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Welcome to the 2015 ProSoundWeb Buyer's Guide and Readers Choice Awards!
Products currently displayed in the category below are all nominees for the 2015 PSW Readers' Choice Awards (RCA's). Thank you for voting! Winning products in this category are indicated below.

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System Engineer/Tech Tools Products

  • image Alignarray! Original innovator of the patented process of aligning speaker arrays using a laser and inclinometer.  Today’s advanced line array speaker systems require precise installation.  Alignarray is a must have item in every installer’s tool kit. View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

  • On the cusp of the explosion of mobile technology, Shure released its first-ever iOS application— ShurePlusâ„¢ Channels, for audio professionals to use with compatible Shure hardware. ShurePlus Channels delivers mobility and time-saving convenience to roam the performance space while monitoring key Shure wireless system parameters from an iOS device. The flexibility and accuracy of ShurePlus Channels makes mobile operation possible in a complex A/V industry, in which an audio professional would otherwise be tethered to a mixing console. View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

  • Smaart v.7 Di is a streamlined, two-channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software. v.7 Di’s fixed, two-channel architecture provides a quickly adaptable measurement environment, with all key configuration & control parameters accessible via the top level of the user interface; perfect for quick, precise measurements without the demands of the standard version’s complexity. An excellent option for entry level users, or those looking for a quickly deployable dual-channel version of Smaart. View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

  • I do productions and audio with artists such as Twisted Sister, Dee Snider, Ian Hunter, The Hooters, Lita Ford along with many others. Since discovering StagePlotPro I literally live in the software. It is a must have for me. I also teach an audio & production class at Recording Engineers Institute and SPP is an incredible teaching tool for the students. Just want to say thank you for a great product and amazing customer support. George Marshall View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

  • 10EaZy sets the standard for accurate, reliable, easy-to-use IEC/ANSI Class 1 and Class 2 compliant SPL monitoring solutions for live sound.10EaZy’s unique combination of pre-calibrated, IEC/ANSI compliant hardware paired with intuitive, feature-rich 10EaZy software provides users with a tamper-proof, closed measurement system with documented results that will stand up to even the most stringent noise regulations. View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

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