Wednesday, February 13, 2013

St Joseph’s University Gets Dual Community Sound Systems

A pair of Community Professional ENTASYS high-performance column line arrays mounted to either side of the proscenium hones in on spoken word intelligibility, augmented by VLF208 subwoofers.

When St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia decided to transform their McGuire campus’ former chapel into a contemporary multi-use student center, they called upon Maryland-based RJC Designs. The re-purposed venue required an A/V and media solution that could address a multitude of challenges from from the acoustical and logistical to the aesthetic, while maintaining the room’s classic architectural lines.

Audio is provided via dual integrated sound systems, each addressing a critical niche. A pair of Community Professional ENTASYS high-performance column line arrays mounted to either side of the proscenium hones in on spoken word intelligibility, augmented by VLF208 subwoofers.

High-level musical performance is covered by a pair of iBOX iHP3594 three-way cabinets, with low frequency muscle from a couple of i215LVS dual 15-inch subwoofers. Crown CTs amplification powers the system, with DSP covered by a Biamp AudiaFLEX CM.

Video is centered on a Panasonic WUXGA DLP projector sending HD video to a Draper retractable 108” x 192” screen. The rear wall and both wings are hung with additional 60” LED monitors, each of which can be tied into the main display or used as separate presentation areas. Digital technologies were used within the development of the infrastructure to support the various displays and also reduce the size and cost of the pathways.

All the LED monitors are tied into the campus signage and information network. HDMI, DVI, Component, and other analog and digital sources are available on the buffer wall and in the front presentation areas.

RJC Designs President Rich Coluzzi remarked, “clear and intelligible sound along with dynamic program audio makes for an exciting audio experience for the Saint Joseph’s University students and other attendants.”

Community Professional

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crown Audio Retires D Series Power Amplifiers After 37 Years Of Distinguished Service

A legendary line comes to the end of the line

Crown Audio has announced that after 37 years of continuous production, the company is discontinuing its D Series power amplifiers.

The Crown D Series became ubiquitous worldwide for its outstanding sound and reliability. It evolved from modest beginnings.

“In 1977 we developed the D Series from the Crown SA20-20, a one-rack-space 20 watt per channel solid-state stereo power amp that was an accessory to the Crown tape recorders of the time,” says Gerald Stanley, director of research, Harman Professional Amplifier Business Unit.

“However,” he continues, “when mounted in a rack the tape recorders and their electronics left little room for accessories, which shaped the compact form factor of the D Series and the rack-mount-ability of Crown amplifiers ever after.”

After 37 years these amps are everywhere, in the studio, on stage, in broadcast facilities, in fixed installations and even in homes. Odds are almost everyone has heard one.

Models like the moderate-power D-75A and D-45 were ideal for applications like recording and broadcast studio near-field monitoring and small paging systems, and with more than 25 years of continual production, the DC-300 has attained legendary status.

“Little did the 1977 engineering development team know that the new D75 would turn out to be the longest running product of the company. During its lifetime over 100,000 were produced.  Generations of dedicated assembly personnel have touched the D75 and contributed to its long life. It epitomizes the focus we have to do our best and satisfy our customers,” state Tom Szerencse, Manufacturing Engineer, Harman Professional Amplifier Business Unit.

“If any amplifier line should receive a lifetime achievement award, it’s the D Series, Stanley concludes. “The Crown D Series has outlived most amplifier companies, let alone most amplifier families.”

Here’s the data sheet for the DC-300 (pdf): CrownAudioDC_300DataSheet.pdf

Crown Audio
Harman Professional

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Grammy Awards Show Uses Audio-Technica Microphones For 16th Straight Year

A-T provided over 250 mics for the live broadcast

For the 16th year in a row, Audio-Technica microphones appeared on the Grammy Awards Show, known throughout the industry as Music’s Biggest Night.

This year, the 55th Annual GRAMMYs, held February 10, 2013, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, featured a wide selection of artists from various genres of music.

For the live show and broadcast, Audio-Technica supplied more than 250 hard-wired microphones and Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF wireless systems.

The sound system was provided by ATK AudioTek with FOH (front-of-house) engineers Ron Reaves and Mikael Stewart, with the house audio supervised by Leslie Ann Jones, a prominent member of the Producers & Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy.

New Jersey/California-based remote facilities company M3 (Music Mix Mobile) were onsite with their Eclipse and Horizon trucks to create the music mix, facilitated by Broadcast Music Mixers John Harris and Eric Schilling, while Tom Holmes was responsible for the overall broadcast mix.

