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  • The tried and tested FaitalPRO 10PR300 is winning over new fans thanks to its recent discovery in the Musical Instrument world. As a matter of fact, it’s becoming very popular among bass players who want to upgrade their cabs to get a better and more precise tone. This “new application” is simply an addition to the numerous pro-audio uses of this 10” neodymium mid woofer. All these characteristics make the 10PR300, one of the most versatile products in its category. View this product
    Filed in: Loudspeakers - Drivers and Transducers

  • The FaitalPRO 18XL1600 is quite simply a hard hitting, high power, neodymium subwoofer. This 18” unit has a state of the art ventilation system, making it the perfect choice for front loaded systems, reflex cabinets and wherever we have important sized ports. The results can be heard in terms of increased nominal power, greatly improved “power compression” as well as high and linear cone excursion and optimum linearity as confirmed by Klippel measurements. View this product
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  • image The solid state 521 features switchable phantom power, polarity invert, and peak amplitude clip detection, just as in the original ZDT Zero Distortion Preamplifiers™. The transformerless output stage of the 521 will easily drive long cable runs without loss of quality. Transparent gain is switchable from 5dB to 60dB in 5dB steps. View this product
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  • The ATH-E70 is the flagship model of Audio-Technica’s professional in-ear monitor E-Series. Featuring three balanced armature drivers per earpiece, the ATH-E70 delivers the accuracy and detail necessary for precise balancing of the mix, whether onstage or in the studio. The included 1.6 m (5.2’) detachable cable connects to the headphones via A-T’s new A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors to ensure a high level of noise immunity, while the flexible memory cable loops over ears for a custom, comfortable fit. View this product
    Filed in: In-Ear Monitor - Earpieces

  • The ATM230 hypercardioid instrument microphone brings a compact drum model to Audio-Technica’s popular Artist Series line. The proprietary capsule is designed to excel in high SPL applications, delivering full, well-rounded audio with exceptional low-end. The hypercardioid polar pattern keeps the focus on the sound source, directionality that is aided by the low-profile design, which allows it to be placed in a wide variety of setups. All this makes the ATM230 ideally suited for miking toms, snare and other percussion instruments. View this product
    Filed in: Microphones - Dynamic Type, Performance

  • The Mackie AXIS™ Digital Mixing System delivers unmatched speed, visibility and customization for professional production and install. With full Dante® interoperability, the modular AXIS system combines the power of the 32-channel DL32R™ digital mixer and innovative DC16™ control surface to deliver a live sound solution with all the I/O, processing, recording capability and control needed for professional applications. View this product
    Filed in: Consoles & Mixers - Digital Small Format

  • With BlacklineX, Martin Audio’s R&D team has engineered a classic suite of passive loudspeakers for the modern era. Delivering the signature sound of warmth, nuance and clarity but with improved overall performance at a price point not previously possible, BlacklineX is a clean, smart design with no-compromise between the needs of installation and portability. Applications range from portable sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for live bands, DJ’s and corporate events, to installations in nightclubs, bars, commercial spaces and HoW. View this product
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  • Until now, most self-powered portable loudspeakers have been underpowered, light-duty systems or very high-end systems out of reach of many users. Now, with the multi-purpose CDD-LIVE! Series, Martin Audio brings everything rental companies, system integrators and musicians require from a self-powered loudspeaker into sharp focus.  Combining coaxial designs with the consistent coverage of Differential Dispersion technology, CDD-LIVE! projects sound evenly front-to-back while exhibiting wide horizontal coverage close to the speaker — delivering ultimate fidelity and impact across the audience. View this product
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  • Just like the d:facto™ 4018V Vocal Microphone which has a high-end boost, the d:facto™ 4018VL captures electrifying performances and accurately replicates a singer’s voice transparently and consistently. The only difference is the removal of the high-end boost. This mic is optimized for use in sound reinforcement as well as recording applications, specifically for audio engineers who prefer to create their own unique sound. It offers a natural frequency-response, high separation from nearby sound sources and SPL handling up to 160dB. View this product
    Filed in: Microphones - Condenser Type, Performance

  • Designed to support the needs of the production environment, Digiflex speakON Cubes are great little tools to help clean up stage cabling and shorten setup and teardown times. Made from stainless steel, extruded aluminum, Neutrik connectors and Digiflex quality, they are built to withstand anything. View this product
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