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Loudspeakers: Subwoofers (greater than 15") Products

  • The E119 Subwoofer is loaded with a light weight, long excursion, 19” SD19 Kevlar Neodymium driver utilizing Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and Symmetrical Drive Technology. The driver employs a dual 5” voice coil for exceptional power handling, with a dual-spider suspension system for extra stability even under extreme excursion. View this product
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  • The TRx3018A is an active 2500W, X-Drive DSP processed subwoofer with an additional amplifier output for running a top main cabinet. The TRx3018A is simply our finest single 18-inch powered subwoofer system featuring power for external cabinets. The high power, cast frame TS18B woofer features a deep 23mm, inside/outside wound, 4-inch voice coil with outstanding deep bass performance. Optimized presets for several Carvin cabinets are factory programmed for simple connect, select, and play. Made in the USA. View this product
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  • The KS28 takes subwoofer performance to a heady new low. Because thumping, visceral low frequency plays a crucial role in audience immersion – not just for EDM or music festivals, but also for classical or contemporary music programs – KS28 gives you that, and more with extended bandwidth, outstanding low frequency resolution, unprecedented SPL and tight impact. View this product
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  • The 1100-LFC represents a breakthrough in the reproduction of very low frequency musical content.  As a completely linear system, the 1100-LFC does not inject any of its own harmonic overtones into the music, even in the first audible octave, maintaining a consistently neutral and phase-coherent characteristic.  Rather than having its own “subwoofer sound”, the 1100-LFC reinforces low frequency content with absolute neutrality, maintaining the true depth and harmonic structure of the input signal. View this product
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  • The hs-221 high-performance self-powered subwoofer places two 21-inch transducers into a unique configuration, using VUE’s revolutionary Active Compliance Management (ACM) technology to reset the size-to-performance benchmark for subwoofer systems. Highly sophisticated on-board electronics with 5,000 watts of burst power produce 149 dB SPL output in half-space, ground plane measurements. The system yields massive amounts of pure, clean, low-frequency energy from a significantly smaller enclosure compared to traditional designs.  View this product
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  • The Yamaha DXS18 powered subwoofer boasts high output,  low frequency response capability and builds on the established design ethic of its predecessors, including protection functions, and crossover control, as well as new, flexible features and higher power output suitable for larger or more professional applications. Sub features Yamaha proprietary DSP technology with original D-XSUB processing for additional control of low frequency range. Two selectable modes: BOOST and XTENDED LF, and selectable crossover with three different options (80/100/120Hz) for various applications. View this product
    Filed in: Loudspeakers: Subwoofers (greater than 15")

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