The broadcast audio was supervised by Hank Neuberger, also a leading member of The Recording Academy Producers and Engineers Wing. Michael Abbott returned as Audio Coordinator, and M3’s Joel Singer served as engineer-in-charge for the Eclipse broadcast mix truck, while M3’s Mark Linett served as engineer-in-charge in the offline Horizon remix truck.

For the home audience, CBS once again delivered the most advanced form of HDTV, with 1,080 lines of picture resolution and 5.1-channel surround sound. .

Artists who performed throughout the evening using Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF wireless systems and AEW-T6100 hypercardioid dynamic handheld transmitter included Wiz Khalifa and Miguel, as well as T-Bone Burnett. Elton John used a hard-wired AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic handheld microphone for his vocals. Jack White and his duet partner Ruby Amanfu used an AT4050 multi-pattern condenser microphone, as did jazz performers Chick Corea, Kenny Garrett and Stanley Clarke.

The backline mic complement of A-T wired microphones included additional AT4050’s for timpani, overheads, guitar cabinets and horns; ATM250 hypercardioid dynamic instrument microphone for bass amp; ATM25/LE hypdercardioid dynamic instrument microphone for toms; AE5100 cardioid condenser instrument microphone for hi-hat, ride and overheads; AT4050ST stereo condenser microphone for overheads; AT4047/SV cardioid condenser microphone for guitar cabinets; ATM350 cardioid condenser clip-on microphone for horns, timbale and strings; ATM450 cardioid condenser instrument microphone for snare bottom and tambourine; and AE5400 cardioid condenser handheld microphone for kick drum.


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Delicate Productions Holds Training Session For Martin Audio MLA Compact

Attended by top engineers as well as facility owners interested in MLA technology

The San Francisco offices of Delicate Productions recently conducted an in-depth three-day training session for the Martin Audio MLA Compact loudspeaker system.

Attended by 12 top-tier Delicate touring and regional engineers along with notable independent engineers and facility owners interested in MLA technology, the session had a practical mission, according to general manager George Edwards.

“We currently own an inventory of MLA and MLA Compact enclosures,” Edwards explains, “and we feel that any product with this level of depth and sophistication requires not only our staff to be properly trained but also allows exposure to what Delicate and Martin Audio have to offer in sound reinforcement.

“So we put all of the attendees as close to MLA as they could possibly get with the person who knows the most about the technology, Ferrit Rowe.”

Martin “Ferrit” Rowe, technical training manager for MLA, headed the informative training, which started with basic audio and array studies before moving on to MLA Compact and VU-Net control software, system design, rigging and setup. Extensive one-on-one listening and Q&A sessions supplemented the sessions.

Edwards concludes, “It was incredibly helpful. Not just for our engineers, but for our guests as well. As the largest Martin Audio house in Northern California, it’s obviously in our and the product’s best interest to further educate anyone who wants to know more about MLA and MLA Compact.”

Delicate Productions
Martin Audio

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AVnu Alliance Opens Bridge Certification; Adds 50th Member

Several manufacturers have also submitted AVB-enabled devices for interoperability and conformance testing

AVnu Alliance, an industry forum that certifies Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability, has announced the opening of its certification testing for AVB-enabled networking bridges at its appointed testing house, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). AVnu Certification is available to alliance member companies.

The announcement is an important milestone in AVnu Alliance’s mission to bring high-quality open-standard audio and video networking to professional AV, automotive, and consumer electronics segments.

Several manufacturers have submitted AVB-enabled devices for AVnu Alliance’s exhaustive interoperability and conformance testing, with more AVnu Alliance members expected to follow suit in the coming months.

Products that complete the testing program successfully will receive an official logo of certification, the global seal of interoperability for devices that implement the IEEE AVB standards.

“The commencement of bridge certification confirms that the AVnu vision of truly interoperable open standard networking is becoming a reality,” says Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance president and VP of Research & Innovation, Harman. “AVnu Alliance’s rigorous testing procedures will guarantee that only wholly compliant products receive the official stamp of approval.”

Simultaneously, the global reach of AVnu Alliance continues to grow with the confirmation of the group’s 50th member, Symphony Teleca Corporation (STC). Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, STC helps customers worldwide manage the convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices.

