tilt, and pivot display mounts for entertainment at restaurants and bars throughout the facility.

“Premier Mounts provided great service and answered any and all questions we had throughout the install,” stated Paul Colella of McClelland Sound. “The products were sturdy, easy to install, and provided multiple uses for installation.”

“The versatility of Premier Mounts’ products allowed McClelland Sound to install multiple configurations of displays throughout the casino,” Colella adds..

The triple ceiling mount for flat-panels (ECM-3763T) provides the ability to mount the displays right on the box with no adapters needed, helping to keep the installation on track.

A swing out mount like the AM300-B provided 90 degrees of swivel left or right as well as 10 degrees of tilt for optimal adjustments.

Features included with Premier Mounts’ products such as Griplate™ and Radial Glide™ provide security and adjustability for seamless installations.

“The amount and configuration of the displays was a challenge during this project,” stated Colella. “Premier Mounts’ innovative and user-friendly product design ensured a seamless installation process to help overcome this challenge.”

Restaurants can greatly benefit from digital signage installations, such as the example seen here at the casino. A digital menu is supported by Premier Mounts’ PTM-B, informing patrons of specials, menu items, and other promotions.

Premier Mounts

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Mike Pratt Named New CEO For Guitar Center

Also joins company board of directors

Guitar Center has announced the appointment of Mike Pratt as its new chief executive officer, effective April 1, 2013. He also joins the company’s board of directors.

Pratt succeeds Marty Hanaka, the company’s interim CEO, who will remain on the board and assist in the transition.

Since 2008, Pratt has served as president and chief operating officer of leading Canadian consumer electronics retailers Best Buy Canada and Future Shop. He began his career more than 20 years ago with Future Shop, which was acquired by Best Buy Canada in 2001.

During Pratt’s tenure, Best Buy Canada grew from 165 to 275 stores and greatly expanded its e-commerce activities and web presence.

“There’s no question that Guitar Center is North America’s leader in musical instruments and related products, and there’s a long legacy of success that I greatly admire,” states Pratt. “Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to look at the company even more closely, and I came away very impressed with its dynamic, multi-format business model with strong in-store and web-based brands.

“I’m excited about this opportunity and looking forward to working with Guitar Center’s management team and dedicated associates to build the business at retail and online.”

“2012 was a strong year for Guitar Center, and we continue to remain on track with the goals outlined in our strategic business plan,” stated Gene Joly, Guitar Center executive vice president of stores. “We have big goals for 2013 – continuing to open new stores and carry out our already-successful business plan. With the appointment of Mike Pratt as CEO, who has a proven track record in retail, Guitar Center will continue to grow and expand over the coming years. He is a vital addition to our team and we look forward to working with him.”

Guitar Center

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Behringer Introduces EUROPORT EPS500MP3 PA System

Includes 8-channel powered mixer, two loudspeakers, and storage capacity for additional components

The new Behringer EUROPORT EPS500MP3 PA system includes an 8-channel, 500-watt powered mixer with built-in MP3 player as well as wireless microphone capability; two loudspeakers, each with an 8-in woofer and 1-in compression driver; and a storage compartment for the included XM1800S mic and cabling.

The 8-channel powered mixer can be left attached to the back of the speaker or detached for easy positioning and access. Channels 1 - 4 include XENYX mic preamps, accept balanced XLR mics, as well as balanced and unbalanced 1/4-inch line-level sources.

Phantom power is provided for condenser mics, and each channel has its own 2-band EQ. Stereo channels accommodate both RCA and 1/4-inch inputs.

A unique music/speech filter allows the user to select preferred optimization. In addition, the EPS500MP3’s user-controllable Voice-Over-Priority function can be activated to automatically lower the stereo channels when a mic is in use.

Behringer ULM wireless microphone technology is built-in—just connect the mic receiver (mics and receiver sold separately) to the dedicated port for up to two channels of stable, natural-sounding wireless performance. A digital reverb processor rounds out the package.

The EUROPORT EPS500MP3 will arrive in retail stores in the second quarter of this year and is covered by the company’s 3-year warranty program.


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Soundcraft Si Performer 3 Console Takes Stage At Northview High School Performing Arts Center

School transitions from analog to digital and increases input count

Northview High School in Grand Rapids, MI has a dedicated music and arts building, the Max Colley Jr. Performing Arts Center, which has been open since 1998 and houses a 750-seat auditorium used for concerts, plays, musicals and other events.

After 15 years, the limitations of the center’s original live sound console were becoming all too apparent, prompting an upgrade to a Soundcraft Si Performer 3 32-channel digital console with built-in DMX lighting control.

The school wanted to make the move from an analog to a digital console, but more importantly, it needed many more inputs than the previous console could provide.

“Over the years we’ve grown to where we use 20 wireless microphones, plus area microphones for the chorus and more for our larger musical productions—and by the time we’d get to miking the pit band we had run out of inputs,” explains Michael Frank, director of the performing arts center. “We would have to patch in a second mixing board for the pit band, fed into an input of the main console. This got ugly as we couldn’t mix the individual instruments in the pit band the way we needed to for monitors and didn’t have enough control of the final mix.”

Frank also wanted a console that wouldn’t take up more space since there was limited room in the auditorium’s control booth. After doing his homework, and working with Bob McLaughlin of local dealer Central Interconnect, he determined the Soundcraft Si Performer 3 digital live sound console was the best solution, used with a 32-input Soundcraft Compact Stagebox.

“I was impressed by what the Si Performer 3 offered for the price,” Frank states. “What you get for what you pay for is incredible.”

Frank set up the Si Performer 3 console in the control booth and the Compact Stagebox on the auditorium’s stage, using just two Cat-5 cables to connect them together. This allows the wireless microphone receivers to be placed right next to him by the Si Performer 3 in case there’s an issue where he might have to swap out a mic channel, and the convenience of placing the Compact Stagebox right by the stage where additional mics can be easily connected.

The Soundcraft Si Performer 3 provided another benefit Frank hadn’t considered at first. The console is so easy to use and understand that he’s now training students on how to use the console, to the point where they can run the show and Frank said he “doesn’t have to do anything but watch.”

“In fact, with the training they receive with me, six of my students have gone on to work with the local stagehands union and a number of them have gone on to college as technical theater majors,” he adds.

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Posted by Keith Clark on 03/22 at 07:13 AM
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