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Welcome to the 2014 ProSoundWeb Buyer's Guide!
Products currently displayed in the 2014 guide below are all nominees for the 2014 PSW Readers' Choice Awards (RCA's). The voting period has ended. Winners will be announced on January 20, 2014 from NAMM.

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Wired, Wireless & Infrared Communication Products

  • A built-in Wi-Fi access point allows USBX to become a powerful and convenient tool for managing Crown XTi, CDi, DSi devices via the Powered by Crown iOS application. The primary intended use of USBX is as an interface to Crown USB-enabled amplifiers which connect either directly, or via a downstream USB hub, to a USB port on USBX. The amplifiers can be accessed via the Ethernet port on USBX, or wirelessly via the wireless access point built into USBX. View this product
    Filed in: Wired, Wireless & Infrared Communication

  • Powersoft’s DEVA is a patented revolutionary self-contained multifunctional multimedia device for installation anywhere without the need for cables and with virtually zero installation costs. It integrates solar power, bi-directional WiFi 802.11n A/V communication, audio, camera, microphone, lighting and an extremely efficient Class D amplifier with an 8” speaker in a compact, lightweight and weatherproof enclosure rated IP65. DEVA is suited to a wide range of applications, from background music to paging, in combination with video and/or audio surveillance. View this product
    Filed in: Wired, Wireless & Infrared Communication