Dean Miles, senior vice president automotive BU at Symphony Teleca, comments: “STC considers the AVnu Alliance to be the place where theory of IEEE specifications meets the real world. The alliance provides application interoperability and certification testing which is critical to STC’s business as we deploy Ethernet AVB in the automotive and consumer electronics marketplace. AVnu is the perfect alliance for STC to prove our technology and support the deployment and evolution of interoperable AVB products.”

AVnu Alliance

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Starin Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor Of Behringer

Previously represented Behringer in select territories

MUSIC Group, the corporate parent of Behringer, has announced the immediate appointment of Indiana-based Starin as its exclusive fulfiller for all 50 U.S. states and protectorates.

Starin had previously represented Behringer in select territories while the rest of the country was served by Shoreview Distribution. The company reports that Starin has sufficient quantities of product on hand to fill all orders across the country.

David O’Kelly, vice president of global sales for MUSIC Group, announced the appointment. “Starin has proven to be an exceptional partner, delivering service levels that are earning praise from our dealers across America,” O’Kelly states. “I want to thank Shoreview for their loyal support but it became clear to us that a single source for Behringer products was in the best interest of our dealers, and in turn our end users.”

Starin already distributes MUSIC Group brands Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound across the U.S. on an exclusive basis. Founder and principal Jim Starin says, “This is amazing news, and I’m proud that MUSIC Group has placed so much faith in our organization. We have a greatly expanded stock of goods that will vastly improve availability, as well as national freight and MAP programs that will greatly enhance profitability for our dealers.”


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Monday, February 11, 2013

Freeman Joins Harman Pro As Senior Manager, Business Development, Installed Sound, Western Region

Will work with local specifiers, dealers and venues on design support and applications

Harman Professional announced that Ken Freeman has been appointed as senior manager, business development, installed sound, western region (U.S.). He will report directly to Debbie Frantom, regional sales manager, western region, Harman Pro.

“Few people have the combination of real-world installed sound system experience and technical management expertise as Ken Freeman,” says Frantom. “He is uniquely suited to provide system designers and integrators with the best audio solutions for their needs as we continue to expand our RSO support capabilities.”

Freeman is responsible for supporting Harman Professional’s customers and channel partners in the Western U.S. installed sound market. He will work with local specifiers, dealers and venues on design support and applications for installed sound systems while expanding HARMAN’s customer base in the region.

Before joining Harman, Freeman was the technology sales manager at Meeting Services Inc., a leading corporate A/V and entertainment event production companies. While there he worked with numerous top-tier artists and event companies, along with various pro audio equipment manufacturers in the areas of product development and system field deployment.

Freeman has also held positions with ESPN and other production and event management companies. He studied Chemistry and Theater at San Diego State University.

Freeman states, “We have a well-organized team that is strongly positioned to provide the highest level of support with a local focus. I look forward to working with our many customers and helping them enhance their offerings and services and create value through Harman’s comprehensive product portfolio and system solutions.”

Harman Professional

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Vu Reveals Redesigned Cable Up Series Microphone Cables

Rebuilt to improve overall performance and durabilit

Vu has announced the redesign of its Premium and Industrial Cable Up microphone cables, rebuilt to improve overall performance and durability.

The low capacitance, high bandwidth cables offer rugged neoprene jackets with a high strand count of oxygen-free copper and a 22 AWG braided shield. This combination provides excellent analog audio capabilities while allowing them to withstand harsh environments.

In addition, Cable Up Premium XLR cables are now terminated with Amphenol AX Series connectors, noted for their durability. The cables are RoHS compliant and will be available in March 2013. They can be purchased in lengths of 1 foot to 200 feet, as well as in 500-foot bulk spools.

Cable Up Industrial line microphone cables have tough PVC jackets and are manufactured with a high-performance, 22 AWG braided shield and soldered XLR connectors fitted with gold-plated contacts for reliable professional use. They provide high bandwidth and low capacitance at a competitive price. 

Cable Up Industrial cables are offered in 12 sizes from 1 foot to 100 feet, and are available for purchase now.

Cable Up rigorously tests every cable to ensure high standards of manufacturing and performance.

“The Cable Up line has been consistently developed over the years to remain a go-to product for many industry professionals,” stated Sean Sennott, vice president of FDW Corp. “We believe these latest changes demonstrate the quality of our products and their value to our customers.”

Vu/Cable Up
FDW Corp

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Behringer Launches U-PHORIA Precision USB Interfaces With Midas Preamps

All include +48-volt phantom power for use with condenser mics

Behringer has introduced the U-PHORIA Series, four new USB audio interfaces that span a wide range of audio applications.

U-PHORIA models include the UM2, built around Behringer’s low-noise XENYX mic preamps, as well as the high-end UM22, UMC202 and UMC204 that offer the sonic purity of Midas-designed mic pres. All models include +48-volt phantom power for use with condenser microphones.

The UMC202 (2 x 2) and UMC204 (2 x 4) employ high-precision 24-Bit/96 kHz digital converters for quality encoding and playback of analog audio. Both models include dual mic/line/instrument inputs and an array of controls.

The UMC22 and UM2 offer a single mic input and one instrument input and are ideally suited to recording on the go with a laptop. All units have high-speed USB 2.0 interfaces.

Compatible with many popular software packages including Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, and others, Behringer is also offering a recording, editing and podcasting software bundle (with virtual instruments and effects plug-ins) as a free download.

All U-PHORIA Series models have powerful phones output with level control and direct monitor select, status, signal and clip LEDs. They are powered via the user’s USB port, making them as portable as a laptop. A rugged aluminum chassis can hold up to the rigors of stage use or repeated tossing into a computer bag.


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Ashly Amplifiers Power Up Downstream Casino & Resort

Recently Downstream Casino Resort undertook an ambitious expansion plan to add a six-story tower with 155 additional guest rooms, restaurants, event spaces, and spa services. They called upon A1 Audio to install a complete sound reinforcement system for the expansion.

With its parking lot in Kansas, its main entrance in Missouri, and its gaming facilities and guest accommodations in Oklahoma, Downstream Casino Resort is quite literally on top of the region’s historic tri-state junction.

Recently Downstream Casino Resort undertook an ambitious expansion plan to add a six-story tower with 155 additional guest rooms, restaurants, event spaces, and spa services.

The Tribe hired A1 Audio of nearby Branson, Missouri to design and install a comprehensive distributed audio system.  A1 Audio delivered system powered by a modest rack of high-powered, low-cost
Ashly Audio KLR-3200 amplifiers.

For years, Downstream Casino Resort has relied on A1 Audio for live show rentals and technical support. When plans materialized for the new expansion, the Quapaw called on A1 Audio to bring that same level of professionalism to its new facilities.

For reasons outside of A1 Audio’s control, the timeline on the new project was incredibly tight.

“Massive crews from all the trades swarmed the new construction,” explained Pete Savel, vice president of A1 Audio. “At one point when we were pulling cable, they had something like 250 guys on drywall. It was a huge undertaking.”

Despite the rush, the new system is elegant and refined, in consonance with the architecture and professionalism of the casino and resort staff.

Five dual-channel Ashly KLR-3200 amplifiers power the entire sound reinforcement system. Eighty Community loudspeakers from the 70-Volt D4, D6, and D8 wide-dispersion series deliver articulate, full-frequency content throughout the tower.

In a few locations with less than six inches of ceiling space, low-profile Community D4LP deliver comparable performance. Yamaha DME-N series processors provide all input conditioning and matrixing, and an AMX system provides user control via an intuitive and engaging iPad interface.

“The Ashly KLR-Series amplifiers are tremendously powerful, yet remarkably affordable,” said Savel. “Nothing else comes close on a performance-to-cost basis. We’ve used them in several installations now, and they worked from day one without a single glitch. That’s the kind of reliability we count on.”

Ashly Audio

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Louis Hernandez Named New CEO Of Avid

Tapped to lead company through next wave of innovation and growth

Avid has announced that its board of directors has appointed Louis Hernandez as president and chief executive officer.

Hernandez succeeds former president and chief executive officer Gary Greenfield, who will remain on Avid’s board of directors.

Hernandez has been a member of the Avid board since 2008. Most recently, he was also chairman of the board and CEO of Open Solutions, Inc., a technology provider to financial institutions worldwide, which was acquired in January 2013 by Fiserv, Inc.

“Louis is a visionary, inspirational leader with a stellar track record of driving the operations and growth of technology companies in a variety of industries,” says George Billings, speaking on behalf of Avid’s board. “As lead director, he spent years developing a deep familiarity with Avid’s customers, markets, and products that will allow him to quickly make a positive impact as chief executive.”

“It is an exciting opportunity to lead Avid at this very important juncture in the company’s history,” states Hernandez. “As the industry leader for more than 25 years, Avid continues to set the standard for non-linear-editing, media management, and collaboration in the audio, video, and broadcast markets. The company is well positioned for growth and global expansion in this fast-moving marketplace. It is exciting to be working with the Avid team, as we drive results and value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

“On behalf of the Avid community, I want to thank Gary Greenfield for his outstanding leadership and lasting contributions to Avid and our industry.”


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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Roland Systems Group Unveils M-200i 32-Channel iPad Controlled V-Mixer (Bumped: Includes Video)

Fuses iPad control with the capabilities of a professional digital mixing console

Roland Systems Group has introduced the M-200i, a compact mixer offering the flexibility and mobility of iPad control fused with the capabilities of a professional digital mixing console. (Check out video coverage of the new M-200i below.)

The iPad app is fully functional on all key aspects of the M-200i mixing and control parameters. It contains the typical preamp control, pan, high pass filters, and extensive PEQ and GEQ control, as well as the ability to store and recall scenes, adjust compressors and gates, sends on faders, effect editing and many other controls. This enables complete remote control of a mix from any location in the room.

Wirelessly connect using a router plugged into the LAN port on the M-200i or use the Roland Wireless Connect adapter (WNA1100-RL) plugged into a USB port. Additionally, an iPad can be connected by using a multi-pin iPad cable included with the M-200i that not only provides wired connectivity but also charges the iPad.

The physical console features a 32-channel architecture with 17 motorized faders, 8 aux, 4 matrix, 8 DCAs, 24 physical inputs and 14 outputs (expandable to 64 x 54).

In addition to the physical inputs, the M-200i can mix in audio sources from the USB port (flash key). If an iPad isn’t available, the console is fully controllable via the built in LCD screen along with buttons to navigate all the mixing parameters in the M-200i.

An intuitive and precise feature is touch and turn that allows the user to touch a particular parameter on the iPad and control it with a physical knob on the console.

The M-200i also includes a Roland Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) port that opens the door to powerful expandability options including multi-channel playback/recording, additional remote physical inputs, and personal mixing system.

The REAC port can expand the number of physical inputs by connecting one of the popular Digital Snakes heads such as the S-1608 a 16-input, 8-output box connected via a single, inexpensive Cat5e/6 cable. In addition, the REAC port can provides live multi-channel recording using Cakewalks SONAR Producer.

The Roland M-200i also supports the M-48 personal mixing system.

It expected to be available in January 2013.





Roland Systems Group



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Behringer Expands X32 Line With Four New Digital Mixer Models (Bumped: Includes Video)

New X32 COMPACT, X32 PRODUCER, X32 RACK and X32 CORE all share the flagship X32's performance specifications

Following the success of the X32 digital mixing console, Behringer has unveiled the addition of four new models to its X32 product line. (Check out video coverage of the X32 line below.)

The new X32 COMPACT, X32 PRODUCER, X32 RACK and X32 CORE all share the flagship X32’s performance specifications with digital connectivity, virtual FX, Midas-designed mic preamps, and a wide variety of inputs and outputs.

All models include Klark Teknik-engineered AES50 ports, which can be connected to Behringer S16 digital snakes for expanded I/O regardless of mainframe size, and can be controlled using XControl for PC/Mac/Linux, XiControl optimized for iPad and XiQ for iPhone/iPod Touch.

The X32 COMPACT is a 40-input channel, 25-bus console with 16 programmable Midas preamps, 17 motorized faders and all of thefunctionality and intuitive workflow of the original X32. Sporting a slimmed-down chassis, the X32 COMPACT is designed for applications where space is limited or the application only requires 16 local mic inputs. When connected to an S16 digital snake, I/O is expanded to full X32 capacity.

The X32 PRODUCER is a 40-input channel, 25-bus console with 16 programmable Midasreamps, 17 motorized faders and a form factor that makes it suitable for professional and home project studios.. A high-resolution, day-viewable 5-inch TFT screen provides complete visibility into the mix, FX and metering—plus it can be rack mounted via the included rack kit. Remote mixing is simple using an iPad or Laptop.

The 40-input channel, 25-bus X32 RACK Mixer also offers 16 programmable Midas preamps and a high-resolution 5-ing day-viewable TFT, housed in a 3U rack housing. The X32 RACK delivers the mixing and FX power for applications where PC/MAC/Linux computers, iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch control is desired.

X32 CORE is a 40-input channel, 25-bus digital rack mixer that packs all of the mixing, routing and FX of the X32 into a 1RU rack-mountable chassis. I/O connectivity requires the addition of S16 digital snake boxes and accommodates up to 96 remote inputs, or X32 CORE can be connected to a DAW with a full 32 x 32 channels, massive FX and near-zero latency using USB 2.0 or FireWire.

Uli Behringer, founder/CEO of Behringer parent corporation the MUSIC Group, states, “The introduction of the X32 demonstrated that a high-performance, cost-effective digital mixer, is not only possible, but has been embraced by a very demanding market place. Now that the X32 has earned critical user acclaim, we want to bring its functionality to applications where form-factor plays a more significant role.”





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Friday, February 08, 2013

Beachsound Implements L-Acoustics KARA At Florida’s Seminole Casino

Left and right arrays each comprised of eight KARA enclosures flanked by LF arrays of three SB18 subs

Miami Gardens-based Beachsound & Lighting, now an official L-Acoustics Certified Provider, reports that it has installed KARA arrays at Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek, FL.

The new arrays went into The Pavilion, a Sprung structure that was converted into an intimate 1,200-seat performance venue during the casino’s recent $150 million expansion project.

Today, artists performing in the showroom benefit from left and right arrays each comprised of eight KARA enclosures flanked by LF arrays of three SB18 subs.

Below each KARA array is an additional stack of three SB28 for additional low-end reinforcement, while five coaxial 8XT are spaced out across the stage lip for front-fill. LA-RAKs loaded with LA8 amplified controllers power and process the entire system.

“We installed a V-DOSC system into Hard Rock Live Hollywood, another Seminole property, several years ago and they’ve been very happy with that investment,” says Andre Serafini, president of Beachsound. “Following its proven success, they wanted to implement L-ACOUSTICS into The Pavilion for consistency between the venues, so a KARA system was our natural recommendation.”

Steve Minick, production manager at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, points out that system flexibility and rider acceptability were other key considerations.

“We bring in a really wide variety of acts—from Vince Neil, Tesla and Adam Ant to Tony Orlando, Buddy Guy and Kool & The Gang—so we needed a system that could satisfy them all,” Minick says. “KARA totally does. Since it went in, I haven’t used any other rig in the room, and I don’t intend to. The coverage is great, the clarity is phenomenal, and the power absolutely stomps! Our customers rave all the time about how they love what they’re hearing, and I agree. This is one of the best sounding systems I’ve ever heard.”

“Our choice to recommend and use L-Acoustics for the Coconut Creek project went far beyond just sonic excellence and versatility,” adds Jerrod Cring, Beachsound’s head of systems integration. “We wanted a company that would work ‘with’ us through the entire process, from system design to integration to training. In the end, L-ACOUSTICS with its standard of excellence was the best choice we could have made.”

Coincident with the recent installation at Seminole Casino, Beachsound increased its own inventory of L-Acoustics enclosures for its rental division as well as completed the necessary training to officially become an L-Acoustics Certified Partner.

“Beachsound and L-Acoustics have enjoyed a long history together and we’re thrilled that they’ve now joined our Certified Provider family,” says Paul Tillman, L-Acoustics US regional sales manager. “With the company’s recent KARA, KIVA, ARCS II and LA-RAK inventory additions, we know that Andre and his outstanding team will continue to provide Florida and beyond with exceptional sound reinforcement services and support.”


Beachsound & Lighting


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Powersoft Announces New Distribution Partner In South Africa

With the addition of industry veteran Justin Mamulis, iLED has made a push into the pro audio sector

Powersoft has announced the appointment of the company iLED (Pty) Ltd. as its new exclusive distributor for the Republic of South Africa.

iLED is a Johannesburg based distribution company which has built a strong reputation in the custom install and home integration markets.

With the addition in 2010 of industry veteran Justin Mamulis, iLED has made a push into the pro audio sector and are positioning themselves at the high end of the market with both Powersoft and UK-based Traction Sound joining the existing portfolio.

“We’re extremely excited about this new partnership,” says Justin Mamulis, sales director at iLED, “Powersoft’s commitment to making the world’s best amplifiers even better is but just one of the reasons we chose the Italian company as our premium amplifier partner.”

Powersoft EMEA sales manager Steve Smith states, “We’re very happy to welcome iLED to our growing team of international partners. While the Pro-Audio market is new for iLED as a company, they have an experienced team with an abundance of drive, passion, focus and vision and I can see a lot of potential.”

iLED plans to start working immediately with product demonstrations and technical training through its “iLED University” program.

iLED (Pty) Ltd.

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